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Chapter 459: Bidding

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo, realizing that he had made a mistake, discretely changed the topic.

In the end, he found out from asking the one in charge of this floor that ten million spirit gems was just the value of the Dimensional talisman, and this was a value that many were unable to afford. That was why this place wasn’t limited to transactions done in spirit gems. Trading different items wasn’t uncommon.

However, You XiaoMo wasn’t familiar with the pills and magic herbs here, so he didn’t know how high of a price he had to offer in order to get them, so he could only ask the people working at Samsara Tower.

There was an elder with an eye for quality on each floor of Samsara Tower. Everything would be handed to him to evaluate, and the prices were usually very fair.

When Samsara Tower’s employees took them to the elder, the elder was evaluating a magic herb for a young man.

You XiaoMo took a look over. He was rather knowledgeable about magic herbs. The herb the young man had was a level ten high grade magic herb, or so it seemed on the surface. Unfortunately, the roots had been damaged a little, which greatly impacted the quality of the magic herb. It’s value would probably only be half of a high grade magic herb.

“How is it?” The young man asked nervously, looking at the magic herb in the elder’s hand.

The elder stroked his white beard and said, “The roots of this magic herb are damaged, so the quality is reduced to mid-grade. At most, three-hundred thousand spirit gems. The other five high grade magic herbs are worth four million spirit gems. All together, everything is worth a total of six million and one hundred thousand spirit gems.”

The young man frowned. The value of mid grade and high grade differed by a full five hundred thousand spirit gems, that was way too much, but he was desperate for spirit gems, so he could only accept it.

After the young man left, it was finally their turn.

You XiaoMo took out a jade vial from his bag. Inside, there were two level nine pills and a level ten pill, rolling around with a clatter.

The elder’s nonchalant look faded into one of seriousness upon seeing the pills. He opened the vial and carefully scented it, a look of amazement flashing through his eyes. “They’re all high grade pills, and looking at the color, they seem to be of a very high quality.”

“Could you evaluate them for me, please?”

The elder didn’t reply immediately, but instead asked, “May I know if you’re planning to auction or bid your pills in Samsara Tower?”

You XiaoMo replied, “Bid.”

The elder tipped the blue level ten magic pill out, saying, “With this magic pill, you can go to the third floor already. It’s value is higher than anything here on the second floor. If you use it to bid, it’s a bit of a waste. The other two level nine magic pills have a total value just second to the level ten pill.”

You XiaoMo slowly asked, “How many spirit gems could I get for the level ten pill?”

The elder froze for a moment, raising his head and looking at You XiaoMo in shock. “You’re going to sell it?” This was the first time he heard that someone was going to sell a level ten high grade pill for spirit gems.

Usually, for such a valuable high grade pill, it would be exchanged for an item of equal value, kept for personal use or auctioned off at a large-scale auction. Going to a shop to sell it directly couldn’t possibly yield as much as those options. If one had to describe such an action, it would be the words: utterly stupid.

With the elder looking at him as if he was stupid, the corner of You XiaoMo’s lips twitched as he said, “No, I was just curious.”

The elder placed the magic pill on the table and said, “This pill is worth, at the very least, fifteen million spirit gems. If you really do plan to sell it, I suggest auctioning it off. The price will definitely multiply. As for the two level nine pills, they are worth, in total, at least fourteen and a half million. You’ll get a good profit auctioning that as well.”

“Thank you.” You XiaoMo took the vial back and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Could you tell me if there’s any black jade for Dimensional talismans being sold in the tower?”

Dimensional talismans were too expensive. Just the fact that only Sacred Level elites could make them meant that they would only be expensive. If they always bought them with spirit gems and pills, then that would be too much of an expenditure. Better to make them themselves.

The elder looked at him in suspicion.

As he had said, black jade was the material needed to create Dimensional talismans, but black jade wasn’t necessarily used for creating Dimensional talismans only, after all, if Sacred level elites wanted to create Dimensional talismans, then, with their identity, they didn’t even need to come and buy black jade, they just had to ask and there would be countless numbers of people offering to gift them with black jade.

The elder hadn’t seen Ling Xiao before so he didn’t immediately connect the dots. Thus, even with his suspicions, he didn’t say anything.

“We definitely have black jade, but since it’s very rare, it’ll be expensive.”

“How much do you have?”

The elder illustrated the size with his hands, “About this much, ten million spirit gems or so.”

The size was about as big as a basketball. It was quite the price for such a small piece, but he could afford it. Compared to using ten million to buy one Dimensional talisman, wasn’t it more worth it to just buy black jade?

Of course, he had never considered that because Ling Xiao had never created Dimensional talismans before that he would have to do a few trial runs first, unless he was absurdly talented and could successfully create them a hundred percent of the time. However, that was improbable because black jade was very fragile.

In the end, You XiaoMo exchanged a level nine pill for the black jade.

Though the elder had evaluated the base price to be just over seven million, the market price was even higher.

Just as he made to leave, Ling Xiao pulled him back.


“Buy that Dimensional talisman.”


Ling Xiao glanced at him. “You just showed a lot of interest in Dimensional talismans, but now that you bought the black jade, you aren’t buying any more Dimensional talismans. Isn’t this equal to telling everything that you’re buying black jade to create Dimensional talismans? And I can’t promise that I’ll definitely be able to create a Dimensional talisman.”

“Why?” You XiaoMo asked.

Ling Xiao calmly said, “Creating Dimensional talismans requires a lot of finesse with controlling spacial force. I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know if I can succeed or not.”

What he meant was that they had to spend ten million spirit gems to buy a Dimensional talisman.

You XiaoMo fell silent for a while, quietly getting out his money.

In front of each item in the display case, there was a small box. After confirming what item you wanted to bid for, you could write your name and the price or items you were offering on a small white card and place it in the box. After the deadline, the people of Samsara Tower would take the cards out for comparison and pick the one with the highest value after evaluating them all.

You XiaoMo took a card and wrote down his name and that level ten pill.

The owner of the low level Dimensional talisman only had one requirement: he only took spirit gems and magic pills. You XiaoMo, who had wanted to use magic herbs to bid for it, could only take out what few pills he had left.

Magic pills were more valuable than magic herbs, so unless the other was a mage, most people would want spirit gems, magic pills, or soul and skill techniques. That was true.

The news of the low level teleportation talisman had been leaked three days ago. You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had come at just the right time. Today was the last day. It wasn’t long after they placed their card in the box that the deadline arrived.

Those who had made an offer like You XiaoMo all hurried over. Amongst them, there was one person who was fat to the point of oozing oil that caught the most attention.

The kid wore expensive clothing and held a white fan in hand. Though he clearly wanted to show everyone how graceful and refined he was, his efforts didn’t bare fruit and, in contrast, he seemed silly. However, he didn’t seem to notice the stifled laughter coming from all around him, raising his chin pridefully, his gaze stuck to the one in charge of the box.

“Don’t worry, young master Zhang, this Dimensional talisman is definitely yours.” A few sycophants around the man attentively smiled at him in a clear attempt to suck up to him.

The kid was very satisfied when hearing this, but he still asked very irritatingly, “How do you know the Dimensional talisman will be mine?”

The sycophant said, “It’s obvious. All your rivals are dressed so poorly, how could they compare to you? You’re the young master Zhang of the ShuangYu Hotel. Whose background is as wealthy as yours?”

The kid’s smile widened to the point where his eyes disappeared, nodding repeatedly. “Not bad, not bad, you have a good pair of eyes.”

The two weren’t quiet with their conversation, clearly intending for others to hear.

Though not that many people had wealthy backgrounds, this wasn’t something that could be seen through their appearance, let alone measured through spirit gems.

Some extremely wealthy people might not have spirit gems, but the magic herbs they had on them was worth cities. Any one of them might be over ten million in value.

However, after hearing ShuangYu Hotel, most people’s ire faded.

“Does the ShuangYu Hotel have many young masters?” You XiaoMo asked curiously.

“ShuangYu Hotel seems to have several directors, of which Wu Cheng and this fat kid are both sons of. It’s normal that they’d be arrogant.” Ling Xiao wasn’t very clear on it either.

However, this fat kid didn’t seem to be like Wu Cheng. He was the stereotypical rich brat, only knowing how to enjoy himself, but not actually having any talent himself. All he had was a heap of bad habits, often oppressing others in Central City using his identity. This was one of the reasons why Wu cheng could help out at the casino, while this kid couldn’t.

This time, many people expressed interest in the Dimensional talisman, not just the six that were present.

The reason why only them six were left had to do with the fat kid. Many people had been threatened by him to leave. This had happened yesterday and the day before, so it didn’t happen to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

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June 29, 2018 10:58 am

If I’m right, the auction here refers to the typical auction where he can put his pills on displayd, up for sale and others people bid for his pills. The bidding here refers to him using his pills as a payments to trade in some other things displayed on the floor.

September 2, 2021 7:29 am

Another arrogant character. Where there are rare and coveted objects for sale, they’ll come crawling out the woodwork, not acknowledging any one else. This will hopefully be fun again. Might cause probs if he’s associated with WuCheng though.
Thank you for translating.

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