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Chapter 458: The Samsara Tower

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The old stall-keeper looked very unremarkable, but You XiaoMo had discovered that he was an Emperor Realm practitioner. He has a well-hidden aura of an expert surrounding his body probably because he heard the conversation between him and Ling Xiao.

Unless it was for the purpose of refining Dimensional talismans, the average person would rarely buy black jades. The old stall-keeper was unable to confirm whether it was for their use or not, so his tone involuntarily carried a hint of cautiousness.

“Do you know where it’s sold?” You XiaoMo hurriedly asked.

The old stall-keeper fearfully eyed Ling Xiao and nodded, “Yes. It seemed like this is the first time you two are here. Central City has two large-scale trading areas – they are the Heaven District and the Earth District. If you want to buy black jade or Dimensional talismans, there’s an eighty to ninety percent chance that it will be sold in the two districts.”

“Where are these two districts located?”

“They are located on the north and south sides of Central City. Though the two trading areas are situated in completely opposite directions, they are very easy to find. You only need to go to the most crowded places and look around. You’ll definitely be able to see it.”

“Thank you very much.” You XiaoMo joyfully said and then he turned to Ling Xiao, “Let’s go to the Heaven District to take a look.”

The Heaven District was closer to their current position.

The old stall-keeper pensively looked at their departing figures. If he did not mistake it, that man beside the youngster should be the newest figure on the Ten Gods Ranking, Ling Mo. He was also there during Ling Mo’s and Old Eagle’s battle. Therefore, he had the fortune to see his genuine appearance. But why did they want to buy black jade? Could it be…

The old stall-keeper was instantly astonished as an idea flashed through his mind. If it was really as what he had thought, there would probably be another pinnacle level expert in the Tong Tian Continent.

However, it was only a conjecture. They had also mentioned before that they wanted to buy a completed Dimensional talisman. In addition, it was not that easy to break through that realm, otherwise, it was impossible for there to be so few Scared Realm experts in the Tong Tian Continent.

Be that as it may, he could not speak of it even if it was exactly as what he had guessed.

The old stall-keeper did not forget that when the two left, that man called Ling Mo suddenly looked at him. Though the meaning of that look was not clear, he did not want to provoke that kind of expert, leading to him losing his life as a result of a loose mouth.

Thus, the old stall-keeper chose to selectively ‘forget’ about this matter.


The reason why Heaven District and the Earth District could become Central City’s largest trading area was inseparably tied to the powers backing them. This was because the one behind the Heaven District was the Mage Guild and the one behind the Earth District was the Beast Transfiguration Guild.

It was rumored that the earliest model of the Heaven District and Earth District was a predetermined place where the disciples of the two Guilds conducted transactions. The background of the two guilds had always been deep, so it attracted many people and slowly developed into the current trading area as time passed.

However, the old stall-keeper did not tell them of another thing.

For convenience’s sake, there was actually a common trading area besides the Heaven and Earth District. However, the trading area was restricted and outsiders were unable to casually enter it.

It was impossible for them to be unable to find the black jade or spatial talisman in the Heaven District or Earth District since that was just was what the two wanted.

It took nearly an hour before the two finally reached the Heaven District.

The Heaven District was originally a vast plaza. It later developed into a small-scale town composed of several long and wide trading streets.

You XiaoMo was afraid of attracting attention, thus he first inquired from others about where Dimensional talismans were sold.

Dimensional talismans were rare. They were rarely seen even in these types of large-scale trading areas like the Heaven District.  As a result, they gathered information that there was only one place which sold it – the Samsara Tower.

The Samsara Tower was the largest trading hub in the Heaven District. If someone did not know the value of an item and wanted to sell it, they could go to the Samsara Tower to conduct an assessment of the value and leave it with them to sell the item. The Samsara Tower would take a fee from the proceeds if the item was sold.

The Samsara Tower would display the items that have been evaluated on an exhibition platform and post a reserve price of the item. If there was only one interested buyer, the item would hereby be obtained by that buyer. If there were many buyers, the item would be sold to the buyer who offered the highest price.

This was a type of alternative auction but it was well-known in the Heaven District. It was said that the Earth District also had one because it made it easier to sell things. Therefore, those sellers who needed to urgently sell things would choose to go to the Samsara Tower.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao easily found the Samsara Tower without needing others to lead the way.

The Samsara Tower was an extremely eye-catching place in the Heaven District. It was a gourd-shaped building with a large volume of customers. One was able to find it just by following the flow of people.

“It’s really worthy of being called the largest trading point in the Heaven District.”

You XiaoMo stood at the entrance and could easily see the situation inside the building. Though there was a large interior space, there were also a lot of people inside. There was practically a mass of people crowding around each exhibition platforms.

Ling Xiao raised his head, “There’s a Divine Realm powerhouse overseeing things inside.”

“Let’s go in.”

The items displayed on the exhibition platforms did not only include magic pills. Magic herbs, soul and skill training manuals, as well as many other strange and marvelous items were also displayed. You XiaoMo could not name them even if he saw these items.

However, these things were not ordinary articles as the basic value of each good that the Samara Tower accepted would not be lower than one million spirit gems.

You XiaoMo roughly glanced at the items on the exhibition platforms. He saw many soul and skill training manuals that incessantly piqued his interest. Unfortunately, the prices were too high.

You XiaoMo did not go on any earning sprees for spirit gems and since he gave a large portion of his spirit gems to Ling Xiao, his magic bags became evermore ‘bashful’.

You XiaoMo could not help but grumble at Ling Xiao when thinking of this, “It’s all because you took so many spirit gems. You really spent all of them! How in the world did you spend all of it?! And I didn’t even see you bring anything back. Don’t you know that spirit gems are hard to earn?!”

“I did not spend them.” Ling Xiao calmly rebutted.

You XiaoMo turned back and glared at him like a vicious tiger would, “If you didn’t spend it, where did all those spirit gems go? Are you suggesting that they can even disappear into thin air?”

Ling Xiao stated, “They didn’t disappear. They were taken by my father’s trusted aide.”

“What did you say?!” You XiaoMo suddenly came to a stop and could not help but raise his voice.

His voice was so loud that the people around him immediately frowned and looked over. Some were obviously displeased by it.

You XiaoMo promptly lowered his voice, “What in the world is going on?”

Ling Xiao fell silent for a moment and then he explained, “I’ve told you before that he built a force. But that force seemed to be particularly short of money and each and every one was living in dire straits. Afterwards, he found out that the magic bag I was carrying had quite a lot of spirit gems so he took them away by force.”

“That’s robbery!” You XiaoMo righteously exclaimed.

Ling Xiao nodded, agreeing, “I also said that, but he said that the force was built for me, so I felt embarrassed to take it back.”

You XiaoMo was shocked, “You’re also able to feel embarrassed?”

Ling Xiao gently smiled, “Don’t say it like that, ah. Actually, I am also a person who respects the old and cherishes the young.”

You XiaoMo chuckled, “Yes you are ah. Maybe there’s this possibility on the day that the sun rises from the west.”

Ling Xiao sighed and shook his head, “I am not kidding.”

You XiaoMo nodded, “I’m also not kidding.”

The jocular banter ended with that. In any case, the spirit gems were already gone and they couldn’t get it back no matter what. You XiaoMo also did not want to bicker with him about this anymore, as the one who would suffer every time was always him.

There were too many things on the exhibition platform and there were also many people crowding around it. Thus, You XiaoMo simply found a person from the Samsara Tower and explained their purpose in coming.

There were a total of three floors in the Samsara Tower. Ever floor had a main person-in-charge.

The first floor had a female person-in-charge. When she learned that they wanted to buy spatial talismans, she let an assistant bring them to the second floor.

The Dimensional talismans were rare and precious objects and their price naturally could not be compared to the prices of the items on the first level. So, they would generally be in the exhibition platforms on the second or third level.

Low-level Dimensional talismans were on the second floor, medium-level Dimensional talismans were on the third floor and high-level Dimensional talismans were not for sale as many places do not sell them. Firstly, the value was extremely high and most were more inclined to keep it for themselves to use. Secondly, only upper star Sacred Realm experts were able to refine Dimensional talisman. Therefore it was obvious that it was impossible for high-level Dimensional talismans to appear on the market.

You XiaoMo decided not to go to the third floor at this moment when thinking of his ‘bashful’ magic bag.

But he could not help but be dumbfounded when he saw the marked price for a low-level Dimensional talisman was ten million spirit gems.

Now, he suddenly understood that the price that Yu Bu gave him was really low.

Only a force with ample resources could afford to spend ten million spirit gems, otherwise most people could only watch helplessly. Moreover, since the low-level Dimensional talismans were so expensive, one could well imagine the price of a middle-level talisman.

You XiaoMo touched his magic bag with sorrow and grief. His capital was only a little over ten million. He also had to consider that the ones who wanted to buy this Dimensional talisman were not only him, but also the couple of people standing in front of the exhibition platform. It was most likely that the price would rise several folds. If it was like this, he would not be able to get it even if he put forward the properties of his whole family. It seemed like they could only change their objective and buy the black jade now.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath. It was really unbearable for there to be a ‘prodigal’ spender by his side. Once he thought of this, he looked at Ling Xiao with added hidden bitterness.

Ling Xiao touched his nose, “Although the marked price is in spirit gems, but they may not only be accepting payment in spirit gems?”

You XiaoMo was speechless with astonishment.

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You XiaoMo was shocked, “You’re also able to feel embarrassed?”

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