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We have finally hit chapter 500!!! This means we have now translated 315 chapters! With only 230 to go, if anyone wants to join our team as a Chinese to English translator to help bust out these chapters, please, feel free to send us an email and we will send out the appropriate test!

Chapter 500: Unreliable

(Ra: Unreliable like Crystal -_-)
Translated by (Procrastinator) Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A steep mountain, a dense forest and within this vast and extensive mountain range, was numerous hibernating demon beasts. Although it was fewer than the hometown of beast in Xi Jing, it was nothing to scoff at.

Due to the extensive nature of the mountains, there wasn’t much competition between demon beasts over territory, thus over the years, it had been peaceful. However, for demon beasts level ten and above, they would all take a mountain peak for themselves as their foothold, leaving behind their markings. With that, other beasts passing by would know it had already been claimed.

You XiaoMo didn’t realize that this was a claimed mountain peak. Once Ling Xiao in his meditation mode, he stayed beside him till a sharp bird chirp appeared somewhere in the sky.

With the sound getting closer, You XiaoMo looked up to see a tiny black dot getting bigger and bigger in front of him. Until it became much closer, to the point of seeing its feathers did You XiaoMo realize it was an outrageously huge Giant Roc.

You XiaoMo remembered a passage from Zhuangzi’s “Free and Easy Wandering”.

“In the northern ocean there is a fish and his name is K’un. The K’un is so huge I don’t know how many thousand meters he measures. He changes and becomes a bird whose name is P’eng. The back of the P’eng measures I don’t know how many thousand li across and, when he rises up and flies off, his wings are like clouds all over the sky. When the sea begins to move, this bird sets off for the southern darkness, which is the Lake of Heaven.”
t/n: This bit was translated by Burton Watson.
1 li = ½ km

Although this bird didn’t not span km in length, it was much bigger than the biggest Bird of Pride he has seen, tens of times even! It was as if the sky had been covered by a huge shadow, seen through the naked eye, it was astonishing!

Giant Roc was considered the fastest of its species, however it’s size was enormous, thus even though it looked close, it was actually still quite far away.

You XiaoMo was extremely startled, the Giant Roc was stronger in level than he was. If it wasn’t after them then it was good, but if it really was targeting them, he couldn’t win. However, to prepare for the worst, they should take precautions as well.

You XiaoMo let out the Metal Swallowing Beast as well as the Golden Winged insects. They were of decent fighting strength, especially Ping Pong. He still remembered Xiao Pong’s one bite which had drastically changed the city master’s expression.

The Giant Roc was level eleven, just a little higher than the city master of Xing Luo city so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

“Xiao Ping, Xiao Pong, remember, if the Giant Roc’s target is us, then don’t hesitate and try to suck its blood.” You XiaoMo said as he kept a lookout for the bird that was flying towards them. It had only been a few minutes before its massive body started to appear bit by bit in his vision, as if he could touch it.

“GaGaGa?”The Metal Swallowing Beast jumped out and spoke a sentence in demon beast language to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo pushed it towards Ling Xiao, “You go protect Ling Xiao. If he has any problems, I’m holding you accountable.”

The Metal Swallowing Beast, “…” Can I get a different mission?

As if he could hear its thoughts, You XiaoMo shouted, “You can’t!”

Just as he finished, the Giant Roc suddenly let out a cry, as if in warning, before swirling down from above and with opened wings, shoot towards their mountain top.

If at this point You XiaoMo still couldn’t tell that it was aiming towards them, then he was going to pluck his eyeballs out.

You XiaoMo quickly blocked in front of Ling Xiao, hands placed above his chest and started to form a sequence of complicated hand seals. The hand gestures had a choppy feel to them, but the surrounding spiritual energy was sent into violent turmoil, closing in with You XiaoMo as the center.

A seal of a different color then usual started to spin within his his palms, it had a red shine. His soul power was surrounding the Earth Seal and shaping it like a wooden block. The surrounding Spiritual Energy flowed into the red seal frantically, compressing each other, exploding into a loud energy.

As the Giant Roc got in front of him, You XiaoMo’s Earth Seal was also completed, almost at the same moment.

Within the Sumeru Seals, the Earth Seal was twice as complicated as the Golden and Black Seals. The power was, however, exponentially stronger. When he had first encountered Jiang Liu in the hotel, You XiaoMo had thought of using the Earth Seal against Tang He, however, he was so afraid of getting into trouble that he had to give up.

You XiaoMo held the seal with one hand and as he locked on to the Giant Roc, he lightly sent the seal over.

With the flow of the Earth Seal, the surrounding Spiritual Energy in its path also seemed to be influenced and started to slightly distort. This tiny seal seemed to have caught the attention of the Giant Roc, his massive eyes suspected something, it’s dark grey eyes stared unwaveringly at the Earth Seal. However, its descending motion did not slow in the slightest.

Although You XiaoMo had confidence in his Earth Seal, the movement of the Giant Roc reduced it to ten percent. What’s with that reckless behavior!

When the seal met the beak of the Roc, a huge sound exploded in the air, creating a crackling sound as if thunder and when the smoke dissipated, You XiaoMo locked eyes with the emotionless ones of the Roc.

Nothing happened to the shiny, sharp beak.

You XiaoMo took a breath in, no wonder it became the Giant Roc of the legends, of course it had something up its sleeves.

With a few seconds of stare down, the Giant Roc suddenly moved, flapping its wings, creating a tornado. The wind howled and even the giant trees in the ground were broken in half.

It wasn’t easy for You XiaoMo to gain his composure back.

Xiao Ping and Xiao Pong, who lied in ambush, chirped in panic as they were caught up in the wind. Desperately they flapped their tiny wings towards their stupid owner, but tiny wings against giant wings, there was no question to who won.

You XiaoMo looked at the, only-one-meter-apart-from-him Xiao Ping and Xiao Pong, who were slowly getting further away with a undefeated expression, and his mouth finally started to twitch. Until he couldn’t watch it anymore did he reach out and pull them close.

The two quickly hid inside his shirt. They flapped their wings at too high a frequency, they had never exercised this much since birth, now they were complete mush.

All the Giant Roc did was flap its wings a few times and their whole team was almost wiped out.

You XiaoMo backed to where Ling Xiao was and the Metal Swallowing Beast was no longer there. Looking around, he finally found a gold head shrunk behind Ling Xiao. Was there anyone reliable here?

Ultimately the Giant Roc stopped flapping its wings to create a storm and everything quieted down. Its two dark grey eyes, however, stared directly at Ling Xiao, with an unmistakable gluttony, as if looking at something tasty.

You XiaoMo thought he was seeing things, could it be that the Giant Roc ate humans?

Even then, the Giant Roc didn’t dare charging over, its eyes still had a bit of fear in them. After staying put and being restless, it hesitated a bit before finally flying a little closer.

You XiaoMo hurriedly blocked in front of Ling Xiao.

A flash of anger appeared in the Giant Roc’s eyes, how dare such a tiny human block in front of him, he was asking for it. With that, it opened its sharp beak and from its throat came a strong sound wave.

You XiaoMo almost bled to death but quickly used his Soul Power to cover his ears, finally calming things down a bit. He looked back at Ling Xiao, there was no way he was going to let it touch him.

“Xiao Ping, Xiao Pong, we are regrouping. I’m going to create an opening for you, you guys go and bite him.” You XiaoMo said as he took out the two Golden Winged Insects from his clothes.

The Golden Winged Insects made a noise.

“You have no choice.” You XiaoMo then threw them out.

The two regained their balance in mid air, there was no point in protesting now, all they could do was to proceed with the plan. Good thing was that their bodies were small so the Giant Roc paid them no mind, they didn’t even need You XiaoMo to give them an opening.

The two easily flew over, but unlike the city master of Xing Luo city, the Giant Roc was covered in a thick layer of fur. They couldn’t bite through it, thus they could only attack the face.

Xiao Ping decided to go for the eyes whereas Xiao Pong went for the face.

Their wishful thinking was well thought out but before they had a chance, the Giant Roc got impatient and with a flap of his wings, the two bounced back to You XiaoMo.

Dead before the fight even began!

You XiaoMo stopped counting on them.

The Giant Roc also lost its patience, raising its head, it let out a battle cry, with sky-high menace, it finally decided to attack. Before his cry stopped, it charged straight down…

You XiaoMo’s face paled, gritting his teeth he went all out and a boundless source of soul power erupted from between his brows. It didn’t stop, as if endless, and the sky full of soul power, under his control, slowly morphed into a huge wall.

Just as the Giant Roc’s beak was going to hit the wall, a vast sound exploded from behind You XiaoMo, forming into a huge light pillar shooting straight to the sky. As if it connected the heavens and earth, a strong pressure spread from the pillar, accompanied by a dragon’s roar.

You XiaoMo turned his head in astonishment, to discover that the pillar had erupted from Ling Xiao. His beating red face had returned to normal and above his head even circled a tiny golden dragon, it had a comfortably lazy expression. As it slowly opened its eyes it was a blood, burning red.

Somewhere in between, the Giant Roc had stopped its attack and from its beast form, appeared a human-like expression of shock…

Reminder of Tong Tian map:
Bei Dong(Northern Movement) of the North – uncivilized area. This is where Momo first landed.
Xi Jing( Western Border) of the West – Home of demon beast, almost the top-dog beast clans are here.
ZhongTian(Central of Tong Tian) of the Center – The territory of Tong Tian Palace. Almost every Guilds located here.
DaLu (Southern Continent) of the South – The territory of Vermillion Blood Clan and their joint forces. Cang Alliance is also here.
Dong Zhou(Eastern Continent) of the East – The ancient and historical site of TongTian. All the ancient tribes and ancient beasts located here.
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