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Chapter 504: Zhong Ting Trade Fair

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At the Vermillion Blood Clan of the Southern Continent.

Ever since the conversation with Jiang Liu, You ZhenTian had sent out people to investigate the situation. Combined with what had happened to the clan recently, he finally believed about ninety percent of what Jiang Liu said was true.

The two first invaded the main house, destroyed the Forbidden Site, released the prisoners, causing a huge loss to the main house, then it was Feng ChiYun who was saved for no reasons at all, and lastly, the Yu Xian City and Xing Luo City…

At first glance, there wasn’t much direct correlation, however, if you thought about it more closely, you would realize that all of these events had to do with a Sacred level practitioner and there was always two people involved.

You ZhenTian remembered the information he got from You TianNan from the Long Xiang Continent.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, if it really was them, then the Sacred level practitioner should have been the latter. His levels increased at an alarming speed, if they let them grow freely, in the near future they would surely become a huge thorn to the Vermillion Blood clan.

They must be eliminated.

“Husband.” A calm and cool voice abruptly appeared, breaking You ZhenTian’s train of thought.

You ZhenTian looked over to Lady Yin who was beside him. Both Lady Yin and Yin Ge had the same beautiful silver hair, however, Yin Ge’s hair had more shine to it.

Lady Yin had a young, beautiful face. If it wasn’t for her elegant, noble demeanor and her eyes that spoke of tact and experience, probably no one would have guessed that she was already ten thousand years old.

“What do you want to say, my wife?” You ZhenTian had much respect for Lady Yin, almost the same as ten thousand years ago. Lady Yin stretched out her fingers covered in claw rings and placed them on the armrest, with a calm expression as she said, “I, your servant, believe that with husband’s strength, you can deal with them. If there’s any inconvenience, then I could inform my cousin, and ask him to help.”

You ZhenTian shook his head, “Now its not the time to deal with them.”

Lady Yin asked, “And why is that?”

“My wife, you may not be aware but…” You ZhenTian slowly started to talk, Lady Yin had been in secluded cultivation and it wasn’t until half a month ago was she finished, thus she didn’t know what happened in the past year.

After You ZhenTian finished, Lady Yin was in deep thought.

You ZhenTian said, “Before we are sure of the man’s relation with the QiLin clan and Demon Phoenix clan, we can’t lay a hand on them yet.”

“Just leave this to me.” Lady Yin let out a very faint smile.

You ZhenTian did not object, “Then I’ll be troubling you.” In reality he had wanted her help in the beginning, but she had been in secluded cultivation till now.

“There is no need for formalities.”

Although Lady Yin wasn’t a Five Clawed Golden Dragon, but the status of a Silver Dragon in the Dragon clan was only under one man and above thousands of men. She was also the daughter of the head of the Silver Dragons. With her status, since a young age she had been involved with the Four Ancient Beast Clans of their generation. She just had to say the word and the information they needed would be known.

With a blink of the eye four days had passed and it was getting closer to the meeting time with You XiaoMo and Elder Fang from the Samsara tower.

After hearing about them leaving, in the morning Yan Hui had even pestered them about coming along but was firmly rejected by You XiaoMo.

Although attending the Zhong Ting Trade Fair was nothing shady, it was best that as little people knew of their need to find the magic herbs for the Samsara Pill.

Once they got rid of Yan Hui, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left together.

As the two walked on the streets, You XiaoMo suddenly remembered a question that he hadn’t thought through for the past few days and turned around to ask.

Ling Xiao casually replied, “I was digesting the inheritance of the Five Clawed Golden Dragons.”


“Both the Five Clawed Golden Dragon and QiLin has a long history, also, for being one of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, the Dragon clan wants to make sure they get the best treatment, thus placed the golden dragon’s inheritance at high importance.”

“Then what did you inherit?”

“I inherited a long and stinky history like a foot wrap.”

“…and that’s it?”

“And there’s a lot of secrets but I need time to digest it.”

Although the answer was unexpected, this situation was in their favor. With the inheritance, Ling Xiao no longer needed to purposefully seek out the dragon clan at Xi Jing.

The two arrived at Samsara Tower and Elder Fang had already finished his tasks, he was just waiting for them.

With that, the three left for the Zhong Ting Trade Fair.

The trade fair was at the border where the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild’s influence connected. Since it was a shared property, they switched control every year, with this year being the Beast Transfiguration Guild.

With Elder Fang’s recommendation, the guards that were protecting the front gates to the Trade Fair didn’t bother them too much before letting them in.

The Zhong Ting Trade Fair was a massive structure shaped like a pagoda with only two floors. However, each floor was at least ten times the size of the Samsara tower, like a plaza. The first floor was filled with all kinds of vendors of all varieties, to the point it was blinding.

Their focus was the second floor, however it wasn’t time yet, so they were in no rush.

Elder Fang told them that they could go check out the first floor first, to see if they wanted anything whereas he had some business at the second floor.

All those who were invited to the trade fair were elites, no item was valued below five million spirit gems, thus one could definitely find some good stuff there.

Going around once, You XiaoMo definitely found some good things.

However, none of them was what he wanted, he wanted the recipes for rainbow pills as well as level eleven or twelve magic herb seeds. He did find one vendor with a level eleven magic herb but he already had it. It was not from the cave but from before that.

Just as he was feeling disappointed, Ling Xiao suddenly twisted his chin to a certain direction and said, “Look that way.”

You XiaoMo made a face, “What’s the problem?” All he saw was a crowded group, but just as he finished, he saw in a corner a not-eye-catching vendor. It was a young person, probably because he looked young, so he must not have had anything good, there wasn’t anyone at his place.

“They seem to be selling some interesting stuff.” Ling Xiao said with interest.

You XiaoMo instantly pulled him over.

The young man did not look dispirited at the lack of attention, even seeing them walking over, he just slightly lifted his eyelids, as if he really didn’t care.

You XiaoMo glanced over his stall and discovered that this was one peculiar seller.

At his stall, there was no magic pill, no magic herb, and no skill or soul training manuals. All that was there was a round Life Crystal, one could even feel the dense soul power emitted by it.

The young man didn’t display a lot of Life Crystal, only sixteen, each placed individual in good quality bottles. With only the naked eye, it was hard to tell what was so special about them.

“Which demon beasts do those Life Crystals come from?” You XiaoMo lifted his eye to look at the vendor.

The youngster coolly looked at him and said, “If you really want to buy then I’ll tell you but if you are just curious then you can leave, I won’t see you off.”

You XiaoMo choked at his words, he really was just curious, but that was because he hadn’t figured out yet if these Life Crystals had any use. If he wasn’t sure and told him that they wanted to buy, only to realize they had no use, it would be a major lose for them.

You XiaoMo seemed to realize why there was no one at his stall. Life Crystals were the most important part of a demon beast, like the Six-Winged Divine Tiger one he got from the Paradise Realm.
Reminder: Life Crystal is concentrated/solidify soul. Six-Winged Divine Tiger is Zhao DaZhou(The fifth shixiong)’s contracted beast and it has the life crystal from its mother.

That Life Crystal held at least half of the spiritual power of the Divine Tiger and it could be given to either a practitioner or a demon beast. The higher the level of the demon beast’s Life Crystal the better, as long as one absorbed its power, they could level up theirs.

A Life Crystal’s effect is comparable to a magic pill, but it has some advantages over magic pills.

The first is that there wasn’t much of a risk, as long as you be careful when absorbing its power, normally it would increase your own, but there was one thing to beware of.

Take You XiaoMo for example, he was a level ten mage, so he could use level ten and above Life Crystals, and if he used a level nine, the effect would be very minimal.

With one look the young man could tell that he was simply curious and didn’t give them more attention.

“There is only five that have any effect for you.” Ling Xiao’s voice slowly appeared.

“Which five?” You XiaoMo asked in anticipation, he knew that Ling Xiao could tell. If they were useful, he could consider buying them.

Ling Xiao pointed out the five bottles to show him, all of them were close to the young man.

Now the young man finally opened his eyes attentively, because the five Ling Xiao pointed out were the best five from his stall. Other than that, they were all level eight and nine. With only one look this man could differentiate between them, he had astonishingly good eyes.

You XiaoMo asked, “What level are these five Life Crystals?”

Ling Xiao, as if he didn’t notice the young man gaze, answered, “Three level tens, with two level elevens.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but take a deep breath in. Three level tens he could understand but two level elevens, that was equivalent to two Divine leveled practitioners. The vendor didn’t seem to be at the Divine level, how could he kill two level eleven demon beasts.

“He probably didn’t kill them. Most likely they were stolen from his family.” Ling Xiao calmly replied.

The young man’s eyes went even wider, because he was right. He truly didn’t have the power to kill so many strong demon beasts. You XiaoMo didn’t ask how he knew and instead stared at the young man with shining eyes, “How are these Life Crystals sold?”

The young man made no reaction.

You XiaoMo asked again before he finally came to his senses.

The young man took a deep breath and said, “We don’t take spirit gems here, only magic pills.”

You XiaoMo nodded, “I want to buy two level eleven Life Crystals, what’s the price?”

“You want both?” The young man looked at him in surprise, he didn’t seem ostentatious, with the power to afford both Life Crystals, he didn’t believe he could. Giving it some thought, he said, “Level eleven Life Crystals are super rare, and can only be traded for rainbow pills.”

Immediately You XiaoMo had a crestfallen expression, “Level tens won’t do?”

The young man smirked and sneered, “Are you toying me? You want to trade a level ten magic pill for a level eleven Life Crystal, you must also know what a level eleven Life Crystal represents.”

“You misunderstand, I mean to say, how many level ten magic pills can trade for one level eleven Life Crystal.” You XiaoMo quickly explained.

The young man furrowed his brows and was in deep thought, hesitating.

You XiaoMo patiently waited for him.

After two minutes, the young man finally opened his mouth. With his fingers habitually tapping the table, he said in hesitation, “Level eleven Life Crystals are super rare, when I stole…cough, got them from the clan, I wanted to trade for a rainbow pill, but since you was so sincere, I could sell them to you. However, I want eight magic pills in exchange for one Life Crystal.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes twitched, that was ridiculous expensive, by spirit gem standards, eight level ten magic pills had a market price closed to two hundred million. He was certain that a level eleven Life Crystal wasn’t so expensive, half a hundred million would be enough.

“Eight pills are too many, not worth one level eleven Life Crystal, I can only offer you five.”

You XiaoMo wasn’t at the point of ‘must’ having this Life Crystal and level ten magic pills were hard to refine. Not only that, he used only high-grade magic herbs, thus the quality would be much better than most magic pills.

The young man frowned immediately and shook his head, “Five is not enough.”

You XiaoMo continued, “Don’t be in a rush to reject it, my magic pills are all high grade with good quality too. Five is very decent.” With that he pulled out his magic pills.

With that the young man wavered a little and took the magic pills. Looking at it, the magic pills were of good quality and all high grades too. When he said eight earlier, he didn’t expect them to be all high grades, two or three was more like it.

Seeing his wavering expression, You XiaoMo knew he succeeded, “How about it?”

“I’ll take it!”

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