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Chapter 521: You JunQi

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There was an especially famous demon beast graveyard in Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, and it held the graves of the big demon beasts. Some were graves that had been created in the ancient past, while some were graves that had been created for the big demon beasts by their descendants.

The resentful energy here was particularly heavy because the demon beast graveyard held the tombs of thousands and thousands of demon beasts. The dense, black fog seemed to writhe with the shapes of countless ghosts, as it wandered all about the demon beast graveyard. Whenever something living went inside, they would instantly be attacked by the shapeless black fog.

Just like right now.

A black hawk flew out of nowhere. It released a piercing screech before plunging confidently into the demon beast graveyard.

The black hawk pierced through the black fog very quickly. After flying low to the ground, it began to rise upwards with the attitude of a champion towards the bright and clear sky.

But the second it rose out of the black fog, something strange happened.

The intangible black fog suddenly began to violently churn as if it had come to life, and like an evil spirit from hell, it transformed into many hideous demon faces. They fought with each other as they rushed towards the black hawk, and the black hawk was drowned in the black fog before it even had a chance to make a noise.

When the black fog dispersed, pieces of bone fell from the sky.

You XiaoMo drew in several breaths as he watched. No wonder the inn’s owner labeled the demon beast graveyard as the most dangerous place in Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. That black hawk had at least level ten cultivation, but it had been turned into food without the slightest bit of resistance. Indeed, it was extremely terrifying!

“How should we get across?” You XiaoMo swallowed and asked.

It was impossible to walk across the ground, but it was also very dangerous to go through the air. Just now, that black hawk had been forcefully dragged back in after it had flown out of the black fog. However, after comparing, they realized that the likelihood of danger in the air was still a little lower.

“Do I really need to say it? Of course it’s through the air.” Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose.

After deciding to go through the air, You XiaoMo didn’t call out the Roc. Now was a perfect time to practice his flying ability, as a transcendent level mage could use soul force to create a pair of wings based on his own imagination. His wings were black, just like a demon’s wings, and they emitted a black light.

You XiaoMo flapped forcefully a few times. It indeed felt much better than borrowing some other creature’s wings, and it felt as if the wings had been a part of his body all along. There wasn’t a problem no matter how he used it.

“If you’re ready, let’s go.” Ling Xiao flew towards the sky first, and You XiaoMo hastily followed.

Right now, the demon beast graveyard was below them, shrouded in black fog. The demon beast graveyard was extremely large, and it was vast and boundless at first glance. Broken-down, dusty and decayed graves were everywhere, and there were skeletons piled disorderly in front of some of the graves, both human and demon beast.

You XiaoMo looked down once before looking away. If he looked too much, he’d have nightmares.

But what he didn’t know was that after he had appeared, some of the big demon beasts in the demon beast graveyard had begun to stir restlessly. Someone who hadn’t entered it wouldn’t know, but the demon beast graveyard wasn’t actually just a graveyard for demon beasts; it was also a graveyard for humans.

The race that had erupted into a huge war with the demon beasts in the past was the humans. That war was extremely chaotic, and the big demon beasts weren’t the only ones to fall. Many famous, renowned human experts of that time had also died.

And there was another point, which was also the most important point.

The soul, flesh, and blood of mages – especially transcendent level mages – attracted resentful beings the most. What they hunted most was the delicious scent that was emitted from the soul.

However, Ling Xiao, who was at You XiaoMo’s side, made them extremely afraid, so even though they were already salivating with desire, they could only control their restlessness and wait quietly for an opportunity.

You XiaoMo didn’t actually fly that slowly, but from their perspective, he flew as slowly as a turtle crawling. Many pairs of glowing green eyes followed his every movement.

You XiaoMo’s body suddenly went numb. Why did he feel as if someone was spying on him? When he looked downwards, all he saw was the extremely gloomy black fog, which had no movement whatsoever.

Ling Xiao discovered that he had stopped, and he looked back and asked, concerned, “What’s wrong?”

You XiaoMo walked over to him and nervously hugged his arm. “It’s probably just my imagination, but I keep feeling as if someone is watching me. We should leave the demon beast graveyard quickly.”

“Then let’s…” Ling Xiao hadn’t finished speaking when the black fog below suddenly began to violently churn. In the next second, a wave of black light suddenly rushed out from the black fog and dissolved into a demon’s face. The face was savage and greedy, and it charged towards You XiaoMo threateningly.

Finally, there was a resentful being who couldn’t resist anymore and decided to act first.

Ling Xiao snorted coldly, and a wisp of purple flame burst out from underneath him with a popping noise. The flames transformed into a fire Qilin, and it attacked the resentful being with a roar, swallowing the screaming resentful being with one bite. This time the soul was really scattered, with no possibility of rebirth.

This movement also served as a threat.

Not only did the opposing side have someone with level twelve cultivation, he could possessed the fiercest flame that could restrain them. If they didn’t want to be obliterated like the first one and disappear from this world forever, they could only reconsider their plan.

For the rest of their journey, they didn’t encounter any more obstructions, and they crossed the demon beast graveyard peacefully and calmly. There most likely hadn’t been anyone who had ever crossed as smoothly as them.

The swamp lay ahead of them after crossing the demon beast graveyard.

When their figures disappeared from the air over the demon beast graveyard, a white spirit suddenly floated out from an empty gravestone. The white spirit transformed into a tall and thin figure wearing all white clothing, and its indistinct face continued to stare in the direction that the two of them had disappeared in for a long time before looking away.

After the white spirit appeared, the resentful beings nearby all fled the area.

Ghost Tomb Mountain Range’s swamp was only a little less dangerous than the demon beast graveyard. The reason was because tens of thousands of water demons hid beneath the surface of the swamp, and they were the water demons that You XiaoMo had seen at Long Xiang Continent. Rumor had it that a level eleven water demon led the rest. It had a demon beast’s fierceness and a human’s intelligence, so it was extremely dangerous.

When he remembered that the water demons’ original bodies were that of humans, You XiaoMo had no way to identify if they were actual demon beasts, so he hastily urged Ling Xiao to leave the swamp.

Since they were flying both high and fast, the water demons most likely could also sense their cultivation level, so the swamp was peaceful without a single ripple.

Right when they were about to fly out of the swamp, You XiaoMo looked back.

A water demon was standing quietly on top of the swamp for who knows how long. It had the outer appearance of a human, but its entire body was clear as if it was made of water, and it was looking at them expressionlessly.

The goosebumps on his arms sprang up in an instant.

After they crossed the swamp, they finally reached the Weeping Ghost Shore.

The endless mountain peaks were precipitous and jagged. The Weeping Ghost Shore was in the middle of all of these, so next, they had to find the Weeping Ghost Shore.

The map the innkeeper had given them only marked the Weeping Ghost Shore as being here, but as for which mountain or cliffside it was, nobody knew. They could only slowly search on their own.

“How about you send Uncle Gu a message and tell him to come join us.” You XiaoMo had absolutely no interest in searching the mountains one by one. He knew that, at the very least, there were over a thousand mountain peaks here, not including shores. Each mountain peak probably had at least two to three shores.

“He won’t agree.” It wasn’t that Ling Xiao hadn’t thought of it before, but he understood Lin Gu’s personality. On the outside, he seemed refined, but in reality, he was someone who stood by his word.

“So stingy!” You XiaoMo cupped his chin in his hands and squatted on a big rock. “Then how exactly are we going to find the Weeping Ghost Shore? You’re not saying we should just wait until they appear on their own, right?”

“No need, we can just directly call them out.” Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up. “How do you plan on doing that?”

Ling Xiao lifted his head and looked at the sky, which was about to dim. “It’s already night, let’s talk about this tomorrow. Let’s first go rest in the dimension for the night.”

“Your dimension or my dimension?”

“First go to my dimension to see that person.”


It was extremely likely that the person in white was You XiaoMo’s father, but because the image that the person in white gave him was completely different from his image of a ‘father’, You XiaoMo painstakingly forgot about him. Speaking of which… last time, when he had entered the dimension naked with Ling Xiao, it seemed that they hadn’t come across that person.

Gah, he couldn’t have been seen naked, could he have?

You XiaoMo only thought of this problem in hindsight. However, Ling Xiao shouldn’t be unprepared.

Ling Xiao’s dimension had expanded alongside his cultivation skyrocketing, and by now, it was already several dozen times bigger than You XiaoMo’s dimension, vast and boundless.

Soon afterwards, You XiaoMo saw the person in white, who was tied up.

“How did this happen?” The corners of You XiaoMo’s lips twitched as he asked.

Ling Xiao whispered, “My dimension isn’t the same as yours. The people and demon beasts I put in here all retain their individual consciousness, and I can’t control their behavior from outside. If the demon beast isn’t very strong, then it’s fine, but this man is very powerful, so I must control him well.”

“What about last time?”

“Last time his cultivation hadn’t yet completely recovered.”

In reality, on the way out of the dimension last time, Ling Xiao had simultaneously placed seals on his body that inhibited cultivation. The person in white was most likely already used to it, so he hadn’t had any response.

“How about we let him go?” You XiaoMo heaved a deep sigh. This was most likely his father. Since they had rescued him, they couldn’t just keep him in the dimension forever.

Ling Xiao easily undid the seals on the person in white’s body. He also hadn’t planned on keeping a ticking time bomb in his dimension.

The person in white stood up and smiled at You XiaoMo. “My fellow, could you tell me your name?”

You XiaoMo looked at him for a long while. “First tell me what your name is.”

The person in white said indifferently, “My name is You JunQi. You already know my identity, so now can you tell me what your name is, right?”

You XiaoMo answered without even blinking, “My name is Ling XiaoMo.”
(Ra: I feel like saying “The wife has taken the husband’s last name)

“The ‘Mo’ from silence?” You JunQi mulled over his name, and his expression suddenly held a bit of grief. “Your name is the same as my son’s. He’s also called XiaoMo.”
T/n: You XiaoMo(游小默) = Xiao in little, small and Mo in silent.

“Well, what’s his surname?” You XiaoMo unwittingly asked.

Ling Xiao pressed his hand to his forehead.

You JunQi laughed. “You really do like to joke around. Of course my son’s surname is You, he should be twenty two years old now. It’s also been twenty two years since I’ve last seen him.”

You XiaoMo’s entire face was red. “Do you miss your son?”

“Of course I do.” You JunQi said desolately, “There’s no moment I don’t miss my wife and son, but I can’t go find them. My big brother won’t let me go, and if he knew about the existence of my wife and son, he definitely wouldn’t let them off either.”

You XiaoMo really wanted to tell him: your wife and son are dead already, and moreover, the other person is already at your door. He coughed. “Let’s not mention things from the past anymore. I’ll let you go, so now you’re free. You can go anywhere you want.”

You JunQi blinked. “Can I go with you two?”

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded. “Why?”

You JunQi laughed quietly. “You two saved me, so now you’re my saviors. I’m unable to repay the kindness, so I can only…”

You XiaoMo was shocked. “You’re not about to say that you can only repay us with your body, right?”

You JunQi sweated. “No, I, I wanted to say that I can do manual labor.” Repaying with his body could wait until the next lifetime.

You XiaoMo waved his hand. “Then there’s no need, I don’t need anyone to do manual labor for me.”

“Then what do you need?”

“I don’t need anything.”

“Then you can keep me as backup.”


At that moment, Ling Xiao couldn’t stand it any longer and forcefully grabbed You XiaoMo’s chin, turning it to face You JunQi’s face. “Who does he look like?”

You XiaoMo looked him up and down, and said extremely confidently, “Like me.”

You JunQi, “…”

Ling Xiao continued, “Would an ordinary person have absolutely no reaction when they see someone who looks a lot like them?”

You XiaoMo was silent for two seconds. “No.”

“Very good. So now what are you thinking?”

“… I’ve been played.”


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