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Chapter 600: The ‘Truth’

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo sent an SOS signal towards Ling Xiao’s direction. Ling Xiao simply smiled without a word, clearly wanting no part of this.

You XiaoMo could only decided for himself. To be completely honest, he hadn’t thought of contracting a Weasel Beast, it just reminded him weasels. As the saying goes, a weasel giving his respect to the chicken has ulterior motives.

Of course, he wasn’t comparing himself to a chicken, he was just questioning its motives. Otherwise, why would it suddenly come and ask to be his contract demon beast.

As everyone knows, once a demon beast enters a contract, it will lose its freedom. Thus, if it wasn’t for a special reason, normally a demon beast wouldn’t be willing to enter a contract.

“Why do you want to be my contract demon beast? What’s your reason?” After he gave it some thought, You XiaoMo thought it was better to lay everything out into the open. His situation was different from before, every contract he formed must be with caution. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Weasel Beast was from this remote to the point of no outer world contact place, he would have immediately rejected it.

The Weasel Beast had already thought of an excuse. Looking earnest, he said, “Ever since last time, where I thoughtlessly offended you, I had been reflecting over my past actions. As learned from this painful experience, I was drawn in by your magnificent image and decided to become your follower. I hope you could grant me this insignificant wish.”

You XiaoMo felt his mouth twitch the whole way through. No wonder he was the boss, that sure was an exaggerated, heartfelt speech. Clearly it wasn’t his first time.

If he took him in, he felt that he would’ve taken in another idiot and he already had enough in his ball team. if he didn’t take him in, he felt like this beast wouldn’t give up either.

Ah, what to do!

Suddenly, the Weasel Beast kneel in front of him and yelled, “Master, please take me in, I beg you, I’ll kowtow!”

You XiaoMo jumped in surprise, and once again looked towards Ling Xiao for help. Ling Xiao laughed till his shoulders started shaking.

You XiaoMo knew then he couldn’t count on him, clearly this bastard was just having fun at his expense. Thus he replied unhappily, “Got it, got it, I’ll take you in, stop with the kowtow.”

“Thank you master!” The Weasel Beast said unable to control his glee. He quickly got up and stood to the side, well-behaved, as his stared at You XiaoMo.

With reluctance, You XiaoMo made a contract with him.

Currently, the Weasel Beast was only a level ten demon beast, so he could only command Rat Beasts of level ten or below. Unless his cultivation increased, even if he had this commanding skill, those above him in level would be able to resist it.

After he knew about this, You XiaoMo made an interesting expression.

This thing was actually more troublesome than any other member of the ball team. First of all, his level was the lowest, by now, even CatQiu and PiQiu were five and six star level tens respectively. Also, for his commanding skill to work, he needed to push him to cultivate and feed him magic pills to help increase his level.

No matter how he thought about it, he was on the losing side.

“I’m going to give you your first assignment. Go and find out where we are and what’s the fastest way to return to land.” You XiaoMo said as he took a deep breath in. It didn’t pay to not use it when he could.

With an excited expression the Weasel Beast said with vigour, “Yes sir, I promise to fulfill my mission!” It was his first assignment, he must complete it flawlessly to leave a good impression on his master.

Finally someone who was hardworking, unlike the others who needed threatening or persuasion. You XiaoMo felt a little calmer. “Then hurry along. If I’m happy with the result, I’ll give you a reward.”

The Weasel Beast knew that his master was a mage and a high leveled one at that. Hearing that there was a possible reward, he could already guess what it was, making him even more energized.

Once the Weasel Beast left, You XiaoMo turned to stare at Ling Xiao bitterly, “You already knew, didn’t you?”

Finally, Ling Xiao laughed out loud, “It turned out well, didn’t it? His ability is pretty nice and…”

It was true that the Weasel Beast was lacking in the fighting department but an ability like sound waves was indeed a surprise, but it needed more testing. After all, even amongst rodents, there was difference in bloodline. If he could even command the royalties, then that was truly a unique skill.

“And what?” You XiaoMo said furious.

With complete seriousness, Ling Xiao said, “And an idiot just like you, if you don’t take him in then who?”

You XiaoMo, “…”

He should have known that nothing good would come out of that mouth of his. He was too naive.

After he put his cauldron away, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao talked for another half an hour in the room before finally deciding to leave soon. Also, he decided to take the White Tiger’s Life Blood in three days time. With his current cultivation level, he was just away from being four stars, one drop of Life Blood should be enough.

The situation was a bit rushed since after every level was an adjustment period. Also, he had been advancing way too fast, even from one star to two star it was the case. Thus, even more so, now, he needed this adjustment period.

“Oh right, are you going to use the other four drops to advance too? Do you want a Heart Meridian Pill?” You XiaoMo asked. If he needed it, he could refine a few more pills. Even though he knew of Ling Xiao’s strength, if they could reduce the risks, spending a bit more time refining pills was worth it.

Ling Xiao had planned on rejecting, but a thought occurred to him as You XiaoMo was talking, “Then give me a pill.”

Instantly, You XiaoMo pulled out a jade bottle and gave him a freshly refined pill. “Take this for now, if you need more, come and ask. That batch of transcendent level magic herbs are reaching maturity, when that happens, I’ll refine a bit more.”

In the afternoon, You XiaoMo hunted down two Red-Crowned Turkeys in the forest. Without the interference of the Weasel Beast, it didn’t take him very long this time.

But just as his Beggar’s Chicken was about to be ready, the Weasel Beast returned.

“Master, master.” The Weasel Beast said as he rushed in front of You XiaoMo. After that, he continued out of breath, “I have sent out an order like you asked, it shouldn’t take more than five days to get a response.”

You XiaoMo widened his eyes, and stared quizzically at the overly excited Weasel Beast, “Are you sure it’s in five days?”

The Weasel Beast nodded with certainty, “Five days and that’s because this is pretty remote with little nearby islands. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take more than three days.”

“Then I’ll be waiting for your good news.” You XiaoMo was very satisfied with his speed, at first he thought it was going to take at least half a month. This speed was really unexpected, so he asked, “Right, I made two Beggar’s Chicken, do you want-”

“Yes, yes, yes!!!”

The Weasel Beast cut him off excitedly and was even panting afterwards. The only reason he rushed back was for the master’s Beggar’s Chicken. One of his underlings had told him that the master was making really good turkey.

You XiaoMo stared at him confusedly, what’s with this huge reaction?

Behind him, Ling Xiao was laughing so hard he felt as if though his stomach was going to pop.

You XiaoMo turned around only to see Ling Xiao’s yet to be retracted smile. It was so exaggerated that he was even more confused. With a scrunched up expression, he asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Ling Xiao replied calmly, “I’m training my facial muscles.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

The residents of this world were getting harder and harder to understand. Training facial muscles?

Did he think he was a three year old? That easy to prank? But, if Ling Xiao didn’t say, he wouldn’t be able to guess what he was laughing about.

With a stomach full of questions, the two Beggar’s Chicken were finally done.

Using a dagger, You XiaoMo dug up the Beggar’s Chicken from the ground. The fragrance was long-awaited. He didn’t even need to call on anyone before they all sat down by the table. The most exaggerated one was the Weasel Beast, the moment he smelled the fragrance, his saliva started flooding. Even the corner of his mouth had a suspicious water mark.

Taking away the outer layer, You XiaoMo split up the turkey. Other than the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects getting a smaller portion, the Weasel Beast was given a fourth, and Ling Xiao a half. Perfectly dividing a turkey.

“You’re going to eat one yourself?” Ling Xiao stared at his plate then at You XiaoMo’s.

You XiaoMo said giddily, “Of course, this Beggar’s Chicken is considered my reward.”

Ling Xiao was displeased, “Give me half.”

“Nope.” You XiaoMo rejected it without a second thought.

Ling Xiao thought about it and said, “Half is not filling for me and I eat more than you. How about you give me a quarter of yours, so we split this evenly.”

You XiaoMo replied, “I can give you a quarter, but on one condition.”

Ling Xiao stared at him thoughtfully, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo smiled, “If you tell me what you were laughing about earlier, I’ll give you a portion.”

Almost muttering to himself, Ling Xiao said, “Knowing too much is not always good.”

You XiaoMo made a threatening sound, “Even if it’s not good for me, I want to know. After you tell me, then it’s my problem, not yours. If you don’t, then this Beggar’s Chicken is all mine. No matter how you beg me, I won’t share it.”

“Then I want half.” Ling Xiao said, beating the iron when it’s hot.

“Deal!” You XiaoMo agreed without hesitation. He couldn’t finish it by himself and anyways, after eating it for so long, he wasn’t nearly as greedy for it.

With a meaningful smile, Ling Xiao asked, “Do you know why the Weasel Beast wanted to be your demon beast?”

The called upon Weasel Beast silently lowered its head.

“Why?” You XiaoMo quickly asked, he was truly curious. He didn’t think his it was due to his charm, or maybe partially due to his charm?

“Because…he’s interested in your Beggar’s Chicken.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Thus, this was the legendary, digging your own grave? He planned out so much just for this? Was he an M?

With grace, Ling Xiao took half of the Beggar’s Chicken from his plate.

(Jouissance Note: Digging your own grave was originally translated as no zuo, no die, why you try, no try, no high give me five, which basically means if you don’t do it, you won’t have to face the consequences.)
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