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Chapter 602: Look Upon One In A Different Light

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The more dangerous a place was, the weaker the space.

They found a place after three days with the ability of the Weasel Beast.

It was a famous and dangerous maritime area in DaTong Sea. From a distance, one could see the abnormality of the sky. A large stretch of sea was covered by dark clouds. Lightning and hurricane entwined with each other and the currents were becoming more and more turbulent. If a ship passed by here, it would definitely be sucked in.

People who did not have Divine Realm cultivation base did not dare to enter, because not only was this maritime area strange, but occasionally a powerful current would shoot up to the sky like a tornado and it’s destructive power was extremely astonishing. It was said that no boat had ever escaped from this patch of sea safely, and this was only one of the reasons.

At the same time, the maritime area was full of the spatial force instabilities, which was due to the space being too weak. Thunder and lightning boomed, pressurizing the space and leading to the spatial rift to grow larger and larger. Even if one was a Divine Realm cultivator, they would not dare to barge in.

But for the Sacred Realm experts, this was a good place to accumulate spacial energy.

They did not go deep into the interior, but stayed in the periphery. It was sufficient for them to accumulate it from their surroundings as they only needed spacial energy to make teleportation talismans. If someone passed by, they would definitely be shocked as the average person did not even have time to hide from it, let alone get close.

Three days later, Ling Xiao finally rushed out a stack of teleportation talismans.

Twenty pieces of jade tokens were used for mid-level teleportation talismans, but only fourteen were successful. There were more low-level teleportation talismans, as they had experience in making them after all and all thirty were successful.

Apart from the distance transported being further, the mid-level teleportation talisman was also more stable than a low-level teleportation talisman. For example, a cultivator of the same rank needed to used one to two tenths of their power to disrupt the transportation of a low-level teleportation talisman. However, they needed to use five to six tenths of their power to disrupt a mid-level teleportation talisman. This was why Ling Xiao produced fourteen teleportation talismans.

Afterwards, the two of them left.

The Weasel Beast had been put into the dimension by You XiaoMo. He let the Metal Swallowing Beast and the other two enter to explain some rules that could not be violated in the dimension.

In accordance with his usual practice, You XiaoMo gave him a nickname called QiQiu.

The Weasel Beast was the only contracted demon beast among the Qiu team that did not resist the name that he gave and incessantly thanked him instead. The fervor demonstrated was as if You XiaoMo was his great benefactor, and You XiaoMo was thanked so much that he grew embarrassed.

With the teleportation talismans and the maps collected by the Weasel Beast’s subordinates, they soon emerged from the DaTong Sea and reappeared in Dong Yu.

The number of people going on expeditions were much lesser compared with the last time. Perhaps the news of the legendary cave dwelling had faded in people’s minds. They only met a few people throughout their journey after walking for half an hour.

With regards to the current situation in the TongTian Continent, the most grim place was not the South Continent but Xi Jing. The missing descendants of the Four Ancient Beast Clans have not been found even until now, however, they were most certainly all dead. Xi Jing was now in a mess in order to find the murderer. News of fighting breaking out in an area would be conveyed every once in a while.

Other than this, Zhong Tian was also not very peaceful.

This was not to say that there was also turmoil in Zhong Tian, but that the TongTian Palace decided to bring forward the selection contest held once every hundred years when the situations in other places were grim. The last selection contest was forty years ago. It was indeed surprising to hold the selection contest sixty years ahead of schedule.

The requirements of the selection contest were very strict. Only rainbow level mages were eligible to participate and it was said that participation was compulsory.

Although You XiaoMo had been away from the XiaoYao Institution for quite some time and did not intend to go back, he was apparently still a student of the XiaoYao Institution on paper and was qualified to participate in the selection contest. However, his cheap old man had once said that TongTian Palace’s motive for recruiting rainbow level mages did not seem to be genuine.

So he did not intend to go after learning this news. First, he had no interest in the TongTian Palace. Second, he was not very interested as he had many things to do and had many things he was concerned about.

However, this was a major event for the Mage Association and the Beast Transfiguration Guild. The TongTian Palace was so mysterious that even Jiu Ye and Qiao WuShuang’s masters could not explain it. Yet without exception, the figure of the TongTian Palace was very large in their hearts, so they were busy preparing for the selection competition.

“Where should we go next?”

You XiaoMo turned his head and looked up at Ling Xiao. Originally, he wanted to stay in DaTong Sea until he had advanced to Grade Four. But, he had no objection since Ling Xiao wanted to leave early.

The footsteps of Ling Xiao stopped suddenly.

You XiaoMo looked at him in surprise. His mouth was covered just as he wanted to ask him what happened. After a while, he knew why. Several slightly familiar voices drifted from the thick fog ahead, one of which surprised him most, because it should be impossible for that person to appear here as far as he knew.


“Yan Hui, do we have to be enemies?” Cheng XiangRong looked at Yan Hui with slight melancholy. He was a man who attached importance to matters of emotion. He had been friends with Yan Hui for several years, and had seriously regarded him as a friend in his heart.

Yan Hui felt that his face full of pity was hilarious. Contrary to Cheng XiangRong, he was a heartless person who even disregarded family ties, let alone ties of friendship. So he thought Cheng XiangRong’s thinking was ridiculous. It was destined for them to not be friends from the first time they met.

“The war between the Guma Tribe and the ShuiXi Tribe has not been going on for just one or two years. You should be very clear in your heart about the fact that we can never be friends. That you understand this and still regard me as a friend, aren’t you too naive, uncle? Or should I call you MoQi Rong?”

Cheng XiangRong frowned and unexpectedly retorted, “I know you are not.”

“What?” Yan Hui did not quite understand what he meant.

Cheng XiangRong declared with certainty, “I know you are not from the Guma Tribe. You weren’t one from the very beginning, and I also know you are not a person from Dong Zhou.”

Yan Hui’s expression changed slightly. “How did you know it and when did you find out?”

Cheng XiangRong laughed, “I knew shortly after I was in contact with you. I understand them although I am not a Guma tribesman. After observing you for several days, I find that you are totally unlike the Dong Zhou people. For example, those from Dong Zhou, especially those who grow up in the tribes, have a strong sense of belonging. But I found that you never once talked about things from the tribe.”

“By this alone, you are certain that I am not a person from the Guma Tribe. Isn’t this too arbitrary?” Yan Hui’s expression was obscure. It was obvious that he had not expected that Cheng XiangRong would discover his secret so early.

Cheng XiangRong stated confidently, “Of course, this was only one of the factors that caused me to doubt you. What made me really sure that you weren’t a person from the Guma Tribe was your living habits. If you were, some living habits would bound to appear. But I can’t see any such things from you. How can a person who had lived in the tribe for years on end change all of a sudden?”

Yan Hui laugh grimly, “Since you long knew about this, why didn’t you expose me?”

Suddenly, he found that Cheng XiangRong was not as easy to bully as he looked. He hid an exquisite mind under his simple and shy appearance. Yan Hui reckoned that everyone had been deceived by him.

Cheng XiangRong looked at him hesitantly, “Because not all liars are necessarily bad people and I also want to know what your aim is.”

“Then what can you make out?” Yan Hui’s expression was dark.

Cheng said falteringly, “I think your aim seems to be XiaoMo. Sometimes you are particularly solicitous to him. You probably want to mask up your objective, so every time you’d drag me in to cover for you.”

Yan Hui suddenly laughed, “This time I’m the one who made an error of judgment. You are not stupid, you are really very smart.”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Cheng XiangRong seemed to have turned into that shy uncle again. He was really a little embarrassed, probably because this was the second person who had praised him for his cleverness.

“I can’t let you go now that you know, and allow you ruin my plan.” A trace of grimness flashed through Yan Hui’s eyes. Strictly speaking, his task had not yet failed. You XiaoMo did not know his identity, so he could still put on an act in front of him at any time. He could not let Cheng XiangRong get away now that he knew .

You XiaoMo speechlessly rolled his eyes. Dage, your plan went up in smoke several months ago. Don’t indulge in wild fantasies too much.

“Ling Xiao, are they the only ones nearby?”

Cheng XiangRong only had one person on his side, but Yan Hui had two. Moreover, the strength of the two people behind him was quite high. One person fighting against those two was not their match at all. You XiaoMo quite liked this uncle very much. He was shy and idealistic, and looked honest and naive, yet he was very opinionated. He did not want Cheng XiangRong to die here.

To tell the truth, he did not expect the uncle to know that Yan Hui was suspicious so quickly. He probably did not expose Yan Hui because Yan Hui did not do anything harmful to him during that time.

Ling Xiao searched their surroundings, “There’s no others. They may have met by chance, but it may also be possible that Yan Hui ambushed Cheng XiangRong here.”

Cheng XiangRong’s original name was MoQi Rong, so he was presumably the son of MoQi XiYuan. His status was uncomparable to that of ordinary people, so it was normal to hide his name in the outside world.

Now that the resentment between the two tribes was brought to the surface, and with Yan Hui cooperating with the Guma Tribe, it was normal for him to ambush Cheng XiangRong here.

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Thank you for the chapter! <3 Hugs and kisses. I never much liked MoQi Rong unlike our uncle, he was much more likeable.

December 22, 2018 8:01 pm

Thanks for translating, Kollumceti!

June 7, 2019 12:41 am

Lol, if his dad who gave him 2 billion spirit gems just like that is ‘cheap’, what does that make YXM, who refused to give more than a few million to the villagers after digging up so many of their high grade herbs? C: The amount he ‘compensated’ was less than 1% of the worth of the herbs he took. He dares call his dad cheap, lol. Really shameless.

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Thank you for translating.

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