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Chapter 608: The Feelings that Didn’t Get Through

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When humans transformed in a Water Demon, they hold no previous memories, however, there were some mages who were the exception. Like Jiang Liu for example, his grudge was so strong from his previous life, (wanting to kill You XiaoMo even as he was about to die) that even after death, it was deeply imprinted into his mind. Even after he became a Water Demon, the first thing he wanted to do was to kill You XiaoMo.

Thus, when it heard their conversation, the Water Demon was furious.

You XiaoMo wasn’t afraid of him, after all, when they met Jiang Liu in Xing Luo City, he was still high grade level nine. Even now he was just a lower grade level ten so during their time apart, it didn’t change much.

Since Jiang Liu became a Water Demon, his strength did improve, probably because he became an evil spirit of a sorts, but it was still not enough to be You XiaoMo’s opponent.

It wasn’t even five minutes before the Water Demon was below You XiaoMo’s feet with it’s limbs severed. A thick, blue-greenish liquid poured out from it’s wounds, seeping into the earth.

The main weapon of a Water Demon was it’s infectious properties. Air borne infections only affected normal people, for experts like them, they would only be affected by scratch wounds. Thus, when fighting a Water Demon, unless one had the strength to annihilate it immediately, most would sever it’s limbs first, to protect themselves from being scratched.

You XiaoMo had never fought with a Water Demon before, it was the young man’s suggestion. The contained Water Demon made a sharp piercing scream, like the sound of scratching metal, it pierced through the ear drums. It was full of anger and dissatisfaction, but without it’s limbs, it was just like a leopard without it’s claws.

Even if You XiaoMo didn’t kill it then, just by letting it out to dry by the lake, in a few weeks, it would die.

You XiaoMo sighed with emotion, “Seeing that we used to be students of the same Academy, I’ll call you Jiang-shidi for the last time as I’m sure you don’t want to be a monster like the Water Demon. Don’t worry, I’ll release you from your pain now. Just a thing, if reincarnation exists, let’s hope to never meet again.”

“Euagh!!” The Water Demon let out an angry roar. It wasn’t able to talk, so it could only use sounds to express his fury, but it seemed that it’s enemy never understood it.

You XiaoMo raised his hands and smashed his fist into its head. Just like that, in a unwillingness, it’s life was ended by his enemy. While the ‘executioner’ was still feeling touched at his good deed.

On the side, the young man watched as the whole scene unfold. Uncontrollably, his mouth started twitching. If he guessed correctly, there should be some sort of a grudge between the two.

He was somewhat knowledgeable on Water Demons. If there wasn’t enmity from it’s previous life, it wouldn’t have looked at You XiaoMo with such resenting eyes. Since, this kind of hatred was strong enough to be remembered even as a Water Demon, that could only mean, in their previous life, it was an extreme hatred.

However, no matter how he saw it, he felt that You XiaoMo was unaware of Jiang Liu’s hatred for him. By the looks of things, it could very well be a one-sided hatred on Jiang Liu’s part.

What could be sadder. If Jiang Liu knew in the underworld, he would definitely turn over in his grave. His hated person not only killed him, and even thought that he was doing a good deed. Just to rub salt into his wounds, You XiaoMo even thought that Jiang Liu should be grateful for his kind act.

The young man thought for a bit before deciding not to tell the truth to You XiaoMo.

Once they got rid of the Water Demon, the other side was also coming to a conclusion. All of the Level Eleven Water Demons had been killed, leaving only the Level Twelve one, but even it won’t last long as Ling Xiao’s occasional flames made it’s body patchy, like the moon’s surface.

Once it realized that it wasn’t going to win, the Level Twelve Water Demon suddenly tilted his head up and roared. If it wasn’t going to be able to escape, then we should all die together.

“Not good, it’s about to self-destruct.” The expert from the Mage Association let out a cry of shock and quickly backed off to retreat. Everyone else who heard his words, also made a beeline to the outside without hesitation.

Of course the Water Demon wasn’t going to let them go, as it jumped up to chase. But, it was then when two lines of purple-red flame suddenly surrounded it from the front and the back. Not only did it stop the Water Demon, it also blocked off the escape route.

The Water Demon tried escaping to the left but the flames connected itself into a circle. It tried escaping up, but Ling Xiao was there waiting for it. If it dared to come out, one punch would smash it’s head open.

The Water Demon let out a cry of grief and resentment. It’s patience finally ran out and without anymore considerations, it wanted to self-destruct. Even if it’s couldn’t kill the man, it would at least gravely injure him. The self-destruction of a Level Twelve Water Demon definitely had the power to abolish half a spirit mountain.

As the misama started to stir, the Water Demon’s body swell up like a balloon. At the same time, the flames that surrounded it, suddenly leaped towards it under the control of Ling Xiao. It didn’t take long before it was wrapped in a fireball.

The self-destruction of a Level Twelve Water Demon was extraordinary, if not dealt with properly, it might come back to bite him. Ling Xiao’s expression was serious. After he used the flames to wrap it up, when no one was looking, he added a sliver of The Breath of the True Dragon.

Although the True Dragon Clan didn’t have an incredible flame like the Qilin Clan nor the Demon Phoenix Clan, they were able to unleash the Dragon’s Breath. The Dragon’s Breath of a True Dragon was the strongest, with a heat that was on par with a Godfire. The Water Demons were half demon beasts that were turned into one, so no matter how strong their defenses were, it wouldn’t be able to take the ultimate move of three Emperor Beasts.

With the the Breath of the True Dragon, instantly the screams of terror could be heard from within the fireball. That sense of danger also seemed to have slowly died down and in a few minutes, completely disappeared.

As the flames died away, there wasn’t a trace of the Water Demon left. Even the liquid of it’s melt body evaporated, truly it was gone without a trace.

You XiaoMo ran over to Ling Xiao and asked quietly, concerned, “Are you okay?”

Ling Xiao shook his head. This degree of usage wasn’t enough to make his wounds worse, otherwise he would have wasted all those months of recuperation. Also, he already knew when he left the island that he was going to have to use his powers.

“The Water Demons in the cold lake all died. If you want any magic herbs by the lake, you can get them now.”

Seeing that his face wasn’t pale or sickly, You XiaoMo felt his heart calm down. Then, he proceeded to call upon the young man to follow and dig up magic herbs together. He didn’t need much since he wasn’t in need of the ones grown here. Like the Phoenix Rebirth Pill, he could replace herbs with the Samsara Pill and other rainbow pills like it.

The young man represented the True Dragon Clan’s and knowing that it would take them a lot of effort digging up magic herbs, since non-mages needed to pull out the roots with the soil, You XiaoMo lent a hand.

It didn’t take long before the others came running back.

Seeing that the Water Demon was taken care of by Ling Xiao, other than the Qilin Clan, the two old men from the Mage Association and the True Dragon Clan both turned a little awkward. Now they didn’t have the face to take the major share, thus they decided to give You XiaoMo half.

The Qilin Clan wanted to say something about it, but seeing that they had already decided, he couldn’t say anymore. Since if it wasn’t for Ling Xiao, they wouldn’t have gotten a single magic herb.

At first, You XiaoMo was only going to take two-three stalks of each, but after hearing their decision, he gladly agreed. But, just when he dug up the last stalk, the earth started to shake. You XiaoMo fell butt first onto the black soil.

Ling Xiao walked over to pull him up and said, “The barrier around the mansion has been broken. Do you want to go check it out?” They weren’t familiar with the Peach Blossom Ruins but the Immortal’s Cave here tended to have a lot of treasures.

“It’s very likely to be the Black Spiders.” The young man ran over and quickly explained that the Vermillion Blood Clan and the Black Spider had deserted the battle.

By the looks of things, they were concerned with the sixth mansion. There was a bit of a distance from here to the sixth mansion so with the Water Demon distracting them, no one realized that the Black Spiders were attacking the sixth mansion’s barrier.

Realizing what they had done, both the Mage Association and the True Dragon Clan’s faces turned sour. Finally they decided to go check it out, if it was the Black Spider’s, then they couldn’t let them take the treasures.

Once they hurried over, the barrier to the sixth mansion unmistakably disappeared. No matter how strong it was, after tens of millions of years, it was going to break under the combined strength of experts.

Not even caring to talk, everyone rushed inside.

The Black Spider’s were caught by surprise that they took care of the Water Demons so quickly and were caught red-handed in the mansion. Remembering the danger the Black Spiders put them through, all three forces had a sour look on their face.

“Well fellow practitioners, you actually took care of the Water Demons, congratulations!” One expert of the Black Spider let out a eerie laugh. They didn’t know if it was a truthful congratulations or a fake one but he didn’t seem at all nervous.

An expert of the Mage Association let out a cold laugh.

It was then the young man walked out and looked maliciously at the Black Spider expert. Then he turned towards the True Dragon Clan and said, “Elder, I was almost hurt by the Water Demon before because someone had set a trap for me. I suspect that it was by the Black Spiders, they want us to all die under the hands of the Water Demons.”

The expression on the True Dragon Clan’s expert changed.

Just at that moment, the Black Spider suddenly all moved, turning into streaks of shadows, headed towards different directions. Even that expert tried to flee. He was also the fastest, but just as he was about to exit, a pressure along with an attack came from above and smashed him silly. With a loud thud, he was smashed up against the door.

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ecle chan
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Muchas gracias. No comento mucho, pues soy hispanohablante y aunque puedo entender algo del inglés… y use google traductor para poder leer esta maravillosa novela, no sé que tan bien se me pueda entender. Como sea al fin la cucaracha ha muerto, había durado demasiado y no es bueno dejar a las cucarachas, en cuanto a nuestra tierna pareja… ¿cuándo comeré comida de perro?… siento que al principio de la novela había más pero ahora son pocos los momentos, aunque acá pude respirar como Momo se preocupa por su esposo jeje. Al fin veremos algo de sangre de parte de… Read more »

November 25, 2018 7:32 am

Thank you for the update!
Friendly diplomatic relationship with True Dragon Clan sounds cool.

November 25, 2018 11:40 pm

I love the True Dragon Clan now. Not too good but not too bad either. Just so so. 😍😍😍

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November 26, 2018 9:29 pm

Rebelscans team are MVP’s for updating on time. Appreciate the time and effort guys. Love this chapter.

December 1, 2018 1:13 am

But,just when he dug up the last stalk, the earth started to shake. You XiaoMo fell butt first onto the black soil.

Ling Xiao walked over to pull him up …..

kyaaa!!!😍😋 boss to the rescue .. what a hubby u have momo👍👍 giggles💞 💞😍

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Ohhhh no, you’re not getting off that easy!
Pleasantly surprised that Momo was actually acknowledged and rewarded with an uncontested share of the magic herbs, for his efforts.
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