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Chapter 610: Promise

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“What was the promise made ten thousand years ago about? And who in the world is he?”

After the disappearance of the master of the blood shadow, You XiaoMo impatiently started speaking. He could tell that the content of their discussion had a great deal to do with him from their conversation. As the party involved, he thought he had the right to know about it.

Ling Xiao also did not intend to hide it from him. After they left their Immortal’s cave Ling Xiao explained it to him while they were hurrying to their next destination, “He is the future heir of the Qilin Clan, Lin ShaoYi…”

Ling Xiao’s father had a high status in the Qilin Clan and was greatly favored by the Qilin Clan’s Valley Master who had high hopes for him. However, it was precisely because of this that they had ruled that he would be imprisoned within the Qilin Clan after making a mistake.

The succession for the Qilin Clan was somewhat different from the other three clans. The Valley Master would not reject a member’s right to succession because he had no backers behind him.

Taking Ji YunLang from the Demon Phoenix Clan as an example, he had great potential, but he was not the number one in the Demon Phoenix Clan. The most important reason why he had been considered as the heir was due the backing from his grandfather. However, the Qilin Clan was different. Identity and status were not the most important factors. In the eyes of the Qilin Clan’s Valley Master, strength was the most important factor.

Lin ShaoYi was the strongest member in the third generation of the Qilin Clan.

However, this was before the appearance of Ling Xiao. When the incident regarding Ling Xiao’s father was discovered, naturally Ling Xiao and his talent was also revealed.

The right to succession for Ling Xiao’s father was revoked, but Ling Xiao was also qualified to compete in the succession since he had the bloodline of the Qilin Clan in his veins. Even if the Qilin Clan did not acknowledge him, it would be of no use no matter how the other members of the clan opposed as long as the Valley Master recognized his right.

Lin ShaoYi would not let what belonged to him fall into other people’s pockets.

Although Ling Xiao had no intention of being the Valley Master, he was very willing to stir things up for the people in the Qilin Clan, so he agreed to Lin Shaoyi’s proposal.

Each would spend ten thousand years to train a Rainbow Level powerhouse. The reason for this long time limit was because there were various reasons to be considered. Finally, the two would participate in the Mage Assemblage held by the TongTian Palace.

Only Rainbow Level mages could participate in the Mage Assemblage. This event was organized by the TongTian Emperor himself. However, it had only been held within the TongTian Palace before, and was later opened to the whole continent. Therefore, one could participate even if they were not students the TongTian Palace or the XiaoYao Institution.

It was said that the mage who won the first prize could gain the secret how of the first TongTian Emperor became an existence that ascended beyond the Sacred Realm. The TongTian Palace only held this event once in a long while because this concerned an extremely important matter. This was also one of the reasons why they set the agreed time to ten thousand years later.

Lin ShaoYi was full of ambition. He would not give up any chance to be the number one absolute power. Although the Qilin Clan had their own secret techniques (秘法), they may also fail, so this was also called preparedness prevents calamity.

You XiaoMo’s expression was very complicated after hearing this.

He had to become a Grade Six mage within two years. If it was the him in the past, he would pat his chest and give Ling Xiao a guarantee that there would definitely not be a problem. However, ever since he was stuck at the pinnacle of Grade Three, his confidence had decreased a little.

If he got stuck at Grade Four for a while and also get stuck at Grade Five for some time, he may not be able to advance to a Grade Six mage after two years. Furthermore, he also had to compete with the TongTian Palace.

Although he did not have an in-depth understanding of the TongTian Palace, based off inside information of the TongTian Palace, the competition would be extremely fierce. To tell the truth, he had little confidence in attaining first place.

Ling Xiao knew what he was thinking with a single look. He stroked his head and said in a gentle tone, “There’s still two years, what’s there to be anxious about!”

You XiaoMo glanced at him aggrievedly. Could this be considered as the emperor as not worried, but his eunuchs were worried to death?

“Then what do we do next?”

“Next, we’ll find a place to cultivate…” Ling Xiao instructed. The Peach Blossom Ruins really deserved to be called the Land of Peach Blossoms. The place which had most Spirit Mountains were the Peach Blossom Village. Maybe it was because their luck was good, or because the weather was spring all year round, the entire spirit mountain seemed to be covered in peach blossoms.

The peach blossoms on the Spirit Mountains were not ordinary peach blossoms. After the peach blossoms bloomed, they would release a rich fragrance. This fragrance was linked to the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy of the Spirit Mountain, and appeared to have the effect of raising one’s cultivation.

After You XiaoMo tried it, he could really feel his cultivation base rising minutely. Though this was almost negligible, it proved that it was truly useful. There was still three months before the Spirit Mountain would be sealed off. If they did not go into secluded cultivation now, there may not be enough time later. It would be very dangerous if the time was up and they were interrupted mid-way.

Finally, Ling Xiao looked for a safe Immortal’s cave that had a restriction and stuffed You XiaoMo inside.

After discussing, they decided that Ling Xiao would look for transcendent level magic herbs. This was because what You XiaoMo lacked the most now was transcendent level magic herbs. Despite him having gathered a lot of magic herbs, when compared to the ones in his ancestor’s jade drive, it is just like a small sorcerer in the presence of a great one. Therefore, he still had a lot more to gather.

However, Ling Xiao felt worried about leaving him here alone. After all, everyone was looking for an Immortal’s Cave now. It would be troublesome if some careless person found this place and disturbed his cultivation.

Therefore, he took Xiao Pang with him. The feels of Ping Pang Qiu were interconnected. If there was trouble on this side, Xiao Pang would be able to feel it and he would hurry back here at his fastest speed when the time comes.

“You definitely must restrain yourself a little. Don’t empty out the Spirit Mountain.”

You XiaoMo stood at the entrance of the Immortal’s Cave and repeatedly warned Ling Xiao. As Ling Xiao was not a mage, he could only dig magic herbs using the crudest means. This was the most undesirable method and too much movement would attract the attention of others.

“I know, I will pay attention to it.” Ling Xiao said it a little insincerely, before he left.

You XiaoMo was worried as many strong experts in the TongTian Continent were here and he may meet them at any time. Ling Xiao’s injuries have not yet recovered, so You XiaoMo could not help worrying about him.

“Master, don’t worry about the Boss. Boss is very strong, and he can still escape if he can’t beat them.” The Weasel Beast walked over and comforted him.

You XiaoMo retracted his gaze. Now, he could only pray that Ling Xiao’s movements would not be too obvious. Fortunately, they promised that it would only be for half a month.

The higher the Immortal’s Cave was in the Spirit Mountain, the better it was. It was the same for the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, the higher one went, the thicker it was. But instead of going to the top, they found an Immortal’s Cave halfway up the spirit mountain that had already been used. The magic herb field outside the cave had been dug until it was full of pits and depressions. If someone came close, they would find that the cave was already emptied and would voluntarily leave.

You XiaoMo led his contracted demon beasts into the cave and strolled around inside. Almost all the stone rooms had been cleaned-out. The skewed and overturned chairs were the evidence.

Finally, he found a stone room that was more concealed. It was empty, but there were some traces on the ground. It seemed that something had been put here, before it had been carried away. Those people really did not let anything go, even the table and cabinet had been carried away.

“The spiritual energy here is very rich, you all can also cultivate. If someone comes, they would surely trigger the restrictions outside the Immortal’s Cave. So it’s okay even if you don’t set up a guard.”

After saying this sentence, You XiaoMo closed the door of the stone room.

The Weasel Beast was very touched. He did not expect that their Master would think of their well being even before he went into secluded cultivation. He would definitely try to improve his strength to repay his Master.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping walked off even without looked back. The word “touched” was getting farther and farther away from them after knowing the moral conduct of their stupid Master. The Heaven and Earth spiritual energy of the Spirit Mountain was very rich. They too should seize this opportunity, so the two separated to find a stone room.

On the other end, Ling Xiao who was all by himself was like an out-of-control wild horse.

As You XiaoMo only needed transcendent level magic herbs, he directly headed to the top of the Spirit Mountain. Although he was two months late, the Immortal’s Caves at the top of the Spirit Mountain were not ordinary Immortal’s Caves. It was impossible to break into all of them in just two months.

As for the Eight Mansions of the Spirit Mountain, it depended on luck.

Every time he passed by an unexplored and uninhabited Immortal’s Cave, Ling Xiao would violently bombarded the restriction first, before he dug up the whole magic herb field at the speed of lightning. The flourishing magic herb field would often be turned into a field resembling a plot of undeveloped soil.

Although You XiaoMo did not say anything about the treasures in the Immortal’s Caves, Ling Xiao still very thoroughly plundered them till they were emptied. As time was of the essence, he did not even let things like the quilts and chairs remain.

After he finished plundering an Immortal’s Cave, he immediately hurried to the next target. He had completely dismissed You XiaoMo’s repeated warnings to the back of his mind.

This activity did attract some people, but fortunately Ling Xiao’s speed was too fast. By the time they had arrived, there was not a single soul in the cave.

This phenomenon happened from time to time for ten consecutive days, and finally attracted some people’s attention.

When those people rushed to the cave which had been cleaned-out, some could not help but gasp. The one who did this was definitely a Sacred Realm expert.

“Who do you think it is?” A lone practitioner could not help asking.

However, no one answered him. This time, everyone was well aware of who the Sacred Realm experts who entered the Peach Blossom Ruins were. The person was mostly likely someone from one of the factions. Although some were lone experts, but that person was still a Sacred Realm expert after all. No matter how familiar they were with them, they would not dare to snatch a Sacred Realm expert’s things.

But they since they knew about this, the other factions should also have received this information.

It was just that they did not know what opinion the factions would have about this expert who had suddenly appeared.

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