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Chapter 622: Poisonous Tongue

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The news that You ZhenTian was defeated at the hands of Ling Xiao for the second time soon spread out with the opening of the transport circle at the Spirit Mountain. This Family Head of the Vermilion Blood Clan was a top powerhouse in the TongTian Continent who had tasted defeat again and again at the hands of the same person.

It made sense if he had underestimated the enemy the first time. After all, there were too many unsolved mysteries about Ling Xiao. However, if the second time lead to the same result, the people had no option but to suspect that the problem lay with You ZhenTian. Nonetheless, everyone still showed due respect to him and did not discuss about this topic in his presence.

Although everyone was transported at the same time, the transportation time varied as those near the entrance and exit had a shorter transportation time.

The people from the Cang Alliance were already outside after Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were transported out. Before You XiaoMo could find an acquaintance, a white shadow sneaked up from behind him and mounted a sneak attack. You XiaoMo was caught off guard and was wrapped in a hug.

“Son, daddy missed you so much!” You JunQi hugged his son’s head in his arms and exerted all his strength as he rubbed against You XiaoMo several times. It was said that one day apart seems like three years, and it felt like he had been apart for nearly several hundred years.

You XiaoMo restrained himself till his entire face was red and was close to breathing his last.

Eventually, it was still Ling Xiao who had rescued him by pulling You XiaoMo from You JunQi’s embrace to his side. The latter had even looked at the spirit of cooperation of the husbands with hidden bitterness.

You XiaoMo coughed a few times and seeing that his family’s cheap dad wanted to throw himself at him, he quickly raised his hand to stop You JunQi, “Dad, if there’s anything, why don’t we go back and discuss it? Now is not the time to reminisce, okay?”

“Then… All right. ” You JunQi reluctantly replied.

Needless to say, the jaws of the group of people had witnessed this scene had long dropped so far to the ground that they could not be picked up. This was because You JunQi’s behavior in the past year at the Cang Alliance was not like what they were presently witnessing. Everyone revered him like a Senior, and he also demonstrated the demeanor of a Senior very well. Never have they seen this expression of aggrievance. This was definitely a case of snow falling in June.

It wasn’t long before the others came out too.

The forces that lost the most disciples were the ones that were waging war on the final day. However, the one with the most severe losses was the Black Spider. More than a dozen men had entered, but only one was left. That person was also the black robed man who was the sole escapee from the ‘death door’ .

When the black robed man came out and did not see a single comrade, he knew that they were probably all dead. So he dared not stay any longer and in the next moment, he had ran till he was out of sight.

The losses of the ShuiXi Tribe were not too big as WanSha Tribe had lent their assistance midway. MoQi Rong and his father were both safe and sound, but this also meant that the ShuiXi Tribe and WanSha Tribe would be tied together for a long time to come after today.

The Qilin Clan did not manage to take the largest share at the ‘death door’. They had increasingly sour looks on their faces as they looked at Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo . Apart from one or two who were indifferent, the expressions of the others were extremely ugly as they flung their sleeves and left.

The person sent from the Demon Phoenix Clan was Ji He. He had heard that Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were also in the Spirit Mountain, so he even took the initiative to look for trouble with them. However, there was no fate between them and he had not encountered them at all. Now that they were out, it was hard for him to make a move with the Cang Alliance supporting them.

Some observant and conscientious people quickly discovered a fact that made them click their tongue and caused them excitement. Apparently, out of the more than a dozen forces present, there were three forces aiming for Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo. This method of starting a feud was truly extremely rare and unprecedented.

In the next moment, the Guma Tribe acted as the vanguard and made the first move.

Mo Ma lead his men before the Cang Alliance fraction. His chilly and gloomy gaze fell directly on You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Fu CangQiong waved his hands and signaled to his disciples that there was no need to be nervous. He walked out with a smile and said, “I wonder what guidance Chief Mo has for me?”

Mo Ma snorted, “I dare not give any guidance. This old man only hopes that Alliance Head Fu would not obstruct the Guma Tribe from getting revenge on their enemies. This is an old score between them and I. This old man holds the conduct of Alliance Head Fu in deep respect, and believes that you should not be the kind of person who will casually interfere in other people’s personal matters.”

“Then it’ll depend on whether it’s true or not. No one had better think of touching them if you’re trying to incriminate them with planted evidence.” Fu CangQiong was not the kind of young man who would be become muddled-headed with just a few words.

“Since Alliance Head Fu believes that this old man is trying to incriminate them with planted evidence, you should let them come out and confront me.” Mo Ma went with the flow and said. He knew it would be difficult to overcome this hurdle called Fu CangQiong, but now, all the major forces were present. The Vermillion Blood Clan was their ally, and the Demon Phoenix Clan also had enmity with those two. This was a good time to pick a quarrel.

Ling Xiao, who had overheard their conversation, turned around. The corner of his mouth lifted as he lightly smiled, “You old fart, why don’t you tell us what you’re going to confront us over?”

Mo Ma’s expression darkened slightly, “You guys killed my two daughters.”

“We did not kill your two daughters.” Ling Xiao gave a calm and composed reply.

Because we only killed one, You XiaoMo helped to supplement Ling Xiao’s words in his heart.

“You’re talking nonsense,” Mo Ma indignantly denounced, “You’re clearly the one who killed them.”

Ling Xiao shrugged and spread his hands, “Where’s your evidence?”

Mo Ma’s anger smoldered as he frowned harshly and his malevolent gaze swept back and forth between You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, “Somebody witnessed you destroying my eldest daughter’s looks. Do you dare to deny it?”

This time, it was You XiaoMo’s turn to laugh, “We admit that we destroyed your eldest daughter’s looks. Who asked her speak so rudely to us? Speaking of this, the responsibility for this incident should lie with you. You’re their father, yet you brought up two daughters who put on airs, treat others in contempt, are arrogant and conceited, and have loose morals. It is said that a child that untaught is better unborn. If you really want to purse this, you should be punishing yourself!”

Ling Xiao shot him an look of praise and encouragement.

You XiaoMo accepted it.

“You’re speaking nonsense!” Mo Ma’s expression was gloomy as he furiously spat. Of course, he knew what the morality and conduct of his two daughters were like, but that did not mean that they could be allowed to vilify his two daughters in front of him.

You XiaoMo sighed, “Chief Mo Ma, I know that you are just believing in your own lies. If you really don’t believe me, you can ask anyone who has interacted with your daughters before. Your daughters’ morality and conduct is known to all. Finally, I want to tell you one thing – disfigurement does not equate to killing. Please don’t mix-up these two words ‘disfigurement’ and ‘killing’. It is not shameful to be uncultured. What’s shameful is to pretend to know something when you don’t, do you understand?

“Good!” You JunQi gave an extremely timely applause and he was so excited that his eyes shone, “Son, I couldn’t have said it better. Those who are cultured are really different.”

“Dad, one must be modest in life!” You XiaoMo was embarrassed.

A few seconds later, some strains of stifled laughter could be heard. Many people showed an expression where they did not know whether to laugh or not as their shoulders shook from their effort of restraining themselves.

Mo Ma was so angry that the muscles on his face trembled as he gasped for breath. A mouthful of old blood was stuck in his throat. He was close to vomiting out blood in rage as he glared at You XiaoMo with fire spitting from his eyes.

You XiaoMo smiled, “Chief Mo Ma, there’s no need to thank me too much. I’d be happy to give you this lesson at no charge.”

At that moment, a mocking voice drifted from where the Demon Phoenix Clan was, “Today has really been an eye-opener. This old fellow has never seen such a shameless person before. To dare to be so bold and confident even after disfiguring someone, do you think that there’s no one left in the Guma Tribe?”

You XiaoMo looked at the speaker. It turned out to be that old bitch, Ji He. He rolled his eyes and smiled at the other party, “I’m still completely no match for a certain old bitch who keeps talking nonsense anytime and anywhere.”

“You motherfucker, who are you cursing as an old bitch?!” Ji He was full of rage, and his aura instantly whipped into a hurricane as he charged at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo was not foolish enough to meet force with force. He stretched his head out from behind Ling Xiao and laughed, “I didn’t even name anyone, why on earth are you so agitated? Don’t tell me that you think you’re the old bitch? You really know yourself ah!”

As soon You XiaoMo finished talking, there was another round of laughter. Some lone practitioners dared not laugh, but the other forces were different and did not give Ji He the slightest bit of face as they roared with laughter at him.

Ji He was so full of hate that he was itching to tear You XiaoMo’s mouth to shreds.

Ling Xiao came forward to deal the finishing blow, “Chief Mo, don’t falsely accuse others about something when there’s no evidence. Finally, let me remind you of a sentence. Don’t be deceived by others and still count their spirit gems for them. I believe that you are a smart man who will understand the truth behind this matter.”

With that, Ling Xiao did not say anything anymore. It was unthinkable for Mo Ma to be the Chief if he did not have brains. He may not be able to think of it now, but when he returned and went over the sequence of events once more, it was impossible for him not to suspect Xia Yin. Ling Xiao wouldn’t suffer being made into a scapegoat without retribution.

In the end, they naturally parted on bad terms. Each of the major forces left one after another.

You XiaoMo struck up a conversation with the uncle. As the uncle was not going to take part in the competition held by the TongTian Palace, he promised that he would visit the uncle if there was a chance later. The uncle left soon after. Both the ShuiXi Tribe and the WanSha Tribe were worried that they would be ambushed, so they left together.

Before the True Dragon Clan left, You XiaoMo exchanged contact information with the young Long Yue.

The representative of the Black Turtle Clan also came to talk to You XiaoMo before they left. As the story went, the baby turtle did not eat or drink for a period of time after he was separated from You XiaoMo, and was neither hostile nor friendly towards the people from the Black Turtle Clan. If it were not for the baby turtle recovering from his despondency, they might have considered kidnapping You XiaoMo to bring him to the Black Turtle Clan.

You XiaoMo wiped his cold sweat off after hearing this. Then he felt his heart ache for the baby turtle. He had not even grown up before he learned how to go on a hunger strike. If the baby turtle was here, You XiaoMo would have first given him a sound beating before talking.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo took out a bottle of magic pills and passed them to the representative of the Black Turtle Clan, “These are some tasty magic pills that I made. Not only can it satisfy one’s craving for good food, it is also good for health. Please give it to the baby turtle for me.”

The representative of the Black Turtle Clan accepted it without affectation. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude on the baby turtle’s behalf before leaving with his clansmen.

Just as You XiaoMo was preparing to leave with Ling Xiao, the people from the Beast Transfiguration Guild suddenly came over.


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