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Chapter 636: Opportunities and Accidents

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It wasn’t long after You XiaoMo said that when the shaking got even more violent. Even those who were in the middle of the underground dungeon couldn’t escape it.  

It should be noted that they were held in a dungeon that was the most unpresentable place of the TongTian Palace. Thus, it was deep underground with layers and layers of guards. If the fight spread to this place then the fighting must have already started.   

At first, He Dong was still dubious of You XiaoMo’s words, but after feeling the impact, he had to believe it. Their chance finally arrived.  

After a while, five white cloaks ran out from the depths of the dungeon. They hurried outside and left the dungeon, it seemed that the situation outside was quite dire, so they needed more members. Thus, they went outside to help, but the gate was still guarded by two white cloaks.

“Our chance.” He Dong said in a whisper.

“What?” You XiaoMo asked upon hearing his words.

A cold glint could be seen in his eyes and he started explaining after hearing You XiaoMo’s question, “Did you see the five that ran out just now? They are the guards of this cell. Four of them are Divine Realm six or seven stars with one Sacred Realm. Now that they left, there are only two guards left currently. By the looks of things, the situation outside is already a mess, which means that there aren’t many guarding us.”

You XiaoMo understood him immediately, but…he knocked on the cell bars that imprisoned them, “What are we going to do about these?”

This cell was different from the ones in the Vermillion Blood Clan. Even though they were both made for people like him, this one had a spirit-locking circle.

“You really thought that just this could trap everyone here?” An eerie smile appeared on He Dong’s face, as well as a barely noticeable venomous feeling.  

Without much surprise, You XiaoMo raised his eyebrows, “Could it be you have a way out, but didn’t decide to make a move because you lacked an opportunity?”

“That’s one of the reasons.” He Dong said, “You should also know that this place is surrounded by a spirit-locking circle, anything that’s in the circle, will have their spiritual energy replenished. That’s a critical problem. We can break this cell, but we will be low on spiritual energy, then more likely than not, we would be caught by the experts. So we only have one chance.”

This dungeon had existed for a very long time. During that time, there had been plenty who tried to escape, but without an exception, they were captured and lost their lives.

He Dong had never tried it himself, all of this he had heard from his conversations with others. It was very important, so to wait for that one chance, he waited for five hundred years.

“However, our plan has a huge defect.” He Dong suddenly furrowed his brows, by the looks of things, this defect had troubled him for a while.   

“What defect?” You XiaoMo asked subconsciously. He had thought that He Dong was a hundred percent prepared, but to think there was still a defect. They really couldn’t mess up at such a critical moment. After all, Ling Xiao finally created this chance for them.  

He Dong replied with some difficulty, “When I said that the cell couldn’t contain us, that is because there is someone whose power is coincidently not affected. However, one man’s power is limited and without ways to replenish spiritual energy, at most he can open eight cells, but by then, he would be completely out of spiritual energy. Once he faces up against a TongTian Palace member, he won’t stand a chance and so to protect himself, he is only willing to open four cells.”

You XiaoMo blinked, out of a hundred or more, only four?

Was this seeking death or asking for it? Before they could escape, they were going to be surrounded by the TongTian Palace guards.

“Here, take this.” You XiaoMo, without hesitation, took out half a bottle of spiritual water. At first he thought of giving the Spiritual-Replenishing Pill, but it was targeted towards mage’s spiritual energy, and by the sounds of things, that person seemed to be a practitioner.

He Dong’s voice suddenly widened, “They didn’t take away your magic bag?”

You XiaoMo stared blankly, “Yours was taken away?”

He Dong looked at him as if he saw a monster, “Of course they were going to take it away. Otherwise you think the TongTian Palace would be so kind as to leave us our magic bags so we could cultivate at anytime and leave at anytime? What is your relationship with the TongTian Emperor?”

Hearing the last bit, You XiaoMo rolled his eyes, speechless, “Well, not lovers that’s for sure.”

Actually, he could probably guess why the TongTian Emperor didn’t take away his magic bag. When he was in that place for a year, he was constantly chased and didn’t have time at all to cultivate. He could only rely on pills and spiritual water to recover. By the time he came out, he appeared right in front of the TongTian Emperor and was sent straight to the dungeon without much of a conversation.

He Dong stared at the spiritual water in his hand as his eyes flickered in unrest. After a few seconds, he passed the spiritual water to the person.

What was surprising to You XiaoMo was that the person sat on his left and was an elder that never spoke a word to him. It was then he knew that he was a demon beast, although not as strong as the Metal Swallowing Beast. According to He Dong, he was a Iron Devouring Beast, one who specially refined iron and the likes, but the harder they are, the slower the process.  

Just as they were preparing for the incredible escape plan, the war horn sounded  and the fight was growing like a wildfire.

Explosions and the rumbling sounds continued flowing down from the mountain top. One could even hear it in Central City. Although it was expected, they didn’t think it was going to be this extreme. From afar, they could even see the lightning and thunder roaring.

“Jiu Ye, do you think he’s going to be okay?” Qiao WuXing asked as he stood by the ninety-fifth floor window. Due to the height advantage, from this angle, he could clearly see the TongTian Palace.

The one beside him was Jiu Ye, his expression was colder than normal, his eyes were as cold as the abyss. Only when he heard the question, did he start talking, “If something happened, that person would’ve probably gone on a rampage by now.”

“Well, that’s true.” Qiao WuXing chuckled. Ling Xiao would oppose the TongTian Palace for You XiaoMo, from that one detail one could tell he really cared for him. Qiao WuXing was envious.

The situation was quite damaging to the two major Guilds, after all, they were the ones who truly believed and had faith in the TongTian Palace. Now that they’re faith had fallen, it was very damaging to their mentality.

Although he wanted to help You XiaoMo as well, his situation was very different. Without the orders of his Shifu, they couldn’t act on their own. But, they could pass over messages and information.  

Although people from the outside may not know much about the TongTian Palace, the higher ups of the two major guilds more or less knew something about it. Taking the chance, Qiao WuXing got a lot of information from his Shifu, and in secret, passed them to Ling Xiao. Thus, doing him a favor.   

Even though what Jiu Ye had done wasn’t obvious, Qiao WuXing was sure that he also did his part, but due to his personality, he hadn’t said anything about it, that was all.

The chaotic fight was still ongoing, and some, for first-hand information, went near the TongTian Palace, risking their lives. One of those was the Cang Alliance.

Fu CangQiong told his head disciple to help Ling Xiao, but the TongTian Palace was overly secretive, so he couldn’t feel at ease and sent more people at the base of the mountain for support.  

Seeing the commotion above the TongTian Palace, everyone wiped away their sweat of nervousness.  

Although there were restrictions around the TongTian Palace, but as if they all stopped working, they were easily broken. People easily went into the No-man’s Land and there wasn’t even much of a defense. All around, buildings were smashed into pieces.

However, what attracted most of the attention was the two figures above the TongTian Palace.

One of those was the very elusive and secretive TongTian Emperor. There were many who knew him even if he didn’t appear often due to the statue of his on the way up to the TongTian Palace. The same one that You XiaoMo saw in the Time Wall.

The one standing opposite to him was Ling Xiao. Now that he was at six stars, he no longer feared the seven star in front of him. Not only that, he also had the bloodline of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, his fighting prowess was on par with that of a seven star.  

“Give him back.” Ling Xiao stood in mid-air, his expression cold and a sliver of an eerie dark red could be seen in his eyes. It looked very much like Qi deviation. His black cloak, with hidden gold patterns, made him even more cold and gloomy than usual.  

With his hands behind his back, TongTian Emperor stared at Ling Xiao. His eyes were extremely apathetic and not responding to his question, he said nonchalantly, “Over the many years, you’re the first to oppose the TongTian Palace. I admit you’re very strong but the current you is no match for me.”  

Ling Xiao raised his tightly held fist, as if to show his commitment, his expression was very severe as he said, “Your biggest mistake will be capturing him.”

TongTian Emperor chuckled, “I think it’s my best decision. He’s a critical part of my plan, and the last one. It won’t be long before I’m done, by then, I can crush you guys like ants.”

Ling Xiao’s expression darkened.

At the same time, a loop-hole appeared in He Dong’s plan.

But, to be more precise, the one who had an accident was You XiaoMo. That was because a white cloak suddenly appeared in the dungeon and called him out to take with him.

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