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Chapter 645: Forbidden Zone

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ling Xiao refuted the word ‘wife’ very quickly.

The reason was obviously because only he could say it. He liked to use a flirting tone the most when calling for his wife. This was a joy that only existed between a couple, and definitely couldn’t be destroyed by Hua Gu.

Hua Gu revealed a seldom seen embarrassed expression. She was an attentive person in the first place, so when she saw You XiaoMo’s constipated expression, she knew that she said something wrong. In the end, You XiaoMo told her to call him Young Master You, because he himself liked that a lot.

Hua Gu saw that the young master didn’t reject it, and she seized the chance to call him Young Master You once.

In the Smile Pavilion, besides TianGou’s four members, there was also You XiaoMo’s contracted demon beasts: SheQiu and XiaoHei. They could both be considered the placid type, and when they saw them come over, their expressions were very calm.

You XiaoMo originally wanted to dash over and reminisce with them, but halfway there he was grabbed by Ling Xiao and dragged to the host position. There were two chairs there, one for Ling Xiao, and one for somebody else.

After sitting down, Ling Xiao went straight to the point.

Nobody was in the habit of doing a sloppy job, and their efficiency was quite good. Not even an hour later, they had already resolved a few problems.

You XiaoMo was bored to death. He only heard them mention something related to him at the very end.

Tian Dao suggested, “Young lord, I hope that TianGou’s information network can integrate itself with what Young Master You’s Weasel Beast is capable of. TianGou’s information network has always had too few people, so if the two sides can integrate with each other, their effectiveness will increase even more.”

Ling Xiao didn’t answer him immediately. Instead, he sought You XiaoMo’s opinion.

You XiaoMo thought, ‘In any case, it’s all ‘one family.’ Might as well integrate.’ “Let’s play it by ear. I’ll let QiQiu know later.”

Everyone stared blankly.

They recovered very quickly and realized that he was referring to the Weasel Beast. Everyone already knew about You XiaoMo’s habit of giving his contracted demon beasts all sorts of nicknames, never mind the fact that not a single one from SheQiu and the rest liked their own nicknames. But they all liked to shade their comrades, so they would always call them by their nicknames in front of other people. As a result, the one whose nickname was called out would be unhappy and retaliate. After that, they made such a disturbance that everyone knew about it.

The second problem had to do with White Bone Town’s Level Twelve expert.

Their opponent was a one star expert. In this chaotic state of affairs, a Level Twelve expert could become a critical turning point. If they could draw him in, TianGou’s strength would go up a level.

But that was merely their desire. First they had to ensure that the person didn’t have any problems.

The person appeared two months ago. He was the strongest person in White Bone Town, and everyone else under his suppression dared to get angry, but didn’t dare to speak back. Quite a few people even joined his powerhouse, and by now, it had already developed into a small powerhouse with thirty to forty people, even more than them. Among those people, the one with the lowest level of strength was still at the Emperor Realm level.

While Ling Xiao was recuperating, Tian Dao had long since sent someone to monitor this person. But there wasn’t anything really suspicious about his behavior, and he didn’t reveal any clues.

It seemed like there wasn’t any problems, but Tian Dao wasn’t that easily fooled. The more it seemed everything was fine, the more suspicious it was.

Tian Dao had checked out his history a long time ago. This matter had even implicated Yin Ge’s father, the Nine-Headed Snake Emperor.

There was only Yin Ge and his father remaining in the Nine-Headed Snake Emperor clan. They were considered the lowest Level Twelve Emperor Beasts in Xi Jing. They didn’t expand their territory, nor did they participate in Xi Jing’s wars.

The other powerhouses didn’t want to go provoke the Nine-Headed Snake Emperor either, a fellow with an irritable temper. However, there was one person who dared to. This person was the Nine-Headed Snake Emperor’s natural enemy, the Crested Serpent Eagle. It was equally matched in terms of strength with the Nine-Headed Snake Emperor, and it had quite a few subordinates. White Bone Town’s level twelve expert was one such subordinate.

But he hadn’t volunteered. Instead, he was forced to by the Crested Serpent Eagle’s threats, and so he had no choice but to yield.

All the way up until just recently, the Crested Serpent Eagle would always go out to trouble the Nine-Headed Snake Emperor. He had most likely finally pissed off the old Snake Emperor. When he was leaving, he was high-spirited and full of self-confidence, but when he returned, his face was pale and he had received a heavy injury. He immediately went and secluded himself that very day.

That person had taken advantage of this opportunity to escape. He knew that the Crested Serpent Eagle would be in secluded cultivation for a very long time, so he wanted to borrow this chance to find a strong and powerful supporter.

But those powers that had been famous for a very long time definitely wouldn’t agree. So then he decided to seek help from Ling Xiao, who had just become famous through the continent. With Ling Xiao’s success in fighting You ZhenTian and TongTian Emperor, the man’s old boss definitely wouldn’t be a match for him. Moreover, he hadn’t yet established a powerhouse, so joining now would make it easier to lay down his achievements and gain Ling Xiao’s trust.

Even though it could still be considered normal to say that someone at Ling Xiao’s level of strength didn’t attach any importance to the Crested Serpent Eagle, Tian Dao still felt as if this meat pie that fell from the sky wasn’t easy to chew. So he had hesitated in making a decision.

“Continue watching him. Find out his real motive.” After listening, Ling Xiao was silent for a few seconds before he made his decision.

Tian Dao wasn’t surprised. In reality, he was thinking the same thing as Ling Xiao. There was still something odd about this person, but if they couldn’t find out what it was, there was no way they could feel at ease letting him join TianGou.

“Tian Dao, have you heard any news about Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun?” You XiaoMo saw that they had pretty much finished discussing, so he asked a question that he was more concerned about.

Since Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun’s feelings weren’t accepted by the old Snake Emperor, after being freed, they joined hands and left. Rumor had it that they were going to travel, and it had been a very long time since he last received any news about them.

Tian Dao responded, “I haven’t.”

You XiaoMo was a tiny bit disappointed. It seemed like Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun still hadn’t returned.

Tian Dao said, “If Young Master You wishes to know, I can send someone out to ask around. However, TongTian Continent’s situation right now is a little chaotic, so it’ll be quite difficult to find them.”

“Then never mind.” You XiaoMo shook his head. He didn’t want to trouble him. Right now they didn’t even have enough people by their side to use for their own purposes, so if they sent out somebody to search, their crew would become even smaller. Furthermore, with their current reputation, Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun could come to Ghost Tomb Mountain Range at any time if they wanted to find them.

Tian Dao nodded his head, unsurprised. He had actually long since expected this result, and he continued to ask, “Young Master You, how is it going on Tian Gui’s side right now?”

“Oh, he’s about to break through. He should wake up soon.” You XiaoMo propped up a hand underneath his chin, and his expression started to become absent-minded.

Ling Xiao stood up and said to Tian Dao, “Today’s meeting will conclude here. You can take care of the other matters as you see fit.”

Even though he had assumed control of TianGou from Lin Gu, he was still very competent at being the hands-off leader.

Fortunately, Tian Dao had long since become accustomed to Lin Gu as a hands-off leader. Now that it was Ling Xiao, he couldn’t be any more used to it.

After that, they returned to the palace.

Even though they didn’t know whether the Mage Assemblage would still happen or not, You XiaoMo felt that Ling Xiao’s promise with that person would still be valid.

There were only nine months left till the promise. His cultivation base was still grade four, and if that time really came, this level of strength wouldn’t be enough at all. So after this, he had to do his best and work hard.

Meanwhile, Hundred Birds Valley.

The chick that was already three or four years old was still a white and plump baby. He was innocent and unaffected, very adorable, but under the head elder’s teaching, his heart had already become blackened.

Even though everyone was very good to him in Hundred Birds Valley, besides the second elder Ji He and his bloodline, the chick had never forgotten his true purpose in returning to the Demon Phoenix Clan. It was so he could be a spy for his master and boss. He had even already received the task that the boss gave him.

Ever since he had broke the news about being contracted, Ji He and his bloodline had continuously used this as an excuse to pull him off his high horse. Their reasoning was that the Demon Phoenix Clan couldn’t have a young master that had formed a contract with a human. Moreover, it was only an ordinary contract. They believed that this was extraordinarily shameful and humiliating for the Demon Phoenix Clan.

However, Ji He and his bloodline’s power was fairly weak. Their voices of opposition didn’t create any huge waves in the Demon Phoenix Clan before it was very bluntly suppressed by the head elder Ji Weng. The reason was because of this ordinary contract.

If it was a lifebound contract, Ji Weng might have actually considered whether he should allow Ji NingYu to continue being in line for succession in the Demon Phoenix Clan, because there was no way to undo a lifebound contract. But ordinary contracts could be undone, so the situation that the chick was facing now was that he had to rescind the contract with You XiaoMo.

The chick had already agreed verbally, but in reality, nobody knew what he was really thinking.

Ever since he had returned to the Demon Phoenix Clan, Ji Weng had taught him many things. You could imagine what kind of things he taught him to turn a perfectly fine young, cute boy’s heart black.

There was no way Ji Weng could have imagined that there would be a day the chick would end up using the things that he taught him on himself.

However, even though this situation caused some opposing clamor to rise up in the Demon Phoenix Clan against him, Ji Weng’s doting on him still didn’t change. By now, the chick had already returned to the Demon Phoenix Clan for many years, and he was no longer that little baby that could only stay by Ji Weng’s side.

On this day, the weather was sunny and cloudless.

Two people from the Demon Phoenix Clan looked awkwardly at the little kid standing in front of them. Nowadays, who didn’t know that Ji NingYu was the head elder’s darling treasure? He was really like something that they were afraid of sucking on too hard and melting, or holding in their hands and dropping. They couldn’t drive him away or touch him, making things very difficult for them.

“Young master, please don’t make things hard for us. It’s really not that we aren’t letting you in, it’s only that this is the Forbidden zone. The head elder instructed us before not to allow anybody in.” The one speaking had light brown hair, and right now his face looked like a bitter melon.

“I don’t care, I want to go in.” The baby said in a childlike voice. He was a tiny ball, but the two clan members didn’t dare to look down on him. Because all the people who underestimated him were lying on beds right now. The phrase ‘don’t judge a person by their looks’ seemed to be created just for Ji NingYu. Who would’ve imagined that this tiny round ball actually had a Divine Realm cultivation base? It had to be said that it had only been a few short years since he was born until now.

However, something they hadn’t imagined even more was that half of the chick’s cultivation base was exchanged from You XiaoMo’s spiritual water lake. But you couldn’t deny his innate skill just because of this.

When they heard his words, both of them didn’t know what to do. It looked like they had to go find the head elder.

At that exact moment, a cold and imposing voice floated out from the Forbidden zone.

“Who is making a racket out here!”

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