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Chapter 671: Cooperation

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the two returned to WuShuang Hotel, the owner told them that someone was here to see them and waiting for them in their room.

You XiaoMo was surprised. Who would come looking for them at this time of the day? It wasn’t until they got back to the room that he found out it was Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing.

The two were there after their battle had finished. It had been a tough battle, but they managed to get through. The plaza had been too big, and You XiaoMo’s mind had been on the match, so after it finished, he had left, talking to Ling Xiao about the match. By the time he remembered, they were already back in the hotel.

Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye were there to congratulate him on getting through the first round and tell him about the contents of the second round at the same time.

Their masters were the judges.Though they couldn’t tell Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing what the contents of the second round were directly, they could still give hints. The two were very intelligent, so it didn’t take much for them to figure it out.

Ling Xiao gazed at Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye, suddenly saying, “You aren’t here just to tell us this, are you?”

Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye exchanged a look. They hadn’t expected that Ling Xiao would be so sharp, managing to figure out that they had something else to say. However, neither of them showed their surprise.

You XiaoMo blinked. He hadn’t realized that the two had something else on their minds.

Qiao WuXing said, “That’s right, brother Ling. We did come for something else. It’s vital information, my master told me to pass it on to you…”

Then he explained everything.

Two hours had past by the time You XiaoMo sent them off. You XiaoMo returned to his room, still trying to digest what he had been told. It was only until now that he realized that the situation in the TongTian Continent was being reshuffled. He had thought that only the Southern Continent, XiJing and DongZhou had gone into war. He hadn’t expected that BeiDong and ZhongTian hadn’t managed to avoid it as well. Everything was being overturned!

BeiDong had always been the most chaotic area, even worse than XiJing, because there were many criminals and other vicious people there. Most of them were only there because they couldn’t remain in other areas, or they ran because they had made enemies of some powerful groups.

After war had erupted in the Southern Continent and XiJing, BeiDong also began to descend into chaos. Actually, the situation in BeiDong had never settled. The only reason things hadn’t gone to hell was because TongTian Continent’s powers were holding things steady.

Though BeiDong was mostly comprised of outcasts and exiles, it wasn’t that they had no potential. These powers knew where they could make profits, and if war ravaged the area, that would mean nothing good for them. So if they could hold the situation steady, they would do so.

Now, all those powers were busy with their own problems and had no energy to spare on BeiDong, and so BeiDong’s situation was on the edge of a precipice. BeiDong was even more chaotic than the Southern Continent and XiJing with aggression erupting all over the area. The situation had completely spiralled out of control.

The Mage Association and Beast Transfiguration Guild planned on bringing the situation in BeiDong under control temporarily.

ZhongTian was the only area unaffected by war, and this was thanks to Ling Xiao removing the TongTian Palace from the situation. Otherwise, the two big guilds would be taking the hit and they might lose many experts. However, this plan was disrupted unexpectedly. The Mage Assemblage was part of the disruption, but the true reason was something else, what Qiao WuXing had talked to Ling Xiao about.

When Ling Xiao had led people against the TongTian Palace, the TongTian Emperor had fled with his underlings, injured, and nothing more was heard from them after that. The two big guilds had originally thought that they fled ZhongTian because once they were found, the first to come after them would be the two big guilds.

The reason for that was because there were disciples of the two big guilds who joined the TongTian Palace. Though they weren’t imprisoned to be used as fodder, they had been forced to swear unbreakable oaths of loyalty to the TongTian Palace, and the consequences were even worse for them than for others.

After the TongTian Palace incident, these people all returned to their guilds, but they were in bad shape. They might’ve regained their freedom, but they would forever bare the consequences of their broken oaths, until their souls crumbled from the torment or the oath stopped punishing them.

Many of these people were disciples of high ranking members of the guilds. They had kept this a secret to avoid dragging their masters into it. After all, the TongTian Palace had been the most mysterious group in the TongTian continent with countless powerhouses. None of them dared tell their masters.

Thus the two big guilds naturally bore immense hate for the TongTian Emperor.

Originally, they had thought the TongTian Emperor was no longer in ZhongTian, but Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye’s masters had noticed some oddities. They believed that the TongTian Emperor hadn’t actually left ZhongTian. On the contrary, he was very likely hiding somewhere nearby, resting up, prepared to strike again at the earliest opportunity. Apart from that, he was also having his minions infiltrate ZhongXin City.

If that was all, then it wasn’t enough for the two big guilds to worry. Old man Shen and Lei Gong had found that it was likely that the TongTian Emperor had his eyes set on the two guilds for a long time already, and if it wasn’t for that incident, the two guilds might’ve already fallen into his hands by now. After careful consideration, they decided to ally themselves with Ling Xiao.

Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye were only here to pass on the word. The specifics would have to be discussed in person, but both hoped to deal with this as soon as possible.

You XiaoMo rubbed his chin, in deep contemplation as he sat in front of Ling Xiao, gazing at him with wide eyes. “If the TongTian Emperor had plans for the two guilds, then will he take the Mage Assemblage as a chance to strike?”

“Do you even need to think about it?” Ling Xiao retorted.

“What?” You XiaoMo’s brain felt stuck.

Ling Xiao looked at him, seeming to be trying to communicate something to him through his gaze. “Though it’s the XiaoYao Institution hosting the Mage Assemblage, the two guilds are also helping. To make sure the assemblage runs as smoothly as possible, they’ve sent quite a few people to keep things in check.”

“With that, there’ll be less people guarding their headquarters, and TongTian Palace has an opportunity, right?” You XiaoMo immediately followed up. As for what Ling Xiao was trying to express with his gaze, You XiaoMo wanted it to be known that he hadn’t seen it. Even if he had, he would act as if he hadn’t.

Ling Xiao said, “Indeed. This is the TongTian Emperor’s only chance. If he wants to rise again, then he has to rely on the two big guilds, but there’s no way the guilds will aid him, so his only choice is to take them by force. If he misses this opportunity, then it might be another ten years before he gets another.”

Old man Shen was going to meet him before the competition started tomorrow to discuss this.

On the next day, the two got up early. Or, at least, You XiaoMo wanted to, but someone wasn’t willing to cooperate.

You XiaoMo jumped off the bed and pulled Ling Xiao up. “Hurry and get up or else we’ll be late. It’s not good to stand people up!”

Ling Xiao stayed on his side on the bed, one hand supporting his head, letting You XiaoMo pull at him futilely. He simply watched the other with narrowed eyes, calmly reminding him, “It’s me they want to see, not you.”

You XiaoMo threw the clothes hanging from the screen at Ling Xiao. “There’s still two hours until the second round. There’s plenty of time, so I’ll go with you, then go to the plaza.”

Ling Xiao suddenly raised a hand and grabbed his arm, pulling him down. You XiaoMo fell into Ling Xiao’s arms, his nose bumping against the other’s hard chest, going red. It would probably look like he was crying to an outsider.

“My dear wife, that sort of business won’t take two hours. Fifteen minutes is enough.” Ling Xiao trapped the other under his body, nuzzling at You XiaoMo’s neck.

You XiaoMo didn’t believe him at all. This sort of cooperation had to be meticulously planned and thought out. If they accidentally missed a detail, then that would be terrible!

However, his worries clearly weren’t a part of Ling Xiao’s considerations. Or, rather, it wasn’t anything important to Ling Xiao. In the end, the two spent a whole hour entangled on the bed before going down stairs.

After yesterday’s match, You XiaoMo had become famous and his name had spread across ZhongXin City, including WuShuang Hotel. Last night, the lobby had been filled with excited discussions.

As soon as the two arrived, the lobby went silent.

You XiaoMo noticed that there were people sneaking looks at him, but when he looked around, they looked away. Soon enough, the lobby came alive once more, everyone pretending to chat casually. However, when he retracted his gaze, those other gazes settled back on him.

Amongst these people were those who were making bets when You XiaoMo first settled in the WuShuang Hotel.

When they had gotten wind of his sudden ascension from grade five to grade six, they had almost pissed themselves in fright. Afterwards, they were thankful that You XiaoMo wasn’t petty enough to hold a grudge. Otherwise, not even having nine lives would be enough to help them.

Old man Shen and Lei Gong were both judges and were staying at the new building in the plaza. After they finished discussing business, they could come out directly for the competition. However, by the time the two arrived, there was only half an hour left until the match.

You XiaoMo had thought they would run out of time, but it really was as Ling Xiao said; it barely took them fifteen minutes to finish up. By the time he returned to the present, they were already back on the plaza.

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