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Chapter 695: It’s Over?

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The battle was coming to a close.

The experts of the Vermillion Blood Clan and Silver Dragon Clan were mostly dead or injured, while a good half of the Cang Alliance’s people were completely unharmed. Comparatively, the Cang Alliance’s people were more concerned with the safety of their companions.

They wouldn’t go crazy trying to kill their enemies, and when they noticed a friend in danger, someone would immediately come to their aid. When Lady Yin self destructed, they were also the ones who backed away the fastest, so there were very few casualties for the Cang Alliance.

On the other hand, a few experts in the Vermillion Blood family hadn’t managed to retreat in time and were severely injured. Afterwards, the Cang Alliance had rushed in to deal the killing blow and gotten rid of them!

Yin Lie almost lost all rationality at the death of his daughter. Luckily, it was only almost. He still remembered that he was the leader of a clan. If he, too, perished, then the Silver Dragon Clan would fall into chaos.

Seeing that the Vermillion Blood Clan had more or less lost the battle and his daughter was dead, he no longer had any desire to linger. If he stayed, and You XiaoMo came to join forces with Zuo Yan, he probably wouldn’t make it. With this in mind, his offensive slowly turned defensive.

With Zuo Yan’s intellect, he immediately realized the other’s intentions. A thought flashed through his mind and he no longer attacked so pressingly with the Heavenly Halberd in his hands. If possible, he’d rather not incur an unnecessary grudge between them and the Silver Dragon Clan.

Yin Lie spied an opportunity and immediately struck to beat Zuo yan back. His form retreated at once and the space around him distorted, spacial force enveloping him.

On the other side, the Silver Dragon Clan had gotten the signal for retreat a while ago and retreated without hesitation. Yin Lie had brought seven clansmen with him, and now there were only three left, one of which was critically injured. The Silver Dragon Clan had suffered huge losses.

You ZhenTian, seeing this, trembled in anger. His father in law had abandoned him in this most crucial moment and he could only watch as they left, enveloped by spacial force. His rage had no release, turning his face red in frustration.

“You’re dead, You ZhenTian!” Ling Xiao leisured watched You ZhenTian’s pitiful form, smiling. After practicing, he had recently grasped a strange understanding, and it had eased his use of the four bloodlines greatly. Just now, when he unleashed the power of the four bloodlines, his cultivation had increased above six stars by a little, in addition, his original form was that of a powerful demon beast. Under his attacks, You ZhenTian could barely hold up.

The immense difference in power had You ZhenTian’s eyes wide in disbelief. However, reality was reality, and the current Ling Xiao was far from the Ling Xiao who was only at two to three stars. He had grown to a height that made even You ZhenTian tremble in fear, and now he knew that Ling Xiao had four different bloodlines on him. It was very possible that he would grow to be that legendary figure of the Four Ancient Beasts. He felt deep regret.

With his arrogance, what he regretted naturally wasn’t the actions he had taken. If he could go back in time, then he would unhesitantly choose to kill You XiaoMo and steal back the Inheritance Jewel again. What he regretted was not killing Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo before they could grow to their current heights.

If he had known that they would reach this step, he would’ve personally eliminated them, even if he had to use up all of the Vermillion Blood Clan’s resources, even if it would destroy his reputation.

Unfortunately, there were no what ifs in this world!

These thoughts flashed by in mere moment before a powerful presence approached him head on. You ZhenTian glared darkly at Ling Xiao’s approaching form, clapping his hands together. A violent burst of spiritual energy flared out, his yellow palms glowing gold.

This was one of the transcendent grade techniques that You ZhenTian had learned, Heaven Incinerating Palm. There were only three forms to this palm technique, but each form had immense power. In addition, they could be stacked. After stacking the forms, its power would double and then some.

After Yin Lie left with his clansmen, the remaining Vermillion Blood Clan members had been mostly dealt with by Zuo Yan and co. By now, the only one who could still put up a fight was You ZhenTian. Everyone retreated out of range, watching the two face off unblinkingly.

They were all excited, anticipatory. After this battle, they could already imagine that the war the Southern Continent had sunk into would end, so everyone hoped that Ling Xiao would win.

“Heaven Incinerating Palm, form three!” You ZhenTian roared with rage, pushing forth a palm. A golden palm pierced through the heavens and struck towards Ling Xiao with immense power. Instantly, the sky changed, sparking and sizzling as if about to shatter. He had immediately used the third form. It was clear that he wasn’t very confident that he would win.

Ling Xiao stepped forth, his robes fluttering in the wind. A mystical white glow surrounded him, as if he was about to disappear, yet in the shadows behind him, the roar of a powerful demon beast seemed to echo out from the abyss. Though this wasn’t real, this roar seemed to shake everyone’s very souls, and the terror that crushed all thoughts of resistance was real.

They couldn’t help but swallow thickly.

Just now when Ling Xiao summoned the shadows of the four different bloodlines, quite a few people had saw, but the aura it emitted wasn’t nearly as strong as now.

You ZhenTian paled, a bad feeling rising in his heart. In an attempt to convince himself that he wasn’t afraid of Ling Xiao, he gritted his teeth and began to push his spiritual energy to the limits, his right palm glowing again and a second palm forming, swiftly slamming against the first one.

The humming vibration struck unrest into people’s hearts. This was the stacked power of the Heaven Incinerating Palm. The aura it emitted made the spectators feel like the world around them was collapsing.

The people who saw this paled, and those who had tried to get a closer look rapidly retreated again, because they realized that this power was even greater than the power that was unleashed when Lady Yin self destructed.

You XiaoMo, who had left his dimension, was extremely worried for the other. This strike was clearly a display of You ZhenTian’s full power. It seemed like he planned on betting everything on this strike. However, he was also surprised at Ling Xiao’s situation.

What were those shadows behind him? What feeling, like a black hole about to devour everything and everyone, it struck despair into everyone, a sense of helplessness, as if nothing could go against it. This feeling came and went; it seemed unstable. You XiaoMo knew that this was because Ling Xiao’s power wasn’t stable enough.

Seeing Ling Xiao’s bloodless appearance, he knew that what the other was about to do would strain himself greatly. With this thought in mind, he was practically vibrating with anxiety. The first time Ling Xiao was severely injured was because of You ZhenTian, and so was the second. Could it be that You ZhenTian was their antagonist?

Just as his thoughts were flying, You ZhenTian’s Heaven Incinerating Palm had arrived in front of Ling Xiao. From a distance, it looked small, but when up close, you could tell that it was massive in size. The palm was almost twenty meters in length, and as it approached, it seemed to constrict the very air around it, suffocatingly.

Just as the palm was about to hit, the black shadows behind Ling Xiao suddenly began to move. As if a beast opening its maw wide, it let out an earth-shattering roar and instantly expanded from two meters tall to several ten times that, lunging at the Heaven Incinerating Palm. The massive Heaven Incinerating Palm began to hum even louder, shining with golden light and seemingly wanting to escape, but it was caught by the immense black shadow, slowly sinking into it. It didn’t take long before half of the Heaven Incinerating Palm was devoured, it’s violent energy erupting. Ling Xiao’s form swayed, his face paling further.

Seeing this, You ZhenTian paled, pain lancing through his chest as he coughed out blood.

To stack the Heaven Incinerating Palm, he had used sixty percent of his remaining spiritual energy. Originally, he had thought that even if it wouldn’t kill Ling Xiao, it would at least hold for a while, yet this was the result.

He felt threatened by that incomplete shadow, though he didn’t know what it was. This time, he really had lost!

You ZhenTian made a decision. He ran for it. Though he knew there would be consequences, people would laugh at him for this, but to preserve his life, he had to.

However, the conditions for a retreat was that he had to do so successfully. To end this war, Zuo Yan kept a constant eye on You ZhenTian. Noticing his desire to run, his halberd drew a flash of light in the sky that shot at You ZhenTian, forcing him to dodge and interrupting his use of spacial force.

You XiaoMo immediately blocked You ZhenTian’s path.

Ling Xiao had done everything he could to injure You ZhenTian. If he fled, then he would definitely find a way to get back at them. Now, with the Vermillion Blood Clan in shambles, they had to kill You ZhenTian to end this war.

Zuo Yan also had the same thought, so the two of them blocked his escape route side by side.

“Great! Absolutely great!” Seeing these two overconfident juniors, You ZhenTian’s rationality slipped further. He couldn’t believe that he would fall into such a situation. No matter how much he denied it, he didn’t have any chances left.

“Father! Look out!” That was when You ZhenTian’s fourth son suddenly called out, expression shocked.

However, he was a moment too late. Just as You ZhenTian raised his head, an immense shadow enveloped him. The shadow seemed to chew, as if eating something, and then You ZhenTian disappeared.

Everyone stared in shock.

You ZhenTian died? Just like that?

You XiaoMo looked towards Ling Xiao. The other was pale as a ghost and seemed to be incapable of maintaining the shadow any longer. His power vanished in a blink and his form fell. You XiaoMo, startled, hurriedly ran over and caught the other before he could hit the ground.

Ling Xiao’s power had backfired on him after he had forced it out while it was unstable. You XiaoMo realized that Ling Xiao’s situation wasn’t so good and immediately left with him before anyone could react.

A cold breeze blew, the calm after the smoke.

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