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Chapter 53

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was the rationality that suppressed his anger back inside. Xia Yao tried his best to normalize his voice. “Ma’am, anything else you want to talk about? If not, then I’m going first.” Xia Yao was already prepared to get up and leave as soon as he said it.

Unexpectedly, Ms.Wang took a sip of the coffee in front of her and said slowly, “Xia Yao, let’s make a deal.”

Xia Yao stopped his feet, he returned to his seat and asked the woman in front of him, “What do you guys want?”

Mrs.Wang shook her head and said to Xia Yao, “It’s not we, just only me. This… My husband doesn’t know about it.”

Xia Yao looked at her silently.

Ms.Wang then opened her mouth and asked an irrelevant question, “How do you feel about this hospital?”

Xia Yao answered with no expression on his face, “Very good.”

Mrs. Wang smiled and said, “This hospital was built by the Wang family.”

Xia Yao clenched the hand on his thigh.

“Catering, entertainment, real estate, tourism… Here in B City, we own a lot of shopping malls and companies.” Ms.Wang said slowly as she looked at Xia Yao.

Xia Yao didn’t say anything.

“Although our Wang Group is not the largest group in B City, but our standing is not low. My father has only one daughter and I hold 30% of our family’s shares.”

Xia Yao had no idea what the woman sitting opposite of him wanted to say.

Mrs. Wang picked up her cup of coffee and took another sip, “If you chose to go to Zhao WenHua, I promise you, all of my shares will belong to you. How about it?”

Xia Yao was taken aback. He suppressed his anger and smiled softly at the woman in front of him. Wang YuTing seemed very confident. When she saw Xia Yao’s expression, she thought he was moved by the deal.

“Do you know what it means to have them?” Mrs. Wang put her hand on the table and leaned forward slightly. “He is your father. As long as you are willing to change your surname to Zhao and register into our family, it won’t be just my shares, my father’s, my husband’s, all of the fortunes will be yours in the future.”

Xia Yao remained silent the whole time she talked. When he looked up to see Wang YuTing, his face seemed to be in deep thought.

“Are you telling the truth?”

Ms.Wang thought she had moved Xia Yao. She couldn’t help but smile coldly, yet her expression became more gentle, “Of course.”

Xia Yao stood up and leaned forward, he smiled at the woman in front of him and said, “Mrs. Zhao, do you think you are almighty?”

Wang YuTing was stunned.

Xia Yao continued, “Let’s see, you can’t have children, so you have no other option but to adopt other children in order to please your husband. Are you having self-pity right now? Haha.” He chuckled with a low voice, “What a sad, ridiculously sad person.”

After saying this, he left without turning back.

Wang YuTing looked at Xia Yao’s back, she ruthlessly gripped the purse in her hand.


Xia Yao stayed in the hospital until the start of the new school term. He remembered the two students he tutored, so he took a day to talk to their parents about his circumstance, and then recommended an excellent English classmate to replace him.

He hadn’t been in touch with Zhou Du these days, and weirdly enough, Zhou Du also didn’t call Xia Yao.

Xia Yao returned to school that day to take some books back with him to the hospital. Unexpectedly, when he was ready to go back to the hospital, Zhou Du just got off the bus at the school gate.

Although it was only a few days since they last seen each other, but when Xia Yao saw Zhou Du, he noticed Zhou Du had lost weight quite a lot. Xia Yao rushed to Zhou Du’s side. Before Xia Yao said anything, Zhou Du fiercely took Xia Yao into his arms.

Although it was evening, there were still many students coming and going at the school gate. Xia Yao went stiff, he put his hands in front of Zhou Du’s chest and tried to push him away.

Zhou Du spoke hoarsely in Xia Yao’s ear, “My grandmother has passed away.”

The hands in front of Zhou Du’s chest stopped. Without caring about the public’s eyes looking at them strangely, he gently put his hand around Zhou Du.

“No, don’t be sad.” Xia Yao softened his voice and consoled Zhou Du. Zhou Du hugged Xi Yao tighter.

Suddenly, a car parked not far from Xia Yao kept honking several times. Xia Yao regained back his sense and turned around, he saw Zhao WenHua’s dark face was looking at him from the car window.

Xia Yao hurriedly pushed Zhou Du away. “I,” Xia Yao looked down, avoided looking at Zhou Du’s face, “I have something to do and I need to go to the city. You, go back to school first. I’ll contact you later.”

With a hint of sadness still lingered on his face, Zhou Du looked at Xia Yao in doubt. But Xia Yao didn’t look back, as he walked toward Zhao WenHua. Zhou Du looked at Xia Yao’s back and watched him get into the black car. Then he watched the car slowly depart out of his sight. He was bewildered at first, but then it was as if he had caught up with something as his eyes showed a hint of laughter, but that laughter was hidden deep inside his eyes.

After Xia Yao got into Zhao WenHua’s car, he quickly asked, “Why are you here? Is there something wrong with my mother?”

Zhao Wenhua”s face darkened, he coldy said, “You still have the face to ask about your mother. She is still lying in the hospital now, and here you are, finding every chance you have to be with that one.” He found it hard to spit out the two words ‘bastard man,’ so he just sighed in contempt.

Xia Yao was gloomy, he lowered his eyes and talked in an indifferent tone, “I was just going back to get some books for tomorrow’s class.”

Zhao WenHua didn’t reply right away, “I don’t care what relationship you have with that boy now, but I hope that during this period of your mother’s hospitalization, you can accompany her honestly and not contact that person again. Otherwise, I won’t guarantee that your mom wouldn’t have to re-discipline you.”

What Xia Yao was most afraid of was that his mother would learn about his relationship with Zhou Du. He held tighter to his textbook, lowered his head and said to Zhao WenHua, “I, I won’t do it again.”

The driver parked his car in the parking lot next to the hospital. At this moment, Zhao WenHua’s mobile phone started ringing. After he answered the phone, he responded to the person at the other end of the phone with one sentence “I understand.”, and then he hung up the phone.

Xia Yao was ready to push the door and get out. Zhao WenHua told him, “Your mother is awake.”

Xia Yao was so happy, he quickly ran out of the car. When he entered the ward in the sterile gowns, he found that his mother had really opened her eyes.

Xia Yao’s eyes were red with excitement. He choked on tears as he slowly approached his mother.

Mother Xia could not speak at this time because her trachea was also injured, so she could only comfort her son with her eyes. Xia Yao’s eyes were brimming with tears. He smiled at his mother and mother Xia, with difficulty, smiled back at him.

Only after he came out of the ward was Xia Yao finally able to truly felt relief, as if the weight inside his heart had finally been lifted. Xia Yao took his books back to his resting room. He took out his cellphone but hesitated for a while before he started calling Zhou Du.

The phone rang for a long time but nobody answered it. Xia Yao felt a little anxious as he hurriedly dialed back again.  Just as he was about to make the fourth call, the man at the other end of the phone finally picked up the call.

“Zhou Du.” Xia Yao hastily opened his mouth.

Zhou Du was silent for a moment and then simply answered, “En”.

“I,” Xia Yao opened his mouth, but he felt like something stuck inside his throat.

“I’m very tired today.” Zhou Du’s voice sounded very tired. “I want to rest first. Next time we meet, you can tell me everything that happened to you.”

Xia Yao couldn’t utter a word, he didn’t know how to explain Zhou Du.

“I believe you.” Zhou Du chuckled. “Everyone has their own personal business. Xia Yao, I was being very childish before, right? I, I didn’t know I was making things difficult for you. But you can be rest assured, if you are busy during this period, I won’t bother you in the meantime. When you finish your business, tell me. And then, can I go find you again?”

Xia Yao felt like he had a hot coal stuck inside his throat, so hot that every words he wanted to say seemed to be burnt by it.

“Ok.” He whispered to Zhou Du.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Yao squeezed his cell phone tightly, his eyes were so red as if they were bleeding. On the other side of the ward, Zhao WenHua was sitting beside mother Xia’s bed, silently looking at her.

“You may wonder why I’m here,” Zhao WenHua crossed his legs and said to mother Xia.

The only sound came out of mother Xia’s trachea was sobbing sound as she couldn’t say a thing.

“Don’t get all agitated.” Zhao WenHua reached out his hand, “Do you think with Xia Yao’s ability alone that he could let you stay in such a hospital, in such a ward?”

Mother Xia turned her head aside slightly and stared at Zhao Wenhua beside her.

“It’s my duty to save you, after all, we still have our son as common interest, no? Even if we aren’t destined to be husband and wife, but as parents, I can’t just push my children into despair.”

Mother Xia still stared at Zhao WenHua.

“Xia Yao was brought up by you, so naturally he would do everything he can to save you. But he’s still a teenager. What can he do? Don’t blame him for accepting my help. If not, what do you think he could do? Sell his house? Drop out of school? Do something against the law?”

Mother Xia’s eyes went red.

“Or,” Zhao WenHua’s gentle expression disappeared, his eyes dyed in coldness, “Do you want him to borrow money from that boy named Zhou Du?”

Mother Xia suddenly widened her eyes.

Zhao WenHua saw her expression, his eyes carried a trace of anger, “You know that Zhou Du.”

A “wuwu” sound came out of mother Xia’s mouth.

“Do you know what his relationship with that Zhou Du is? Just look how you raised your son, openly cuddling with a man in the streets!” Zhao WenHua’s voice couldn’t help but intensify.

Mother Xia’s face originally was rather pale, now it was as if all the blood had escaped her face. She kept sobbing as thought she wanted to say something. Zhao WenHua raised his eyelids and said, “I don’t care if you know Xia Yao’s relationship with that person, but now I will tell you this, both of us should find a way to prevent Xia Yao from falling into sin.”

Since this was a private hospital, the ambience was very good. The hospital room he rested in had a faint smell of orchids. Xia Yao was lying on the bed. Even though the room was quiet without a single noise, Xia Yao’s eyes remained opened and stuck to the snow-white walls of the hospital until dawn.

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