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Chapter 721 (Extra 8) : Dinner

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The moment You Bo entered through the door, he heard the movement coming from the living room. The movement didn’t sound small either, and it seemed as if they were playing some kind of game. Just then, Butler Tan walked over, and as You Bo changed shoes, he said, “There are guests here today?”

Butler Tan couldn’t help but laugh. “Young Master Bo, you forgot. Since you’re going to meet the Li family the day after tomorrow, the country sent over two people to come protect you all. I heard that they’re from a special division called White Shark.”

You Bo paused. For some reason, he recalled again that young man who reminded him a lot of You XiaoMo. These past few days, that man kept appearing in his mind every now and then. Even though it was clearly the first time they had ever met, You Bo kept remembering him, and the more he thought about it the more he felt like he was especially similar to You XiaoMo.

“You can go prepare dinner.” You Bo told Butler Tan before walking towards the living room. He only discovered when he got closer that one of the people present was precisely the one who kept appearing in his mind. They could be considered ‘acquaintances’ now.

The sound of his footsteps was extremely light, but the two of them both turned their heads before he got close. The young man was holding a game console controller in his hand, and there was a sniper game in front of them from ten years ago. It was already extremely old now; never mind young people nowadays, not even old game enthusiasts would like that kind of game anymore.

But when You Bo saw it, his expression darkened slightly. Originally, this kind of game wouldn’t have shown up in his home. It was considered a sort of taboo for all of the people in the You family, because it was the game that his older brother You XiaoMo liked to play the most. Every time he was in a bad mood, You XiaoMo liked to shoot things to vent.

“You’re back.” You XiaoMo gave a very casual greeting.

You Bo frowned, seemingly a little unhappy, but in the end he still didn’t say anything. He only threw down a ‘hmph’ and went upstairs.

You XiaoMo understood him, and the moment he saw You Bo frown he knew that he wasn’t in a good mood. You XiaoMo lowered his head and looked at the controller in his hands before looking at Ling Xiao as the words ‘GAME OVER’ appeared on the television screen.

At around six, the You family’s people all came down at the same time.

This was the time that the You family ate dinner. The You family all had a very rigid sense of time, as this was part of the You family’s clan teachings. Everyone had to be punctual, and unless there were unusual circumstances, they all had to come back to eat dinner.

As a matter of fact, they had just come downstairs when You Lu came back. He basically noticed from the very start You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao in the living room, but this was the first time they met. They hadn’t talked before, so You Lu didn’t say anything as his gaze slid placidly past.

You Bo and You Lu were both similarly handsome. However, You Lu looked much more mature and robust than You Bo, tall and thin. If you overlooked his personality, he was simply a perfect man!

Papa You led his precious wife down the stairs. When he passed the living room, he told the two of them, “Come eat with us, no need to be polite. I already told Butler Tan to make two more portions.”

You XiaoMo’s gaze landed on the beautiful woman next to him. The color of her face wasn’t very good, her eyes slightly red as if she had just cried. However, her emotional state should have already calmed down, or else she wouldn’t have come down to eat, especially when there were outsiders present. She seemed to sense his gaze, and the woman revealed a faint smile towards him.

The two of them didn’t reject the offer. You Rong allowing them to stay and even clearing out two rooms for them indicated that he wanted them to stay for dinner as well. As a result, he said a few words just for show.

Six people around one table. A strange silence.

But You XiaoMo wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. On the contrary, he was reminiscing quite a bit. Before he died accidentally, he lived in this house for eighteen years. Each meal was like this, and he was already accustomed to eating without talking.

“We don’t really have anything good to receive our guests with. These are all fairly ordinary dishes, so please pay no attention to them. Eat whatever you wish, no need to hold back.” Papa You was the first to break the silence at the table.

You Bo and You Lu didn’t say anything. The two brothers were just like two statues, no response whatsoever.

“Then we’ll help ourselves,” Ling Xiao said before he picked up a piece of red braised pork for You XiaoMo. Since the You family’s head chef made it, the flavor definitely had to be first-tier. You XiaoMo learned his cooking skill from the You family’s Head Chef Lin. Even though his own red braised pork was pretty good, every time he saw the dish, he would particularly long for Head Chef Lin’s.

(t/n:  红烧肉, red braised pork! it’s so good!!!)

The moment the dish arrived at the table, his mouth had already started to water. However, since he was currently an outsider, he still couldn’t be impolite in front of ‘other people.’ Furthermore, Mama Ming Jing disliked people who didn’t respect table manners the most. So even in his previous life, he had no choice but to restrain himself a little.

But Ling Xiao’s actions made four people look over strangely.

You XiaoMo didn’t notice at all. He picked up the red braised pork in his bowl and placed it in his mouth before revealing an extremely satisfied smile. He had really missed it too much!

All four of them just happened to witness this reaction, and they were immediately stunned.

This time, not only did You Bo sense the similarity, even the other three felt the same way. That satisfied expression was simply the exact same as their younger brother (son). If it was just one time, there was still a possibility that it was just a coincidence, but when similar circumstances appeared one after another several times, that couldn’t be called a coincidence any longer.

You Bo’s eyes grew deep as he stared at You XiaoMo’s face, his expression unreadable. You Lu, who was across from him, glanced at him with a thoughtful look. It was as if there was something settling down in his black eyes.

At this point, Mama You suddenly put down her chopsticks. When everyone’s attention focused on her, she said, “I’m sorry, my body isn’t feeling very well. I’m going upstairs first. You all take care of the guests, don’t neglect them.”

As she spoke, she stood up and left. You Rong smiled apologetically at the two of them briefly before he instructed the two brothers to take care of them, and he chased after her.

In the end, only four people were left at the table.

You XiaoMo was thick-skinned, and he didn’t notice the change at the dining table. He just took it as Mama You’s mood still not having recovered yet, so she abruptly left. Even though he really wanted to ask what happened, asking that rashly definitely wasn’t very appropriate. He could only use food to tide himself over, so he used his eyes to hint at Ling Xiao to get a few more pieces of red braised pork for him.

When Ling Xiao received the signal, the corner of his mouth curled slightly before he continued to get pieces of red braised pork for him. Nearly half of the pan of red braised pork was now in You XiaoMo’s stomach.

You Bo and You Lu didn’t reveal any more strange expressions. The two of them ate silently, heads lowered. You couldn’t tell what they were thinking at all.

You XiaoMo ate happily and nearly forgot that he was in ‘somebody else’s’ house. He only chose what he liked to eat. He discovered that many of the dishes here that Head Chef Lin made were all what he liked to eat. What he didn’t know was that, every time he ate from a dish, You Bo and You Lu’s eyes would darken some more.

Ling Xiao saw everything, and he couldn’t help but reveal a faint smirk. However, he didn’t warn You XiaoMo. Instead, he helped him get food very enthusiastically, feeding his wife until You XiaoMo’s stomach was round. You XiaoMo put down his chopsticks and burped without any regard for his image.

After dinner, they rested for a while in the living room before they went to their rooms under the direction of Butler Tan.

Papa You arranged two rooms for them. Originally, Butler Tan wanted to bring Ling Xiao to his own room, but Ling Xiao said, “I can stay in the same room as him. Sorry for the trouble, Butler Tan.”

Butler Tan stared blankly for a moment. He didn’t expect the young people nowadays to be so unrestrained in their sexuality. Even though he found it quite odd, he wasn’t some stubborn narrow-minded old person. In any case, they were neither related nor friends, so he told a subordinate to bring the pillow, blanket, and toiletries from the other room over.

You XiaoMo’s face was red. Even though the You family no longer recognized him, in his mind, they were still his family. When Ling Xiao said this in front of Uncle Tan, he was suddenly a little embarrassed. Only when Uncle Tan left did he shout at Ling Xiao, “Be a little more lowkey next time! This society’s acceptance rate towards same sex couples still isn’t very high.”

“You’re lying.” Ling Xiao glanced at him before pushing open the door and entering.

You XiaoMo clutched at his hair. He wasn’t lying, this was also part of reality. He followed him in and was about to explain to him again when Ling Xiao suddenly made a ‘silence’ gesture.

“What’s wrong?”

“Listen closely.”

You XiaoMo instantly perked up his ears. The entire villa was nearly silent, but a voice burst into his mind very quickly. There was no way the typical person could hear it, since the voice was still quite far from them. In addition, the other person wasn’t speaking very loudly, but clearly he and Ling Xiao were not ordinary people.

What made him greatly surprised was that the owners of the voices were actually Papa and Mama You. Mama You’s voice was a bit choked, as if she was crying again. To the side was Papa You’s gentle and comforting voice. You XiaoMo had always been a little envious of their enduring love.

Back then, he had thought about if there was a day he took a wife, he would definitely love her dearly just like his father. But ever since he and Ling Xiao got together, it seemed like he was the one being loved dearly. He was at a loss of what to do!

Just as he was regretting, Mama You suddenly spoke. The first thing she said stupefied him.

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March 17, 2019 5:51 pm

No Momo!! You and LX love each other dearly not only LX.

I am so excited for the remaining updates

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March 17, 2019 6:29 pm

*climbs down my side of the cliff*
Oh Momo, your mother was under the weather probably because she was thinking of you. I can sort of imagine You Bo crashing Momo and Ling Xiao’s room and get roasted and thrown out by Ling Xiao…

March 17, 2019 7:11 pm

They all can’t move on yet since he died. That means they treated him lower for some reason, not because they didn’t love him.

Now I think of Butler Tan’s words..
—- Ever since the Second Young Master’s death, everyone in the You Family became weird. Whenever he saw them, he couldn’t help but want to say, ‘why do those things if only for things to turn out this way’. —-

March 17, 2019 7:17 pm

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Could his brothers already suspected it was him or they are just bitter thinking he is rubbing salt to their wounds.. as expected, even the extras were intriguing~

March 17, 2019 11:17 pm

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March 18, 2019 1:13 am

thank you so much!

SuHa Mael(@shuuha)
March 18, 2019 2:51 am

Actually it their family fault for treatening Momo harshly…don’t expect Momo will know the reason why they treat him like that…because of the lack of socialty Momo die without even knowing anything…thats why Butler Tan said like that…

March 18, 2019 8:13 am

Thank you for the update! Good job LX ,I approve~ Let them figure it out!

March 18, 2019 11:21 am

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[he used his eyes to hint at Ling Xiao to get a few more pieces of red braised pork for him.]

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Momo really is behaving too casually, but LX seems almost like he wants Momo to be exposed.
I wonder if they’re about to talk about their ‘dead son’ and Momo.
Thank you for translating.

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