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Chapter 115: Do worms eat worms?

Auguste decided to stay on the companion star for a meal. Mian recorded Hai’an’s magic Handbook with his nano computer because it was written in fairy language. Mian also recorded Hai’an’s nano computer number and added him as a friend to ask Hai’an about magic.

After crying enough, Pier grabbed one of Cessie’s arms, leaned back in his arms, sniffed and said, “Are you coming to see me?”

Colin, who was still fighting, threw out three twos and one six, crushed the whole game and casually answered back, “No, we’re just here to play cards.”

After consulting with Lydney, Hai’an decided to hold a covenant for the two of them in the wheat field. This covenant was the secret law of the Elves. Only those who have the blood of the Elves can guide the implementation of this covenant. Because they were afraid that human beings will catch the Elves wantonly when they knew this secret law, the Queen would impose a magic ban on each Elf as they were born, forbidding the new Elves to show it. The secret law was spoken out, but somehow, after coming to this world, the magic ban expired.

Maybe it was because everybody lived a long time? So it was useless to use this same-life contract magic. After all, no one could rest assured with his life tied to another person.

There seemed to be no seasonal change on the companion star. The golden wheat was shaking slightly in the wind. The red and bright rose petals in the sky were flying wantonly. “What are you going to do?” Carl asked Lydney doubtfully in the middle of the wheat field.

Lydney took Carl’s hand, somewhat mysterious, “Surprise you.”


Hai’an looked up at Auguste standing beside him. Auguste rarely smiled in front of everyone. He touched Hai’an’s head with encouragement. Hai’an swept his lips with his tongue and cleared his throat. He said softly, “Will you, under the witness of the goddess’ servants of GalaNore, establish a covenant of life and share life and death from now on?”

“Are they going to have a wedding?” Looking back from behind Cessie, Pier looked up and asked, he could not understand what they were doing. What Hai’an said sounded like an oath for when someone gets married, “Cessie, when will you marry me?”

“… Wait till you grow up a little more.”

“Why don’t you give me a change of skin?”

“… It’s not growing up, it’s ripening.”

“You just don’t want to marry me!” Sob…


By the time Hai’an finished reading the contract, Carl was stunned, and the surprise was beyond his scope of reaction. He even thought about it. Anyway, they were going to look for the moonflower. Even if Lydney died of old age in the end, he could revive him with the moonlight. He just didn’t know whether Lydney would be young or old when he came back. But it didn’t matter if he was old, what mattered was that he would be alive. Anyway, he would always love Lydney, he was just afraid that an old body wouldn’t be able to have sex.

“I will.” Lydney looked into Carl’s eyes and said affectionately.

After Lydney opened his mouth, Carl quickly turned, his eyes red and quickly answered, “I’d like to, too!” Then he was so excited that he hugged Lydney and buried his face in the side of his neck.

The white magic array appeared at the feet of both of them and broke instantly. It was like stars all over the sky, burning a white vine ring on Carl and Lydney’s ring fingers.

The vast universe was a sky full of stars, just like an empty city full of bustling crowds. You raise your head and see a star you love deeply. You go forward and meet the person you love most in your life. Even if the road ahead was rough, don’t worry, because the darker the sky is, the brighter the stars become; the more crowded the city is, the closer you are to each other. The tighter it is; the moment you look up at the sky, you see him shining like a star; the moment you embrace him, it was heaven.

During this small contract signing ceremony, Carl blushed. XiaXia and Pier almost cried.  

Cessie could not coax Pier until he said in a dejected voice, “Okay! We’ll get married, get married right away!” Pier then blinked and stopped crying.

I can’t wait to order a bunch of things on the Star Wedding Company to send them to the Tomb Star to marry Cessie.

When they left, Nightmare was still a little reluctant to part with them, with a paralyzed face holding Colin’s hand, “When you have time to fight with the landlord, you have a good hand.”

Colin: “…” As long as he was not with Nightmare, he would not lose to Nightmare, good luck!

Corson pulled back his brother’s hand somewhat unhappily. “It’s not good to play cards. Don’t take my brother with you.”

Nightmare nodded. “Well, let’s play mahjong next time. It’s one of three. You have to bring another card player.”

Corson: “…” Why does this primitive fighter love gambling so much?

“You are welcome to come again.” Mian and Pace stood together, shook hands and said to Auguste, “I and Pace decided to set up a small holiday center, opened to acquaintances, and maybe you’ll see it next time you come back.”

Jamie laughed. “Okay, next time I’ll bring my wife along.”

“Jamie is married?” Mian opened his eyes and asked in slight surprise.

When it comes to Cedar, Jamie relaxed. “Yes, my wife has been gone for a while, but soon she will be back.”

“That’s good. I’ll have the honeymoon suite ready for you.” Mian blinked at Jamie.

“Thank you.” Jamie showed his white teeth and his eyes were full of expectations. Hai’an wondered if he was expecting Cedar’s return or the honeymoon suite.

“Come on, we’re going to visit Tanamo.” Auguste took Hai’an one step ahead and walked into the Vagrant. Colin and Corson waved to Nightmare and went aboard the spaceship.

The pure black spacecraft sped up and shuttled between planets at near the speed of light, and soon reached the periphery of the mu 1.89.2 meteorite belt.

“The food planet business for Tanamo looks good.” Colin stared at the meteorites transformed into small hotels.

The mu 1.89.2 meteorite belt was no longer the desolate and uninhabited area they located during their previous visit. Many spaceships shuttled among the meteorites, carrying a batch of cargo. Most of the meteorites have been transformed into planetary hotels. Then Auguste flew to the middle and saw two planets at the center of the meteorite layer – a flesh pink one and a dark green one.

Auguste landed on the dark green planet, surrounded by a bunch of tiny beetles similar to Tanamo.

“Ah! Auguste, long time no see.” Tanamo saw the Vagrant from afar, threw down the work in his hands and rushed over, waving his insect’s feet to drive the little beetles away. “Is this JianJian? Ouch, you look great now you have grown up.”

Tanamo stretched out his insect’s feet and tried to touch Hai’an, but reached half way, and before Auguste could stop him, he retracted. “Hey hey hey, I’m a family man, so I can’t mess around.”

Auguste raised his eyebrow. “You married Bena?”

“Yes! These are my sons,” said Tanamo, pointing to the little beetles thrown aside to play. “Auguste, you are so kind to me. Look at how well this meteorite belt looks now, thanks to me, and the expedition ship you left behind really helped me!”

Tanamo muttered about everything that had happened during that time. It turned out that after Auguste departed, Tanamo made his fortune with the video they left behind and attracted a bunch of tourists to taste delicious food on the stars. Don’t mention that heavy-mouthed stuff was sliced into meat, fried in oil, fragrant and tender, and with mu 1.89.2 meteorites on the outer edge of the galaxy. Visitors from other galaxies, the Snow Wolves, and the two plant goblins moved in with them. They found a plot of land on the planet and settled down. By the way, they helped Tanamo with work for food. The original Beast Star had now become a breeding ground for beetles and insects. And Tanamo had also opened a “Close Food Pavilion” on the Beast Star for tourists to enjoy delicious food while watching the fight between meat and animals – humanoid worms as you choose!

“There are still only a few of us living on this planet. When there are too many people, it will be crowded. Some people with short eyes want to attack. After opening the expedition ship, I will catch them all and throw them into the Beast Star to feed the beetles and beasts!”

Auguste: “…” Auguste did not know how to evaluate Tanamo’s behavior, so he chose silence.

Tanamo quickly pointed his fire at Colin. “Ouch! How did Colin hide behind Corson? I almost thought of Corson as you. I couldn’t have seen you if he were half a head taller than you.”

Colin laughed twice, hoping that Tanamo would forget inviting him to eat meat worms.

But unfortunately, Tanamo mentioned it in his next sentence: “Colin thank you so much. It was you who gave me the confidence to cook meat, insects and animals. Today, when you come, I must invite you to have a good meal and let you taste my craft!”

Colin chose to betray his brother. He nodded. “My brother and I have always had a good relationship. You know, you can invite him to eat first.”

Strength back pot’s bitter pressure brother Corson:!!!

How did the fire suddenly spread to him?

Tanamo’s two giant bug eyes looked at him in an instant, expectantly.

“In that case, how can I refuse?” Corson put his clothes in order, pulled Colin forward calmly, but his right hand grasped Colin’s arm so that he could not escape. “I’d better eat with the lovely Colin, with him, I can eat more unpleasant meals.”

“Good! This way, I’ll prepare the VIP Hall for you! ” Tanamo rubbed his insect feet happily, guided Colin and Corson to the dining room, turned to Auguste and greeted them, “Would you like to try it?”

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