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Chapter 116: A Super Large Planet

Auguste immediately refused Tanamo’s invitation and said politely, “JianJian is vegetarian.”

Tanamo sighed disappointedly. “You will miss a delicious feast…”

“We just stopped by to see you. I didn’t realize you even have children now.” Carl honestly hurt Tanamo’s heart.

“By the way? Where are you going?”

“Find the moonlight flower for Jamie… You understand.”

Tanamo nodded, Jamie had been looking for the moonlight for a long time. He knew, “Oh, Auguste, while cleaning the expedition, Bena and I found an electronic star map in a pair of slippers in the shoe cabinet.”

When the voice fell, everyone was stunned. When they first came to the expeditionary ship, they looked at the star maps on the expeditionary ship, only part of which was missing – the path to the main star of Ayulon. And the electronic star map Tanamo found in his slippers was probably the missing star path!

Hai’an immediately looked up at Auguste standing next to him. Auguste was apparently shocked by the news. He was surprised at the news. His dark red eyes widened slightly, and he looked at Tanamo in a daze.

“Walk around and sit in with me.” Tanamo went ahead and took the lead in bringing Auguste back to the ship.

A small part of the expedition was cleaned up by Tanamo and Bena and kept for Auguste elsewhere. Bena was cooking in the room with an apron tied at her waist. She saw Auguste coming in and wiping her hands and saying, “Hey, Auguste, is this JianJian?”

All the people on the Vagrant, except Carl, Hai’an and XiaXia, were black-haired and black-eyed, but XiaXia and Leston remained on the Vagrant to see the boat. Hai’an’s long silver hair and aqua-green eyes were incompatible with the group, and his trademark sharp ears, innocent eyes like a deer, could soften people.

Tanamo has been telling her since she last saw JianJian’s mini-human form how Auguste’s plant looked so good. Even the ears were one section longer than other plant goblins. It’s so cute. Unexpectedly, she hadn’t seen him for a long time and JianJian had grown so big.

Bena looked again at the tall Auguste standing next to him, holding Hai’an’s hand tightly, and knew who JianJian was.

But Auguste was so big… Could JianJian stand such a big…?

Bena, who has become a woman, began to overflow with yellowness, but on the surface nothing was revealed, to maintain the original image of the elite female bug.

“Hello, Bena.” Hai’an took a few steps forward and said hello cleverly. The aqua-green eyes were as bright as emeralds. The delicate features did not look real. They were as pure and beautiful as angels. Alas, just such a beautiful person has been occupied by Auguste.

How did Bena look at his eyes as if there was something wrong? Hai’an was biased and doubtful. As a result, when Bena saw Hai’an’s stupidity, the pity in her eyes deepened.

“Things go back to their original owners.” Tanamo came out of the bedroom, waved insect feet, put an electronic star map chip into Auguste’s hands, and saw that Auguste remained silent. Tanamo sighed, “You can’t end the war, but it will end one day. Don’t you want to go home and see it?”

“Auguste…” Carl stood behind him and whispered, “Go back and have a look.”

“… Okay.” Auguste closed his palms and put the chip in his pocket.

“Tanamo, we’ve finished. Thank you for your hospitality.” Corson and Colin, who had just been led to the dining room by Tanamo, had come out. Tanamo thought this was a little strange. Why did they eat so fast?

“Yes, it tastes great.” Colin nodded with his brother and raised a thumb at Tanamo. “It’s much better than the one I ate last time!”

“Ha-ha-ha! If you like, I’ll invite you to eat next time, and then I’ll give you a new taste! “

Colin and Corson: “…”

Is it too late for them to refuse now?

“Well, now that you’re going to look for moonlight flower, I won’t delay you any longer.” Tanamo waved. “Auguste, when you find your hometown, remember to send me a picture.”

“Certainly.” Auguste’s eyes drooped. “He’s with me now… It will be better.”

“Well, I don’t know when Auguste will be back after his departure.” After watching the ship leave the planet, Tanamo said sadly.

Bena patted him on the upper limb and comforted him: “He’ll come back and he’ll see the wonderful planet, too.”

“I hope so.” Tanamo sighed and looked up at a picture in the dining room – a picture of all the crew of the expedition, with a blue planetary landscape behind it.

Auguste didn’t come to the dining room so hecertainly couldn’t see the picture. The Colin brothers, busy with the meat insect feast, didn’t have the leisure to look at the pictures on the wall. After a while of sadness, Tanamo began to clean up the dining room.

“Huh? Why did Colin and Corson even eat their plates? Tanamo looked under the table and couldn’t find Colin’s tray left over from their insect dinner. “It’s strange.”


Meanwhile, on the Vagrant—

Jamie sat down next to Colin and Corson and whispered, “Did you two really finish the meat bug dinner? How did you eat so fast?”

“No, we packed it, and we’re going to send it to Queltan and YanYan when we get to a courier transfer station.” Corson shook the small storage device in his hand.

Colin then echoed, “Anyway, we did eat everything. We left them nothing when we left. Let’s give them a good meal.”

Jamie: “…”

When Auguste got on board, he leaned against the table and was silent. Carl came up to him and hit him with his elbow. “What about the star map? Won’t you open it?”

“Do you want to go back?” Auguste moved and pulled out the electronic star map chip from his pocket.

Carl took the electronic star map chip and sneered, “If you don’t want to go back, why would you call the ship the Vagrant? You didn’t agree with me when I said it was Wang Ba.”

“Well, Carl, you’re not right. If the ship was called the King’s Bull, I would have never come aboard.” Colin chewed the apple, grabbed Corson’s neck and said, “Auguste, just look at it. Let’s go first to find the moonlight for Jamie, and then go to the main star of Ayulon for a tour.”

“Auguste doesn’t look at us.” Carl took the card reader and then pressed the projection button to show the whole star map into the hall.

The light in the hall dimmed instantly, and countless speckle particles formed a huge moving map of the universe around them, shining a light blue light in each person’s pupil.

Hai’an raised his head and looked at the map for a while. Suddenly, he frowned and said with some doubt, “This map… It’s like the map Palatine gave us.”

“Yes… We’re here now, and we’ve just come from the companion star.” Lydney stretched out his slender fingers and crossed the orbit between the planets. “The end of this map… It’s the planet where moonlight flower grows.”

The moonlight flower grows on the main star of Ayulon?

“Impossible! I never saw such flowers when I was a child! ” Carl walked up to the marked planet frowned and murmured, “There are no flowers on the main star…”

“Why not?” Jamie was a little strange, “There is no record of the main star of Ayulon in the stars. The book only mentions that Ayulon has many subsidiary planets.”

“The main star of Ayulon is a sea.” Auguste took off the main star on the map and held it in his hand. The planet formed by blue spot particles glowed in his hand, just like the planet he saw as a child, “half shallow sea, half deep sea.”

“We live in the shallow sea. The shallow sea is like an unknown tree, which can be used for dozens of Ayulons to return to their original shape and live on it. There are no other plants, let alone moonlight…”

The main star of Ayulon was very large. Auguste has lived for so many years and he had never seen a planet larger than Ayulon’s. The surface area of the shallow sea alone was equal to the total area of 100,000 Titus stars. However, this was only half of its total area.

The other half was the dangerous deep sea.

The deep sea was dangerous and dark as it went down. There were even creatures that could kill an Ayulon as they were tens of times the size of Ayulon. It could kill Ayulon with an ease like a bird eating a caterpillar. Even the strongest Ayulon could not escape from it. No Ayulon could tell exactly what was on the bottom of the sea as all of those who went to the innermost part of the deep sea never came back.

Old dragons say that there may be another unknown world in there.

In the shallow sea, only fresh water was edible, but there was no food. All food had to be obtained from the deep sea. It was said that the materials used by Ayulon to build buildings in the shallow sea originated from the deep sea, but that was more than a billion years ago.

More than a billion years later, Ayulons no longer lived on trees like their ancestors, but built other high-tech buildings. Only a very small number of Ayulons chose to continue living on trees.

By the time Auguste was born, the Ayulons had ceased to enter the deep sea. By then, they had developed enough technology to gain resources by invading other planets. There was no need to enter the dangerous deep sea and sacrifice their companions for the resources they needed to survive. An Ayulon’s life was very long. Usually, the longer the life is, the longer the race will take to grow up. But the growth rate of an Ayulon was different. It only took one hundred years for them to grow up which was probably a result of living in close proximity to a deep sea.But instead of going to the deep sea to catch food, they evolved another instinct: bloodthirsty, irritable and belligerent.

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