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Chapter 127: Please do not forget my sincere love

When he heard that Auguste and Hai’an had chosen the big tree, Carl was too lazy to look again. He found an Adel tree next to them. Colin, Corson, Leston, and XiaXia also took a ride together and settled down around Auguste and Hai’an’s home.

“It’s a wonderful view over here.” Lydney sat in Hai’an’s and Auguste’s treehouse, sipping tea and sighing softly.

Hai’an has made several passages with vines to allow people to walk freely through the treehouse, except that Auguste and Carl, who were heavily overweight, were forbidden to walk on the vine road. Hai’an also took some seeds from Kai’s sea of flowers and scattered them in the shallow sea under their tree houses. The vine path was full of purple flowers. He believed that soon, it would become a beautiful sea of flowers.

“JianJian, have you heard? Kai’s boyfriend is coming to the star.”

Hai’an heard Lydney’s words and paused for tea: “Boyfriend? But… His boyfriend is not…

“Oh, this is a new one.” 

“I think this new boyfriend is good. He didn’t report Kai’s supposed fraud.”

The three chatted so much that Auguste flew back and told them that Kai’s new boyfriend had arrived and that he was inviting everyone to dinner, just across the deep sea. XiaXia and Lydney went first, leaving Hai’an and Auguste to pack up the furniture in the treehouse. Auguste frowned and stopped talking.

“What’s wrong?” Hai’an turned aside and asked Auguste what had happened.

“Kai’s new boyfriend has sharp ears.” Auguste went to Hai’an and rubbed Hai’an’s silver hair. “According to his description, he might be a dark elf like you said.”

Having heard Auguste’s words, Hai’an was somewhat stunned. How could it be a dark elf?

Although Hai’an had already prepared the world for the arrival of the ten races of the Nore continent, he was somewhat dismayed when he heard the news. After all, white elves and dark elves were like burning flames and still lakes — they can never blend.

“It’s all right… We live some distance from Kai.” Hai’an lowered his eyes and finally uttered this sentence. He would never take the initiative to provoke war. The war on Nore should not continue on this planet.

Moreover, the people who could appear here should not be wrong. Either he or Uncle Ye and Palatine or any other race that had been reborn through the moonlight, was a person who had never had blood on their hands.

Hai’an kept thinking all the way positively, but when he met Kai’s boyfriend, he found himself really worried. Kai’s boyfriend was not a dark elf at all. Even though he did have a pair of ears almost as long as he did, and his skin was dull and gray, he was taller than Kai, and if it weren’t for his sharp ears and beautiful face, he would think he was a muscular orc.

But the Orcs are relatively common in length…

So what race was this man?

Guhei was also surprised when he saw Hai’an. Obviously, he did not know that there was almost a similar person on the planet like him.

“Hey, hey, hey, here you go, this is my boyfriend.” Kai sneaked up to grab Guhei’s hand and introduced him to everyone.

Guhei was not shy and took a generous step forward: “Hello, I am Guhei, Elven Dragon, Kai’s boyfriend.”

Elf Dragon! Hai’an stared at him intensely. He never thought that in his lifetime, he could see the unique magic of his world.

Between the dragons and elves, the dragon race had a bit of edge, but after they became dragon-shaped, only a pair of black wings wrapped in Hellfire would be different. Because the dragons and the goblins were born as high producing creatures, they lived in the devil’s world.  

But their fighting power was extreme, although not the strength of the orthodox Dragon, enough to become a small overlord in the devil world, they inherited the forest goblins “house” nature, only like to stay in their own homes, generally do not come out at will, so they were accepted by the devil world.

But for the Elven Dragon, the most intolerable thing in the world was to move, and Guhei was willing to settle down on the main star of Ayulon, which was true love.

“My love, JianJian, elf.” Auguste, with a wooden face, introduced himself solemnly to others.

Hai’an: “…”

Guhei listened to Hai’an’s name and stayed still for a few seconds. The white elves in Nore mainland, who had always been noble and elegant, actually took such a one… The name made him somewhat unacceptable.

“HeiHei, come on. I’ll take you to my parents.” Kai wanted to introduce his boyfriend, immediately pulling Guhei to the moonlight.

Colin hugged his arm, looked at Kai and Guhei leaving, and looked at the pile up on the ground. Guhei brought a collection of animal corpses, which were said to be the top delicacy of the interstellar food. Some wondered, “What he called inviting us to dinner, is throwing the food to us to make it ourselves?”

“You can only do it yourself.” Corson rolled his sleeves around his elbows and began to process the food. “Kai has lived here for hundreds of years, drinking blood. Do you dare to eat the food he cooks for you?”

Colin swallowed, rubbed his arms, and whispered, “Then I might as well go to Tanamo’s meat insect dinner…”

Only Alia and Red Shield were absent from the dinner. Red Shield’s body was damaged too much. Alia drove a small flying boat and went to Cessie at the Tomb Star to find out if he could make Red Shield a personal skin.

After the last rays of the sun disappeared entirely in the sky, Auguste took Hai’an’s hand and walked around the deep sea. The soul stones floating in the deep sea felt Auguste’s breath, surrounded them, emitting a starry fluorescent blue light.

The stars floating on the trembling grass tree floated on the water. Hai’an raised his head and looked at the trembling grass tree, which made him surprised.

Before he could explain more to Auguste, Hai’an dropped his hand and ran towards the trembling grass tree, leaving Auguste alone with a blank face. The trembling grass tree was now a new life tree. Hai’an was so excited because he found a white vine on a downward branch – the vine used by each elf to weave a corolla for his beloved.

Hai’an stood under the tree, took off the vine, quickly wove it into a corolla, and then put it next to his heart.

Auguste also came to Hai’an at this time and looked down at Hai’an’s bright eyes in the starlight. “What are you doing?”

He saw Hai’an pick something from the tree from a long distance, but he didn’t see what he did with it.

“Is the bracelet I gave you before still there?”

“Yes.” Auguste unfastened the button on his sleeve and exposed the green vine bracelet on his wrist.

Hai’an smiled when he saw the bracelet. “Close your eyes, and I’ll give you something else.”

Auguste also gave a little laugh, closed his eyes according to Hai’an’s instructions, crouched down a little bit, and put his head toward Hai’an. Was JianJian finally getting to know how to kiss him outside?

But instead of waiting for Hai’an’s kiss, Auguste felt something on his head. Auguste opened his eyes and touched his head and found that it seemed to be a corolla.

“What does this corolla mean?” Hai’an will not give him things for no reason, let alone pick the vine from the trembling grass tree.

Hai’an pulled out the shimmering soul stone in his shirt and held it in his hand: “It means that we are together forever.”

Auguste knew that Hai’an loved him as much as he loved Hai’an, but Hai’an’s love always made all the stars in his universe shine; they used to be people of two worlds, and the chance of meeting was as small as a grain of dust in the universe, but it was like an accident that they met and loved each other, as if it had been destined.

It was like lighting up the stars at night, like courage at a low ebb, like dew at the withering moment, surging in each other’s blood.

Never be separated.

“Do you know what the flower language of stars is?” Auguste bent down, drew a starflower from the deep sea, put it in Hai’an’s hand, pulled out his fluttering hair on the forehead, and gave a devout kiss on the lips. “Please do not forget my sincere love, please miss me. Hope that everything is not too late, I will return to you again.”


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August 28, 2019 9:09 pm

Kai got a elven dragon for himself!! Not bad!

Hai’an and Auguste… could you not be this cute?!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 29, 2019 7:57 am

Thank you for the extra!!! XD

Elven dragon? A mix between an elf and a dragon or a separate species? Cool!

Yes, Hai’an finally made corolla for Auguste! They are always soo sweet together.

August 31, 2019 6:04 pm

Aaaah, so shweeet. Love, love, loved this story.

September 26, 2021 8:19 am

Aww, I was hoping Red Shield would be fixed/healed by now. They are part of this family and missed.
So Black Bone is a dragon elf?!
I want to read of Jamie and Cedar reuniting too.
Thank you for translating.

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