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Chapter 8: Mutual Frustration Upon Arriving at the rubbish disposal area

Translated by Alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Anjie’s garbage smelled terrible and sometimes even had hazardous and harmful effects, but it was ignored by the people. However, even for the dirtiest, grimiest person, he still had to take out his trash once every other week.

Of course, if you were rich enough without anything to do, you could hire others to take out your trash. However, due to the cruel and brutal nature of Anjie, even an old man operating a stall or a mom that cooked at home were the types of people to slap you senseless with their shoe or use a kitchen knife to murder your master.

So, even to these cruel “weaklings,” the garbage disposal expenses were naturally incomparable to the ordinary cost of garbage disposal outside. According to Anjie’s Dumbass Statistics, the cost of employing people to dump one’s garbage was almost equal to the price of finding a beautiful person to spend the night with.

As a result, the idiocrasy of Anjie could be summed up in a single sentence: unnecessary consumption and leftovers should both taxed the same amount. The fact of the matter was that there was very little distinguishing the people who took out the trash and the trash themselves, and thus it was negligible.

But! Much to the surprise of the rich old men who hired others to take out their trash, starting from three days ago, their employees were demanding a raise in wages. And from three days ago until the present, the price to take out the trash suddenly increased to a point they couldn’t bear it any longer!

As a result, the old moneybags of Anjie were quite unhappy. If you want a raise in wages, fine, but how could you make money if you were dead?! Anjie’s rubbish disposal area was a chaotic and dirty place but only a little bit dangerous, how could one demand a price raise rivaling that of a fierce S-level beast?!

So, the old, aggressive moneybags of Anjie started taking out their own trash for the first time, sauntering towards the rubbish disposal area of Anjie. As the old men made their way to the rubbish disposal area, they met many familiar faces. At first, they all thought it was okay, seeing other seventh level hunters like themselves taking out their own trash, clicking their tongues as they did so.

But after time passed and more and more familiar faces came, even the ninth-level explorers started coming with a huge garbage bag in tow. Even dumbasses could tell that something was wrong…

How was this even taking out the trash? It was more like a group of hunters ready to hunt and murder.

Was the rubbish disposal area occupied by an abandoned A-level beast these past few days?! Was this why the weaklings didn’t dare come near?

As a result, all the old men, elders, aunties, and uncles of Anjie began to take out their trash with extreme caution. Eventually, the old men were able to scare a group of people just by hiding and stamping their feet and were quite dumbfounded by this. Afterward, their hairy bodies would abruptly retreat three feet back, as if they were trying to stare down the gigantic rubbish disposal area.

“Psh, Old Zhang…can you tell me if this really is the garbage disposal area since your eyes are good? Why does this old one get the feeling that beasts are taking refugee here?!”

“Tsh, what are you asking me for? This is my first time seeing a crippled beast out in the daylight! It’s an S or B rank yet doesn’t make a move to attack! What kind of joke is this?!”

“Yeah, it’s bizarre! Do you guys remember how three days earlier there was garbage all around? Where did it all go now?! If garbage disappears after people throw it away, is it still a rubbish disposal area?!”

“That’s why when you throw out the trash we come along and throw it out too.” A scarred boy patted the shoulder of the somewhat disabled and ugly boy who was complaining next to him. However, he only received a huge eye roll.

“Psh! Are you blind or a fool?! Do you not see how two big gods are crouching next to the disabled over there?! The one crouching on the left is an A-rank Flame Leopard?! Look at the red and purple flames! Even if it’s blind in one eye, it’s fighting ability would be at least B+! I really want to know which old man would be dumb enough to throw such a beast away! This guy here would send at least two streets of excited girls chasing after it!” The ugly boy having heard this opened his mouth wordlessly, face full of regret.

“If it were just the flame leopard there wouldn’t be any problem. The issue is that its buddy on the right is an A-rank snow eagle! I can’t believe it! A flying A-rank beast!! These are extremely rare. Do you think if its winged were injured, it could still be raised to have some use? What kind of dumbass threw this beast away?! Or maybe some kind of sinner? To have this kind of top-grade snow eagle with unblemished feathers is a chance less than one out of ten thousand!!”

“Like I said, with your Level Six Explorer abilities, do you still want to take out the trash, Xiao Yang? Better to go back home and train more!!”

“Psh, what gives you the right to act so superior? Aren’t we all just gauging the trash, unwilling to leave?!” The ugly boy refuted, slightly red in the face.

“Hmph. You, little guys, are quite pitiful!” A newly arrived older woman shook her head. “If I didn’t come myself, I never would have believed that abandoned beasts were this miserable …Tsk, even if I ate a few fewer bites of food, dumped out the trash myself a few times, and treated the other three at my house better, the white sand tiger with all broken limbs at my home still wouldn’t live. His stripes have almost disappeared.”

As soon as the woman spoke, the noisy clamor from those formerly at the rubbish disposal area drew silent.

Even if the flame leopard and snow eagle crouching next to the wounded animal were strong, but to Anjie’s desperate people, throwing away the trash was utterly impossible. In reality, at the plaza, there was still an eighth level and ninth level experts. And the reason that not even this experts carelessly threw away garbage was that at the center of the plaza was a group of gray-black furred, scarred, dying beasts.

Everyone knew that beasts were loyal protectors; otherwise, the majority of people wouldn’t have a beast at their side; people also knew that beasts could suffer injuries and die. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be beast hospitals and medicine manufacturers for beasts. But just because people knew they could get harmed and die didn’t mean that people witnessed their pain with their own eyes. It didn’t mean that people would genuinely sympathize with them as they slowly died.

Because it could not be seen, people could delude themselves and ignore it. However, if there was suddenly a day that pain and death and other cruel, tragic events occurred in front of people’s eyes, even the comfortably ignorant ruffians of Anjie would feel more or less compassionate towards the sight before them.

“Ay…just forget about it! I’m just afraid that these guys are here since I can’t even throw it away here! Seriously, today I’m just taking the little one to eat a big meal, tomorrow I still have lots of things to finish! En, actually giving the little one an energizing crystal nucleus would suffice…Anyways, this trip is just to let the little one play around a bit. It’s too important to not let the little one do so!”

Following the first person’s act of abandonment, the crowd nearby similarly went to the rubbish disposal area guys looked around to see what things they could throw away. Even though dumping out the trash at the front of the street wasn’t convenient but thinking of one’s own beasts at home, people couldn’t bear it and would spend a lot of energy cleaning up a spot underneath the sun to start another pile of useless trash.

And when these people turned around and started to walk away, through the dying beasts that lay on the streets, the beasts curled up in the corner licking their wounds, and the two half-recovered A-level beasts flowed a slow sense of gratitude and warmth.

Even if they were beasts, they could still understand human nature. They appeared to be carefree in life, or perhaps this was insignificant to these people, but to them, it was like basking in the warmth of the sun.

Awoo awoo–!!

Chirp chip—!!

The clear and resounding sound of the leopard roaring and the eagle’s cry reverberated in the crowd, even if someone couldn’t understand the beast’s language, the people of Anjie who had grown up with these beasts could clearly hear the gratitude in the cries of the two beasts.

In a split second, all the old men and aunties simultaneous decided that tonight they would all take their own beasts to eat a big meal and then go to the best hospital for a checkup!

Pah! Wasn’t this just spending money?! Old men and women are more than willing!!

“Keke…Baozi and Little Snow, you two look like flower buds. It seems like this group of big bosses wants to spend some money tonight. This is why I said very early on that even though sometimes you hate people to death, there’s still something quite lovely about them. The key is to find the right people and to slowly get rid of the bad ones or break them until they become good people too!” When the dumbass trash taking garbage people of Anjie finally left, a pale-faced, skinny but handsome, composed young man slowly walked out of the no longer sunlit corner.

If Li Xiao was here, he would immediately recognize that was the person who agreed to stay at his house, then immediately betrayed him and went to the rubbish disposal area, JinYu. If the orange porcupine were here, he would surely point at him, saying how JinYu hadn’t been seen in three days and was already this skinny and lifeless.

At the moment, JinYu’s amorous eyes squinted. Even though his clothes had dried out awhile ago, but there were very few places that could wash out blood and beast fur. But for all that, as soon as JinYu stood in the middle of the horde of injured beasts, he appeared at peace, but people who came close purposefully let their beasts loose. However, when the beasts neared the boy, they would become well behaved and affectionate.

“Hey! Even though I really want to treat your boss to a meal, but it’s hard becoming a hero with a single penny!! I only have this one purple crystal coin, boss. Altogether we have twenty-eight mouths total…how depressing. Even if we ate mantou every day, we could only last half a month! Even more, your bodies need extra care and nutrition, such as buying medicine and curing diseases. If we continue like this, we’ll all die.”

Awo awo…. The flame leopard whined sadly, rubbing its one-eyed head against JinYu’s hand. JinYu patted it in return.

“Baozi ah, how many times do I have to tell you can’t steal! At least not in front of those who still haven’t unlocked their fighting potential! Well, I guess this leopard doesn’t have anywhere to dump trash…Hehe, I think I’ve found a great way to make money! It’ll even be a monopoly!!” JinYu smiled wickedly, rubbing the flame leopard’s head. “Baozi, bring over the hose. It’s time to cleanse this place!”


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