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Chapter 61: Are you wearing this skirt or not? 


Auguste’s hand was snatched into Hai’an’s arms at once, and his fingertips hit Hai’an’s slippery and soft little face, which made him feel the abnormal temperature of Hai’an’s body. Hai’an’s skin was very hot and his face was flushed an abnormal red. There was an uncomfortable hum in his throat, as if he had a fever.

“JianJian, JianJian?” Auguste shouted at Hai’an. Hai’an moved but did not open his eyes. Auguste touched Hai’an’s forehead, confirmed that he had a fever, then extended his hand and shook Hai’an to ask him if he was uncomfortable. “JianJian, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm ~”  Was his response to Auguste’s uncomfortable humming.

Seeing no reason why, Auguste had to take off Hai’an’s clothes, but Hai’an held him in his arms. Auguste moved the soul stone hanging around Hai’an’s neck and placed his fingers there instead.

Hai’an embraced the stone, turned around and continued humming.

Auguste took advantage of this time to squeeze a wet towel. Hai’an was a plant, he did not know whether human medicines would be useful for Hai’an. He dared not easily test medicines and could only use the most primitive physical cooling method to cool Hai’an.

The hot and humid towel touched Hai’an and the area became cold after a while. Hai’an felt a stirring cold and he opened his eyes in a panic. Hai’an’s eyes were red-blooded and the circle around his eyes was red, as if he was about to cry uncomfortably.

Hai’an’s eyes turned around, focusing on Auguste, and breathing with his mouth open, “Pain ~”

Auguste half knelt at the bedside, lowered his head and asked softly, “Where does it hurt?”

Hai’an’s hand was pulled out of the quilt and covered his cheek. “Tooth ~ ahhhh ~”

Some children did have tooth pain when their teeth were growing in and they also had a fever.

“Open your mouth and let me see.” It sounded like Hai’an’s teeth were growing in. Auguste also had a general understanding of the causes of Hai’an’s fever. It was better not to have a fever caused by other reasons and tooth pain was simple.

“Ah ~” Hai’an obediently opened his mouth, pink tongue sliding along his lower teeth. Next to the left upper teeth, there was indeed a small piece of white pointing out which should be his new tooth.

Auguste touched Hai’an’s hair. “JianJian’s teeth are growing in, so it hurts. Just wait for your teeth to grow out.”

Hai’an listened to Auguste’s words, closed his mouth, licked his teeth, and found that there was only one place where he had a tooth. That is to say, it would take him a long time and hurt many times.

Hai’an stared in horror. He was a plant now. Why should he have teeth? Hai’an pulled the quilt to his chin, frowned and closed his eyes. The fever made him all drowsy and very uncomfortable.

Auguste saw a small lump bulging under the quilt and patted Hai’an gently. “Sleep. You’ll be fine when you wake up.”

After that, Auguste was about to get up and leave. Uh uh? Hai’an didn’t think so. Why was Auguste leaving?

Hai’an quickly lifted the quilt and sat up and grabbed Auguste’s clothes. If Auguste hadn’t been concerned about Hai’an’s every move, he would not have felt the strength. Auguste looked back and saw that Hai’an’s two small hands were tightly grasping the corner of his clothes, with his little face turned up and his hair cluttered against his face. His eyes were full of physiological tears and red because of the fever. It was like staring at him when he had just been spoiled…

Hai’an: Don’t you want to stay with me?

Auguste: It’s not right for me to think that… JianJian is still a child.

So Auguste coughed to hide his freshly derailed thoughts. “What’s wrong?”

“Sleep.” Hai’an’s pitiful voice came.

Auguste was stunned, and the idea just came back to him, but then he thought that Hai’an might mean he wanted him to be there with him.

“Okay.” You can use brains in bed too… Auguste was just afraid of disturbing Hai’an’s rest, so he had planned to go to the table and think over there. Since Hai’an did not want him to leave, he would stay.

Auguste pulled Hai’an’s little hand off of his clothes, pushed him back down on the bed, pulled up the quilt, undressed himself and went to bed. He put Hai’an on his body, so that he could lie in his arms.

Usually Hai’an’s body temperature was similar to Auguste’s. When two people stuck together, they were like a tree growing into the sky together. They were hard to separate. Now that Hai’an had a fever, like a warm treasure, warmth spread on Auguste’s chest.

Auguste could not help reaching out and touching Hai’an’s body. He could cover it with one hand. Auguste started to feel Hai’an’s smooth back and, underneath the soft underpants, his butt.

It was like touching a doll, but it felt firm.

Auguste shook his head and was ashamed of what he had just done. Then he opened his nanocomputer and began to book hotel rooms and their transportation tools.

After all this, Auguste opened Flower Street’s online shopping mall and began buying Hai’an’s daily necessities. Well, the flowerpot should be given new water, nutrient solution, soil, and a YangYang flower. Buy the most expensive things! And a new bottle, customize a new toothbrush, this milk powder seems delicious?… Buy the most expensive! Buy new clothes together. Just sew his underwear since he wasn’t skilled enough in sewing clothes.

So when Hai’an woke up, he was shocked to see a pile of clothes piled up on the table in Auguste’s room. Did he sleep too long? Or had Auguste’s sewing skills reached a new level?

Auguste was playing with Hai’an’s new toothbrush and cup in the bathroom. When he came out, he saw that Hai’an was awake. He went to the bedside and touched Hai’an’s head. He found that it was not hot. But in case, Auguste asked Hai’an if there was anything uncomfortable.

“Is your tooth still painful? Is there anything else that feels uncomfortable?”

Hai’an fiddled with his mouth and found that the place where he had the new tooth did not seem to hurt much. It was now a little sensitive and soft, but this was much better than the toothache he had just had, so Hai’an shook his head and pointed to the pile of clothes.

“Clothing ~” Hai’an’s attention was still on the pile of clothes.

Auguste looked down at Hai’an’s hand and said, “I bought it for you.” Auguste picked up Hai’an and walked to the table.


Auguste lowered his head and kissed Hai’an on the back of his head. “I may not have time to do it later. So I decided to do it for you now.”

Feeling Auguste’s soft lips sticking to his head, Hai’an could not help recalling the kiss in the darkness the last time. His sharp ears immediately turned red.

Hai’an was held by Auguste at the table and lowered himself as he sat down in the chair, then he began to turn over the pile of clothes on the table.

Auguste bought too many clothes and had them for all year round. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, but the store did not organize them when they sent them to him. Auguste decided to go to the store and give it a comment later.

Hai’an himself ran to the pile of clothes and turned each piece over. Hai’an found a suspicious goose-yellow skirt and pulled it out. It was really a skirt.

A skirt….This is…

Hai’an held up the skirt and looked at Auguste with wide eyes. Auguste actually bought him a skirt??!!

Auguste was confused. He didn’t buy Hai’an a skirt at all. Auguste quickly found the casually thrown express box, looked carefully, and found a forgotten card.

The card had a twisted string of words on it.

[Congratulations! The amount you bought in this store has reached 10,000 interstellar coins, and you have got a set of colorful princess dresses as a gift! Looking forward to your next visit. ]

Auguste: “…”

He immediately went to the table and turned over the pile of clothes. He found other red, orange, green, blue and purple skirts, even matching shoes and hair dresses.

“JianJian,” Auguste said, taking the skirt Hai’an’s holding, gathering it with the other skirts and throwing them into the trash can. “These clothes were sent by the store by mistake.”

Really? Hai’an’s eyes were full of questions.

“Oh…” Hai’an protracted the ending to show that he knew.

Auguste: “…”

Negative comment! He must give a bad comment!

In order to prove that his aesthetic was normal, Auguste personally matched Hai’an with a casual winter suit, a light coffee-colored goat horn button coat, a pair of snow boots of the same color, and a green scarf with a velvet ball. Auguste was ready to take Hai’an to the lobby to find Carl and assemble everyone.

Auguste himself changed into an English style casual coffee wool suit and tied the same green checked scarf around his neck just like Hai’an’s. Flower Street was now in winter, so they had to be careful to keep warm. But he and Hai’an had not reached the door when they heard two men in the hall groaning and moaning.

Uh-huh, ah, high and low, continuous, the ending is also soft and smooth.


Auguste: “…”

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July 27, 2019 1:48 am

Hai’an is having a teething pain. Ouch, hang in there little one!

Auguste clearly bought all male clothes and those idiots send his an additional set of useless princess dresses?! People, heve you heard about customized gifts? No? Well this dragon daddy won’t buy from you ever again!

“But he and Hai’an had not reached the door when they heard two men in the hall groaning and moaning.” Hm… CARL!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

Thank you for the chapter!

July 27, 2019 9:37 pm

Auguste could have shameful thoughts, but he’s not a pervert… of course he didn’t buy skirts for Hai’an. XD

Thanks for the chapter!

September 11, 2019 5:55 am

Poor hai’an all he wanted to wear was skirt.

October 18, 2019 11:12 am

hehe… cute scenes..

February 15, 2020 3:49 pm

After reading the ending: wuh-HAT???

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