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Chapter 62: Wear couple’s clothes to accompany you shopping 


Listening to the increasing moaning sounds in the hall, Auguste couldn’t help but quicken his pace and push the door open.

“What are you looking at…” As soon as Auguste spoke, he shut up. There was no other reason.

In the hall, where they use to discuss some major issues of holographic stereo projection, now was playing an AV with a pair of males, in high-definition. Posture, movement, and even the actor’s demeanour could be seen clearly. The murmuring sound of the water intertwined with their moans. In the hall, Carl was busy trying to turn off the projection, but he could not turn it off.

“The fuck!! What’s this? Why can’t it be turned off?” Carl shouted angrily.

“Wow!” Hai’an stared at the projection and exclaimed. Auguste quickly put his hand over Hai’an’s eyes.

But the sound of the projection was still ringing throughout the room. Auguste had to squeeze his fingers over Hai’an’s ears.

“Uh-hu, uh!!” Hai’an began to struggle in Auguste’s arms. The ears of the Elves were very sensitive. Auguste’s handling of his ears was no different from teasing him directly. But the moans in the hall were too loud. Auguste did not hear Hai’an’s voice for a moment. He thought that Hai’an’s struggles were because he was only interested in the projection. He wanted to get rid of his shackles. How could a child see something so dirty?

Others in the hall were gaping.

They took a day off, but they still felt uneasy. They thought maybe it was because Flower Street was in winter and everyone needed hibernation, but the boss, Auguste, did not take a long vacation.

Carl said he remembered one thing he had gotten when they were shopping in the Black Market. The owner who sold milk powder to Auguste gave them a CD-ROM. It was said that it was the latest DJ song. So he proposed to play it for everyone.

Everyone felt that the suggestion could not be better.

They all agreed.

But it was such a thing. And it seemed to set up a program that couldn’t be shut down until it was finished. It was shameful enough.

“Carl, you…” Colin pointed at Carl, unable to speak.

“I don’t know if I can get it to stop,” said Carl, who was almost breathless and bleeding. He threw the remote control directly, gave up the struggle, and let it play. “I’ve never seen it before! How would I know it was such a thing!”

Carl was also very wronged. He had never paid attention to the disc before and had put it under the bed as he forgot about it. Today, when he got up, he saw it unexpectedly, and thought it would be good to bring the song to the hall.

As a result, pa pa pa.

Lydney picked up the remote control that Carl had thrown on the carpet and studied it. “This thing should shut down automatically once it’s finished. There’s no virus.”

Everyone looked at the progress bar under the projection and was silent, the AV is more than three hours long.

Lydney seemed to realize that it took a long time. “Well, let’s watch Sex Education movies…”


Hai’an on the side couldn’t tear Auguste’s hands off of him. His hands pressed on his ears almost pulling at the sensitive bands of his whole body. They pulled at his nerves, but he couldn’t release them. The extreme pleasure broke through the limit Hai’an could endure.

“Ahn ~ Aaah~” Hai’an suddenly shouted and cried.

Auguste was shocked by Hai’an’s unexpected cry, and quickly released his hand, while Hai’an immediately raised his hand to protect his ears.

“What’s wrong?” Auguste lowered his head and asked nervously. Seeing Hai’an’s action of protecting his ears, he thought he was crushing Hai’an.

Hai’an sniffed and said intermittently, “No… Touch… Ears…”

As soon as Auguste released his hand, Hai’an stopped crying. He also felt that he had just lost his life. He was crying like this. But the feeling was really strange. In his past fifty years, Hai’an had never felt that way. Until now, he had not been touched like that by others. He was all hot and soft, and there was something unspeakable where he rubbed against his clothes. It felt itchy.

“Okay,” said Auguste, raising his hand and touched Hai’an’s little head, but Hai’an was still soaked in the feeling from being pressed on his ear. He shrank his neck and moved his pointed ears sensitively, but the hand pulling Auguste’s clothes did not relax at all.

“Forget our break, let’s go out. I’ve already booked our hotel. JianJian is so scared, he’s crying.” Auguste’s unflattering remarks attracted the attention of others in the hall.

They turned to see that Hai’an was indeed red-eyed, with water in his eyes and sniffing his nose as if he had just cried.

Even Carl, who had the thickest skin, felt a little guilty. He felt bad that JianJian had seen such dirty things. But in fact, it was the first time that he had seen it as well even after living for so many years.

“Let’s go,” Carl said, pulling Lydney’s hand and going out. “Leave him alone here.”

“Take your luggage, we may be on Flower Street for a long time.”

“Go ahead,” Leston took out a cigarette and lit it, took a puff. “I’m not going.”

“Really Leston? You haven’t got off the ship for a long time. Are you sure you won’t go and see outside?” Corson felt this was a little strange.

“No, you know I’m rather homeless.”

“Well, this time Leston will stay and watch the ship.” As soon as Auguste struck a final note, he picked up the bottle that Lydney had already prepared and handed it to Hai’an. Then he took Hai’an back to his bedroom to pack his luggage.

Leston confirmed that Auguste had left the ship, then he went to the lobby and moved a chair over so he could comfortably sit in it, then pressed the replay button on the remote control. Carl’s disc turned as it began all over again.

Life was the need for emotional adjustment. Leston peeled a banana satisfactorily.

Auguste dragged two suitcases in one hand. Hai’an’s suitcase was packed by Auguste for him. The small one was pressed on Auguste’s large suitcase. They stood outside the Vagrant and waited for Auguste’s booked flying car in the waiting area of Flower Street.

Colin and Corson were wearing dark green casual clothes, while Jamie was still wearing a serious black windbreaker. Lydney was wearing a dark blue shirt inside and a beige V-Neck sweater on the outside, which made him very handsome. Carl’s face was still red and he was wearing a blue shirt. He was standing next to Lydney in a beige windbreaker.

In this way, passers-by who did not know them would probably think they were a couple.

Hai’an looked down at the clothes he was wearing, and then at the clothes on Auguste. He and Auguste were in the same color! Would anyone think he and Auguste were lovers, too?

A snowflake slowly drifted down from the sky and fell on Hai’an’s head. Before Hai’an had time to touch it, Auguste had reached out to brush the snowflake for him. Hai’an looked up and saw Auguste looking at him tenderly, his eyes were filled with many feelings. As if he saw the whole world in his eyes.

Hai’an lowered his eyes, reached out and patted himself on the cheek, hoping to reduce the heat on his face a little.

They waited only ten minutes and Auguste’s reserved taxi arrived. It was an aerial ship modelled on the design of an oriental country on ancient earth. The eaves on the top of the ship were slightly warped, painted vermilion, beams and phoenixes carved on the pillars, red lanterns hung from the eaves, and the wind bells hung on the doors of the ship were also ringing with crisp sounds.

“Wow ~” This was Hai’an’s first time seeing this Oriental style architecture. He watched the painted boat coming towards them without turning his eyes.

Flower Street was a very special interstellar existence. This was the place where businessmen got rich and was the paradise of those rich. Everywhere there was a business district, making it the best place for enjoyment.

Flower Street was divided into the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. The Eastern Hemisphere features oriental style architecture. Most of the pedestrians were also wearing Oriental Chinese costumes or cheongsams, while the Western Hemisphere was modeled after the existence of Western style, solemn churches, retro-style dresses, areas full of streets, which constituted half the planet.

The planet had no land, but also no ocean. The surface of the planet was a shallow layer of water. The deepest part of the water was only twenty meters, while the shallowest part was about three and a half meters. So all the buildings were built above the water.

The middle of Flower Street was the most luxurious place on the planet, where there was a huge sky garden, hanging over the heads of all buildings. During the Star New Year, flowers blossomed in the garden and flourished. It was one of the most beautiful spots of Flower Street. But this year, the garden had been rented out and visitors were not allowed to enter at will, because of the wedding of Caine’s sister Ariella and Ivan Randall. It was going to be held there.

The ship slowly floated to them and stopped, stretching out a footpath. Auguste first dragged the suitcase onto the ship, and the others followed him on one by one.

Inside the ship was a long cushioned wooden bench. Against the wall, behind a railing, and in the middle were several fixed round tables with magnet kettles and cups, which could be held firmly. Even in the case of severe shaking, they did not need to worry about spilling. The middle of the table was filled with fresh fruit trays.

Auguste was telling everyone about the route he designed. Later, they went to the hotel to put away their luggage. Then they went to the church in the western hemisphere to find Palatine. They still had the map for Palatine to translate and they could play on Flower Street along the way.

So he didn’t pay much attention to the fruit on the tray, but peeled a banana for Hai’an.

Hai’an, holding a banana, was stunned. It was almost as long as he was. How would he eat it?

Carl, who had just watched the XXX-Battle on the projection, was looking at Auguste and Hai’an in a strange way, not knowing what was going on with his brother’s brain.

It took Auguste a while to find out what fruit he was peeling. He grabbed Hai’an’s banana and peeled him a small orange instead.

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