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Chapter 63: JianJian’s dad, feed bananas to him quickly 

Carl, who had been watching the actions of Auguste and Hai’an, saw this scene, picked up his eyebrows, sneered, peeled a banana and bit half of it off. He chewed and said to Auguste, “Auguste, why don’t you give JianJian bananas? They are so tasty and nutritious?”

“No bananas today.” Auguste also peeled an orange for himself, stuffed an orange flesh into his mouth, and talked without nary an emotion on his face.

Carl: “…” He was speechless.

Hai’an felt that Auguste could give him bananas or oranges, but he was not picky.

“Eat.” Hai’an himself did not eat enough, broke off orange meat and raised his hand to feed Auguste.

Auguste looked up at Carl and sneered, “Heh.” Then he lowered his head and ate the orange flesh that Hai’an held up. He also touched Hai’an’s hand with his tongue and slid across it.

“Ah, JianJian talks!” Lydney was surprised to hear Hai’an speak. Others heard Lydney’s surprise and turned to Hai’an.

“Hi ~” Hai’an waved his little hand to them, greeting them and showing a smiling face, but his open teeth were also exposed along with his smile. Lydney smiled, and even Alia, who had always been expressionless, smiled.

“Yes,” said Auguste, caressing Hai’an’s smooth silver hair. “He’s starting to grow teeth. He’s just had a fever, but he’s not burning up right now.”

“Some children do have fevers when their teeth are growing in, but JianJian looks healthy, so it should be all right.” Lydney’s eyes were full of laughter and he waved to Hai’an with his right hand.

Carl was most unhappy that someone had taken Lydney’s eyes away from him. He watched Auguste and Hai’an, apparently with the same custom-made couple costume, with a stuffy face. He had not forgotten the soul stone hanging on JianJian’s neck. Auguste and Jian Jian slept together every night and Carl was barely able to keep his hands to himself. 

What about himself? When would Lydney accept his soul stone?

Hai’an went out without the soul stone and left it in his flowerpot. Hai’an was afraid that he would misplace his stone since this was the only thing he owned. Hai’an ate his own oranges, and from time to time, broke off a few pieces and fed them to Auguste. The little orange was soon finished then Hai’an immediately kicked his legs, stepped on Auguste’s arm, stood up, pulled his clothes, and wanted to see the scenery outside the ship.

Auguste had known what Hai’an wanted to do before he had even stood up. He immediately turned to the window of the ship and raised Hai’an so that he could clearly see the scenery outside.

“Wow ~” Hai’an opened his eyes wide and looked down in amazement.

If Freeport was the representative of a highly developed science and technology city, the Black Market was the concentration of mineral star culture, and the Meat planet was the manifestation of the primitive planet, then Flower Street was absolutely the inheritance and development of historical treasures.

Beneath the ship were all beautiful ancient oriental buildings. Yanliu Painting Bridge, Qionglou Jinque; there were eaves, springs and stones, embroidery and carvings, or Dendrobium carving all over the city. The nails around the eaves were shining brightly, the glaze on the roof tiles were raised, reflecting the glittering water light. The pavilions built in the sky connected the whole Eastern Hemisphere. The ornamented red paint was flowing brightly, the small pavilions overlying the water were everywhere. Hai’an passeed through the sky in a leisurely way. With a round moon above their heads, silver moonlight scattered on the dragon boats that slowly carried tourists underneath. As they marched along, the red carp in the water gathered and scattered.

Flower Street had only night in the eastern hemisphere, daylight in the western hemisphere, and evening in the middle is always in twilight. So the air garden in the middle was called the bloody rose garden. Because no matter what kind of flower, if it opened in the air garden, it would be covered with a layer of blood by the twilight sky.

People in the stars didn’t understand why Ariella chose such a thing… Weddings should not be held in bloody places. But Marshal Ivan Randall, who is marrying her, did not say anything, nor did they have to worry about it.

Seeing Carl teasing Auguste, Colin broke three bananas and gave them to Jamie and Corson. The three men sat opposite Auguste and Hai’an and ate bananas, especially Colin, who laughed at JianJian.

“Well, what do you think, will Caine come to Ariella’s wedding?” Colin nudged Jamie with his elbow.

“Well, I don’t know,” said Jamie, chewing a banana and munching. “Caine is also a neurotic man. If he comes to the wedding, it’s going to be a funeral.”

“I think Caine will come.” Corson’s tone was very firm.

“Why?” Colin asked, as his brother rarely spoke in such a firm tone.

“Because Ariella is Caine’s sister. If you were my sister, I would not be angry even if you cheated all my property. I would only be angry that you ran away with a wild man,” Corson sighed. “It’s a pity that you’re a brother, so even if you only took a penny from me, I’d break your leg.”

Colin: “…”

“I think what Corson said makes sense.” Carl peeled another banana. “And I always thought those siblings were weird, especially Ariella. When I saw Ariella, what did I say? It was like seeing a mad version of Auguste.”

“You mean, Ariella looks like a dude?” Jamie pointed at Carl with half the banana he had eaten.

Carl also stood up and pointed at Jamie with a banana that had just been peeled. “Ah, you think so too?”

Jamie patted his thigh. “Yes! Every time I see Alia, I think she’s like a monster. When I see her, I get goose bumps all over.”

“Ha-ha-ha! You’re so upset. I’m just soft-legged.” Carl laughed happily.

Hai’an: “…” But it doesn’t seem to be worth the fun.

“Come on, Lydney. I’ll feed you bananas.” When Carl finished laughing, he stuffed the peeled banana into Lydney’s mouth.

Lydney raised his hand to take over the banana from Carl. “Well, thank you. I’ll do it myself.”

“No, no, I’ll feed you.”

Lydney refused, but had to chew on the banana in Carl’s hand.

Hai’an stared at a group of people eating bananas, while Auguste and him were eating oranges on his side. Alia did not eat fruit, but took a bottle and poured wine into her mouth.

Are bananas better here? They ate bananas as if they were very happy, which made him want to eat one.

Hai’an looked at the bananas on the fruit tray, reached out and pulled at Auguste’s clothes, pointed to the bananas, “Auguste eat banana.”

Auguste: “…”

“JianJian’s Dad ~” Carl called out to Auguste, “What are you doing? JianJian wants to eat bananas, peel them quickly.”

Seeing Auguste still sitting still, Hai’an turned his head and looked up at Auguste with a small face. Auguste sighed and reached out to strip a banana for Hai’an, but only opened the head. The banana was almost as big as Hai’an. Hai’an could only eat a few mouthfuls at most and could not finish eating at all.

Sure enough, Hai’an’s mouth was too small. He could only take a bite off the little flesh of the banana with one bite, and because he had no molars, he could only grind slowly with his eye teeth.

Hai’an: It’s terrible. It was too difficult for him to eat bananas before his teeth were fully in.

Hai’an ate a few mouthfuls, but he did not eat any more. He grinded the pulp and licked his mouth. Auguste did not say anything. He peeled the banana left over by Hai’an and ate it in two mouthfuls.

When Carl saw this, he took the banana in his hand and fed it to Lydney.

Lydney: “…” Why did this feel so strange?

“Here we are.”

The wind chime hanging on the ship’s bilge door rang again, and a crisp crash of “ding ding” sounded in the night wind.

This was a tall inn, built in the shape of a tower from the bottom to the top. The eaves on each floor were like flying wings, while the corners were hung with beautiful palace lamps. Candlelight was shining, the glazed tiles were blue and gray, the pillars vermilion, and the beautiful windows carved with beautiful figures.

The ship’s bow gradually declined and stopped on the long stairs. The Inn had sent people to wait at the door. When they saw Auguste coming down from the ship, they immediately went up and bowed to them. “Hello. Are you Mr. Auguste?”

“Yes.” Auguste’s low voice sounded.

“Follow me, please. This way is your reservation.” The receptionist smiled and guided Auguste into the inn. People living in the Eastern Hemisphere almost always changed into Eastern style clothes, and Auguste’s clothes were quite eye-catching compared with Western style clothes.

“Well, Auguste, wait a minute.” Carl made great strides to catch up with Auguste. “How many rooms have you booked?”

“No matter how many rooms I booked, don’t you have to live with Lydney?” Auguste sneered. He knew what little games Carl was playing.

“Ah!” Hearing Auguste’s words, Hai’an looked at Carl with blinking eyes and gave a long sigh. It seemed that Carl really wanted to do something to Lydney. He didn’t know if Lydney had noticed it.

“Hey hey hey, Auguste, you’re such a good father.” Carl laughed.

The five rooms ordered by Auguste were connected, and right by the night market street. They could open the beautifully carved wooden windows and see the downstairs water street covered with bright lights.

People could ride the dragon ship and play around the night market all day. But here, the way to distinguish night from day depended only on clocks and watches, because there would never be daylight in the Eastern Hemisphere, and the plants in the Eastern Hemisphere were fake imitation ornaments, or nocturnal plants, which could survive by occasionally putting up yangyang flowers.

“Do you want to go out to play?” Auguste stood at the window with Hai’an in his arms. The curtain was gently moved by the night wind, and Hai’an’s hair was scattered.

Auguste reached out and gently pinned Hai’an’s hair behind his ear. Although he had slowed down deliberately, he accidentally touched Hai’an’s ear.



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No banana milk option for Hai’an?

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Hahaha, the crew is mischiveous… eating bananas to make Hai’an want to eat bananas. Funny.

Thanks for the chapter!

July 27, 2019 10:47 pm

Today’s theme is banabas! After the main hall incdent I kind of understant why Auguste refuses to feed Hay’an bananas. As ti is, he already has dirty thoughts, so Hai’an eatung bananas could only get it worse. 😉

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A very naughty, cheeky crew! Trying to embarrass Auguste and succeeding.
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