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Translated by Mojo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“So this is the kind of pretty face that omegas are said to have?”

Nashiba grabbed Masazumi’s chin and forced his face upwards. He tried to struggle but the grip was tight enough to leave marks, so it was to no avail. “Ah-!”

Nashiba made a rare expression, as if he were actually a living being, as he carefully surveyed Masazumi’s face. He was close enough that Masazumi could feel his breath. Unable to meet his eyes, his gaze frantically jumped around. His heart would not stop its palpitations, and he couldn’t breathe properly. He opened his mouth, shivered, then managed to gasp some air. It seemed like his state was fanning the flames of Nashiba’s sadism.

“You’re shivering. Do I scare you?”

 “…Let me go!”

“Your eyelashes are long, your skin is pale and smooth. It’s erotic.”

“Stop it!” Masazumi pushed with all the strength he had and managed to release Nashiba’s grip on his chin. Every one of Nashiba’s words gave him the creeps, he had goosebumps. It was hard to bear his continual depraved utterances.

“Hm. Still going to put on a brave front?” Nashiba slowly leaned even further towards Masazumi, as if he were trying to draw things out.  “You’ve done a good job of deceiving the world so far. If this were to go public, it would be the biggest possible scandal, it would leave a permanent stain on your noble family’s history… I bet it would cause a real uproar in society. If it were to come out that an omega had been disguised as a beta, it might be considered equal to a betrayal on the part of your family. I don’t think this is only going to affect your Count family…”

“…!” The impact of the word ‘betrayal’ was so strong that Masazumi shook a little. As he was about to deny it, he wondered if the world really would see it that way.

Even if he denied the fact of his being an omega, they held the proof in their hands. Since they were at fault for infiltrating his room, the only defense he could think of was that he would sue them if necessary. Though if he made their criminal behavior public that would mean his omega nature would also become known. He would be destroying himself in the process, so he had nothing to fight back against them with. Nashiba had seen through this all and that was why he had such a confident expression, and was acting so shamelessly.

Now, to get the medicine back and finish this, there was no way to go about it peacefully except to drop to his knees and beg. He knew this in his mind, but instinctively he had never had to lower himself like that before so his body wouldn’t move. His pride was getting in the way. 

“Though, well, it’s not like I can’t understand your situation.” Nashiba said this as if being very graceful, but from his face it was clear he had ulterior motives. “If you never oppose what I say again, if you swear to do whatever I say, maybe I’ll feel like returning some of the favor.”

Masazumi lowered his face insolently. Since they knew he was an omega, now there was no need for him to pretend as if they were on equal terms, he was only being arrogant. 

He had done something as despicable as steal, but was able to be carefree with no guilt. Masazumi wanted to shout out in rebellion, saying ‘Who the hell would agree to a deal like that?’ The words rose to the back of his throat, but his reason started working, telling him that it wasn’t good to have his opinions burst out without any foresight. He stopped himself just on the brink of shouting.

As a slight revenge he would just say nothing, looking at Nashiba with disdain.

Nashiba saw this and his face quickly warped into one of displeasure. He clicked his tongue in annoyance and his transformed face better showed his true emotions; only hostility towards Masazumi. 

“Things aren’t moving fast enough. Isn’t it time for your medicine to wear off already? This is a prescription for every twelve hours, right? If it’s worn off, then you shouldn’t be able to suppress your smell. An alpha like me would be interested by… Hey, once you start releasing that scent, I’ll let you know just how lewd it is.” Nashiba, who acted without the slightest bit of character, sent Masazumi over the edge. 

Without hiding his hatred he scrunched his brow and snapped, “I don’t need to make deals with you. I’m fed up with this undignified behavior.”

“What…?” Nashiba snarled at him in a low voice unfitting for the son of a noble family. He shoved Masazumi’s chest, pushing him back against the sofa. Being treated so roughly prevented him from breathing for a second. His thin casual clothes were all that he had on and it made him nervous. Nashiba’s smell and warmth had gotten closer and he felt sick. 

“It seems you don’t understand your own position yet.” He grabbed Masazumi’s neck with his hand, focusing all the pressure onto the windpipe.

“Gh–!” Masazumi let out a muffled, pained voice, and tried to push away Nashiba who was towering over him. But Nahiba’s well trained muscles didn’t even flinch. Though Masazumi grabbed at the hand around his neck, it wouldn’t release him, as if to punish him for resisting it pressed harder.

“L- let me go…” Masazumi brokenly pleaded, fearing death. As a physiological response his eyes started watering. 

“This is your punishment for walking around with your followers, and putting on airs, when you were really just an omega.”

“Let… me go!”

“Your next heat, when is it?”

“ … don’t know…” That was the one thing he would not say. He shut his eyes tightly.

“Hm. You don’t even know yourself since you suppressed it with medicine for so long. Makes sense for a spoiled omega, raised under the roof of the Count family.”

Finally the grip around his neck was released, and Masazumi shuddered with coughs. His vision was blurred by his tears.

“Whatever. If you don’t take the medicine, it will come eventually.” It seemed like Nashiba hadn’t considered that he would ask the school doctor to send for medicine. Just as he thought, he had gained some small relief in the middle of this unpleasant situation, the cunning Toyonaga interjected.

“Since he’s been treated specially with this private room, that means the Dean knows about Nirei’s secret. Maybe the doctor, Kinugawa-sensei knows something too?”

“Ah, that’s right… just like Toyonaga says. Of course the doctor would know. Naturally, you’ve asked for new medicine to be brought in exchange for these ones…”

Toyonaga’s useless interruption had cut off Masazumi’s only escape route. He sunk into deeper gloom.

“It can’t be helped then.”

What couldn’t be helped?

Nashiba’s lips curved into a callous smile, and Masazumi’s body stiffened in panic, “Doesn’t seem like you’re going to go into heat, but I’m in that kind of mood.”

“What… are you saying…” What he had feared from the beginning was going to happen. Masazumi stared wide-eyed and shook his head. No matter how shameless, or cruel Nashiba was he wouldn’t try do to something like rape a classmate. He tried to believe that. 

“I’m going to fuck you. Now. Here.” As though he were trying to humiliate Masazumi with his words as well, he enunciated each one, lacing them with vulgarity. Looking around he saw Togonaga’s eyes glint nastily and a smirk come to his face. 

Nashiba hadn’t directly touched him yet but it seemed like he really did intend to have his way with him. Until now, the other two had only acted as support, but from his expression, Nashiba seemed to be brimming with confidence that they could hold him down if he tried to resist violently. 

“I’d wait until your heat comes, since I’ve heard that omegas lose their sanity from lust, but if the medicine is going to get here tomorrow or the day after, we don’t have time to wait. We’re gonna have to do it here. And if I bite your neck while we’re doing it, then you become mine. I’m going to impregnate you, over and over.”

“You’re joking…”

“Of course, it’s not a joke.”

Whatever he said, Nashiba wouldn’t listen. He couldn’t talk to him.

He had to get away somehow or he would really become Nashiba’s possession, just as planned. Anything but that.

If mating with Nashiba meant he would be a plaything for him for life, then he would rather bite his tongue and die. Nakamori, who blocked the door without fail, was a silent and rough sports student, with the best body out of the three of them. He didn’t seem to be that vicious of a person, but his family were indebted to Nashiba’s and so Masazumi had heard he had to obey him. If Nashiba ordered, “Don’t let him escape”, he would block the doorway with his body and protect it with his life.

Even if he managed to escape past Toyonaga and Nashiba standing in front of him, there was no place to run but the bedroom. That was like inviting them to bed himself. He was trapped, like a mouse in a cage. What could he do…? He pressed his fingers to his temples which were throbbing with pain. His thoughts ran in desperate circles.

The situation was urgent, he felt like vomiting.

“It’s your first time, right? A well-used omega needs a certain kind of treatment. Male omegas don’t get wet if it’s not their heat, I didn’t know that. I only thought about shoving it in. If it’s your first time, though, then I could treat you a little gentler.” Nashiba looked like he was enjoying throwing dirty words around, while Masazumi had his eyes fixed on the tea. 

It was still hot. If he knocked Nashiba over, he might be able to catch them off guard. Just a second would be fine. He could run out the sliding glass door and onto the balcony, and get away. The next room’s balcony was only around ten centimetres away, he could climb over and jump to it. If there was a window that wasn’t locked, he could get in someone’s room, and borrow it to escape via the hallway. The dormitory dean was in the office on the first floor, so Nashiba and his friends wouldn’t chase him that far. 

For Masazumi it was a big risk, but he couldn’t think of another plan.

“Well, whatever. If we mate, you would have to cater to whatever I wanted.” Nashiba was still gloating. 

Just then, a huge crash sounded from the bedroom. As if a rock or baseball had hit the window. 

“What was that sound? Is there someone in the dorms apart from us?”

“Shit. Is it the dean coming?”

“I can hear footsteps going up the stairs!”

The three of them were thrown into panic simultaneously. 

There was no time to hesitate. If the one coming up the stairs was the dormitory dean, it meant he was going to check on the sick Masazumi. If he saw Nashiba skipping school, having come uninvited into Masazumi’s room, what kind of conclusions would he come to? Nashiba’s group was at the disadvantage here, so they were no doubt going to retreat.

But on the off chance that it wasn’t the dean, that it was someone else who was not fond of Masazumi, then it was not unthinkable that they would keep quiet about the sexual assault.  He made up his mind, in a single second, to run.

While Nashiba was distracted, he shoved him and stood up on the sofa.

“Wha–” Unexpectedly being pushed caused Nashiba to fall back against Toyonaga, their shoulders colliding. Toyonaga received some of the impact and wasn’t able to avoid it, so they both stumbled. 

On the other side of the door, the sound of footsteps reached the ears of Nakamori. Masazumi saw him out of the corner of his eye as he swivelled to face them all, startled. Without enough time to check all their movements Masazumi ran over to the window, sliding it open and climbing out onto the balcony.

“You moron, where are you gonna go from there!?”

As Nashiba was yelling at him, a hurried knock sounded at the door. He couldn’t hear the voice from the other side, but it seemed like the three who were inside could hear it. 

“It’s Matsushima-sensei.”


As expected, the dorm dean had come to check if something had happened. 

Though he knew it was the dean, Masazumi knew he shouldn’t feel relieved just yet. If Nashiba and his friends were to come up with a good explanation and persuade their way out of the situation, then they might chase him down again. If he went back in now, Nashiba’s plans might still be realized.

The door opened, he could see the dean’s face.

Now Nashiba couldn’t get away.

The interval of time he had while the dean stopped them was his chance to get away. As if in a dream, Masazumi grabbed the railing and climbed on top of it, held onto the wall for balance, and stood up carefully.

As much as possible he should try and avoid looking at the ground. He had a feeling that if he looked then he would be paralysed with fear and unable to move. It was only the second floor, but there was a good few metres’ drop. Below were flower beds, but he probably wouldn’t get away from the fall without any injuries. 

The neighboring balcony was only half a metre away, but now that he was standing up on the railing it didn’t seem so easy to get across. 

‘I’m scared…’ He had only hesitated for a second, but it was enough time for his motivation to wither. His consciousness had returned to him, he was no longer in the state of mind that had allowed him to climb up here in the first place. 

As soon as he had thought logically again he was overwhelmed with fear. His legs were shaking, and he couldn’t take his hand off the wall. Getting to the next balcony would be impossible since he could barely move his feet. 

His face went pale with uncertainty.

The window was still open, so if Nashiba and his friends managed to confidently convince the dean then they might come out onto the balcony at any second. Without being able to even turn around, his thoughts became increasingly despairing.

When they saw Masazumi on top of the railing they would make fun of him, and pull him down into the bedroom to have their way with him.  Just then, the window of the next door opened, and a man in work clothes came out onto the balcony. 

It was Miyake Yoshihisa.

What was he doing in a place like that? Usually Masazumi would try to talk to him, question him, but now was not the time for that. 

“I’ll catch you, so just jump! Jump as if you were going to crash into me.” Without asking anything, or explaining why he was there, Miyake spread his arms and urged Masazumi to jump. So that was all he could do.

His broad chest and muscular arms seemed to be supporting his words, they were the proof that he would be able to catch him. Seeing Miyake Yoshihisa’s reassuring arms, Masazumi felt like trusting Miyake and leaving it all to him. Missing the jump and hitting the ground, or falling against the railing, all those thoughts of pain completely left his mind. Only thinking of flying into Miyake’s arms he kicked off from the railing and jumped.

The only thing he saw was Miyake’s masculine, well proportioned face, with the most sincere of expressions. This was the first time they had been properly facing each other, and Masazumi felt as if his chest were restricting a little. He felt like crying, as his emotions had all been building up the past few hours. Maybe it was because he was emotionally unstable after being made to stand at what felt like the edge of a cliff.

His gaze was fixed on Miyake’s face, he couldn’t avert his eyes.

With a thump, Miyake skillfully caught Masazumi.

He had used a bit too much power, and they both fell to the ground. As thin as Masazumi was, Miyake wasn’t strong enough to catch a person without flinching. Miyake fell on his back, his arms enclosed around Masazumi to stop him from hitting his head. 

Masazumi thought he had jumped pretty well, all things considered.

His heart was pounding with intense force. His breath had sped up in excitement, he was gasping for air, “Th– thank you…”

“Let’s leave the talk for later.” Miyake interrupted his stuttering words of gratitude, grabbing his arm and making him stand. They entered the room from the open window and he was finally able to catch his breath. 

Calming down a little, he realized that he had done something reckless, thinking of nothing but getting away from Nashiba. His body began shivering retrospectively. 

“You did a good job, jumping.” Miyake held the shaking Masazumi tightly, and gently rubbed his back, trying to soothe him. Masazumi felt sorry for a second that they would have to separate.

“Are you hurt?”

He felt a little embarrassed and was looking at the ground. Miyake’s voice was gentle but he also sounded awkward. Masazumi’s heart was beating strangely, he shook his head ‘no’.

Maybe it was because he was tense, but his throat felt completely dry. His body was too warm, and his mind felt blurry, unaware of anything except his beating heart. It felt as though his heart were aching in resonance with something. It was the first time he had felt like this.

“Your hand is a bit scraped. Let me get a chair.” Miyake, seeing how Masazumi was unable to speak, had run his gaze over his body and seen that the palm of his hand was injured. Masazumi didn’t think it was such a bad injury, but he didn’t have the energy to refuse so he sat in the chair that Miyake brought to him. Truthfully, he was almost too unsteady to stand.

The chair he sat in was from the desk of this room. Not only had they come in uninvited but they were staying for quite a while, so he felt apologetic. But they couldn’t go into the hallway just yet. The dean was still in Masazumi’s room, and from the open window fragments of voices drifted over. 

“Nirei-ku… somewhere else… seems, the glass… at that time we… nobody was injured.”

“Anyway, I’ll contact a worker and get them to fix the class so you boys get out of here! Hurry up and return to class. If you don’t, I’ll contact your homeroom teachers.” Only the dean’s voice could be heard clearly over the others. At his request, Nashiba and his friends made signs of leaving. An accident like a window breaking was not what the dean had expected, so he didn’t oppose them. As Masazumi had been listening to their exchange, Miyake took an ironed handkerchief out of his pocket and wrapped it around Masazumi’s injured hand.

“Thanks.” Finally he had been able to properly say it.

“Please get it looked at properly later by the school doctor.”

Compared to the reliable, dignified attitude Miyake had a few minutes ago, he had quietened, and replaced his cap to cover his face as usual. His words were more polite, and he felt more formal. He had subtly moved away from Masazumi, creating a distance between them. As Masazumi was about to take advantage of the situation and get rid of the formalities between them, Miyake had clammed up.

It was like he had chosen a polite way of speaking to separate them. It made Masazumi feel a little lonely. 

“You’re not going to ask about how I came to be stuck motionless in a place like that…”

It was a dangerous thing to say, and Miyake hadn’t just left him, he had gone out of his way to help. But the fact that he hadn’t asked about the situation was like saying that he wasn’t all that interested, and Masazumi couldn’t stand it. His self-esteem was hurt.

Maybe the reason why he felt this way, was because he wanted to know what sort of person Miyake was, and he had hoped that now they would be able to have an unhurried conversation. 

Masazumi had spoken with a somewhat dejected tone, so Miyake looked at the floor, troubled. He slowly put his hand to his head. It looked like he was going to pull his cap further down over his eyes, so Masazumi was shocked when he took it off altogether.

Why had he done that? He was puzzled, but simultaneously a bit happy that Miyake had properly shown his face to him. Masazumi stared unblinkingly at his face.

The glittering black pupils narrowed, staring intelligently back at him. 

Maybe Masazumi wasn’t the only one whose heart was beating so fast it hurt. For some reason, he got that impression. He didn’t know what kind of things Miyake thought about him, but at the very least, it didn’t look as though he was hated.

“…Is it possible that you’re the one who broke my window?”

That thought suddenly came to his mind.


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Wow, how close was that. What a revolting character Nashiba is. I so hope he gets to painfully regret this one day. He deserves being castrated.
Did Miyake overhear what was happening? These 2 seem to have a connection.
Can’t wait for next chapter.
Thank you for translating.

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Thank you Y for saving our MC!! Looking forward to their development! ❤️❤️

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