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Translated by Mojo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


A few days after he had returned home, since his parents tried their best to make everything seem like normal, he was able to look forward to the day of the wedding in a totally relaxed mood. The participants from the Marquis family were only Yoshihisa and his father. Two hours before the ceremony, which started at ten a.m, a report came informing that they had arrived.

Masazumi was in the middle of bathing at that time, washing his hair and body in water as hot as his body temperature. 

The first time he would come face to face with Yoshihisa was right before the ceremony after he entered the parlor that they were going to use to hold the event. Imagining the moment made him a little nervous. This was all something he was experiencing for the first time so he had no idea what was going to happen, or happen to him, his feelings of wanting to see Yoshihisa grew stronger. If he was by his side, Masazumi would be totally calm. Thinking not just of himself, but of another person, was a big step. Yoshihisa was so reliable he was probably the one person Masazumi could trust himself to.

He got out of the bath, and was clothed in ceremonial attire by two servants sent to help him dress. The announcement ceremony of next month would be more like a party so they would just wear their tailcoats, but the wedding of today was a union of two noble families which adhered to strict rules. So he was dressed in the traditional Japanese style.

Masazumi, in his pure white clothes, entered the waiting room at the side of the parlor. There was nobody there yet. He would have to wait there until he heard the signal, a bell. His nervousness was at its worst level yet.

There was nothing like a clock in the room, so he had no idea how long he waited. It was probably no more than ten minutes, but midway through his senses felt numb so to him it was as if he had been in that small room for thirty minutes.

The sound of the bell which he waited impatiently for finally rang. He was so deep in thought that the elegant bell felt quiet. He didn’t have confidence that he heard it right, and that this was the time he was supposed to come out. He felt lost, was it okay to open the doors leading to the parlor? 

He gathered his courage and turned the knob, opening the door, and the faces of the people gathered in the center of the room all turned to him. At the front of the room was the altar, with crimson carpet laid around; gifts from the Marquis family were being displayed beside it. The gifts which the Count family would give, were being prepared to the side. 

Usually this room would have armchairs, couches, and a round table but they had been moved to a different room and replaced with pretty cloth covered chairs that had no arms. As he headed towards the altar, on his left was the Count family couple. Siblings would not attend, so Takanori wasn’t there. He knew it was just a custom, but he couldn’t suppress a slightly lonely feeling. 

The moment he felt that twinge of pain, his eyes met Yoshihisa’s and his worries vanished as Yoshihisa stood up and approached the doors to meet him. He wore the same white silk robe as Masazumi, which was a fresh experience since Masazumi was used to seeing him in work clothes. Though when he thought about it the man had probably never had the opportunity to see him in anything other than his school uniform, and the way his sparkling eyes stared at him made Masazumi embarrassed. 

How long had it been since they’d seen each other, twenty days? As soon as he had requested Masazumi to be his mate, he’d quit his job at the school and went to meet up with the Marquis. It was an unprecedented quick retirement, but the Marquis was involved on the school side and they felt obliged to him when they realized Yoshihisa was his son. It seemed they accepted his resignation without any trouble. Since then Yoshihisa had been training to succeed the Marquis family and had no chances to meet Masazumi.

Masazumi looked up at Yoshihisa who was about ten centimetres taller than him, and felt his heart jump. He seemed even more masculine than before. His intelligent and calm appearance were obvious to Masazumi the first time he had seen him, and he brimmed with self-confidence. Well built, he looked as if he would protect anything that belonged to him. Being the protected one, the omega, Masazumi’s instincts throbbed. He had been so thrilled when Yoshihisa had told him, “You are mine”, but now Masazumi was realising that he also had a desire to make this person his own, to monopolize him. 

He held Yoshihisa’s outstretched hand, his fingers were held tightly. Though both of their families were watching, he felt as if was about to let out a gentle voice and cling to Yoshihisa’s chest. His skin underneath his robe had been earlier cleansed of any trace of sweat but just by touching Yoshihisa’s hand, he felt flushed like something was burning inside him.

A lewd feeling was numbing his stomach, and his face felt hot. He clenched his teeth and tried to let the feeling pass. His heat would come today at the earliest and tomorrow at the latest, since the day of this ceremony had been chosen in advance. Signs of his heat were already starting to show.

It seemed like Yoshihisa had sensed it too. The smell scattered in the air would arouse Yoshihisa even if he resisted, and force out his desires. His eyes opened wide for a moment worriedly but he held his composure in front of the room, turned to Masazumi, and gave him a dependable smile as if to say ‘don’t worry.’

Since Yoshihisa was by his side, Masazumi could be strong. He felt that there was nothing to be afraid of, that if they were together, he could get through anything. More than anything, the people in this room would all be able to detect their scents. A feeling of responsibility came to him and he straightened up, trying to show his stability and put everyone at ease.

They walked side by side to the altar. The Toudou Marquis, the director of the event, stood up and began speaking, “Today is a day of good fortune…”

He recited the traditional, set lines which had been used for centuries. It felt very dignified, but the atmosphere was a soft one full of love. The ceremony began. 


The ceremony itself finished in thirty minutes, and after that was the banquet. The weather would be fine until nighttime, so marquees and garden tables had been set up on the well maintained lawn. The party was held in a buffet format. 

Masazumi and Yoshihisa had gone to a different room to take their ceremonial clothes off and change to casual ones. They headed to the banquet about thirty minutes later than everyone else. 

Noble family lifestyles were fundamentally western, but at times like these they would hold Shinto ceremonies with customs passed down from ancient times. There wasn’t even a fragment of their usual conduct in the ceremony, so Masazumi had felt like it would be a big deal if he made a mistake. But he had finished the wedding free of blunders, and was able to relax since he had finished his role. 

To Masazumi, the garden party was somewhat of an extra, but he did want to meet up with Takanori who didn’t attend the ceremony. 

“Congratulations.” Takanori took his sunglasses off and looked at Masazumi. He was wearing a pearl grey designer suit and a stylish boater hat, looking as happy as if it were he who was getting married. 

Yoshihisa was close by Masazumi’s side, so Takanori bowed to him as if to say, “Please take care of Masazumi.” 

Masazumi’s brother was three years older than him, and he always thought of himself as incomparable to his brother who seemed so adult. But now that he was beside Yoshihisa he saw that there wasn’t as much difference between them as he had thought. Despite that his brother was still an inimitable existence, and his admiration for him was renewed. 

To the twenty five year old Yoshihisa, the seventeen year old Masazumi must look like a baby, was he even okay with this? When that thought crossed Masazumi’s mind for a split second he grew uneasy. He didn’t want Yoshihisa to get tired of him. If only he could become someone more spectacular like his brother, he thought, and an impatient feeling grew up inside him. Until when would he remain ignorant of the world?

“I intended to experience it before you, but your wedding was earlier than mine. Though I think I kind of expected it.”

“I always thought I’d end up living alone. I’ve just been going along with so many things since I met him, it still doesn’t feel like reality.” He was so happy and thankful that a part of him still felt like this was a dream. Maybe once the wedding had ended without incident, he would finally be able to accept that this was real. 

“I guessed you felt that way. I had prayed for you to find a good partner, but I didn’t think you’d be able to find someone so perfect without any of my meddling. I want to congratulate you many times over, from the bottom of my heart.”

Yoshihisa hugged Masazumi’s shoulders and vowed to Takanori, “I’ll treasure Masazumi all my life.”

Masazumi saw Yoshihisa’s determined face from the side and his heart wouldn’t stop throbbing. He had to lean on him or else he felt like he would fall down.

“? …You seem a little sick, are you alright?” Takanori was an alpha, he could smell Masazumi’s scent, but their blood connection was too strong for him to be affected. Still, he had said before that it was an interesting smell.

“Yes, well, I’m alright.” Masazumi kept his cool, keeping his eyes wide open in front of Takanori. 

“If you’re feeling like that, then there was no need for you to force yourself to come to the afterparty. If you withdraw to your room, nobody will say anything.”

That time he had shut himself up in that villa, he had been bedridden for about three days so he hesitated. But as soon as he had seen Yoshihisa’s face, lust began spilling out from his abdomen, his whole body became hot, and he felt vacant as his vision warped. Yoshihisa, who had realized this, moved his arm from Masazumi’s shoulder to his hip and pressed him to his side to support him.

“I think it would be best if we excuse ourselves,” Yoshihisa said.

“Yes, just go straight to your room. Masazumi looks like he’s in trouble. I’ll go let the Marquis family know, they’re chatting over there.”

“My apologies. Please take care of everything.” Yoshihisa was older and of higher status than Takanori, but since he was to be his elder brother-in-law he acted politely, it seemed as if both parties still felt somewhat awkward and reserved. 

As their marriage continued, Masazumi wondered what kind of relationship Yoshihisa would have with his brother. He couldn’t imagine it. He expected that they would probably be able to build an understanding relationship. Yoshihisa and Takanori were both superior to others in compassion and good manners, so even if they didn’t end up liking each other they would continue to act respectfully to the other. Alternatively, when Masazumi imagined them being friends, his expression grew soft. 

It was also possible that Takanori would get worked up that Masazumi had a pair and didn’t have enough time to spend with him. 

“Can you walk?”

“Yes.” He was still fully rational but his fever showed no signs of decreasing, and his breathing was becoming a little rough. He had on a clean white suit which would look nice under the sunlight, and a purple frilled dress shirt to match. But the thin shirt was sticking to his skin with sweat. He felt sick.

Yoshihisa also tried not to show any signs of his condition on his face or in his attitude while supporting Masazumi. To resist Masazumi’s smell, and keep his reason, he needed considerable self control. 

“Sorry… I thought it would come tomorrow.”

“You don’t have anything to apologise for.”

The hormones releasing in him were having a big effect on his mental state. When he was younger, there were times when he wasn’t entirely sure when his heat was supposed to occur, and the cycle only acted as a rough estimate. Especially on a day like today, it was possible that the excitement of everything could build up inside of him and cause changes to his body. 

“I had thought that tonight we could finally calm down and talk, but…” Masazumi lamented as they made their way up the wide staircase to the room that had been prepared for them, and Yoshihisa laughed lightly with embarrassment at his words. That expression, and the thick smell emanating from Yoshihisa, made a drunken feeling wash over Masazumi’s body.

“You seem like you’re still relatively under control. I’m… barely keeping it together.”

Yoshihisa didn’t look like he was having trouble at all, but Masazumi kept feeling dizzy because he was beside the attractive Yoshihisa. So Yoshihisa’s body was probably feeling similar. 

“I might change into an animal when we’re alone. So I’ll apologise in advance.”

“It’s my fault you feel like that, so don’t worry. This is a physiological phenomenon.”

“Yeah. Even before you reach the peak of your heat, it’s like I’m in a trance, and all I can do is hope I have the energy to keep calm around you.” 

At such a crucial moment Masazumi felt ashamed that he felt so weak he couldn’t help Yoshihisa. He wanted to tell him that there was no need for him to worry about holding back, but it felt vulgar so he didn’t say it. He just nodded his head gently.

An alpha’s lust was not even comparable to that of a beta, that’s what was said. Masazumi didn’t know about anyone other than Yoshihisa so he couldn’t compare his state, but it was certainly intense. 

For a period of two days, he would drop out of consciousness and then be jerked back by some stimulation, just letting anything happen to him. Masazumi’s body, which was specially designed to be on the receiving end, was unexpectedly not able to think of anything at all during his heat except the thought of being filled. As if some narcotic had been secreted into his brain, he could do nothing but pursue pleasure, and the pursuit of pleasure was the only command his body would respond to. 

If an alpha had a beta for a partner, they wouldn’t become like this, they could have a normal sex life. Also, apparently, alphas were incapable of feeling lust for one another. Omegas, while going into heat as part of a 28-day cycle, usually didn’t have a very intense sex drive. Thinking of an alpha and an omega as a ‘pair’ was probably the best way to describe their natures.

On the second floor ,there were ten bedrooms for guest use. The largest one was located in the south east corner, and was decorated with exquisite furniture in preparation for Masazumi and Yoshihisa to stay in. 

When first entering there was a cozy lounge area, and then separated by a wall was the bedroom with a king size bed. It was a four poster bed, with transparent lace covering it, and an elegantly embroidered fabric for the main canopy. The starched white sheets were folded into layers, the scene looked like something out of a Romantic art piece with light pink rose petals sprinkled on the two pillows. 

On the bedside table there was a jug of ice water with two glasses. The ice was still unmelted showing that it had been prepared for them recently. Who had thought of them and set up this room? The embarrassing thought made Masazumi’s face burn.

“Can I go wash myself off quickly?” He didn’t have any intentions of teasing Yoshihisa, and the heat in his body had increased so much it was becoming unbearable. If Yoshihisa told him that he was fine how he was, then he wouldn’t even hesitate about getting into bed. 

“How about we shower together, and cool our fevers?”

“Mnn, I don’t know if we’ll be able to calm down with just a shower.”

Yoshihisa smirked alluringly at Masazumi’s quip, looking at him with heat-filled eyes. The expression and gaze were so erotic they made him shake. He didn’t think they would be able to make it through the shower doing nothing but washing. Obscene anticipations passed through his mind that made him throb between his legs, and he only just managed to keep his voice down. 

From the start, he and Yoshihisa had not followed the proper procedure of doing it on a bed for the first time, they didn’t have such a well-mannered relationship. They had even done it in the car on the way to the Marquis villa out of frustration, so now there was no reason for them to be putting on sophisticated airs.

“You’re the only one who could calm me.”

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