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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


Chen Bai’s next class went on without a hitch. Throughout the class, no one took out their light screens to scroll, post any forums or take any pictures. The lesson progressed very naturally, and Chen Bai realised that the students who were listening attentively to his class seemed to be more than the last class.

Some students even held certain adoration in their eyes.

Hm… the effect seemed to exceed his expectations?

Chen Bai couldn’t help his heart from softening, seeing the gazes of these young men and women.

In an academy like Aldia, putting children of high officials & nobles with normal but outstanding children would predictably create a difference in rank.

The former using their status to bully the latter happens from time to time, but the teachers in the school were all busy with the competition as well as all the work they already have, which meant there was almost no one who could manage or balance these kinds of situations.

Some of the more experienced professors may say that there was no need for it, but they had too much of a gap with the children of this generation, so no matter how they tried, it usually ended up having the opposite effect.

With the academy broadcasting the teachers’ competition live, it could be viewed as a type of learning, but it also indirectly sharpened the differences between them.

The competitive, survival-of-the-fittest rules easily motivated one to improve, but on a certain level, it would also bring about a large negative impact. Chen Bai thought Aldia probably put more attention on its benefits, to motivate a student’s drive, while selectively closing one eye towards the negatives.

That’s why his actions just now had caused a really peculiar reaction within the hearts of the students who were often bullied.

One of the examples being during recess, Ling Ling, who had always sat in the front row, suddenly ran to Chen Bai’s side and quietly informed him, “Teacher Chen, Regines is usually  full of nasty ideas. He always went against Professor Wu in the past. Remember to be careful when you go back.”

The young lady’s eyes were filled with sincere concern. Ling Ling had already been here for three years, so naturally she knew some of the internal happenings more than Chen Bai.

Chen Bai looked at her, then smiled, not giving her a direct reply, “I’ve seen your homework from the last class. You want to become a psychological manipulator?”

Ling Ling was stunned. When Chen Bai asked them to write down what they wanted the most, she then guessed with the person sitting beside her. Not sure if Chen Bai’s appearance had somehow triggered Ling Ling, she couldn’t help but write down the dream that she had kept suppressed in the dark corners of her heart. Her deskmate couldn’t guess it, but now…

Her thoughts had arrived here; Ling Ling’s face turned red. She suddenly realised that this face, that was thought to be ugly by all from the Alliance, had suddenly become handsome and tasteful in that instant, especially when those gentle eyes looked at her; her heart started beating wildly.

Holding onto her frantically beating heart, Ling Ling nodded lightly, “Mn, the Alliance doesn’t seem to have an exact position in this area, so I’m… quite at a loss, but it really was my dream, and…”

Chen Bai tidied up the desk and took his belongings. At the same time, Ling Ling had just stopped talking, hesitant to speak.

“And?” Chen Bai asked.

“Hm…” Ling Ling’s eyes moved, as though debating whether or not to speak. But Chen Bai’s voice was like a catalyst, which made Ling Ling subconsciously want to talk. So when she looked towards him, the uncertainty suddenly disappeared.

She didn’t know why, but Ling Ling instinctively felt that Chen Bai was someone she could trust.

Thus, she swallowed, then softly explained, “And I think the Alliance is very strict on psychological manipulators… When Professor Wu heard, he seemed very unhappy to let me choose this path. Before, there was also a senior. I had a really good relationship with her, and she also wanted to be a psychological manipulator. Then she participated in some competition and disappeared without a trace or reason.”

When Ling Ling spoke, her face was full of confusion. She had come to Aldia to achieve her dreams of being a psychological manipulator, but when she was finally here, she found out that everything was not how she had imagined.

Her senior who wanted to walk this path suddenly disappeared, but her parents hadn’t even shown signs of wanting to find her. She had asked a few times without any news and could only eventually give up.

Even the teacher she had put her hopes on had advised her to give up on this path. It was clear that the war with the Gars had demonstrated the importance of psychological manipulators, but she wasn’t sure why the Alliance seemed determined to be silent in this area.

As though a vortex existed, anything related to psychological manipulators would be swept in and would disappear without a trace. Afterwards, people could only stand on the outside and watch, knowing but not saying anything, afraid that the next to be swept in would be themselves.

Everyone seemed to have some feelings on this matter, but no one said anything, and this atmosphere was extremely heavy in Aldia.

Chen Bai looked at Ling Ling, as though he had not heard what she said afterwards, he reached out and patted her head. “There will be soon. Psychological manipulators will be the most indispensable talent in the future. You are talented; don’t simply give up on your dreams.”

Ling Ling was stunned. This was completely different from what Professor Wu said!

But Chen Bai’s aura made her believe that sometime not far into the future, psychological manipulators really would become an undeniable part of the Alliance. That even the giant swirling vortex she felt since coming to school would disappear.

She opened her mouth to say something but suddenly caught a shadow flitting past the windows from the corner of her eye.

As a higher level student in Aldia and having an awareness of the atmosphere around, Ling Ling immediately noticed that something was wrong. Looking at Chen Bai, who was walking to the tightly shut door, her gaze sharpened into a glare.

Just when she was about to subconsciously shout out, Chen Bai suddenly turned around and looked at her.

His gaze was still gentle, a completely different gaze for looking at students of Class 1 compared to when he was ‘playing chess’ with Regines in the hallway. But both gazes were undeniably confident, and he was rejecting her subconscious actions–

After that, Chen Bai suddenly bent down to say something to a student sitting in the front row, looking as if he was checking their homework.

Coincidentally, it was also a blindspot that couldn’t be seen from the window. The silhouette outside waited for a while, and as though becoming impatient, it moved closer to the door to look.

Just as they brushed past the window again, Chen Bai suddenly straightened his back, waved his hand to the student sitting in the front, then reached for the door handle.

Before anyone knew what was happening, Ling Ling watched with her own eyes as Chen Bai reached his hand out as if to open the door but instead only shook it by a small fraction. The next second, a bucket that was put on top of the door flipped and crashed, the angle just facing outwards, and came down right on the head of the person who was sneaking around!

Instantly after, Chen Bai reached his hands out in a flash and swung at the bucket, not letting the falling object hit the suspicious student. It landed right beside the student, producing a clang sound.

But the bucket was already flipped over, and there was no liquid in it. When he was still in the classroom, Chen Bai could already tell from the smell that it was a bucket of skin solution.

This sort of skin solution was used specifically on contractual beasts from the Omega rainforest area. If it got onto human skin, there wouldn’t be any danger to one’s life, but there would be red rashes and swelling, which would take at least a week to fully heal.

Chen Bai glanced at the teen coolly. His retracting hand didn’t have a single drop on it, whereas the teen in front of him started screaming loudly.

“Ahh, my face! My face hurts!” The student cried in fear.

It was one of Regines’ lackeys, who often spoke highly of Regines. With his appearance here, all the students knew what was about to happen.They were about to stand around and enjoy the show, but who knew that the situation would get turned around into this!

“Don’t touch. The pain will become worse the more you touch it.” Chen Bai looked down at him, “You’ll rub your skin off.”

The teen that was hit by the bucket of liquid substance stopped his motions in that instant. He stood at the same spot not knowing what to do; his shoulders were even trembling.

“Send him to the infirmary. Aren’t you his friends?” Chen Bai looked at his terrified and fearful expression, frowned, then directed his gaze at the people standing behind the teen.

Those people were students who had partnered up with the teen and come up with this plan, always wanting to please Regines. But to avoid suspicion, they stayed a distance away from the door; some even separating themselves with several layers of crowd in between them!

But Chen Bai’s gaze landed on them with such startling accuracy…?

How… How did he know?

“Why are you just staring blankly?” Chen Bai saw them not understanding, and his face became severe in an instant.

The students in question couldn’t stand Chen Bai’s cold expression at all, hurrying over to pull up the teen and leave. But they all knew what was in the bucket, so no one dared to touch him even after running towards him, while the splashed teen was anxiously screaming. Comparing both parties, the picture painted quite a comical scene.

When everyone was snapped out of their thoughts, Chen Bai had already left his original position.

“Hey…” After Chen Bai and Regines’ group of lackeys left, a student from Class 3-1 spoke up quietly, “You all saw that, right? When Regines was pranking other people in the past, I’ve never seen anyone who could block it. Do you think… Do you think Teacher Chen did it on purpose?”

This might not be the same for other classes, but students of Class 3-1 all started to properly call Chen Bai ‘Teacher.’

“Even if it’s on purpose, they deserved it.” Amin sat at his desk calmly. “He thought he was really something after bullying others so often. Now that Teacher Chen doesn’t fall for their tricks no matter what, they should feel what others had felt being bullied by them.”

“I think Teacher Chen was so cool… He’s completely different from what they say online. Other teachers won’t talk about MoWu, but he did. Other teachers won’t go against Regines, but he did. And his class was very interesting. If the psychological manipulation class wasn’t just an elective, I would even consider changing my course,” A little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes expressed with a shining face.

Their discussion turned heated. After he finished speaking, another girl piped up, “Yes yes, they said he’s not compatible with the Marshal or something, but now I think… Teacher just didn’t have an extraordinary face. His body is fit, he has abilities and he’s amazing, completely unlike why people say they can’t stand him. On the other hand, a handsome partner who’s arrogant and would only cause trouble would give the Marshal a bigger headache, right?”

“Yes yes yes, I also think Teacher Chen is the type of person who looks extremely normal at first glance, but after spending some time getting to know them, they’re much more tasteful and interesting. Now I even think that the Marshal was actually here to pick him up last time,” Ain said passionately. “In any case I don’t think Teacher Chen was a scheming prostitute like the people online fantasized. They are the ones who spoke without knowing anything.”

The students’ discussion was not heard by Chen Bai, but the shock and amazement of another group of onlooking students outside the window were all recorded by the surveillance in the hallway.

“Marshal…” In the silent surveillance room, sitting right beside Heinz, the head of year, Claus, spoke carefully after seeing Chen Bai disappear at the edge of the video recording.

Heaven knows how dark the Marshal’s face had become when those little brats went to put up the bucket; his heart almost jumped into his throat! Would they dare fool around if they had known that the Marshal was just sitting in the surveillance room?!

“Regines?” Heinz leaned in the back of his seat, speaking up after some thought.

Claus looked at the video recording, then looked at the Marshal. A few hairs falling from his beard, he spoke thoughtfully, “It’s… it’s Lieutenant General Owers’ child; he’s always been a mischievous kid. Don’t worry, Marshal. I will definitely speak to him later about this.”

“Insulting a teacher, hurting a student… That student sent to the infirmary just now could send his medical bill to Lieutenant General Owers’ office, don’t you think?” Heinz lifted the corner of his mouth faintly; the smile not reaching his eyes, making Claus’ heart thunder.

“Yes yes yes, absolutely. I’ll arrange it right now,” Claus promptly affirmed.

“Aldia is the number one military academy, always having a very high bar for students. This kind of student has already broken a lot of school rules. If they don’t pass their final exam five days from now, it’s not too harsh to expel them straight away with the standards of the school, right?” Heinz said absentmindedly, while taking out his light screen, typing out something on it.

How would Claus dare to look at it, his waist almost unable to straighten up anymore? He didn’t know how he had offended this big Buddha, as the Lyon family was Aldia’s most prominent investor. Plus the Marshal’s identity… Did the Marshal actually value that Chen YiBai this much? Impossible! It must be that Lieutenant General Owers recently offended the Marshal somehow?

Claus’ mind was twisting and turning as he continued replying, “Yes yes yes, it’s not harsh. It’s not harsh. Our office also has plans on this matter…”

His voice just barely stopped before Heinz lifted the corner of his lips while looking at the screen, as though discovering something fun. In that instant, Claus could even feel that the pressure within the surveillance room dropped significantly.

The next second, Heinz scooped up his outer coat, then stood and started walking out. Right when Claus thought that this hell was finally coming to an end and was about to subtly wipe his sweat, Heinz turned back again.

“Speaking of exams, some of the lieutenants in the military don’t have a very strict schedule recently. To make this exam more meaningful, I’ll let some of the lieutenants come proctor, while adding to the measurement exam event in passing. What do you think, Head Claus?”

Claus, who had just let out a breath in relief suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. He quickly bowed and acquiesced, “Marshal is right. You allowing the lieutenants to come participate in the measurement exam event is most definitely Aldia’s honor. Later then, our… our teachers will give their full cooperation to the Marshal.”

“Alright, I’ll help the kids thank Head Claus first,” Heinz said, nodding towards Claus, smiling faintly, “Enjoy your lunch.”

“You just let the bucket fall on that little brat like that. Hahaha, I saw it all!” On the other side of the call was Mani’s voice, laughing quite savagely, obviously having watched every second that had happened just now, “Even arguing with a seventeen-eighteen year old child. Heavens, Chen Dui is back!”

In the past, when he was still in Berkeley, Chen Dui was one of Chen Bai’s most often used forms of address.

He’d left so long ago, not many people call him that anymore.

Chen Bai had just walked out of a small side door of Aldia, not forgetting to disguise himself before leaving. Not sure if those reporters had had enough news this morning, but none of them continued blocking nor surrounding the gate. Thus Chen Bai slipped out relatively easily, thinking of what to eat in the afternoon as he walked.

Hearing what Mani had said, he couldn’t help curling the corner of his lips. “Mn, I haven’t done this in a long time; it’s quite nostalgic.” 

As one of the senior-ranked secret agents in Berkeley, Chen Bai had outstanding body reflexes and achievements. When these secret agents took a break, Berkeley would usually throw them to become a military instructor.

The young people dragged into Berkeley however, would be more ferocious in anything they did compared to students of Aldia. One must know, Berkeley in its entirety carried on the traditions of ‘survival of the fittest’ and the law of the jungle.¹ In Berkeley, if one could get rid of their superior, then they’d get a promotion the next day. If one could get rid of their teacher, not only could that person graduate in an instant, but they could also immediately become the leader of a small team.

‘Getting rid of’ included death.

When Chen Bai was a military instructor, he’d always had to meet the young and vigorous teens head-on. Myron, who was currently still in the Beta area, was always played by Chen Bai during those days.

In terms of dealing with problematic youngsters, Chen Bai was considered an expert now.

“How’s the situation in the academy?” After walking a few streets away, Chen Bai asked vaguely.

These days after class ended, the students basically couldn’t find any trace of Chen Bai. Naturally, no one would notice that everytime he walked out, the door and route he used was different.

Even though he’d definitely be captured by the surveillance when passing by the gate, that could be explained as an attempt to hide from the reporters. But if he did anything in the path overlooked by surveillance, no one would know.

As Berkeley’s sharpest knife once, whatever Chen Bai wanted to do, even Heinz might not be able to notice.

“Just checked; the signal point at the original position is gone. It’s highly likely that they have moved their position.”

Chen Bai narrowed his eyes, Berkeley is still Berkeley in the end. Even though his death was flawless, Berkeley still retained a sliver of doubt.

Someone who was familiar with all the workings of Berkeley like Chen Bai, once removed from Berkeley, wouldn’t stay at the same place no matter where they’d go.

“Just now, a student informed me that her sister hasn’t come home in a long time.” Chen Bai bought some light snacks on the street as he walked, his voice sounding light and easy as he conversed with Mani.

Mani quickly figured out his true intentions, “Hm? They disappeared? But Aldia didn’t give out any alert in this area.”

“Yup, I heard that her pet was quite precious. They say that the parents didn’t know where it had gone. The young lady was probably angry and went out to find it herself.” Taking a bite of the crispy pastry, Chen Bai narrowed his eyes in enjoyment. A hundred-year old establishment’s pastry was definitely different.

“… I’m checking, not sure if Berkeley gave up on raking in potential students from Aldia. If they didn’t, the same situation won’t have just one case.” Mani opened up several light screens at once, all of them densely packed with data.

“They won’t give up.” After taking another bite, a gleam flashed across Chen Bai’s gaze. “A butterfly about to emerge from a cocoon, in a weak yet vital stage, they must find it even if there are risks. They couldn’t just cut off all the silk, how wasteful that would be. The young lady was so fond of that pet; she won’t turn away when things come to a head.”

“Mn,” Mani replied.

“That place is its sustenance. At this critical moment, it won’t throw away its food source, so it’ll definitely be found nearby.”

Just as he cut off communications with Mani, Heinz’ message reached Chen Bai’s mailbox.

“Honey, I’m off work. Where should we eat later at noon?”

Chen Bai lifted an eyebrow, “I didn’t say I’d eat with you.”

After replying subconsciously, he blanked, quickly sending another message with a frown, “Didn’t I say to call me something else?”

When Chen Bai sent his second message, he could almost see Heinz’ teasing smile on the other side, making his teeth itch for a moment.

This guy was always extending his claws and harassing him when he least expected it, easily disrupting his momentum before running off.

But this time, the other seemed displeased to take such liberties. In no time, Heinz had connected with his communications.

Chen Bai looked at the pastry in his hands, then glanced at the thin bandages that were covered by his clothes, seemingly considering it for a moment, before accepting the call.

When it was connected, he heard Heinz’ high-spirited voice saying, “Where to eat?”

“I didn’t agree to eat with you,” Chen Bai heavily insisted, feeling that his politeness would only let Heinz gain an inch and want a mile. He decided to be blunt about his own thoughts.

“Then agree now.” He didn’t know where Heinz was, as it seemed quiet on his end. Sometimes there were some noises, and Chen Bai thought those noises sounded quite familiar.

“No.” Chen Bai pondered on the noise he heard just now, and continued, “I’m already eating right now.”

“The crispy pastry two streets from the school?”

Having Heinz correctly guess his thoughts, Chen Bai was stunned. This was something he loved to eat when he was still a student, always coming to buy right after class every time, even meeting Heinz there from time to time. Speaking of which, the first time the two of them met each other, was at that pastry shop.

Suddenly having his memories resurface, Chen Bai narrowed his eyes. “Mn, it’s delicious.”

He didn’t know what Heinz was doing, but it sounded as though he was trying his best to cross over something. “I also liked eating it then; I went there after class every day.”

Chen Bai ate his pastry silently, not replying.

“But that thing was quite small; it won’t be filling. We can eat some more at another place,” Heinz offered.

“I…” Chen Bai wanted to decline. He hadn’t seen Mani in the two days since their arrival, and though the kid wouldn’t want anything more than that, Chen Bai still wanted to go over there, especially because Berkeley’s timing on the situation was still unclear. And if he remembered correctly, when he went to rescue Ellie, he saw Black.

Due to the restrictions of the marriage system, his movements at night were restricted, therefore he needed to better use his daylight hours.

“I’ll take you to the black market after lunch,” not waiting for Chen Bai to finish replying, Heinz interrupted.

The other end of the call quieted; Chen Bai paused, mulling it over for a while before asking softly, “To the black market?”

It sounded like an innocent young man had just discovered something new and interesting for the first time.

“Mn,” Heinz replied from the other end, “There are many fun things in Venus’ black market. I’ll take you around.”

He knew Heinz was not always what he seemed, but a Marshal is still a classic representation of a positive image in the Alliance, and he just invited someone to the black market like that…

Chen Bai couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but then thinking back on Black’s wave frequency at the black market, he considered for a bit and agreed to the offer.

Having lived in the Alliance’s city center for more than thirty years, Heinz undoubtedly knew this place very well. After picking up Chen Bai from the roadside, he wound around and brought him to a snack shop in no time.

Though it was a very compact little shop, the dishes were unexpectedly welcomed by Chen Bai’s appetite. The boss and his wife also seemed good-natured and sincere; they could even be the spokespeople of a harmonious society… If the plank behind their shop wasn’t the entrance to the black market.

“Let’s go.” Taking two small rings from the boss’ wife’s hand, Heinz handed one to Chen Bai, and said, “This is an electronic mask, an unspoken rule of the black market. After we go in, we only talk with money; no one knows who you are.”

“Sounds very refreshing.” Chen Bai curled up the corner of his lips, opening the small ring. At the same time, a silver foil mask appeared on his face.

Heinz’ was all black, the kind that’s not plastered to the face. So when he looked up and saw Chen Bai, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.

The silver metallic mask plastered to Chen Bai’s face was very fitting with his always-present cool personality and made his facial features look more three dimensional… more good-looking.

Heinz stared at him for a while, before suddenly pulling him, “Follow me closely later.”

“Ah?” Only having just put on the mask and confirming that the ring was functioning normally, Chen Bai questioned blankly.

“There are crooks and honest folks mixed together inside.” Heinz swept his gaze up and down Chen Bai. This guy’s body is too fit, even wearing skin-tight clothes today, perfectly outlining the contours and lines of his body. Heinz suddenly regretted not bringing him some uglier clothes to change into. “Many people have sly intentions. You just need to follow me closely,” Heinz instructed as he brought Chen Bai into a long hallway and entered a sluice gate.²

The ring can only be opened once. Even though the boss saw their faces just now, he wouldn’t know who they’d transform into once they’re inside, not to mention which exit they’d come out.

At the end of this long tunnel, people gathered without knowing any of the others’ backgrounds.

Chen Bai followed behind Heinz. When they squeezed through the crowded sluice gate, Heinz even reached a hand out to drag him from behind.

Chen Bai wanted to struggle uneasily, but there were just too many people around, and he couldn’t move around very freely. It wasn’t until they entered the black market, where the people dispersed, that Chen Bai could jerk to the side and glance sideways at Heinz.

“Let’s go.” Heinz acted as though Chen Bai wasn’t looking at him in such a way and reached out to pat his shoulder. “Take a look around.”

His temper gone with the pats, Chen Bai could only forcefully turn his attention elsewhere.

The black market’s entrances were all very normal. There were all kinds of small booths set up everywhere. In here, the sellers would also wear masks, and the price levels at their booths were set up by themselves.

Which meant, whether the stuff was good or bad or worth the price was completely determined by both parties. As soon as the money was given and the goods taken, if the buyer or seller felt that they had a loss, there would be no more to discuss.

But this was just near the entrance of the black market.

Chen Bai thought, if Heinz had a sudden impulse to bring him to a place like this, it mustn’t be something as simple as walking around to take a look.

There was a flyer on the doorway when they came in, detailing all the highlights of the day. Among them, the things that attracted Chen Bai’s attention was an auction one hour later, and a competition called Stone Recognition starting two hours later. Chen Bai didn’t know what it was specifically, but he felt that one of those events must be the objective for Heinz to come here today.

Perhaps even both.

Just as the both of them were strolling around aimlessly, Chen Bai’s assessing gaze was pulled suddenly towards something at one of the booths.

There were all sorts of egg-shaped capsules laid out on the booth, big and small, clearly stating that what they were selling were magnetites. But they were all packaged in capsules; no one could see what was inside.

Even if he couldn’t see, according to Chen Bai’s experience and judgement, he could still tell… it really was magnetite inside.

Which meant, buyers could only determine if it was the good stuff from its outer appearance and capsule. They could touch it and weigh it in their hands but not open it.

Noticing Chen Bai’s gaze, Heinz also looked at it and said lightly, “Magnetites, a very popular thing in the black market this month. They say one can affect a person’s mental energy.”

Chen Bai narrowed his eyes and looked at him, “Does the Marshal think it’s true?”

“Buy it if you like it.” He couldn’t see Heinz’ expression beneath the mask, but he could sense the indifference in his voice, “Buy it, and you’ll know if it works after testing.”

Chen Bai glanced at someone who was already chatting with the hawker at the booth. Sensing his stubbornness even from far away, he curled up the corner of his lips.

Magnetites were almost completely monopolized by Berkeley from early on. Now that it suddenly appeared, it must be related to Berkeley.

To tell if a magnetite was real or fake, strong or weak, was not something tested by one’s naked eye or the touch of hand, but by their mental energy’s senses. This hawker’s goods were almost all inferior products, but…

Chen Bai thought back to that flyer’s Stone Recognition, and his gaze moved. If this was really related to Berkeley, then Black’s wave frequencies from before would have an explanation.

“This one, eighty thousand. Our master wants it.” The client wearing a monkey mask pointed at a spherical capsule in the corner and said earnestly.

“Not selling, not selling,” the seller with a mole mask squeaked in a high-pitched voice. “This baby can be sold at a higher price; you’re not sincere enough, dear customer!”

“How? how is it not high?” The Monkey looked slightly agitated. The marked price was fifty thousand, and he already raised it to eighty thousand. But this fellow was not content, insisting that the price was too low, yet vaguely not saying a fixed price. “You’re dangling the price! I’m telling you; aside from me, no one else might even look at your lousy playthings!”

As the Monkey’s voice stopped, he suddenly felt someone behind him. Turning around, he saw a man wearing a silver foil mask.

The Monkey couldn’t see his face, but he could almost feel the other’s searing gaze through the mask. After a while, a cool voice spoke, the tone carrying hints of ridicule.

“That might not be. I’m offering a hundred thousand.”


Editor’s Note:

[1] Law of the jungle: King of the hill, strongest on top, the strongest fist rules.

[2] Sluice gate: This is a mechanized door meant to help control waterways and dams.

This editor wants to discuss the way Heinz wants to change CB out of his form-fitting clothes. Do you think he’d lend a helping hand and offer to dress Chen Bai himself?


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