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Translated by Mojo of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Yoshihisa reached out and stroked Masazumi’s flushed cheek with his well-built hand. The pleasant sensation made him narrow his eyes absentmindedly. His mouth fell open and he let out a damp sigh. Yoshihisa’s hands were well kept, with filed nails, and they played with the back of his ears before making their way to the collar of his frilled shirt, undoing the ribbon there. 

It was as if the seductive noise of clothes being removed had brought Masazumi to the limits of his reason, and a fire was lit under his desires. Leaving it all up to Yoshihisa was too frustrating, so he started to take the man’s suit off.

He wore a light grey three piece, with a blue striped shirt and a brown tie. An orange handkerchief was tucked in his pocket, which gave a flashy impression. With the traditional clothing he had looked solemn and stoic, but his clothes for the garden party seemed playful and stylish. Seeing him like this made Masazumi’s heart throb uncontrollably. 

He undid Yoshihisa’s necktie and pulled it away from his collar, and pressed up against his strong chest. He slid the jacket off his shoulders, Yoshihisa was cooperative. He undressed Masazumi while Masazumi undressed him, without a trace of clumsiness. Before they knew it, they were in only their undershirts. 

As they had been taking each other’s clothes off, they had kept feeling each other to intensify the mood, so when the final garments fell to the floor it was as if they had both lost their reason and patience at the same time. 

They entered the tiled bathroom which was about two tatamis’ worth of space, it had a washbasin and a bathtub raised on legs. Yoshihisa turned the tap, and as they waited for the water to fill, they embraced, kissing and stroking each other with love. 

When they stuck so close to one another, Masazumi felt Yoshihisa’s erection pressing eagerly against his stomach. It was straining so much it looked painful, like some kind of weapon. It was huge and warm, with veins sticking out on the shaft, his excitement clear.

Masazumi pulled his hips away slightly, and inserted his hand into the space made between their sweaty bodies to touch him. He ran his finger over the glans and Yoshihisa scrunched his eyebrows together, biting his lip. The expression in his eyes had changed from earlier in the day where he had an attitude of abstinence; it was unbelievably sexy.

As the hole at the top oozed liquid, Masazumi used his index finger to stroke it, his stomach throbbing tensely as he did. Yoshihisa placed his hand behind Masazumi’s head and pulled their bodies together again.

“It’s not enough,” he said in a soft voice wet with sensuality. Stirred up by Yoshihisa’s erotic voice, Masazumi began to move his fingers more confidently, grasping his dick and moving his hand up and down the thin skin to stimulate it. He could tell he was getting close from his rough way of breathing. Passing his fingers through Yoshihisa’s hair, he brought their heads together.

The warm feeling of his irregular breathing made Masazumi’s body shake. He let out a moan and leaned forward into Yoshihisa’s strong chest. The hot, sweat-covered skin heated his own body. He smelt an alluring scent which heightened his arousal even further: it was the aphrodisiac-like substance that alphas gave off when they met an omega in heat. 

“Ah…” His nostrils were filled with that scent that was hard to resist, and Masazumi made an erotic noise. The inside of his body throbbed. It was an intense feeling as if something was rubbing against a sensitive spot in his stomach. He couldn’t stay still, he rolled his hips shamelessly. As he moved his body like that, his erect nipples brushed against Yoshihisa’s chest, and he suppressed a gasp. 

Yoshihisa put his hand on Masazumi’s jaw, and tilted his face upwards from his chest. Yoshihisa’s face filled his entire line of vision. He was roughly kissed, they sucked at each other’s lips as if delirious from passion. 

Almost immediately the kiss became deep as they inserted their tongues. With the thick tongue violating his mouth, Masazumi could just barely breathe through his nose. His sensitive palate was tickled, excess saliva building up in his mouth as their tongues entwined. 

As the obscene, dizzying kiss continued, Yoshihisa’s hand extended to play with Masazumi’s swollen and puffy nipples which looked like red candy. He pinched them and rolled them between his fingers, he rubbed them, he pulled on them. Whenever he touched them, intense stimulation ran through Masazumi’s entire body, making him writhe as vibrations travelled down his spine and his legs trembled.

“Hn… ohh….!” Each time he panted a drop of saliva would escape and spill down his lips. Sometimes, it would drip down to his stiffened nipples, and wet the little bumps there, it overstimulated him to the point of tears. He pressed his nails into Yoshihisa’s arm. 

The wilder Masazumi’s feelings grew, the more he released that alpha-attracting scent. What that scent was exactly, he didn’t know. His body felt feverish and his breathing was erratic, the inside of his mind was in a vacant state as if he were drunk, and his whole body was sweating profusely. So he knew that the smell he gave off could be anything but normal.

Their tongues stuck together enough that their mouths felt sore, loosening and retangling their connected tongues, and sharing wet breaths. 

When it had first started running, the water had made a sound as it hit the ceramic, but the sound of that rising water had grown quiet and about three minutes’ worth of water filled the bathtub.

“Come.” Yoshihisa held Masazumi’s hand while he began getting in the bath first, Masazumi also stepped in. It was a milder temperature than the bath he had taken before putting on his ceremonial clothes, the water came up to his hips once he sat down. The faucet was still running, water continued to pour out behind Yoshihisa’s back. 

He remembered his feelings of gratitude once more, at the fact that the wedding ceremony was over safely and everyone had wished him good fortune. His gaze was locked with Yoshihisa, who sat facing him in the cramped tub. 

“You were meant to be my partner.”

Many alphas had an omega who they paired with in order to mate, and then their marriage would be to a beta for formal reasons. But with this marriage ceremony Yoshihisa had effectively vowed that he would not do that.

“For the two years I worked at that school, I just watched you. To be honest my heart would pound fom how pretty you were even at a distance. That’s why I wondered if you were an omega. Since I couldn’t get my body to calm down.”

Was it because the lukewarm water had cooled him off? Yoshihisa began speaking so earnestly about their lifetime promise. 

“Though I have some Marquis blood, I was raised as a completely ordinary person. If my mother were alive, she might shake in fear that I’d made such a high class person into my mate.”

“Class doesn’t come into it! We’re fated by birth. I’m me, and you’re you, it’s nothing more or less than that.” Masazumi spoke clearly, and looked at Yoshihisa with pleading eyes as if asking him to do something quickly about the dirty sensation swirling around in his body. 

In the water, his erection stood out shamelessly. From just a kiss and some loving caresses on his nipples, he felt like he would explode. His hole was clenching erratically, as if it were gasping for air. Waves of pleasure would send electric sensations through his stomach, every time the lubricating liquid spilled out of him, he felt like humping something.

His swollen nipples also craved contact but the thing which most successfully torture him was his aching hole. When in heat, and paired with an alpha, it would become a sex organ, solely for the purpose of being filled to the brim with semen. It was the peak of embarrassment, but as they were making love, he would become unable to think about anything, just wanting more. 

Masazumi moved through the water, and pulled himself towards Yoshihisa. He shuddered under a wave of lustful anticipation when he saw Yoshihisa’s cock standing tall between his legs. He moved over to straddle him, sitting on his muscular thighs and clinging to him.

With Masazumi on top of him, Yoshihisa turned off the faucet. 

It was quiet once the sound of the water stopped, now there was nothing to cover the sounds of their heavy breathing or their moans, so it made Masazumi blush a little. It was too late to be embarrassed but he could feel his ears going red anyways. Yoshihisa looked at him lovingly but also he looked like he couldn’t suppress his lust anymore. 

His arms wrapped around Masazumi’s back and waist, and he pressed his face to his chest. 

“Ah…!” Masazumi’s nipples were held between Yoshihisa’s lips. He flicked them with his tongue, and sucked them. “Aah, hn.. Nn!”

A feeling of both pain and pleasure mixed together and washed over him. While playing with both of his nipples, Yoshihisa massaged his thin butt, then spread his cheeks and inserted a finger inside him. 

“Ah… cut it, out…” Masazumi was embarrassed, knowing that his insides were soaking wet, so he complained to Yoshihisa without really meaning it. The fact that he didn’t dislike it was obvious, and Yoshihisa didn’t look like he had any intentions of stopping.

They were in the water at least, which saved him to some extent. If they had been on the bed then the liquid would have gushed out of him and made a sizable stain. 

“Woah. It’s spilling out.”

“No…!” Having something like that whispered in his ear just increased his shame, and Masazumi had to bury his face in Yoshihisa’s shoulder because he couldn’t sit still.

“I feel like I could put it in now, if you’re like this already.”


Yoshihisa said that but it was just idle talk, he didn’t seem to have any actual intentions of inserting it so quickly. Instead he explored Masazumi’s insides, rubbing a finger against the contracting walls. 


With the help of the lubricant, Yoshihisa could press a finger in up to its base, without any difficulty. There was no pain, Masazumi felt the intense sensations of his membrane being rubbed against, and couldn’t help but let out a lewd voice. His hole tightened greedily on Yoshihisa’s fingers, contracting and expanding again. This organ, which should have been overfilled with a single finger, had soon become familiar with the thickness of the finger. When Yoshihisa was satisfied that he had loosened him up, he added another finger and pressed it inside of Masazumi without hesitating. 

“Haa… aah.” At the feeling of thick, long fingers inside him, Masazumi’s head tilted back in shock and his body trembled, forming waves in the waist-deep water. Yoshihisa rubbed inside of him, pushing in and out of his hole repeatedly. As if his whole body had become an erogenous zone, the slightest touch made moans fall from his mouth. “Aa, ah! … aa, right there…!”


Masazumi nodded at Yoshihisa’s question, trying to do it in a way that wouldn’t appear greedy. Though what he really wanted was something bigger that would reach his deepest places. He wanted them to be close, to be filled up, and connected to a part of Yoshihisa. He wanted to feel its heat and feel it pulsate. 

He wanted his sensitive internal walls to be rubbed more, to have something thrusted deep inside of him, so that they would experience an ecstasy together that would confuse him and make his consciousness fade. But they would both have to cooperate in abandoning their reason. 

He found it hard to imagine that he was attractive when engulfed in lust like this, but if he thought about how this activity was the natural continuation of that sacred ceremony the forbidden feeling faded a little. In the first place, the ceremony was more like an excuse added on afterwards, allowing him to become one with the person he loved, to experience pleasure together. These extremely simple desires came from just having something inside him. 

“I want it as well.” Yoshihisa didn’t hide his lust. He removed his sticky fingers from Masazumi and removed the plug at the bottom of the tub. The water began flowing gradually, then the water level began decreasing. 

Yoshihisa moved Masazumi so that he was on all fours and his ass was displayed. Masazumi was a little anxious about being penetrated because he couldn’t see Yoshihisa’s face, but he figured it should be smoother and more comfortable than the first time. 

Running one hand gently over Masazumi’s butt cheeks and his back, Yoshihisa began touching his own erection to prepare further. Masazumi could hear the wet sounds of the skin being rubbed. 

He pictured the raging hard thing entering him, and remembered the sensation of when that had been done to him before. Memories still remained in his body of the confusing pleasure he experienced, which had caused him to lose consciousness, and his hair stood on end at the thought of it. 

Yoshihisa lovingly stroked Masazumi and then spread his cheeks apart, making him sigh, and clench at the contact. For a second, he felt nervous and he flinched, but as if to reassure him his whole body relaxed again and his power drained from him. The warm, hard tip of Yoshihisa’s cock began pressing into his hole, the contractions of which had become uncontrollable after being loosened so much. Masazumi shut his eyes and gasped.

Yoshihisa pushed harder, and it went in.

“A….hhh….n.” Masazumi’s body swallowed the thick head impatiently. \

Yoshihisa inserted himself into him as far as he could go and then stopped and panted. His rim was pulled so tight that its folds of skin smoothed out completely and it was obvious just how far he had been stretched. It constricted around Yoshihisa, “Can you relax a little bit?”

Yoshihisa looked like he was struggling. It was difficult for him to move.


“It’s alright, it’s just been a while.” He seemed like he had wanted to wait patiently, so he wouldn’t frighten Masazumi, and he didn’t try to force himself in. His consideration and faithfulness made Masazumi’s heart skip a beat. The feeling of trust and love made him feel like he could take anything that Yoshihia did to him, and his body and heart relaxed.

Feeling Masazumi untense, Yoshihisa carefully continued.

“Ha… ah, aaah…!”

The thick, long cock penetrated his tiny organ.

It was natural for Masazumi to get wetter given the sexual stimulation, wet suctioning noises sounded from inside him. The feeling of something forcefully spreading his sensitive walls, and squeezing its way inside him, was a painful one but the pleasurable sensations won out over the ache. 

Yoshihia had thrust in as far as possible, his hip bones pressing against the flesh of Masazumi’s butt, so that their wet skin was touching.  When Masazumi considered how a part of Yoshihisa was inside of him and that they were connected, it gave him a strange feeling. He had always been alone, opening his heart to nobody outside his family, and resigning himself to a life of solitude. This was the case even a few months ago. But now he had someone who he would entrust himself to for his whole life, someone who it wouldn’t be unusual to have children with. 

It was a development he hadn’t even imagined, so sometimes he found himself worrying about whether this was reality or not. He was so happy that it felt like unease. However, what was certain was the sensation of the thing inside him, its heat and rigidity, the slight twitching movements which matched with Yoshihisa’s pulse, he could feel these things directly, they cleared away his anxiety.

Yoshihisa placed both of his hands on Masazumi’s hips to hold him in place, starting to move his dick from the deep place it had been pushed into. He began with small rhythmic movements to get them both used to the sensation. Then the strokes got bigger. Penetration, having his insides mixed up, something forcing its way inside him, their bodies slamming together: Masazumi was stimulated by all these things simultaneously and had to gasp for air. He began rocking his hips to match Yoshihisa’s movements and greedily sought more of the sensation. 

With each thrust, Yoshihisa’s breathing grew wilder, and he grew harder inside Masazumi as if his erection were expanding in volume. Understanding Yoshihisa’s heightened sexual feelings, Masazumi became even more excited alongside him. 

As the thrusts became rougher, they both began to lose control, simply pursuing pleasure in a delirious state. Every time Yoshihisa rammed into him, Masazumi felt good, so good he felt disoriented, letting out unthinkable noises and writhing around.

Feeling his struggle, Yoshihisa sped up the movements of his hips to please him further. Masazumi, crying and disordered, let words slip from his mouth: “No! Can’t take anymore…”

His body shuddered.

“Aaah..! I’m gonna come…!” His mind went dim as the feeling built up inside of his body, waves of pleasure rocking him as if he had been thrown into a stormy ocean. He moaned as he climaxed. 

For a second, he thought he might faint, but then he felt Yoshihisa releasing inside him and the sensation brought him back to consciousness. Reluctantly, Yoshihisa pulled out of him and their bodies separated. 

Masazumi had collapsed limply at the bottom of the bathtub. There was no power left in his body, he couldn’t even stretch out his limbs. 

“Masazumi.” Yoshihisa held him, sitting him up, and kissed his trembling lips. His breathing was still in disarray, so it seemed like he hadn’t returned to his usual calm self, and their exchange of wet breaths was full of passion that filled Masazumi’s senses. 

Masazumi looked up at Yoshihisa with teary eyes, and brought his hand to touch the man’s cheek and jaw, responding to the tongue-entwined kiss. Yoshihisa stroked his hair, and the fingers combing through it made him feel sleepy.

He was wrapped in a bath towel, carried, then placed on top of the pure white sheets. 

Yoshihisa also got onto the bed, pinning Masazumi down with the weight of his body. Masazumi could barely move once he was in his muscular embrace.

“Stay with me a little longer.” He asked in a voice brimming with so much lust that it made Masazumi’s lips tremble and his eyelashes flutter. Though they had both come just a moment ago, it seemed that their time spent in the bathroom had only been foreplay. And Masazumi would come to realize that completely over the next two days. 

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