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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

With these words, a large hand gripped Ye Xi’s shoulder like a vice.

Ye Xi jumped from the sudden ambush. He turned his head and was met with the terrifying wrath simmering in Shen Xiulin’s dark crimson eyes. A black mass of bodyguards stood behind him. It was obvious that they had been waiting for Ye Xi outside the wall for some time.

Ye Xi, “…”

Our Chief Executive really likes to catch people red-handed!

He ambushes the runaway groom in the Mary Sue world, just like he traps slackers back in the real world!

The fury which erupted from Shen Xiulin’s eyes looked super real. So, even though Ye Xi knew it was just an act, he was still deeply terrified. His legs went weak and he almost fell to his knees in front of Shen Xiulin.

At that very moment, the butler foolishly appeared out of the gap in the wall. He bravely stood in front of Ye Xi and grabbed the hand that Shen Xiulin placed on Ye Xi’s shoulder.

Shen Xiulin stared at the butler with a menacing scowl, as if he wanted to murder the butler with his eyes.

Meanwhile, the aura around Shen Xiulin began creeping outwards. Like the time he walked into the guest hall earlier that day, a fierce gale appeared without warning. Dark clouds gathered on the horizon out of nowhere, then lightning struck and thunder roared above them.

The special effects were super scary. They definitely looked like they were worth more than fifty cents!

Having grown up in the Mary Sue world, the butler did not seem to be intimidated by his surroundings at all. He spoke in a calm and steady voice, “Do whatever you want to me, just don’t hurt the Little Master.”

Shen Xiulin responded with icy disdain, “Silence. I did not give you permission to speak.”

While the butler and Shen Xiulin were busy staring each other down, Ye Xi took the opportunity to open the system interface and quickly read through the next quest.

Main Quest 4: As soon as Huangfu X confirms the wedding date with Master Murong, he receives news that Murong X has run away. The furious Huangfu X catches Murong X in the middle of his escape and decides to bring this skittish little creature back to his mansion, to be personally kept under lock and key until the wedding in seven days’ time…

Resist forcefully and attempt to escape, then reluctantly become captured due to physical fatigue. Spit on Huangfu X, let him cram you inside his helicopter and bring you back to his mansion. (0/1)

Ye Xi woefully contemplated the most respectable place to spit on Shen Xiulin, while he strived to break free from the pincer-like grip on his shoulder as the script had dictated.

With a tormented expression, the butler tried to pry open Shen Xiulin’s hand and take on all the blame for himself, “Release the Little Master at once! This is all my fault, leave him out of it!”

Shen Xiulin sneered, his voice full of derision, “Oh? How romantic.”

He waved his hand and commanded his bodyguards, “Drag him back and let my father-in-law deal with him.”

So, with a face full of anguish and indignation, the butler was carried away by a bodyguard on each side.

“…” Out of courtesy, Ye Xi mourned the butler for a whole second.

Since the butler was not a real person, Ye Xi could only expend a single second on him and no more.

“And you.” Shen Xiulin fixed his gaze on Ye Xi.

Ye Xi’s arms were immediately gripped by a bodyguard on each side. To ensure he fully complied with the quest description, Ye Xi used up his last ounce of strength in the struggle. He glowered at Shen Xiulin while he panted to catch his breath and looked very reluctant to be taken away.

Shen Xiulin took a step forward. He raised Ye Xi’s chin and forced Ye Xi to look into his eyes. His face pressed down towards Ye Xi until their noses almost touched and Ye Xi could smell a faint cologne coming off of Shen Xiulin’s body.

“Little creature,” Shen Xiulin said while completely in character, “you dare defy me?”

Ye Xi could not come up with a good retort, so he hmphed.

Shen Xiulin scoffed at Ye Xi, then straightened his body. He pointed to the 24K golden helicopter on the side of the road and ordered his bodyguards, “Put him in the helicopter.”

Ye Xi released an exaggerated shriek, “Where are you taking me?!”

“To my estate.” Shen Xiulin spoke with indomitable force, “I will personally keep an eye on you until the wedding ceremony is over.”

“Ptui!” Ye Xi spat on Shen Xiulin. The spit landed near the top of Shen Xiulin’s thigh, close to his crotch, and left a small wet stain on the expensively-looking fabric of his pants.

I’m doing my best to support the Chief Executive in this performance!

Shen Xiulin’s face darkened, then began laughing from his rage. He exclaimed, “Ha! Very good. I’ll make you regret this.”

Then he climbed into the helicopter alongside Ye Xi, who was crammed inside by bodyguards.

Huangfu X’s helicopter was enormous on the outside and spacious on the inside. Despite not being familiar with helicopter design principles, Ye Xi was certain that this helicopter could not have flown in the real world…

Just like how the walls of his ten-hectare 1 room could carry its own weight, it remained an unsolved mystery.

Then Ye Xi remembered his own existence in this world as a brainwave, which meant everything he saw was just a figment of his imagination. And the thing with imagination was that there were no limits to how absurd it could be. Ye Xi’s mind was put at ease after that.

“All of you, go sit in the other helicopter.” Shen Xiulin disposed of the bodyguards who wanted to follow Ye Xi up the helicopter.

“Yes, Young Master.” The bodyguards obediently went to sit in the other helicopter.

A pilot sat in the cockpit, but he was separated from the passengers by a cabin door. As soon as no one could see them, Ye Xi sat straight up in his seat. He shuffled up next to Shen Xiulin like a pet dog that was eager to please its owner, then reached towards Shen Xiulin’s crotch…

Shen Xiulin’s eyes lit up. With his eyes fixed on Ye Xi, he sat motionless in his seat, as if frozen by a petrification spell.

“Here, let me wipe it off for you, sir.” Ye Xi used his sleeve in an attempt to wipe off the spit that landed near Shen Xiulin’s thigh.

In reality, nothing could be wiped off anymore, but it was the thought that was important.

The devious glow in Shen Xiulin’s eyes gradually faded, “…”

“The quest told me to spit on you.” Ye Xi glanced at the system interface, “It’s not over yet. I think we have to enter your estate before the quest can be considered as complete. What’s left in your Main Quest 4?”

Shen Xiulin replied mildly, “Take you to my mansion.”

Ye Xi nodded, “Then we have the same objective. Both quests should be completed when we arrive.”

Shen Xiulin turned to face the window, “Hmm.”

“By the way,” Ye Xi said curiously, “how did you know where to find me? I thought it would take you at least a couple more days.”

“Ha.” Shen Xiulin ignored Ye Xi’s first question and spoke in a somewhat odd manner, “Were you hoping I’d take a few more days to find you?”

Ye Xi was confused, “That’s not what I meant…”

Shen Xiulin interrupted, “So you can spend a few days alone with that butler?”

Ye Xi was lost, “Why would I want to spend more time with him alone?”

Sir, you’ve gone too deep into character. I’m the only one in the audience, remember?

Shen Xiulin, “Didn’t you ‘conquer’ him? I heard the system announcement and received your 5000 experience points.”

“That’s right, I was about to tell you!” When it came to experience points, they could always light a fire in Ye Xi’s belly. He slapped his thigh and began to exuberantly blow his own trumpet in front of the boss. “The system told me that once Main Quest 3 gets activated, I can receive 5,000 to 50,000 experience points by conquering male extras. That means making those male extras fall in love with me then profess their feelings to me, hahaha!”

The corner of Shen Xiulin’s mouth spasmed, “…”

Ye Xi did not notice the minute change in Shen Xiulin’s expression and continued his incessant gloating, “I estimated earlier that if we only focused on main quests, then we would have to complete over ten thousand of them in order to reach the final level. Even if that many quests exist in the system, I don’t know how long it would actually take to get through them all. However, even the lowest male extra quest will provide 5,000 points, which is equivalent to ten main quests. And we can share our experience points on top of that, isn’t it really…eh…”

Shen Xiulin watched him with an icy gaze, “Really what?”

Ye Xi lost his nerve and cowered slightly, then said in a mousy voice, “Really awesome…”

Shen Xiulin said with a stony expression, “Ha.”

Ye Xi asked carefully, “Are you angry with me?”

Shen Xiulin was concise with his language, “No.”

Ye Xi retreated tactfully, “Alright then.”

That makes sense. Normally, our Chief Executive only has two expressions: no expression and super cold. He never steps out of character as the icy cold CEO.

I was getting ahead of myself.

Shen Xiulin continued his questioning, “So how did you conquer that butler?”

Ye Xi took the liberty to embellish his story. He divulged how he deduced the butler’s feelings for him, then cunningly manipulated the butler into confessing his love, etc etc…All these just to emphasise to Shen Xiulin what an enormous achievement it was and how clever he had been.

Surely such a loyal and intelligent employee deserves a promotion and a raise when we get back to the real world!

Ye Xi wishfully mused.

However, Shen Xiulin’s face was devoid of any joy or gratitude, not even a little bit. There was only a hint of malevolence. He spoke languidly, “So, you’re quite the genius after all.”

Ye Xi scratched his head and replied humbly, “Maybe just a little.”

Shen Xiulin clarified, “So you could tell from his eyes that he loved you?”

Actually, the system told me that he loved me. But Ye Xi brazenly lied, “Of course! I may not look the part, but I’m super reliable when it counts!”

“Oh, really?” Shen Xiulin responded leisurely. He turned around to look deeply into Ye Xi’s eyes.

With an innocent, slightly dopey expression, Ye Xi asked, “By the way, how did you know where to find me, sir?”

Shen Xiulin concentrated on looking at Ye Xi without speaking as if he was trying to send signals through his eyes, “…”

Ye Xi waved his hand in front of Shen Xiulin’s face, “Mr. Chief Executive? Sir?”

Resignation and melancholy flickered across Shen Xiulin’s eyes, then vanished as quickly as they had appeared. He replied, “When it’s time to complete a tracking quest, the system would display a map with your location on it.”

Ye Xi grinned, “Hahaha! So, you can catch me as soon as I run away!”

Shen Xiulin almost bore a hole into Ye Xi’s eyes with his penetrating gaze, “That’s right. You can’t run from me.”

Ye Xi continued to look at him with a dopey smile on his face, “That’s great. Very convenient!”

Shen Xiulin pursed his lips with a pained expression. He rested his chin on one of his hands and turned to watch the sun gradually descend below the horizon outside his window.

Ye Xi, “Sir, how much longer until we arrive…”

Shen Xiulin coldly interrupted, “Be quiet.”

Sob! Ye Xi immediately shrivelled into the shape of a small quail.

After a while, the helicopter that would never have flown in the real world landed on the helipad on top of Huangfu X’s mansion.

The bodyguards opened the cabin door. First, they respectfully escorted Shen Xiulin out of the helicopter, then they grabbed Ye Xi on either side of his body once more.

Ye Xi restarted his performance and struggled vigorously under their restraint.

Once they entered the estate, Ye Xi immediately received a quest completion announcement that they had each completed their Main Quest 4, and received a total of 1000 experience points, but they remained on Level 7.

Ye Xi followed in Shen Xiulin’s footsteps under the watchful eyes of his bodyguards, not forgetting to open the system interface to read the new quest at the same time.

Main Quest 5: Huangfu X brings Murong X back to his mansion and puts him under house arrest. In order to make Murong X wholeheartedly obey and fall in love with him, Huangfu X uses every trick in his arsenal to humiliate Murong X into submission. During dinner, he forces Murong X to pour wine into his cup. Then in his depravity, demands that Murong X feed him wine with his mouth…

Have dinner with Huangfu X. Surrender to his tyranny and reluctantly pour wine into his cup. When Huangfu X demands that you feed him wine with your mouth, throw the wine all over his face in protest. (0/1)

Ye Xi, “…”

The dom’s character design is so ludicrous! Who would fall in love with someone that humiliates and locks him up all day?!

Okay, so the sub must have a screw loose as well…

According to the cliched control-freak CEO novels from ten years ago, once the runaway bride had been caught, she would have been forcibly fucked into submission by now. But due to the enforcement of censorship laws from certain bureaus, writers of web novels no longer dared to write such explicit content in the first few chapters. All the smut were now hidden in the second half of the novel. 2

Thank you, censorship laws! Thank you, relevant law enforcement departments! Ye Xi gratefully thought to himself. For making sure the sex scenes don’t appear until much later!


Author’s Notes:

The chief executive believes he had accidentally fallen in love with a manipulative green tea hussy who is only pretending to be an innocent white bunny. He is truly tormented on the inside.

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Translator Notes:

  1. 25 acres
  2. The first few chapters of web novels in China are usually free, while the remaining chapters are usually behind a pay wall.
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December 24, 2020 2:48 am

Thank you. Each chapter make me laugh. I really enjoy it. Xi Yu is so naïve….I wonder how he will react when he will realize that the Chief exeutive was not good,,😁😄

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Ye Xi being dense as a rock will be the end of his pay raise. Hahaha! He’s really oblivious!

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Black Lotus On the Halfmoon
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