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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

The mansion was Huangfu X’s personal residence according to the original novel, where, apart from his bodyguards, he lived alone. The estate was just as massive and no less magnificent than the Murong family estate. Since Ye Xi had been rather preoccupied with escaping today, he skipped several meals. So by the time he reached the Huangfu dining hall, he had almost fainted from starvation.

Shen Xiulin sat down next to the dining table. He gestured at the seat next to him and commanded, “Sit down.”

In a long procession, the Huangfu attendants marched in carrying food for the dinner banquet. There was a dazzling number of gourmet cuisines from around the world, looking even more extravagant than the dinners served at the Murong family estate. In only a few minutes, the dining table which covered the entire length of a two-hundred-metre 1 track and field lane, was filled to the brim with dishes that were both lavish and non-repetitive.

It was just like a ten-thousand nation food expo.

However, the small space in front of Ye Xi remained empty and an ominous feeling began to stir within him.

“Young Master Murong, this is a meal made especially for your tastes.” An attendant politely placed a plate of fresh flower salad and a glass of clear water in the empty space before Ye Xi. As if frightened that the frail foam-bubble-like little master would be shattered by loud voices, the attendant whispered, “We learnt of your special condition, Young Master Murong, that your body can only tolerate fresh flowers and alpine snow water.”

Earlier, Ye Xi had naively imagined that he could sneak off with some meat, “…”

Crap, does the whole world know that I’m a flower-eating, snow water-drinking little fairy?!

Slightly puzzled, Shen Xiulin arched his brow, but held back his questions to avoid contradicting his character design. He quietly watched Ye Xi put a lily petal in his mouth with a grimace.

Ye Xi watched the sumptuous Huangfu dinner from the side of the two-hundred-metre long dining table, while being forced to eat only flowers and drink only plain water. Out of an unbearable grievance, his hair silently turned into fuzzy baby curls.

The sudden curls on Ye Xi’s hair made his beauty-filtered face even more lovely: with soft raven black curls, a smooth alabaster face, exquisite button nose and plump lips that were swallowing flower petals…he looked very much like an extra-large antique doll.

Shen Xiulin stopped eating and turned to watch Ye Xi. After a while, he tapped his finger on the table, “Lift up your head and look at me.”

Ye Xi looked up in Shen Xiulin’s direction. Perhaps due to the lack of meat in his diet, Ye Xi looked truly upset.

Framed by a head of fuzzy baby curls, his face looked even more adorable.

“Come here.” Shen Xiulin swallowed hard as he beckoned Ye Xi over with a curled finger.

Ye Xi walked a few steps forward and stopped in front of Shen Xiulin. Seeing the wine bottle on the table, he wondered if it was time to start the wine pouring quest.

However, Shen Xiulin did not seem to be in a hurry as he continued his demands, “Bend over and lower your head.”

Maybe the details in the Chief Executive’s script are a little different from mine? Ye Xi mused unsuspectingly, then dutifully bent over and lowered his head.

Shen Xiulin placed his hand on Ye Xi’s head without delay and patted Ye Xi’s frizzy baby curls with an enigmatic smile on his lips.

Ye Xi stared at the table cloth in front of him with a puzzled expression, “…”

“Stay still,” Shen Xiulin said in a husky voice as he repeatedly stroked Ye Xi’s soft curls.

Soft, clean, smooth and full of volume, supplemented by a floral scent…

Shen Xiulin’s eyes revealed a perverse glow…

A minute later, as the anger from a lack of meat during dinner was slowly replaced by apprehension and confusion, Ye Xi’s baby curls gradually vanished.

Shen Xiulin withdrew his hand in clear disappointment, “Stand up straight and pour my wine.”

Hooray, we’re finally getting to my part of the quest! Ye Xi breathed a sigh of relief. Then channeling tremendous effort into his acting skills, Ye Xi picked up the wine bottle on the table and poured its contents into the high-stemmed wine glass in front of Shen Xiulin with extreme reluctance.

Shen Xiulin arrogantly watched Ye Xi’s every move, “Since you are marrying into the Huangfu family, you belong to me, body and soul. You cannot defy any of my commands, do you understand?”

Ye Xi pursed his lips. Pretending to suffer under great indignation, he responded to Shen Xiulin’s taunt with silence.

“Feed me the wine,” Shen Xiulin gestured at the wine glass in front of him, which had been filled one-third-full of a dark red liquid, and revealed a wicked smile, “with your mouth.”

Forgive me, sir! Ye Xi picked up the wine glass and splashed its contents all over Shen Xiulin’s face, then furiously shouted, “Never!”

As soon as he had completed the action, Ye Xi heard the familiar sound of the quest completion announcement.

Cries of astonishment came from the attendants who surrounded them. The fragrant red liquid trickled down Shen Xiulin’s handsome face without interruption. The liquid gathered at his chin, then dripping down one drop at a time, left the front of his shirt in a sorry state. Shen Xiulin slowly licked off the wine on his lips with the tip of his tongue, then bit out in an icy tone, “Insolent fool.”

How am I supposed to follow that? Ye Xi opened the system interface and skimmed through the new quest.

Main Quest 6: Towering above the masses, the powerful Huangfu X experiences unimaginable rejection and humiliation by the hands of Murong X. He seethes with rage on the inside and swears to humiliate Murong X in every possible way. Then he commands Murong X to attend to his bath like a lowly attendant.

Subdued by Huangfu X’s tyranny, attend to his bath and assist with his change of clothes. Watch, wash, and dry Huangfu X’s naked body. (0/1)

Ye Xi stood in quiet embarrassment, “…”

This system is really, really lewd!

I wonder what the Chief Executive’s quest says, please don’t let it be too improper! Ye Xi prayed in silence.

“Since you are so desperate to watch me change,” Shen Xiulin violently grabbed Ye Xi’s chin, “Then I’ll let you have your fill!”

Ye Xi exclaimed, “I don’t want to watch you change!”

Heaven as my witness, I really don’t want to watch you change!

“Be a good boy and attend to my bath. Go wash off the wine you poured on me.” Shen Xiulin suddenly stood up, and threatened Ye Xi in a highly predictable manner, “Don’t try anything funny, or I’ll bankrupt your family by wiggling my little finger.”

There’s no need to wait for the season to change! 2

As soon as he had spoken, Shen Xiulin turned around and walked away, with Ye Xi reluctantly following in his footsteps.

After half an hour of power-walking behind Shen Xiulin’s giant strides, Ye Xi was covered in a fine sheen of perspiration and desperately wanted to take a bath himself…

The bathroom in the Huangfu mansion was several times larger than the one in the Murong mansion. The most glaring item inside was the diamond bathtub, which was the size of a hot spring. Ye Xi wondered where in Africa did they find such a giant piece of diamond.

The bathtub had been pre-filled with hot water. Shen Xiulin dismissed the attendants from the bathroom so that only Ye Xi and himself remained.

After all the NPCs had left, Ye Xi breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed the tension in his body. He asked Shen Xiulin, “Sir, are there any detailed requirements in your quest? Mine is to watch, wash, and dry your, umm…naked body.”

A faint gleam could be seen in Shen Xiulin’s eyes, “My quest is the same as yours, but the tip said you must wear a white shirt and get in the water to clean my body.”

Ye Xi paused for a moment before replying, “The system is rather lewd.”

The corner of Shen Xiulin’s mouth spasmed, then he calmly defended the system, “It must have been in the original novel.”

Ye Xi remained indignant, “Then the original novel is lewd for stressing that I must wear a white shirt in the bathwater.”

So, you want a wet shirt scene?

A crack appeared in Shen Xiulin’s otherwise flawless expression, that he was about to lose control, “…”

“Then let’s begin.” Ye Xi said, “Here, let me have a look at your naked body.”

Compared to being pinned down by a man and having his shirt torn off, or smacking his boss in the face, Ye Xi did not feel as stressed by quietly observing another man’s naked body.

“Alright then.” Shen Xiulin started to unbutton his shirt.

Shen Xiulin’s clothes dropped to the floor one by one. His flawless god-like body was fully exposed in the thick, steamy fog.

To ensure the quest was completed to the system’s satisfaction, Ye Xi stared for quite a while.

Shen Xiulin asked in a low voice, “How do I look?”

“You have a good, no, excellent figure!” Ye Xi flattered incessantly, “You have a great figure in the real world too, sir!”

Shen Xiulin nodded with satisfaction as he stepped into the bathtub. He urged Ye Xi in a stern voice, “Take off your pants and coat, then come in here to complete your quest.”

Ye Xi immediately took off his pants and coat, but left on his white shirt and underwear. He asked apprehensively, “I don’t think I need to take off my underwear, do I?”

Shen Xiulin replied, “I think you do.”

Ye Xi carefully chewed over the quest instructions, fully demonstrating his talent as an editor, “The system didn’t say to ‘only’ wear my white shirt, so I should be able to keep my underwear on. Since I work in the literary field, I’m kind of sensitive to the meaning between different words.”

Shen Xiulin glanced at Ye Xi’s adorable underwear and nodded, “There’s some truth to that.”

So, in his white shirt and underwear, Ye Xi took a few steps forward with his lithe, lily-white legs. He stopped to pick up a bath sponge before stepping into the giant bathtub.

Shen Xiulin rested his beautifully toned, athletic arms along the edge of the bathtub, then demanded, “Start with my chest.”

Ye Xi immediately kneeled in front of Shen Xiulin like a pet dog and started scrubbing his chest. Surrounded by dense, lingering steam, the bathwater rippled with their reflections. Ye Xi’s shirt was mostly soaked. The wet, semi-transparent fabric tightly gripped his skin, exposing the provocative colour of flesh.

Shen Xiulin stared straight ahead at Ye Xi’s chest. Like a long-abandoned well, his face remained without waves or ripples. His gaze pierced through Ye Xi, as if fixed on some unknown space in front of him. His expression was frozen, without joy or sadness, like an old monk deep in meditation…

Ye Xi watched Shen Xiulin with a sense of awe.

This is so awkward, but our Chief Executive doesn’t look embarrassed at all!

I only have two words to describe the Chief Executive: calm and professional!

“Ahem.” Shen Xiulin quietly cleared his throat, “Please clean my back.”

Ye Xi naively replied, “But I haven’t finished with the front…”

Shen Xiulin swiftly turned around so that his back faced Ye Xi, then demanded, “Clean my back.”

Ten minutes later…

Ye Xi, “Sir, please turn around so I can clean your chest some more.”

Shen Xiulin, “No thanks.”

Ye Xi, “I’m finished with your back. You can take a shower over there.”

Shen Xiulin, “No thanks.”

Ye Xi was stumped by Shen Xiulin’s behaviour for a moment before he continued, “Then how about I wipe you dry with a bath towel so you can change into some clean clothes?”

Ye Xi slowly stood up with his back facing Ye Xi and stepped over the bathtub backwards.

Ye Xi, “…”

Something seems to be wrong with the Chief Executive.

Ye Xi followed Shen Xiulin out of the bathtub and wiped his back and limbs dry with a large bath towel. As he wiped, Ye Xi could hear the quest completion announcement in his ear.

“Haha, another one done!” Ye Xi said cheerfully. As soon as Ye Xi turned to step in front of Shen Xiulin, his bath towel was snatched away.

“This quest is over.” Shen Xiulin said calmly with his back towards Ye Xi, “I can finish drying myself. You should go shower.”


Author’s Notes: [spoilers]


The chief executive: It was such a thrill, I couldn’t help myself.

There’s meat in the next chapter! (But only in the literal sense)

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Translator Notes:

  1. ~650 feet
  2. The original text says “there’s no need to wait for the weather to get cooler.” This is a reference to the ancient Chinese custom of leaving major decisions and punishments to after the autumn harvest, like beheadings and debt collection. Since China is traditionally an agrarian society, this is done in order to avoid bad luck and distractions during more “important” agricultural activities in spring and summer. Winters are usually harsh enough as it is and everyone is in survival mode, so the State tries not to burden or distract the masses during this time either, and that leaves only autumn to punish people for major crimes.

    As an interesting side note, death-row prisoners in ancient China can be locked up for up to a year before they are executed after the autumn harvest, unless the emperor (or the prisoner – jail life is harsh) happens to die during that time. The new emperor would usually pardon all the death-row prisoners to begin his reign with some good luck. Although uncommon, if the emperor or magistrate who presides over the sentence has a serious grudge against the prisoner and feels secure enough in their power to brave a potential backlash, they can execute the prisoner right away, which is the reference here.

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