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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


As the female user put it, ‘pester him so that he doesn’t have the energy to do anything else’, which was easy to say, but when it comes to Xi Ran, he has no idea how to do it.

The inferior female netizen just now knew that his tone was a bit bad, and was embarrassed by Xi Ran’s polite response, so he sent a friendly private message to him with a link to a post titled, “How to make male Zerg unable to stop wanting you”. The title may seem like a cheap and unorthodox novel, but the poster has written a lot of serious words and the following replies indicated that it was very informative.

The lunch hour was over, so Xi Ran saved this post for later to study it in detail when he had time.

As soon as he finished training, Xi Ran took a shower and changed into his clothes, he received a message from Huan Xiu, and he felt like he was instantly confronted by an enemy.

[Can you go pick up Xiao Ye today? I’m going downtown for a walk. I’ll be home late.]

[Will you be back for dinner?]

[You can eat first, don’t wait for me.]

Today Huan Xiu was going to a metal and jewelry shop. Unaware of the huge misunderstanding between them, Huan Xiu sent the message and pulled out the design sketch he drew earlier again, feeling good.

It seemed that diamonds were not popular among the Zerg, so Huan Xiu decided to go for a simpler design after looking at the various wedding rings with different gemstones. The only difference was that he planned to cut a small, irregular groove along the ring to melt and pour the material of the mecha into it. The mecha material was not suitable for prolonged contact with the skin, but it was suitable for the adornment of a white gold ring.

At home, Huan Ye’s father frowned anxiously in the kitchen, staring at the rice cooker. He looked up from his homework, “Father, is there something troubling you?”

“It’s nothing… just, hm, Lan Ji’s birthday is coming up and I was thinking of sending him some kind of birthday present.” Xi Ran made an excuse, his birthday wasn’t a lie, but he didn’t worry about it.

“I see, I’ll think of something for father too,” Huan Ye replied.

Xi Ran thought to himself that he had made Xiao Ye worry, and adjusted his expression. Xi Ran’s heart was in suspense after a rare dinner with only Huan Ye. When he got to his bedroom, he opened the post that he did not have time to check at noon.

[The first thing is the world for two. The first thing you want to do is to create a time to be alone. Find an excuse to bring the male Zerg to your room, or even go outside. Don’t be jealous and don’t mention the other females. For example, this kind of talk is taboo.]

Xi Ran looked at it and felt a little bit opposite of his situation. It was already just the two of them every night…

[When faced with a rare opportunity, you must take the initiative! Show that you want the other person desperately, never be silent, and don’t keep bringing up work and family matters.]

Xi Ran’s heart ‘chuckled’. Their daily life consisted of reading their own books, their chat content was about work and Xiao Ye… 

[If the female Zerg is in heat then that goes without saying. If you’re not in heat, you can use external assistance such as aromatherapy, lighting, sexy pajamas and panties. To avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not send a link, but show a few general pictures… Congenital conditions are different, do not completely follow the lesson from inferior females. You can learn and, in short, do not go too far.”

“……” Xi Ran repeatedly looked at the examples of ‘sexy pajamas’ and rationalized that Huan Xiu should not like this type of thing…

This is hard.

Xi Ran sat on the bed and looked around the bedroom without Huan Xiu. He lay down, his cup and pillow surrounded by Huan Xiu’s warm scent, and kept on reading.

[As for posture, statistics show that rear entry is number one. But each male Zerg has his own preference, so it’s hard to judge. But let’s clarify one thing, male Zerg definitely don’t hate being mounted! They just hate the female Zerg’s expressionless, business-like riding style, and while physically overwhelming, female Zerg should ‘pretend’ to be mentally disadvantaged.]

……It’s so hard.

Xi Ran’s head hurt from reading this, and he had no idea so many female Zerg were willing to rack their brains over these things. In the past, he didn’t think it was necessary to please a male Zerg, and that he would be better off not doing it for the rest of his life. But when he met Huan Xiu, he started to care, and hoped that he would always care about him.

Xi Ran had never been the type to back down when things got tough. On the contrary, once he made a decision, he wouldn’t change his mind even if it broke a wall. So even though he found it difficult, Xi Ran decided to try the ‘tricks’ taught by the post.

It was around 9 p.m. when Huan Xiu came home. Huan Ye  was nestling on the sofa, watching children’s programs. He usually didn’t watch TV very much. Especially in front of Huan Xiu, he will try his best not to watch ‘childish’ things, to appear more mature and sensible. When Huan Xiu walked in, he was so startled that he switched the TV to the news channel.

“Male father is back,” Xiao Ye meekly called out.

Huan Xiu laughed and said, “I saw it all, stop pretending. There’s nothing to hide. You’re just a kid watching a cartoon.”

Huan Ye’s face turned red, “I was just, just casually looking, I should go wash up…”

“Okay,” said Huan Xiu, looking at the time, “Where’s your female father? Why didn’t he send you to bed today?”

“Father seemed a bit tired today, so he went to the supermarket earlier and then went back to his room. Oh yeah, he said he left food in the fridge.”

“I ate out, I’ll save the stuff for tomorrow morning. I’m going upstairs then, it’s okay to watch cartoons, but you have to be in bed by ten, okay?”

“I’m getting ready to go to bed right now!” Huan Ye had ‘please don’t talk about the cartoons anymore’ written all over his face.

Huan Xiu laughed at Xiao Ye’s back as he ran back upstairs, took off his jacket and hung it up, then went to the kitchen to see what Xi Ran had saved for him. When he opened the refrigerator, Huan Xiu was surprised to find several dishes that were all ‘sobering dishes’ in small portions and obviously not leftovers from dinner.

Maybe Xi Ran thought that he had gone out drinking with his colleagues? He had never seen Xi Ran cooking these dishes before, so it was obvious that it was an impromptu effort. It was a small misunderstanding, but Huan Xiu also felt warmed by it.

“Xi Ran, I’m back.” Huan Xiu called out from outside his room in a happy mood. “I heard from Xiao Ye that you look a bit tired? How…”

When Huan Xiu opened the door, he noticed that it was dark in the room and there was no light on. He immediately lowered his voice, thinking that Xi Ran was already asleep. However, when Huan Xiu took a closer look in the room, he realized that Xi Ran was not on the bed. The dim light in the room came from a few electrified fake candles placed on the bedside table.

Did Xi Ran put these there? No wonder he felt an unfamiliar scent when he entered the house. Huan Xiu was a little suspicious about the effectiveness of these small items, Xi Ran should be a standard pragmatist, so why did he go out to buy them today?

“Xi Ran?”


Huan Xiu turned his head and Xi Ran came out of the bathroom wearing only his underwear.

Only underwear, no problem. But Huan Xiu froze for a moment – because he didn’t understand why Xi Ran was wearing a thong.

Xi Ran, of course, was uncomfortable, he took a glance at Huan Xiu, but it seemed that he was not going to come over, but looked at him with surprise.

The post said that it was normal to be surprised, after all most male Zerg had never seen their female Zerg in such a seductive manner before.

“What day is today?” Huan Xiu questioned. Of course, he welcomed the surprise, but this kind of surprise was not like Xi Ran. 

Xi Ran was already a bit nervous, but now he couldn’t answer. So he simply skipped over Huan Xiu’s question and walked forward quickly to hug Huan Xiu, “Master, I’ve missed you every day recently…”

The post taught him to speak weakly and gently pull the male Zerg towards the bed – the OP said it worked wonders.

Xi Ran couldn’t help but sniff Huan Xiu’s body during this process – there was no smell of other Zerg. It didn’t even smell like alcohol. This made him relieved.

……??? Didn’t we just separate this morning? Huan Xiu, who was thrown down on the bed, thought to himself with a confused face.


Huan Xiu lay on his back and watched his female Zerg begin to remove his belt with a determined look on his face. They did do it riding style, but only when they were halfway through and wanted to change positions. This was the first time Xi Ran had ever pushed him down and rode him in such a ‘fierce’ manner..


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Hahaha Huan Xiu be like “?????” xDD
Thank you 😀

December 23, 2020 5:57 pm

Lol I am loving the misunderstanding since it’s kinda funny 😆 o do feel a little bad for Xi Ran for worrying but I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes he was mistaken lolololol 😂

December 23, 2020 9:37 pm

Xi ran mind is derailed😂😂😂

December 24, 2020 3:02 am

Thanks for the chapters!

Laurelie Irvine
Laurelie Irvine
December 24, 2020 3:26 am

Merry Christmas!

(Btw, it should be “foolproof”, not “foul proof”.)

December 24, 2020 11:22 am

Xi Ran is going to follow that list, huh. Huan Xiu Will be ecstatic.

Thanks for the chapter!

December 29, 2020 11:47 pm

lmao xi ran gon wild

January 2, 2021 5:54 pm

Lol the guide article really isn’t helping XR since they are together every morning and night! 😂 When XR said I had missed you, HX must be feeling like what makes today different than the other days prior?? 😅

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I’m laughing because I can picture Huan Xiu’s face while he’s thinking the narrative and being thrown on the bed by Xi Ran… in a thong, preparing to fiercely ride him! He may never be the same again 😉🤠
Thanks for translating.

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