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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

“Right away, sir. But let me read the next quest first.” Ye Xi replied while he opened the system interface.

Main Quest 7: After leaving the bathroom, Huangfu X demands under everyone’s watchful eyes that, to prevent Murong X from escaping, Murong X must sleep with him in his bed. Murong X angrily refuses the indecent proposal, but is picked up and carried to the bedroom by Huangfu X, then savagely thrown onto Huangfu X’s massive bed and forced to sleep with him…

Firmly refuse Huangfu X’s request in front of an audience to further arouse his desire to conquer you. Then sleep in the same bed as Huangfu X for one night. (0/1)

Tips: To comply with strict censorship laws, ‘sleep’ only in the literal sense.

Even the system knows about strict censorship laws these days…

Ye Xi, “Sirhave you read your request yet?”

Gulp! I don’t think I can fall asleep in the same bed as my boss, I’d definitely get insomnia from all the anxiety!

But, now that I think about it, if one of us sleeps on one side of the bed, and the other person sleeps on the other side of the bed, it’ll probably be the same as sleeping in separate rooms. We won’t even be able to see each other.

Shen Xiulin casually threw his towel onto the floor, then calmly replied as he put on a bathrobe, “Yes, I have to force you to sleep with me.”

“Hahaha, I’m a terrible sleeper – I toss and turn and sleep talk. You won’t sleep very well if you stay too close to me.” Ye Xi suggested with a dry laugh, “How about we each sleep on a different side of the bed?”

Shen Xiulin stroked his chin, then shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

Ye Xi, “Why not?”

I hope there isn’t some kind of lewd tip.

Shen Xiulin read with a straight face, “Tips: The distance between the two of you cannot exceed twenty centimetres 1.”

Ye Xi’s face instantly became as long as a fiddle, “…”

Fuck this rotten system!

Under the circumstances where Ye Xi could not see the other person’s quest instructions, had it been anyone else, Ye Xi might have had some slight suspicions about the accuracy of the other person’s verbal account. However, this being his stony-faced, incorruptible boss, Ye Xi naturally felt the urge to trust and obey him.

Shen Xiulin’s tone and expression were extremely calm and collected, without any hint of jest or depravity. Furthermore, they were in this together, and even shared their experience points. Ye Xi could not think of any reason why Shen Xiulin might want to increase the difficulty of the quest or make things harder for Ye Xi. All of these reasons led to Ye Xi to place his full trust in everything Shen Xiulin had told him.

Shen Xiulin shot a sidelong glance at Ye Xi, “Do you not want to go through with it?”

“No, that’s not it.” Ye Xi swiftly packed away his long face, “I’ll do it.”

“Good.” In his bathrobe, Shen Xiulin turned around and examined Ye Xi from head to toe. From the drops of water on his cheeks to the semi-transparent, flesh coloured shirt that stuck to his chest, to the small piece of soaked fabric that clearly outlined the shape of a certain area down below, then finally to his smooth legs that looked especially glossy under the glow of the bathroom lights…Suddenly, Shen Xiulin scooped up Ye Xi with his arms.

Ye Xi’s heart skipped a beat. He was so stunned that his face became instantly red, “Wait, what’s going on? What are you doing, sir?”

“I’m trying to estimate your weight.” Shen Xiulin continued holding Ye Xi in his arms as if he were a little princess. Shen Xiulin slightly furrowed his brow, “I have to carry you all the way from the bathroom to the bedroom later, then throw you onto the bed.”

Ye Xi had completely forgotten about the requirement to faithfully carry out every single detail in the quest instructions. He breathed a sigh of relief, then cursed himself for the horrible thought that had crossed his mind earlier…

I must be going crazy from all the soft-core porn I read these past three months!

“Am I heavy?” Ye Xi changed to a more comfortable position in Shen Xiulin’s arms. “Can I stay in this position later? All this manual labour must be tough.”

“You’re not too heavy, and I seem to be a bit stronger here compared to the real world.” Shen Xiulin held Ye Xi tighter and spoke with a serious face, “Your posture is fine.”

Ye Xi tried to cheer him up, “Luckily the system didn’t tell you to ‘throw me in the middle of the bed’, or you’d have to throw me for over a hundred metres 2. Even if you could throw me that far, I’d probably die on impact. Hahahahaha!”

However, not a shred of cheer appeared on Shen Xiulin’s face. He just stared at Ye Xi without blinking.

Ye Xi, “…”

Maybe my joke isn’t that funny…this is awkward.

“You should shower.” Shen Xiulin put Ye Xi down after a while.

Ye Xi stepped over two or three rose petals with his bare feet, petals that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, then began to unbutton his shirt.

Shen Xiulin turned around and stood in front of the mirror. He slowly adjusted the position of the belt on his nightgown 3, then straightened every wrinkle on its surface.

Although it was slightly embarrassing to shower in the same room as his boss, since Shen Xiulin was not actually looking at him, Ye Xi insouciantly took off his wet shirt and enjoyed his hot shower in peace.

Shen Xiulin stayed in the bathroom the entire time Ye Xi was in the shower. When Ye Xi finished putting on his nightgown, Shen Xiulin was still busy fixing his hair in front of the mirror, as if he wanted to place every strand of stray hair that fell on his forehead back into its rightful place 4.

When Ye Xi saw Shen Xiulin play with his hair in front of the mirror with such a serious expression on his face, he really wanted to laugh.

Who would’ve thought that the Chief Executive is so vain! Hahaha!

At that, Shen Xiulin stood up straight and looked like he was done.

“Sir, I’m ready. Shall we move onto the next quest?” Ye Xi asked.

“Let’s go.” Shen Xiulin nodded.

“Umm, wait a minute, I’d like to …” Ye Xi pointed to Shen Xiulin’s diamond toilet and looked slightly embarrassed, “use this for a moment.”

It’s better to be done with it before bed so I don’t have to run back here later!

Shen Xiulin started to play with his hair again in front of the mirror and coolly replied, “Go ahead.”

Ye Xi, “Do you mind?”

Shen Xiulin, “No.”

Ye Xi could only force back his embarrassment. He took out his pecker and built a rainbow bridge.

When he finished, Ye Xi looked up and was shocked to find Shen Xiulin had turned around and was staring at Ye Xi’s dick with a strange look in his eyes.

Blushing crimson, Ye Xi exclaimed with a dry laugh, “I hope I didn’t scare you, sir. This world is so ridiculous that even my pee is rainbow-coloured…”

Shen Xiulin’s lips formed a barely perceptible curve, “It’s okay, mine is electric.”

Ye Xi blinked for a second, then broke into hysterical laughter, “Hahahahaha!”

A stream of sparks and lightning! Our Chief Executive is so talented!

Shen Xiulin revealed a cryptic smile, “Come on, let’s go.”

The two of them walked out from the bathroom shoulder to shoulder. The moment they left the room, Ye Xi immediately covered his face with disdain.

Shen Xiulin also instantly turned into his badass character and announced in a cold voice in front of the watchful gaze of his attendants, “In order to eliminate all opportunities for escape, you shall sleep with me tonight.”

“Never!” Ye Xi protested.

“Oh?” Shen Xiulin violently turned around and held Ye Xi’s chin in a cliched way. He asked with wicked amusement, “Do you know how many people dream of climbing into my bed? And you dare refuse me?”

Ye Xi almost cracked up laughing. He paused to calm himself, then scoffed, “Ha, you seem rather full of yourself.”

“Very well.” Shen Xiulin announced in a loud voice, “You have successfully aroused my desire to conquer you.”

Ye Xi quite sincerely rolled his eyes at this part of the script.

At that, Shen Xiulin scooped Ye Xi into his arms according to the quest instructions and walked in the direction of the bedroom in powerful strides. Since the quest did not specifically require him to struggle, Ye Xi symbolically struggled a little then settled down shortly after – like a little minx playing hard to get.

Shen Xiulin carried Ye Xi in his arms for a little while longer. He suddenly turned to face the attendants stationed every two metres 5 along the hallway and announced, “You’re all dismissed.”

The attendants immediately informed each other of the order like a chain of dominoes, then retreated like the tide until only Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin remained.

“We can speak more freely this way.” Explained Shen Xiulin.

Then began the long march…

In the Mary Sue world, the passionate scene where ‘the sub makes the dom angry, then the dom picks up the sub, walks into the bedroom and throws the sub onto the bed,’ was not only played out without a shred of passion, it was also highly exhausting, like running a marathon with weights tied to your body.

One thing that was for sure was: Shen Xiulin being much stronger in the Mary Sue world than he was in the real world. After carrying a fully grown adult for several minutes, only a fine sheen of perspiration could be seen near the corners of Shen Xiulin’s forehead. He did not look very tired at all.

Although Ye Xi felt a bit awkward at the beginning, it was not so bad once he got used to being carried in Shen Xiulin’s arms. In order to get more comfortable, Ye Xi carefully rested his head against Shen Xiulin’s chest. The sound of Shen Xiulin’s frantic heartbeat was relayed to his ear without interference.

“Are you tired, sir? Do you need a break?” Ye Xi asked sympathetically and wiped off the sweat on Shen Xiulin’s brow with his sleeve.

Shen Xiulin, “No.”

“But your heart is beating really fast.” Ye Xi insisted with compassion, “Please don’t force yourself.”

Shen Xiulin paused for a moment before replying, “Maybe I do feel a little tired. But it’s better to finish the task in one go, or the system may not count the quest as complete.”

If the Chief Executive has to redo this quest, he will surely lose it…Ye Xi nodded understandingly, then tried to comfort him, “How about I give you a massage later?”

Shen Xiulin’s eyes lit up, “Alright.”

In his head, Ye Xi gave himself a big thumbs up.

Gosh, I’m so clever! I’m definitely in for a promotion and a raise when we get back!

A few scarlet rose petals fell from Ye Xi’s hair and slowly spiraled onto the golden-green gemstone floor, lined with Cat’s Eye stones.

Ye Xi was partially pleased, but at the same time, partially dejected.

Ugh, I’m such a bumpkin – just thinking about a promotion and raise is enough to make me shed rose petals!

After an unknown quantity of time had passed, the two of them finally arrived at Huangfu X’s bedroom. Shen Xiulin threw Ye Xi onto the massive bed, then panted heavily as he (and his balls) stretched out face-up on the bed. The firm muscles on his chest were completely soaked with sweat and exuded a faint, seductive glow.

Seeing Shen Xiulin’s glossy chest, Ye Xi quietly mused whether the chief executive’s bath had been completely wasted.


Author’s Notes:

Did the rose petals grow out of happiness or something else…mwahahaha

Rainbows and electricity – the smut between these two is going to get very interesting.

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Translator Notes:

  1. ~8 inches
  2. ~330 feet
  3. Did anyone see him change into a nightgown from the bathrobe he was wearing earlier? I didn’t.
  4. Shen Xiulin has a man-fringe
  5. ~6.5 feet
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