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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Did you see the bruises on their faces again?”

“They went out to fight with the school next door, right?”

“That Kaczki guy is so weird, right? A male Zerg from the next class playing with a female Zerg every day.”

“But he’s a pretty good-looking guy. You go talk to him.”

“No, those two tall females beside him look scary.”

A small group of inferior females were whispering in the classroom.

Qi Ling Chao: “……”

The female they described as ‘scary’ glared their way, scaring the group of females into pretending nothing had happened and walking away quickly in a panic.

“They’re all scared away.” Cheng YuanMu whistled.

“It was clear that we are the ones being looked at.” Qi Ling Chao said in a disgruntled whisper.

“You scared everyone away on your third day, you are very good ah.” Kaczki took his hand off the book and applauded.

Qi Ling Chao turned his head to Cheng YuanMu who was next to him and asked, “Is this mocking us?”

“I assure you that he is sincere.”

It was the lunch break of the college, and most of the students had gone to the cafeteria to eat. The three Zerg who remained in the corner of the classroom at this time were slightly unusual in composition.

Cheng YuanMu, Qi Ling Chao, two female Zerg gloriously fought outside the school on the third day of admission and got their faces bruised. They were keeping the good tradition of fighting and brawling from the primary to the secondary section, all the way to the university. The two females were punished by standing at the back of the classroom for about three hours since they arrived today.

What’s the point?

Kaczki, who had known the two Zerg since they were cubs, was not involved in this, but simply sat in the classroom reading and talking to them. He had always had a big personality and never cared about the difference between male and female, playing with whoever was interesting. He didn’t mind the fact that people called him ‘weird’, but he thought it was nice to be different from the public.

“How long are you going to stand?”

“Until school ends.” Qi Ling Chao said in a bored voice. He seemed to be a little dissatisfied with the teacher’s discipline.

“You don’t have to wait for us, go eat first.”

In response to Cheng YuanMu’s suggestion, Kaczki pulled out a bag with a sandwich and drink from his school bag, “Don’t worry. I brought lunch.”

Then he read the book while eating by himself.

“You might as well go to the cafeteria. We’ve been standing around for half the day, and you’re eating in front of us when we’re hungry,” Qi Ling Chao said through clenched teeth.

Kaczki used the straw to suck on the boxed drink with a ‘slurping’ sound and shook his head, “But I don’t want to delay my reading time! And it’s noisy in the cafeteria. So what should I do? Do you want a bite?”

Kaczki said, handing over the half-eaten sandwich.

“Uh! You’ve already eaten it,” Qi Ling Chao suddenly showed a trace of panic.

“Huh? You still don’t like it? Tsk, it’s good to share it with you.” Kaczki smacked his lips and turned back. 

Qi Ling Chao opened his mouth, but closed it again. He looked a bit remorseful.

Cheng YuanMu glanced to the side, slightly relieved.

The classroom was silent, only the subtle sound of Kaczki chewing bread and turning pages could be heard. After a moment of silence, Cheng YuanMu took the initiative to break the silence, “What are you reading?”

“Polymer physics.”

“Huh?” Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao looked at each other, showing a dumbfounded expression.

“I’m studying in advance for my college class.”

“Don’t know anything about it. I can’t even learn these things in school now.” Cheng YuanMu thought of the books he flipped through casually in the beginning of the school year, and said with a state of lingering fear in his heart.

“But I want to go to the main city’s university college ah. The city’s students have a single-digit quota for each city, so they’re basically only accepting nobles, and I won’t be able to get in unless I work hard,” Kaczki sighed, rambling on about the small number of places.

The lunch break was soon over, and the students returned to class one by one. The returning Zerg would stare at Kaczki, who moved his chair to the end of the classroom and sat next to the two females, who were standing in punishment. In fact, this had been a rare sight in the middle school section for a long time, but with the change of students since they entered the school, the familiar fuss was back.

The more and more eyes were directed his way, the more Kaczki concentrated on reading the book, ignoring it. Cheng YuanMu reminded him in a low voice, “You should go back to your own class. Otherwise, there will be more Zerg talking about you.”

“You’ve been causing trouble for so many years, and just now you remember that I’ll be talked about?” Kaczki looked incredulous, “Okay. I’m leaving now. I have tutoring after school today, so don’t wait up for me. See you tomorrow!”

“Oh, oh.”

“Bye.” Kaczki shoved his books in his bag, grabbed his chair and left through the back door of the classroom in a flash.

At 3:00 p.m., the school day ended and the students reported to their clubs. The class director came to the classroom to check on Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao who were still standing after the penalty. He looked at them with great displeasure, after all, who wouldn’t find such problematic students in their own class troublesome.

“I heard that Kaczki from the next class is very close to you, right? He is a good student, and his class director sits at the table opposite me, so he seems to be worried about you guys mixing together. You have to be a bit more careful not to bring him down.”

The two hummed and harrumphed, without a serious response. The class director spoke half a day as if playing piano to a cow, looked at the time, and seeing that his meeting has started, he angrily waved his hand, turned around and walked away.

In the past, the two Zerg would have laughed at the class director’s reaction, but today after hearing the familiar admonition, they became a little disheartened.

Cheng YuanMu sighed a little, “Kaczki is being talked about again.”

“He doesn’t care, right?” Qi Ling Chao tossed his school bag over his shoulder, they usually hung out after school, so they didn’t join the club, and this was the end of the school day.

“Yeah. He never cared,” Cheng YuanMu cleared his throat, pretending to sound like Kaczki, “We play together big! Because what’s the matter with friends getting a few words.”

“Friends ah.”

The two of them wandered towards the outside of the school, without saying a word.

“Speaking of which, Kaczki is really good. He can read that thing.”

“Yeah. He will definitely become a great male Zerg,” Qi Ling Chao looked at his friend, who was sincere, and continued, “and then he will go to the main city, enter the research institute, and reach the peak of Zerg life.”

“We probably can’t get into any college or university.”

It’s a good thing there were no schools in small towns, so they were able to get into the same school as Kaczki. It was one thing to put their mind to it, but it’s also true that they didn’t have a talent for learning. They were very self-aware.

After walking side by side in silence outside the school for a while, Cheng YuanMu suddenly asked, “Kaczki gave you a sandwich for lunch, why didn’t you eat it?”


“You like him?”

“What else? Do I look like I can hide my heart? Kaczki is the only one who is too slow.” Qi Ling Chao readily admitted to his friend.

“Yeah. I like him too.” Cheng YuanMu echoed.

“Not surprised.”

The two of them exchanged heavy news in a calm manner, neither of them showing excessive surprise. The two of them have been hanging out for three days, and they know exactly what the other was thinking, especially about Kaczki.

“How do you think we can change Kaczki’s view of us from friends to the opposite sex?”

“I don’t know! I thought it would be good to be close, but why doesn’t he have any sense of male and female? All day long, he isn’t thinking about anything serious, just reading those stupid books.” Qi Ling Chao kicked the can on the side of the road to vent.

Cheng YuanMu thought for a while, then gave up thinking, “As a last resort, we have to go in directly.”

Qi Ling Chao also simply gave up thinking: “Good idea.”

Kaczki, who was in a tutoring session, suddenly sneezed.

“Who’s talking about me?” Kaczki sneezed again and again.


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Wait, I’m confused. Do we know any of these characters?

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Didn’t expect that this release would be about Kaczki! =O

Thank you for the updates 💕

January 2, 2021 11:09 pm

Ohhh. I like we’re going to learn about Huan Xiu’s friend’s past… His little family is kinda different from the other zerg, after all.

Thanks for the chapter

January 7, 2021 6:16 am

so it’s for the other CP~ thank u for the chapter!!

July 29, 2021 5:09 am

I had a feeling Kaczki’s son would be as unorthodox as he and his family set-up are (from the wedding chapter).
“…go in directly”??? 2 of them?! Poor Kaczki! 😁
Thank you for translating. Love these extras.

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