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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

As soon as Shen Xiulin had spoken, both he and Ye Xi received the Main Quest 16 completion announcement.

“It’s done.”  Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi with a gentle expression and thought he looked rather delectable in his nightgown. With expectant eyes, Shen Xiulin suggested, “Let’s read the next one.”

The chief executive was obviously looking forward to some less than savoury quests being generated by the system.

“Okay!” Ye Xi did a big stretch. He sprawled across the bed face-down while holding a pillow in his arms, then lazily opened the quest interface.

Main Quest 17: After obtaining Huangfu X’s trust, the newly freed Murong X roams the island looking for opportunities to escape, but finds none. There are no passenger boats or shipping lines anywhere near the island, nor can he rely on his own abilities to escape. Feeling defeated, Murong X can only patiently wait on the island for his second wedding…

Live on the island for seven days and seven nights. (0/1)

Tips: Spend at least 24 cumulative hours alone outside the villa.

“I have to live on the island for seven days and seven nights,” Ye Xi read his quest out loud, “and spend 24 hours outside the villa by myself, I can accumulate the time…This quest seems to fit into the overall narrative where I look for opportunities to escape from the island.”

Shen Xiulin closed the quest interface looking disappointed, “My quest is to also live on the island for seven days and nights.”

Stupid quest, there’s nothing raunchy about it at all! The chief executive was extremely disappointed.

“Uh, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” Ye Xi’s mind had been set at ease by the quest instructions. He crossed his legs and sat up straight, then blurted out the question that he was too tired to ask last night, “Do you not want me to conquer male extras?”

As soon as Shen Xiulin heard the words ‘male extra,’ the Aura of Tyranny around him shuddered.

Ye Xi, “…”

Based on Ye Xi’s three male extra conquests so far, as soon as the conquest completion announcements sounded, thunder and lightning would appear over the horizon, which were clear omens of the chief executive’s misery…

Ye Xi had previously concluded that the events were caused by Shen Xiulin being too deep in character. But now that he had thought about it, that did not seem like the case at all.

Shen Xiulin’s voice grew cold, his reply was simple and concise, “I’d get jealous.”

The Chief Executive looks kind of attractive when he’s jealous! Ye Xi’s heart skipped a beat at Shen Xiulin’s confession, so he quickly tried to distract himself, “The male extras aren’t real, they’re just virtual characters. You don’t have to be…jealous.”

Shen Xiulin knotted his brow, still looking displeased, “But they look like real people.”

“It’s okay if you know the difference in your heart. Just think of this as a game of romantic conquest that I have to play.” Ye Xi patiently counselled, “We’re also mere brainwaves in this world, everything we can see and hear are all hallucinations. So you shouldn’t mind anything that happens here.”

Shen Xiulin shifted his gaze, then spoke in a chilly voice, “You seem to be taking things rather well.”

Ye Xi nodded adorably without comprehension, “Of course…There’s not much else I can do when all I want is to go back and eat spicy crayfish.”

Shen Xiulin looked somewhat surprised, then smiled. In the next second, he edged closer to Ye Xi without warning. He caressed Ye Xi’s cheek with one hand and held the hand Ye Xi had placed on his knee with the other, then kissed him on the lips.

Ye Xi froze, then immediately backed away. With his eyes wide open in a panic, he could not help but curse in front of the chief executive, “Fuck!”

Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?!

Shen Xiulin calmly replied, “This is just a hallucination.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Shen Xiulin continued his depravity in a serious tone, “Only our brainwaves touched just now, what’s there to blush about?”

Ye Xi jumped up from the middle of the four-hectare 1 bed.

Shen Xiulin announced in a monotonous, flat voice, “I also want to have intercourse with your brainwave.”

Ye Xi ran away in uneven footsteps.

Help!!! That Shen Xiulin is about to break his iceberg CEO character design and turn into a train molester!

Ye Xi did not get very far before being dragged back by Shen Xiulin.

“I wasn’t finished.” Shen Xiulin gripped Ye Xi’s arm, forcing Ye Xi to face him. He looked serious and business-like, as if he was going to hold a conference meeting where they stood.

Ye Xi asked vigilantly, “What is it?”

“Actually, I shouldn’t have tried to stop you.” Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi intently for a moment, the harsh lines on his face suddenly softening, “It was selfish of me, we need the experience points.” He tousled Ye Xi’s hair affectionately, then continued in a gentle voice, “Once we get back, you’ll be able to eat as much spicy crayfish as you like.”

“Mmm…” Ye Xi smacked his lips together, his eyes sparkling at the mention of spicy crayfish.

“However,” Shen Xiulin said ruefully, “I reserve the right to be jealous and release thunderbolts.”

The chief executive immediately released a small bolt of lightning to make his point.

Ye Xi, “…”

An hour later, Ye Xi left the villa fully dressed, ready to accumulate 24 hours of alone time for his main quest.

It was not clear where this island was located on Earth, but the sun set extremely slowly here. Although the sun was now mostly hidden below the horizon, its afterglow still lit up more than half the sky. The sea seemed to be dotted with scatterings of gold-leaf on its crests, while dusk painted the sandy shores in an orange glow. A small hermit crab dragged its heavy shell and a long shadow behind it, stopping sporadically as it scurried across the beach.

Ye Xi mused optimistically that he could treat this seven-day quest as a vacation, just without the delicious food. Ye Xi cheerfully strolled along the sandy beach, turning back periodically to admire the lingering trail left by his lonely footsteps.

A beautiful, secluded beach like this would be rare in the real world, since tourist destinations were always full of people. However, Ye Xi was here all by himself. He thought there would be a bodyguard stationed every two metres on the beach, but they were nowhere to be seen. It could be explained in the sense that there was no way to escape from the island without some kind of transportation, so the bodyguards only needed to guard the areas where planes and boats were being kept.

Not far from the villa that Shen Xiulin and Ye Xi resided in, rows of charming little cottages could be seen close to the shore. Ye Xi was not sure if they were meant for the attendants who maintained the island, but they seemed uninhabited at the moment.

A pleasant breeze carried the smell of saltwater from the sea. Ye Xi closed his eyes with the corners of his lips slightly raised and enjoyed the comfortable breeze brush across his face. While he strolled further along the beach, three semi-transparent character profile boxes jumped out from nowhere not too far ahead where the sand met the sea.

Male extras! And there are three of them!

Ye Xi’s eyes suddenly sparkled like a little bunny who had just found three carrots.

He hurried towards the character profile boxes, and as expected, saw three men lay on the beach side-by-side with their faces in the sand. Like three corpses, the three men remained motionless while their lower bodies were submerged in the changing tide.

Look at all those experience points!!! Overcome with excitement, Ye Xi exuberantly jumped up and down next to the ‘corpses,’ then quickly scanned his eyes over the three character profiles.

The first character profile floated above the red-haired man on the left…

Name: Tuoba X

Role: Cat Burglar

Character Summary: He is a mysterious burglar that comes and goes without a trace, a descendant of the legendary Blood Clan, a proud prince of the night. He is an S-class fugitive wanted by over a thousand nations, but no one has ever managed to capture even a single hair from his body. He can steal anything from this world! No matter how rare the treasure may be, he can steal anything from this world! However, it seems there is a single heart that he cannot steal…

With an irreverent look on Ye Xi’s face, “…”

Needless to say – my heart. There’s no doubt about that.

So there are over a thousand countries in this world, it must be pretty hard to control the fate of the global economy. Also, what’s up with that line after ‘no matter how rare the treasures may be’? Did the author run out of words or something?! The novel must be rejected at all cost!

The second character profile floated above the golden-haired man in the centre…

Name: X X X X X Louis X 2

Role: Prince

Character Summary: His Highness, the Crown Prince of Kingdom X, is the future heir to the throne. He carries the golden bloodline of Kingdom X’s royal household, a bloodline that is over a thousand years old. He possesses the ‘Golden Sight’, where anything he fixes his eyes on turns to gold. As a result, he has been blindfolded since birth, being too afraid to look upon anything in this world! Until one day, he meets a miraculous youth – the only person in this world that will not turn to gold under his gaze…

Ye Xi, “…”

Needless to say, that youth must be me!

So, this male extra must be the rich man’s version of Medusa. And just how many words did the system omit from his name?!

The third character profile floated above the man on the right with dark emerald hair…

Name: Moqi X

Role: Navy Admiral

Character Summary: A promising young navy admiral. As a child of the sea, he embodies the savage forces of the Four Seas. When fury becomes him, even the ocean will cry out in his name. Regardless of oysters, lobsters, salmon or sea urchins, he controls everything that lives in the sea! When the full moon is high in the night sky, the blood from the Monster of the North Sea – the Kraken, awakens within him, where he is seized by a terrible frenzy, and the only person who can calm him down is…

Ye Xi, “…”

Me, myself and I! The system has no propensity for suspense at all!

So apart from the chief executive, who has the ability to control thunderstorms and hurricanes, there’s now a second person who can control the forces of nature!

Red hair, golden hair and inky emerald hair, with their heads squeezed together, they looked very much like traffic lights.

While he contemplated where to place these three weirdos, Mr. Ye Bunny cheerfully rubbed his hands together as he circled the unconscious ‘carrots’ on the ground.

According to each of their roles, they probably won’t get along with each other. Especially that burglar, he may be after something that belongs to the prince, and only met his fate when they got into a fight while being out at sea. So, I shouldn’t put them together.

On the other hand, although Shen Xiulin said he won’t interfere with any more of my male extra conquests, it would be pretty inconsiderate of me to just bring them back to his home like that. I would be like a scumbag husband who openly brings home his mistresses because his wife is too much of a pushover to defy him…

No, no, no! The Chief Executive and I don’t have that kind of relationship, alright?!

Ye Xi shuddered from his mental comparison and violently shook his head a couple of times to dismiss that strange notion.

“Aha!” Ye Xi’s eyes turned from the male extras to the little cottages built for unknown purposes.

Did the author intentionally place those cottages here to hide these male extras?


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Translator Notes:

  1. ten-acre
  2. As in ‘Louis the Tenth’ with five very long first and middle names. This name has a pseudo-western format, whereas all the other Mary Sue character names are in the Chinese format.
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