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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Though something felt very off, there was a lack of evidence, so Shen Xiulin could only keep his displeasure bottled up for now. Even if he did have evidence, it was not like he had a right to say anything anyway. So he pursed his lips like a pouty little wife and let Ye Xi into the villa.

Shen Xiulin had dismissed his attendants and bodyguards earlier so the two of them could talk in private. The eerily large villa was unusually empty, only their echoing footsteps could be heard as they walked inside its grounds.

“By the way,” Ye Xi blew out a pent-up breath as he followed closely behind Shen Xiulin and tried to push his luck as he requested, “Can I please have my own bedroom? The system didn’t say we have to sleep together over the next few days…”

Shen Xiulin cruelly interrupted, “No.”

Dispirited, Ye Xi asked, “Why not?”

Shen Xiulin sneered, “There are no spare rooms.”

Ye Xi shouted, “Who are you kidding? This villa must have at least ten thousand rooms!”

Shen Xiulin was concise in his reply, “Sleep with me.”

Baffled, Ye Xi asked, “Why should I? Don’t tell me it’s to…”

Shen Xiulin dropped all pretences of modesty and replied candidly, “To satisfy my perverse desires.”

Ye Xi’s face flushed like a steamed crab. He muttered, “Fuck, you really have…”

Shen Xiulin calmly finished his sentence, “No shame.”

Ye Xi became speechless as Shen Xiulin admitted to everything he had wanted to say, without letting him get a word in.

“I’m not asking for much, I meant ‘sleep’ only in the literal sense.” After his confession, Shen Xiulin had cast away all pretences of propriety. “Otherwise I’ll lock you up starting tomorrow. You won’t have to continue with the main quests anymore.”

Ye Xi replied despondently, “I didn’t expect this from you, sir…”

“Ha.” Shen Xiulin laughed. Instead of feeling ashamed, he took Ye Xi’s comment as a compliment and felt pretty good inside.

Once he had washed up and brushed his teeth, with blushing cheeks, Ye Xi reluctantly climbed onto Shen Xiulin’s bed once more. He ignored Shen Xiulin, who laid on one side of the bed, and begrudgingly trekked to the other side of the bed with his pillow and duvet in tow.

The beds and bed sheets in this Mary Sue world may be four-hectares 1 in size, but the duvets were normal sized. When spread out over the bed, the duvet looked like a small leaf that had fallen in the middle of an athletic field. It was really stupid.

Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi’s almost imperceptible outline from afar, before chasing after him with his own pillow and duvet.

“Ye Xi.” The chief executive passionately called out to Ye Xi, then laid down next to him.

Annoyed, Ye Xi turned his backside towards Shen Xiulin.

Shen Xiulin circled Ye Xi’s waist with his arms and pressed up against him from behind.

“Hmph.” Ye Xi disrespectfully shoved his butt against the chief executive in protest.

Shen Xiulin, “Do it again…”

Ye Xi abruptly turned around and glowered at Shen Xiulin. With his face burning from ear to ear, Ye Xi protested, “I can’t sleep with you holding me!”

If I don’t rest up tonight, I won’t have the energy tomorrow to feed those three little strays outside!

Shen Xiulin replied languidly, “Oh really?”

Ye Xi covered his burning face, “Of course!”

Shen Xiulin paused for a moment before dropping the bombshell, “But last time at your place, you slept very well while holding onto me.”

“My place…?” Ye Xi furrowed his brow, “What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said.” Shen Xiulin sneered. His eyes, which always looked like they were veiled in a thin layer of frost, grew a few degrees cooler. Clearly piqued, he asked, “Do you really not remember anything?”

Ye Xi was dumbfounded. He asked, “What are you talking about?”

Shen Xiulin patiently reminded him, “You got drunk at the annual office party two years ago, do you remember who took you home?”

Ye Xi knotted his brow as he laboured to remember, then hesitantly replied, “Not really. Wasn’t it Xiao Wang 2 who lived in the same neighbourhood as me?”

Shen Xiulin calmly continued, “Xiao Wang was also drunk. I was the one who took both of you home.”

Ye Xi gasped for air, “…”


Shen Xiulin rested his head on one hand as he wore a somewhat wicked smile on his lips, “Do you want to hear about your drunken accomplishments? That’s when I started falling for you.”

Ye Xi watched Shen Xiulin aghast, “…”

Don’t tell me I did a striptease in front of the Chief Executive!

Before Ye Xi could respond, Shen Xiulin began to impose the story on him, “Both of you were passed out drunk that day. Since the neighbourhood you both lived in was on my way home, I asked for the two of you to be brought to my car. When we arrived, I asked the driver to take Xiao Wang home, then I personally took you…”

“Wait a minute.” Ye Xi exuberantly raised his hand and asked, “We were both drunk and we were both editors from the Male-Oriented Fiction team, but why didn’t you take Xiao Wang home?”

Shen Xiulin cocked his head slightly and retorted, “What do you think?”

Ye Xi pondered, “…”

It must’ve been because Xiao Wang was twice my size and he had pecs that could suffocate a mosquito, so he would’ve been much heavier to carry.

Xiao Wang should really have been called Da Wang.

Shen Xiulin searched his memories as he recounted, “I carried you out from the backseat of my car, then took you to your apartment. I took off your coat and laid you flat on your sofa. But just as I was about to leave, you…”

…Ye Xi, who was both a cheap drunk and a bad drunk, laid on the sofa with his eyes half closed, looking somewhat teary-eyed. His face, which was a little too pretty for a boy, flushed pink from the alcohol.

As an unattached, hot-blooded gay man, Shen Xiulin could not help but take a second look at Ye Xi. Then suppressing his sinful thoughts, he helped Ye Xi out of his coat jacket and placed it on top of him like a duvet.

But just as Shen Xiulin was about to withdraw his hand, the intoxicated Ye Xi grabbed it in a flash.

Shen Xiulin coldly uttered, “Hey…”

Ye Xi ignored him. With a vice-like grip, Ye Xi clutched onto Shen Xiulin’s thumb with one hand and his wrist with the other, then took a bite out of Shen Xiulin’s hand with his eyes closed.

Speechless, Shen Xiulin tried to retract his hand, but Ye Xi stuck out the tip of his pink tongue and gently licked the centre of Shen Xiulin’s palm.

“Hmm.” Shen Xiulin shuddered from Ye Xi’s lick. Although he still wore his usual frown and stern face, his cheeks began to flush uncontrollably. Not only did Shen Xiulin cease from trying to retract his hand, he looked rather expectantly at Ye Xi, hoping that he would lick him again.

But Ye Xi released Shen Xiulin’s hand with a grimace and spat out in clear disapproval of the taste of the chief executive’s hand. Then, rolling over on the sofa, Ye Xi felt around his butt for quite some time. After a while, he looked up at Shen Xiulin with bleary eyes. Batting his large eyes, he asked with a confused and doleful look, “Sir, where’s my tail?”

“No, I…” As a gay man with a taste for pretty youths, Shen Xiulin felt dizzy from the onslaught of cuteness and stuttered, “I don’t know.”

Ye Xi wore a stern expression on his adorable face, “Help me find it.”

“Alright…” The normally cold and commanding chief executive obligingly bent over the floor to look for Ye Xi’s tail, not even missing the underside of the sofa.

Two minutes later, the inebriated Ye Xi came out of the bathroom while holding onto the wall for support. Folded over his arm was a set of freshly laundered little dinosaur pyjamas with a very long tail.

Shen Xiulin suddenly felt like an idiot for looking everywhere for the tail earlier, “…”

Ye Xi stood with his arms akimbo and declared, “Change clothes!”

Ye Xi openly stripped down to his underwear in front of Shen Xiulin, then used up all of his strength to put on his little dinosaur pyjamas.

After taking in the scenery, Shen Xiulin no longer wanted to leave at all. He stood rooted next to the sofa and fixed his eyes on Ye Xi without blinking.

Once he had changed, Ye Xi declared aloud, “Time for bed!”

Then, dragging his long dinosaur tail into the bedroom, Ye Xi plopped down onto his bed backwards with his arms and legs stretched out. Shen Xiulin, now delirious from the cuteness overload, followed him quietly into the room. However, he did not forget to text his driver to leave without him.

Shen Xiulin switched off his phone and proceeded to sit on the edge of Ye Xi’s bed with a tissue in his hand. Then, in an act of blatant self-deception, he bent over Ye Xi to wipe off the non-existent sweat on Ye Xi’s brow. Ye Xi obligingly let Shen Xiulin wipe his forehead while he fumbled around for the body pillow that had already fallen onto the floor.

Ye Xi had wanted to fall asleep holding his body pillow, but upon his failure to find it, he settled for the next best thing. He hooked his fingers around Shen Xiulin’s nape and pulled the chief executive firmly into his arms.

Contrary to his wishes, Shen Xiulin struggled a little, then called out in a soft voice, “Ye Xi. Ye Xi?”

“Behave yourself. You’re just a body pillow.” Ye Xi replied, then solemnly smacked the top of the chief executive’s head, “Don’t try to gain any powers after National Day.” 3

Shen Xiulin stopped moving, “…”

The unruly body pillow gave up his quest for spiritual powers. Satisfied, Ye Xi rubbed his cheek against Shen Xiulin’s face for quite some time and purred like a pleased kitten as he did. After wrapping his legs around the chief executive’s waist, Ye Xi had finally completed his bedtime routine. Ye Xi chuckled out loud a couple of times, then joyfully fell asleep holding the chief executive in his arms.

Shen Xiulin, the ascetic virgin, broke down immediately and became flustered from Ye Xi’s provocation. He carefully held his arms around Ye Xi’s waist and played along as Ye Xi’s body pillow for the night. As the smell of alcohol and shower gel from Ye Xi’s body filled Shen Xiulin’s senses, memories of small details from his time with Ye Xi at the office flooded his mind. The more he thought about it, the less he was able to sleep.

Shen Xiulin did not manage to sleep a wink that night. At the first light of dawn, he gently pried open Ye Xi’s arms and legs, then slipped away surreptitiously in his wrinkled suit.

“So that’s how it happened…” Shen Xiulin ended his tale. Unwilling to concede, he repeated his earlier question, “Don’t you remember anything at all?”

“NOOO!!!” Throughout Shen Xiulin’s account of their night together, Ye Xi collapsed several times and howled non-stop while tightly clutching onto his duvet. “Why did you have to tell me?! Aaarghhh!”

It’s fine when you don’t remember something like this, but once you do, it’s sooo embarassing!


Author’s Notes:

Ye Xi: Sir, where’s my tail?

The Chief Executive: In my pants. Here, you should touch it.

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Translator Notes:

  1. 10 acres
  2. In Chinese, it is customary to call acquaintances by their surnames out of respect. Prefixes like ‘xiao’ (little), ‘da’ (big) or ‘lao’ (old) are usually added to denote the age of the acquaintance in relation to the speaker.
  3. Reference to an internet hoax from 2014 that mocked Chinese TV censorship rules by pretending to be an announcement from the Chinese Broadcasting Authority. The fake announcement included made-up rules such as:

    1. foreign drama must be broadcasted at least half a year after their release date
    2. celebrities are not permitted to host health programs
    3. a TV program can only be broadcasted on at most two satellite channels
    4. only patriotic and anti-fascist programs can be shown during the National Day holiday period
    5. no programs should contain extra-marital affairs or one-night stands
    6. teenage drama can include romances but the romances cannot end well
    7. no animals should be allowed to gain spiritual power after National Day.

    In Chinese Daoist mythology, animals, humans and some inanimate objects can become immortal through cultivating their spiritual energy. When certain animals seem so intelligent that they are almost human, they are often jokingly described as having spiritual powers. The last rule went viral for being both ridiculous and cute.

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