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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


It was hard to imagine such an indifferent Celestial with such a stain on his feathers. His eyes and expressions were clearly ascetic, but with wings so stained, Luci’s body instantly revealed a contrasting aura of lust.

His appearance was already extremely handsome, and now he looked even more seductive.

Jiang Ci woke up from a tired sleep, opened his eyes and looked at the other, and he had to admit that he was a bit seduced.

Luci lowered his gentle gaze, “Did I make you very tired?”

While doing something so blasphemous, he didn’t even listen to the words that the youth said in a broken voice, when he begged Luci to slow down and such.

“Mn.” Jiang Ci did not intend to be polite, nor did he mean to deny it. “Yeah.”

Luci was silent for a moment.

As if he really couldn’t figure out why, the silver-haired Celestial gazed at Jiang Ci and said, “I don’t know why I couldn’t stop. It was not my intention to make you so tired.”

What do you mean you couldn’t stop…?

Even if Jiang Ci acted calm, at this time, he was inevitably a little unnatural.

Luci touched his lips with his finger, “You’ve kissed me here before.”

Because Jiang Ci took the initiative to kiss, the blackness on the Celestials’ wings suddenly spread faster and out of control.

Jiang Ci hummed affirmatively, since he did do so.

Jiang Ci did not hate this kind of love that was already excessive and out of bounds in the eyes of others; instead, he was struck by it, which made him feel and believe he was loved for the first time.

Luci asked him, “Does this mean you like me?”

A kiss on the lips meant something different from a kiss on the cheek, Luci thought.

Jiang Ci had avoided the feelings of others, and had never been attracted to anyone himself, but now that he was finally confronted with their affection, it was natural for him to be moved by it. For someone like Jiang Ci, who was used to avoiding feelings, this kind of love made him believe in it without having to worry about it, and it fit perfectly between them.

The only problem was that the will of the world had split into the six administrators, and they themselves were not aware of this, so each of them would not only love Jiang Ci, but would also be hostile to each other.

Jiang Ci will admit it if he likes it, he slightly tugged the Celestial in front of him, when Luci moved closer to him, Jiang Ci elbowed his body up a bit, close to the lips gently brushed on the corner of the other party’s lips, and then moved to the side of a kiss on the lips.

After doing this, Jiang Ci answered, “Yes.”

Luci first stared at the lips that Jiang Ci had just come closer to kiss him, and after a few seconds let himself avert his eyes and lowered his voice, “You’re not doing this to get away from here…are you?”

Luci rightfully had such a suspicion, and the fact that he imprisoned Jiang Ci was true, also think Jiang Ci will therefore disgust him, not to mention that he also made a blasphemous thing with this feather-stained a black filthy color.

Jiang Ci smiled a little, “If it is to leave to do so, then I am considered to be cajoling you?”

Luci was quiet and said after a while, “Is it cajoling?”

“No.” Jiang Ci first denied seriously, then said, “I do want to go out because I want to meet with the others to explain, but not to leave.”

Going out from this palace and leaving and disappearing were two completely different things, and when Jiang Ci now promised that he wouldn’t leave, his heart was actually already inclined to stay in this world. But even though Jiang Ci said so, Luci did not easily lift the magic barrier that enveloped the outside of the palace.

Jiang Ci saw that he did not succeed in convincing, thought for a second, and kissed his feathers beneath Luci’s gaze, “Really will not leave.”

The kissed feathers seemed to twitch, and the next thing Jiang Ci waited for was not Luci to lift the magic barrier, but for him to be released from the feathers again.

If the system hadn’t shielded itself, it would have told Jiang Ci not to touch the Celestials’ feathers again, let alone kiss them, so that he could not even say that he had been killed.

Jiang Ci was not treated this way, but he sensed the lust Luci was restraining.

“Can we do it…” Jiang Ci said not too much out, only vague, “with hands?”

Luci did not speak, silence when lightly drooping eyelids, Jiang Ci observed his expression, but also in the quiet hesitant action. Even if it was to vent the desire, Luci face that indifferent look will not completely fade, to say that the change was probably the eyes slightly deep, in Jiang Ci feel hand sore when finally heard the other side of the muffled grunt.

Almost in the next second, Luci turned his eyes away, and at the same time did not say a word to clean Jiang Ci with magic.

Over the next few days, Luci came to the palace every day and stayed for a long time each time, during which it was not clear what was done. But Jiang Ci was willing, and that’s all that mattered.

Luci was extremely sensitive and cautious, so Jiang Ci until now had not been able to coax him to lift the magic barrier outside the palace. Luci did not hide his blackened feathers, which caused a lot of commotion among the Celestials.

Looking at the palace with the magic barrier, the Celestials finally wondered if their administrator had imprisoned God…

But no one could confirm this.

It was now the third day, and Jiang Ci had failed to coax someone for three days without success. If not for the fear of the situation outside, he would not have minded Luci’s behavior of not letting him leave the place because of insecurity.

“Host…” the system cautiously spoke, “are you okay?”

The world’s will was being disturbed and affected, the teleportation function had not been upgraded for several days, which made the system very weak. When it first said the task was easy and simple, and Jiang Ci promised, but now there was such an accident, the system was certainly weak.

Jiang Ci’s state was not as bad as the system thought, “Mn, don’t worry about me.”

“You don’t have to be reluctant!” The system immediately said, “This accident is the responsibility of our side, and compensation will definitely be given afterwards.”

Jiang Ci slightly lost his breath as he realized that it seemed like both Luci and the system thought he was very reluctant to be imprisoned. Including when Luci did that kind of thing to him, it always felt like he was being forced, even if he took the initiative to respond it was still the case, but Jiang Ci was indeed willing.

Apparently, no one else thought so except for Jiang Ci himself.

The other administrators who first went to Ash because they sensed the alternation of the divine throne finally targeted Arsène in unison after some confrontation and hand-to-hand combat with him. They did not fully believe Ash’s words, Ash said that Jiang Ci might be imprisoned by Luci in Arsène, a matter they would confirm themselves.

“If this is a lie delay, I will make you regret it.” Ivy grunted extremely coldly, not hiding his hostility towards Ash.

Ash calmly said, “Don’t waste your time with me.”

The matter of Jiang Ci’s possible captivity was Ash’s speculation, and he was as worried as anyone else. Unlike Ash, who needed to mediate a few people, the Black Dragon, who had the fastest flying ability, was the first to fly to Arsène and had now arrived.

Jiang Ci sat in a terrace chair and saw the Black Dragon flying towards him. A Black Dragon that had shrunk in size and entered Arsène undetected by any Celestials, and which had now broken a hole in the magical barrier outside the palace.

“Noyce.” Jiang Ci just got up from his chair when he saw this Black Dragon’s size start to grow bigger, and then he was transferred to the Dragon’s back by this Black Dragon with magic.

Jiang Ci immediately felt something wrong, he realized that this Black Dragon was going to take him away, but if he left here without saying hello, this would definitely become more troublesome.

But by the time Jiang Ci had this realization, the Black Dragon carrying him was already flapping its wings and Arsène was quickly moving away from his view.

Jiang Ci quickly spoke out, “Wait a minute, Noyce.”

The Black Dragon carrying Jiang Ci heard his words, but did not stop as instructed. The Black Dragon carried him back to Dragon Island, and Jiang Ci was once again taken to the treasure trove full of treasures.

Jiang Ci told Noyce on the way the reason for the alternation of god, but the Black Dragon did not give him a response.

Now that he had landed, Jiang Ci saw the other side turn back into human form and came towards him, the feeling of being close made him subconsciously take a step back, this retreat may just step on the round bones of the jewel, his feet slipped and fell to sit on the pile of treasures.

Just as he sat down, Jiang Ci saw Noyce approaching the side of his neck. The Black Dragon sniffed him like a puppy, and was particularly upset when he caught the scent of others.

“Why not me?” The Black Dragon lowered his voice, “And he can?”

From Jiang Ci’s body, Noyce could clearly smell the scent of the Celestial, not just the ordinary scent left by physical contact, it was already clear as a mark.

Jiang Ci was dumbfounded by the question, stared at by the red vertical pupils of this Black Dragon, Jiang Ci thinking how to organize language, “It’s not that you can’t…”

Previously Jiang Ci felt from his created administrators vague similar qualities, but when it was known that they were split world will, actually the same person, this originally not clear similarity seemed to suddenly become obvious.

Especially when being watched, like now.

Jiang Ci didn’t even know what to say after, since it was the same person, then the behavior of this Black Dragon in front of him was equivalent to eating his own jealousy…

There was no solution.

And this Black Dragon quickly pursued, “Does this mean I can?”

Jiang Ci couldn’t pick the other side of the logic of the fault, entangled for a moment nodded.

Once he nodded, Jiang Ci was kissed on the lips by Noyce lowering his head. This Black Dragon didn’t understand the normal social ways of other races, but he knew what to do to cover up the scent of others on Jiang Ci.

“I don’t like the smell of other people on you.” The Black Dragon stated quite instinctively, “I want it to be just me.”

Jiang Ci could not smell the scent Noyce was referring to and he responded, “It’s the smell of body wash.”

Noyce denied, “No.”

After he said that, he bullied his way up and Jiang Ci had to lean back and ended up lying on the pile of treasures.

This position was not good for communication, Jiang Ci to endure the back a little pinching feeling said, “You first tell the others that I am here, or things will get more and more confusing.”

The Black Dragon inclined his head at him, “Not now.”

It would have to wait until after he finished marking him.

The Dragon’s possessiveness of treasures could even be a little scary, and the Black Dragon Jiang Ci had faced before had always been docile to him, Noyce was so obedient that Jiang Ci had never felt it. And as soon as he was allowed to, Jiang Ci experienced sex on this pile of treasures covered with treasure.

It was really hard, not only because his back was pinched, but also because the Dragon’s desires were difficult to be satisfied.

The pile of treasures was difficult to form a stable support them and the markings from the treasures of the Black Dragon ground into his back with every move. These treasures would be moved and hit or rolled to the ground next to, thus emitting a crisp sound.

This uninterrupted crisp sound of the falling treasures and the low moans of the youth intertwined, sounding like pleasant music.

When the marking was completed, Noyce moved closer to the side of Jiang Ci’s neck and sniffed gently, and this time the Black Dragon finally squinted its vertical pupils in satisfaction.

A possessive Dragon would be very obedient to it’s treasure. It was only then that Noyce contacted the other administrators. 

Luci’s expression was very cold from the moment he noticed that Jiang Ci was missing.

It was at least not Jiang Ci’s initiative to leave, Luci only targeted Noyce who took Jiang Ci away from Arsène.

Jiang Ci only wanted to wait for people to arrive together to explain things clearly, the alternation of god could be explained, but as the administrators were the same person, Jiang Ci wanted to think of a solution.

Things were getting closer and closer, not waiting for the other administrators to get to the front, Jiang Ci suddenly heard the system rather excitedly said to him, “The teleportation function has been updated to complete, the system now successfully repositioned the two sides of the world.” Jiang Ci did not have time to feel happy, he heard the system say, “However, because it is the latest version of the program, there may be a very small probability of instability.”

The system was thinking, that was one in ten million, about equal to zero probability, basically do not need to worry. But just a few seconds after the system’s words, Jiang Ci personally experienced this one in ten million.

This teleportation function was activated autonomously.

As the target, Jiang Ci re-experienced the feeling of abruptly turning black and interrupting his consciousness before he came to this world. When he opened his eyes again, in front of Jiang Ci’s eyes was the familiar… bedroom he had in the original world.

He was lying on the bed.

Realizing this situation, Jiang Ci immediately sat up, “System?

The system was more flustered than him, “Just now the teleportation function out of condition autonomously activated.”

“Now can you immediately transport me back again?” Jiang Ci clutched the quilt, “The sooner the better.”

System: “…Not until at least three days later.”

Jiang Ci remembered that the system told him that the two sides of the world’s time flow was not the same, the original world this side of a day was equivalent to the other side of the world decades.

So if it was three days later, that would be nearly a hundred years in that world.


Jiang Ci could hardly imagine what Luci’s reaction would be if he suddenly disappeared for so long.


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February 5, 2021 2:50 pm

QAQ Ahhhhhhhh! Decades!? Goodness can Luci survive that long!?

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

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Oh nooo

February 5, 2021 6:22 pm

The story is getting crazy haha love to see it
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February 9, 2021 3:56 am

It would be either a great war between that Celestial and this Dragon, or the history would repeat itself. Uuuuu… I can’t wait. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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