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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Looking slightly injured, Shen Xiulin brooded, “Ha, so you seduced me then act like nothing had happened.”

“But I don’t remember it at all!” Ye Xi felt so wronged that it was almost snowing in June. 1

Knowing that Shen Xiulin had inadvertently seen him set himself loose at home, Ye Xi really wanted to throw himself against a wall and die.

“And after that day, you kept flirting with me.” Shen Xiulin added menacingly.

“When did I ever flirt with you?” Ye Xi widened his eyes innocently.

Shen Xiulin shot him a sidelong glance, then solemnly replied, “I feel like you’re flirting with me right now.”

Ye Xi, “…”

It’s obviously all in your head, sir!

After that night, Shen Xiulin could not help but pay attention to Ye Xi’s every move. Despite Ye Xi being his usual respectful and cautious self – the same way he had always been, but in Shen Xiulin’s lustful eyes, even Ye Xi’s breathing was mingled with extra coquettish gasps, and every blink of his eyes became flirtatious winks.

Even so, due to Shen Xiulin’s naturally stony countenance, his general ineptitude at expressing his feelings and his fear of being rejected by Ye Xi, Shen Xiulin kept his feelings bottled up inside. Apart from making excuses to spend time alone with Ye Xi by catching him being late to work, the only other action Shen Xiulin took before being transported to this world, was sneakily transferring Ye Xi from the Male-Oriented Fiction team to the BL team, in an attempt to familiarise him with gay culture. Shen Xiulin was afraid to express anything else, until being inexplicably transported to this world with perks galore…one could say that the chief executive had hit the jackpot.

“So that’s how I fell for you.” Shen Xiulin said in a serious, business-like manner, as if commanding Ye Xi to speak at an office meeting, “Next, let’s talk about how you fell for me.”

Ye Xi bellowed, “I never fell for you, alright?!”

Failing at trickery, Shen Xiulin fell silent with displeasure, before swiftly changing the subject, “Why don’t you post any selfies on Wechat?”

Ye Xi watched him cautiously, “…”

Shen Xiulin, “It was lucky I had a photocopy of your ID card from the archive room.”

Ye Xi, “Why did you take a photocopy of my ID card?”

Shen Xiulin replied as a matter of fact, “To generate electricity.”

“Fucking hell!” Ye Xi cursed impulsively, “How could you wank to such an ugly photo?”

I now believe the Chief Executive must be truly in love with me.

With a grave expression, Shen Xiulin furrowed his brow and retorted in a condemning tone, “What else could I do? Apart from motivational nonsense about working hard at your job, you don’t post anything else on your Wechat account.”

Ye Xi pursed his lips and whispered, “Actually, I post selfies all the time.”

Otherwise, I’d be squandering such a handsome face.

Frost crept over Shen Xiulin’s eyes, “…”

Ye Xi awkwardly cleared his throat, then explained, “You couldn’t see them from your account because I put you in the Management group. You’re the only one in it.”

The chief executive instantly felt forsaken.

Since they were being so open and honest with each other, Ye Xi decided to drop all pretenses as well. He replied frankly, “You’re the only one who could see all the motivational chicken soup I posted…”

Realising he had missed out on so many of Ye Xi’s adorable selfies, as well as tidbits from his daily life, the chief executive’s heart sank into boundless agony, and deeply regretted not creating an alternate account to befriend Ye Xi with.

Seeing Shen Xiulin stare blankly into the space in front of him, Ye Xi could not help but feel a little guilty. He reached out and poked Shen Xiulin on the arm, then promised, “When we get back, I’ll add you to my Friend group.”

Pushing his luck, Shen Xiulin requested, “You should add me to your Husband group.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xi’s face immediately flushed crimson. He quickly pulled his duvet over his head and retorted coldly, “Never!”

Shen Xiulin gave a low chuckle. He pulled Ye Xi to his chest along with the duvet and held the lump tightly in his arms. He whispered, “You can make up for what you did by letting me hold you for a while.”

As Shen Xiulin’s powerful arms surrounded him, an inexplicable feeling of safety swept over Ye Xi. He was too tired from having to act for the three male extras earlier, and soon fell asleep in Shen Xiulin’s embrace with his head still under the covers.

Shen Xiulin gently peeled away the duvet from Ye Xi’s head. Seeing rose petals scattered all over the pillow, he shook his head with both glee and resignation, then unleashed his perverse desire once again.

The next morning, Ye Xi was rudely woken up by Shen Xiulin.

“What are you doing? It’s not like I have to work today…” Ye Xi opened his sleep-ridden eyes and immediately saw Shen Xiulin’s frosty face with a small slip of paper and a fiery red rose held between two fingers.

“What’s this?” Shen Xiulin asked in a cold voice.

Seeing Shen Xiulin’s displeasure, the sleep in Ye Xi’s eyes vanished in an instant. He took the small piece of paper and realised the writing on it said, ‘I will come to retrieve Young Master Huangfu’s breakfast at exactly eight o’clock this morning. Yours Sincerely, Tuoba X the Burglar.’

The card had a small hole in one of its corners, as if pierced by the stem of the red rose.

Ye Xi, “…”

Many novels, anime and comics about cat burglars had similar ploys. Before the burglar stole something, to flaunt their skill, they would leave a note warning the owner about when the object would be stolen. Although these types of plots were fairly common, but…

Why the fuck would you warn anyone about stealing breakfast? Hahahaha. Exasperated, Ye Xi mused, don’t tell me the cat burglar has OCD?!

“It’s twenty past eight.” Shen Xiulin asked questioningly, “I saw the card next to my pillow as soon as I woke up. Is the burglar a new male extra?”

Ye Xi let out a couple of dry cackles, then raised his eyes to meet Shen Xiulin’s gaze. With his downcast eyes, Shen Xiulin’s long, thick eyelashes made him look somewhat sullen and forlorn. His gorgeous lips were slightly pursed, as if struggling to contain his displeasure. His entire body emanated a thick air of melancholy.

Stunned, Ye Xi decided to lie to the end. But when he opened his mouth to speak, voices could be heard from outside the door. Though they sounded faraway, Ye Xi could narrowly catch a few sentences, such as “put down Young Master Huangfu’s breakfast” and “after him, hurry”.

But how does one go about stealing food…? Ye Xi imagined the wickedly handsome burglar holding a plate of food in one hand as he nimbly zoomed between buildings and trees like a ninja. Ye Xi almost cracked up laughing right there and then.

Shen Xiulin turned towards the voices, then paused for a moment before enunciating each word in an icy voice, “Name: Tuoba X, Role: Cat Burglar, Character Summary…”

Shit! Ye Xi rubbed his temples with a pained expression.

All conquerable characters had semi-transparent character profile boxes that would appear next to them the first time they came within range of Ye Xi or Shen Xiulin. The character profile box was neither affected by distance nor obstacles and stubbornly projected into Shen Xiulin’s eyes. It could not have been helped.

Meanwhile, Shen Xiulin had read the character profile word by word. When he was done, he shot a glance at Ye Xi and asked with a furrowed brow, “Is this the male extra you went to conquer yesterday?”

“…” Ye Xi spent three seconds warming up his acting skills, then exclaimed, “Good heavens! Is there a new male extra?”

The corner of Shen Xiulin’s mouth slightly spasmed, “…”

Ye Xi spent a few more moments getting into character, then suddenly protested, “I don’t want to conquer this one, he’s too fast. Let’s just forget it.”

Icy daggers shot out of Shen Xiulin’s eyes, “Like I said before, your acting skills are pretty terrible.”

It could only fool the male extras when their intelligence were absent.

Since stubborn resistance did not work, Ye Xi squeezed out a third of the truth like pulling teeth, “I found him at the beach yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to conquer him yet.”

Shen Xiulin, “Why did you lie just now?”

“I didn’t want you to get jealous!” Ye Xi was exasperated.

“Why would you care if I was jealous?” The corners of Shen Xiulin’s lips curved up, “I promised not to get in your way. Worst case, I’d only release some thunderbolts.”

That’s right! Since the Chief Executive won’t cause any trouble, why would I care if he got jealous? Ye Xi was baffled by the question. He pondered for a while, then, still confused, he replied, “I don’t know why either, but I don’t want you to feel bad.”

Shen Xiulin took a deep breath, then patiently counselled, “Why wouldn’t you want me to feel bad?”

Ye Xi searched his brain intently for a moment, then replied earnestly, “When you get angry, I’m mostly just scared of you without feeling much else. But when you feel hurt like just now, I’d feel bad too, and my heart feels like it’s been scratched by a cat. Why do you think that is?”

It was truly an unsolved mystery.

“You little idiot.” Shen Xiulin abruptly pulled Ye Xi into his arms. He asked in a tender voice, “When will you figure it out?”

“I’ve figured it out.” Ye Xi solemnly proclaimed, “It must be because I’m a super kind and super compassionate person.”

Shen Xiulin watched him with a complicated look that was hard to describe, “…”

Ye Xi smiled with the grace of a buddha statue and gazed back at Shen Xiulin with radiant, sparkling eyes. Then he was abruptly pushed down onto the bed and vigorously kissed by the chief executive.

“W-What are you doing?! Hmm…” Ye Xi’s face burned so hot that it was about to catch fire and his heart beat so fast that it almost jumped out of his throat. He struggled a few times, then upon failing to extricate himself, Ye Xi lethargically gave up his struggles and decided to silently glower at Shen Xiulin in condemnation of such unscrupulous behaviour.

Satisfied, Shen Xiulin finally released Ye Xi three minutes later.

“What did you feel when I kissed you?” Shen Xiulin asked, reluctant to concede.

“N-Nothing! Just don’t do it again, okay?!” Ye Xi self-deceivingly covered up his crotch with his hands, then desperately sprinted towards the edge of the bed where his shoes were. Rose petals fell madly from his head, perfectly marking his escape route.

As he ran, Ye Xi felt something was wrong. He snatched at his hair and was horrified to find a large bunch of rose petals in his hand.

“Crap, the cherry blossoms have mutated!” Ye Xi exclaimed in an act of wishful thinking.


Author’s Notes:

The Chief Executive: How do I cure my wife’s stubborn mouth?

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Translator Notes:

  1. Reference to Snow in Midsummer, a famous Chinese opera written in the 13th century. The opera told the tale of Dou E, a poor widow who was framed by a rejected suitor and tortured by a corrupt official into admitting to a crime that she did not commit. After her execution, Heaven and Earth were so moved that a snowstorm was unleashed in June, followed by a three-year drought. The term “snowing in June” is still widely used by Chinese people today to refer to great injustices.
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February 8, 2021 2:12 am

Ye Xi as dense as a.. uhh.. the most dense object ever!
Ah, he’s most likely in denial phase right now.

Thanks for the chap!

February 8, 2021 7:56 am

This was the most romantic chapter of all.I am happy for Chief. Ye xi can lie or can be unaware of his feelings but blossoms and petals falling from his head can never lie.. 😍 👌.
Thank u for the chapter. Loved it.

February 8, 2021 6:53 pm

He’s so adorably dense. I love this chapter 😉

Sue R
Sue R
May 15, 2021 8:58 am

I have a hard time separating the words, being naive and being dense for YeXi but he is very adorable infact.

June 9, 2022 2:21 am

This has to be one of THE funniest novels I’ve ever read!
Mutating cherry blossoms indeed; hard to lie when your dandruff gives you away 😉😆🌹
Thanks for translating and editing.

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