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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


The youth in Shen Xiulin’s arms asked in his soft, delicate voice, “Huangfu-gege, did you miss me?”

Ye Xi, “…”

Spurn him, sir! Spurn him!

However, Shen Xiulin did not back him up, “Yes, I’ve missed you very much.”

At that, Ye Xi jumped out of the helicopter and flew to Shen Xiulin’s side. He promptly held onto Shen Xiulin’s arm as his smooth hair began to curl up in record speed.

Ye Xi cleared his throat before asking, “And who’s this?”

Shen Xiulin made introductions according to the narrative. Throughout the entire introduction, Nangong stuck to Shen Xiulin’s chest like bubblegum. He adorably batted his eyes at Ye Xi and greeted in a sweet voice, “Nice to meet you, Murong-gege. I often hear Huangfu-gege speak of you.”

With an impassive face, Ye Xi returned Nangong’s greeting with a laconic “Hello.”

Call me sister-in-law, bitch.

Little Master Nangong looked absolutely stunning. He had a flawless beauty that was matched by few in this world. With a delicate little face and sharp chin, his features were so exquisite that he seemed to have stepped out of a shoujo manga1. Especially those eyes, which sparkled with a dreamy soft gleam in his pupils. It looked as if he possessed starlight in his eyes, just as his character profile had described. In addition, like Shen Xiulin’s Aura of Tyranny and Ye Xi’s flower petals, as one of the key male extras who participated in the main quests, Nangong had his own special effects: colourful little stars floated in the air around his body, which sparkled and twinkled as he moved.

Haha, there’s nothing masculine about him at all, I wonder if he even has a dick?!

Little Ye Xi grumbled with jealousy on the inside, despite not possessing any masculinity himself.

The two little subs with similar looks and style exchanged an acrimonious look. Then Nangong immediately snapped back into his harmless and delicate visage and snuggled up in Shen Xiulin’s arms like a little bird. However, the strait-laced Ye Xi could not get back into character, so he glowered at Nangong with a murderous expression as he jeered, “Do you have to hold onto him like that?”

“Ah.” Nangong blushed as he stepped back. He tapped the side of his head and stuck out his tongue as he replied in a mischievous tone, “I’m such an idiot, I completely forgot Huangfu-gege is still holding me in his arms.”

The big curls on Ye Xi’s head swiftly turned into smaller curls while he violently cursed in his head.

Nangong examined Ye Xi with his adorable but not-so-bright look, then suddenly asked, “Murong-gege, is your hair naturally curly?”

Ye Xi barely moved his lips, “No.”

It’s curly because you fucking aggravate me!

“Oh, then it must be styled that way.” With an envious look, Nangong praised in his soft, dainty voice, “Murong-gege is so pretty, this hairstyle really suits you. Curly hair flatters faces that are slightly round and chubby, like Murong-gege’s. On the other hand, my chin is too sharp and my face too small, if I styled my hair this way I wouldn’t look nearly as good as Murong-gege.”

Translated into human speech, it means: Murong-gege has a fat face, but my face is small and delicate.

“Oh, really?” Ye Xi was fuming on the inside, but did not want to make a scene. So, he extended his hand behind Shen Xiulin’s waist and brutally pinched him where Nangong could not see.

The chief executive, who did not deserve the abuse, became briefly speechless.

“Ahem.” Shen Xiulin cleared his throat and tried to break the tension, “Don’t just stand there, let’s talk inside.”

Ye Xi quickly turned around and watched Shen Xiulin with a horrified expression.

Sir, why do you need to talk to him inside?! Isn’t your reunion with him over already?! Quick, you need to get rid of him!

The three of them walked into the guest hall under Ye Xi’s seething fury. Following the quest instructions, Shen Xiulin began to converse with Nangong over a range of random topics. Since Shen Xiulin did not have enough information on Nangong, the way their conversation played out was mostly in the format of: Nangong leading the conversation, Shen Xiulin agreeing with him, leaving Ye Xi the role of being angry…

Nangong incessantly told Shen Xiulin about his studies in Europe. His stories were interwoven with memories of their childhood and various hints that he had constantly missed Huangfu while studying abroad these past few years.

“It’s purely the longing for a brother, I hope Murong-gege doesn’t read too much into it.” He added without being prompted.

“Oh? Haha.” Ye Xi smiled as he savagely seized a teacup and imagined that he was holding Nangong’s head.

“Huangfu-gege, did you know that the boys from abroad are so annoying? They liked to chase after me and wouldn’t leave me alone. Even when I told them that I already had someone I liked, they still wouldn’t stop. Ugh, there was even a time when a few hundred boys chased after me at the same time, I couldn’t even leave my house…” Nangong recounted as he carefully watched their expressions, “I really envy the two of you, that you only have eyes for each other. Murong-gege would never have trouble like mine, am I right?”

If you wanted to make fun of me for not being as attractive as you and having no admirers, why didn’t you just say so?! Ye Xi loosened his grip and imagined dropping Nangong’s head on the floor and watching it smash into pieces.

Ye Xi coldly replied, “I have the same problem with men, haha.”

Nangong curved his eyes and revealed a smile that said “whatever makes you happy”, then swiftly changed the subject, “Huangfu-gege’s wedding is tomorrow! I came back specifically to attend your wedding. Aren’t I good to you, Huangfu-gege?”

Shen Xiulin agreed without hesitation, “Yes, you are, thank you.”

“With bonds like ours, you never need to thank me…” Nangong’s voice grew quieter as he spoke, until he struggled to finish his sentence and ended it with a faint sob. When he looked up again, the corner of his eyes began to turn a pale red. As he blinked, large teardrops spilled out of his eyes like beads from a broken necklace, forming a puddle on his trousers.

Shen Xiulin and Ye Xi serendipitously turned to look at each other. They locked eyes for a second with a peculiar look on their faces, before sharply looking away again.

“I-I’m fine.” Nangong sloppily wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, forcing himself to smile as tears continued to fall, “I think some sand got into my eyes.”

Ye Xi watched the male extra before him, who could cry as much as he liked, almost with envy, “…”

Look at you crying yourself into a puddle, is it really sand in your eyes? Or are they rocks? Or perhaps, ‘The Rock’? 2

“Here.” Shen Xiulin calmly handed over his handkerchief.

Ye Xi glowered at the handkerchief, wishing it was poisoned.

Nangong calmed down and stopped crying a short while later. He curved his attractive, teary eyes and put on a forced smile, “I can’t wait for the wedding tomorrow! You must look so handsome in your wedding outfit, Huangfu-gege.” Three seconds later, as if suddenly remembering something, Nangong quickly added, “And Murong-gege too.”

Shen Xiulin replied courteously, but while Nangong was not looking, Ye Xi rolled his eyes so hard that his eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

In this awkward moment, the butler conveniently came into the guest hall to announce that lunch was ready to be served. Being extremely vexed, Ye Xi did not have an appetite at all. But since he also did not want Shen Xiulin to be alone with this little hussy, he forced himself to follow them, and while nobody was watching, he brutally pinched the chief executive’s arm.

With what seemed almost like a smile, Shen Xiulin shot a glance at Ye Xi through the corner of his eye. His mirthful expression looked as if he had finally gotten his revenge.

Ye Xi dazed for a moment. Ye Xi recalled Shen Xiulin’s endless jealous episodes while he conquered male extras, and his advice to Shen Xiulin was that male extras were not real and should not be taken too seriously…

But he fuckin’ looks like a real human being no matter which way I look at him! Ye Xi glowered at Nangong and discovered that Nangong was glowering back at himself. Not only did he look real, even the minute details in his moods, words and actions were no different from that of a real person. Despite knowing full well that the male extra was virtual, it was really difficult to feel that way about him.

Ye Xi was lost for words.

In that moment, Ye Xi completely understood how Shen Xiulin had felt earlier. He secretly agreed that the electric shocks he received these past few days were not only appropriate, but he probably deserved more of it.

The three of them sat down in their respective seats. Although the table was 200 metres long3, since Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin always sat next to each other, Nangong sat next to them as well so they could talk easily.

While their meals were being served, Ye Xi emphasised in his high-pitched coquettish voice, “Usually, I can only eat fresh flowers and drink snow water. What do you normally eat, Little Master Nangong?”

Nangong replied in a feeble voice, “What a coincidence, I also like eating fresh flowers and drinking snow water. Murong-gege and I have so much in common!”

Ye Xi, “…”

Common your ass, copycat.

Their meals were swiftly served. Ye Xi, who had gotten used to his flower diet, began chomping down petals one mouthful after another to fill his stomach. However, after eating only two petals, Nangong put down his fork and exclaimed in his feeble, feminine voice, “I’m full.” He paused for a moment before continuing in a self-deprecating tone, “I eat so much every time, no wonder I can never lose weight.”

Ye Xi paused a moment, then abruptly threw his folk on the table. Crying tears on the inside, Ye Xi replied, “Haha, I’m full too.”

Ahahaha, only two petals and you call that ‘eating so much’. Careful or I might just stab you to death with my fork, you little glutton!

Sensing the little volcano next to him was about to erupt, Shen Xiulin also stopped eating after two mouthfuls and politely asked Nangong to leave.

On his way out, the butler handed Nangong an invitation to the wedding tomorrow. When Nangong looked over the invitation, his eyes teared up again and he left only after staging another exaggerated performance.

According to the storyline, Shen Xiulin was supposed to praise Nangong in front of Ye Xi.

Once they shut the door behind them, Shen Xiulin turned around to face Ye Xi, “Nangong, he…”

Ye Xi grabbed onto Shen Xiulin’s face with a hand on each side, then pulled harshly as he coldly interrupted, “Try praising him and let’s see what happens.”

Shen Xiulin affectionately covered Ye Xi’s hands with his own. With downcast eyes and a slightly sorrowful expression, he asked, “Are you finally willing to get jealous over me?”

“No.” Ye Xi puffed out his chest in righteousness, “I just hate pretentious people!”


Author’s Notes:

The Chief Executive: I see you’re still being stubborn. Fine, I can do this all day.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Manga for girls
  2. ie. Dwayne Johnson
  3. ~660 feet
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Can’t agree more with the author! Ye Xi, you little brat, just throw away your pride and admit it already!

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