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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


The burglar briefly studiedYe Xi’s frightened and defiant expression. Cocking his head, he quickly comprehended Ye Xi’s intentions, “Ah, I see. You want to roleplay an innocent little flower against a big bad villain?”

“Not at all!” Ye Xi explained with heartfelt sincerity, “I’m not the kind of person you think I am, I was only kidding earlier.”

I’m a real innocent little flower, alright?! A bashful orchid from a secluded valley!1

“I’m going to have you today no matter what.” The burglar began his preparations: licking over the corner of his lips, he loosened his collar to reveal a pair of distinct collarbones. As his eyes deepened, he lowered his thick lashes, leaving a soft black silhouette in his scarlet pupils.

Playing along with Ye Xi’s ‘act,’ the burglar exclaimed in a wicked tone, “I absolutely adore sheltered little masters like yourself. Whenever I see your pure, innocent little face, I can’t help myself but want to tease you until you cry out loud…”

Despite not meaning a word he said, the burglar sounded very believable due to his superior acting skills.

It seemed the burglar also knew how to play.

“I’m not acting at all!” Having inadvertently gone too far with his act, Ye Xi became exasperated. He swung his fist at the burglar, who easily caught it and placed a loud smooch on his tender pink knuckles.

As the straightest man in the universe in front of everyone except Shen Xiulin, Ye Xi developed goosebumps all over his body from the burglar’s kiss. His face showed no signs of heating up and his heart had no inclination to beat any faster…

The burglar’s eyes were filled with a wicked smile as he recited that classic line, “Poor little master, you can shout until you’re blue in the face, but no one is going to hear you.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Th-th-there’s no way I can ever win in a fight against this guy. Do I really have to scratch my feet in front of him? Ye Xi pondered as he edged towards a nervous breakdown.

The chastity of a little virgin from a virtual world or a 10% reduction in experience point from breaking character design, which one is more important?

Ye Xi deliberated the difficult choice in his mind.

The burglar pressed his body on top of Ye Xi not realising that he was actually forcing himself on the little master. In his defence, Ye Xi had no choice but to huddle into a small ball like a hedgehog2.

So, by the time the chief executive arrived with the sky above him lit up like a Christmas tree, he savagely opened the cabin door to find a rather contentious scene, where the burglar was forcibly trying to pry open and feast on the curled up little ball that was Ye Xi.

Since Ye Xi was still inside the helicopter, Shen Xiulin could not just strike it down. So, with a loud boom, all the trees around the helicopter turned into charcoal under the chief executive’s thunderous fury.

“Shen…Young Master Huangfu, help!” Shouted Ye Xi, as he swiftly ran away while the burglar was distracted, and scurried into Shen Xiulin’s arms. Ye Xi desperately clung onto Shen Xiulin’s neck. He wrapped one leg around Shen Xiulin’s hips while the other leg hooked around Shen Xiulin’s thighs. Terrified of being recaptured by the burglar then subjugated to further sexual assault, little Ye Xi lost all sense of reason and even bit down on the shirt button in front of the chief executive’s chest with a chomp.

The two of them were almost fused into a single entity, only missing that final act to become 100% merged.

Shen Xiulin was originally quite angry, but after seeing Ye Xi’s behaviour, he became secretly overjoyed. He held Ye Xi tightly in his arms while his face remained impassive, his gaze was as cold as ice and the corners of his mouth were weighed down as if gold bars were hanging from them. Shen Xiulin could have murdered the burglar a hundred times over with his menacing glare.

The admiral followed Shen Xiulin to the helicopter and witnessed the scene with a broken heart. Ye Xi’s complete trust and love for Shen Xiulin was clearly written all over his face, anyone who was not blind could see it.

Despite the prince not being able to see, the high priest standing next to him simulcasted a highly vivid and embellished account of the events around them. He described Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin as the perfect fairytale couple – a match made in heaven, whose timeless love affair would outlast heaven and earth itself. When the prince looked like his heart had properly shattered, the high priest let out a sigh of relief, it seemed his intentions were not pure at all.

But the high priest was not wrong. They were indeed a match made in heaven.

Shen Xiulin’s numerous, relentless, insurmountable army of bodyguards materialised so quickly, it was as if the system was copying and pasting them from a secret stash somewhere. In a flash, under a strategy of ‘overwhelm them with numbers’, the bodyguards surrounded their Young Master and Young Mistress in an airtight wall of bodies.

Clearly outnumbered by the bodyguards, the admiral’s navy infantry and the prince’s Golden Guards scattered into disarray. As for the burglar, seeing he had no hope of stealing Ye Xi, judiciously vanished into the vast sea of people.

Being smothered under the fortress of bodies, Ye Xi shouted in exasperation, “Stop squishing me! I can’t breathe!”

But his voice was buried by the heaving army of ten thousand Huangfu bodyguards. The place was so jam packed that tourist attractions during the October Golden Week national holiday3 would pale in comparison. The only reason no one was trampled was because such incidents did not exist in the original novel.

The only thing Shen Xiulin could do was to raise Ye Xi up a little higher, so he could breathe some fresh air from above…

Their bodies were pressed tightly together. As Ye Xi calmed down from his fright, he could feel Shen Xiulin’s beating pulse and firm, scorching muscles. Predictably, his face began to burn and his heart began to fluster. Although Shen Xiulin’s face did not turn red, he could not control his heartbeat, so their hearts echoed each other’s excitement while being mere inches apart.

Trying to hide his nervousness, Ye Xi looked around aimlessly. After a while, he pointed towards a dark cloud that had been summoned by Shen Xiulin’s powers, “Doesn’t that cloud look like a dinosaur?”

Shen Xiulin slowly cast a sidelong glance at the cloud, “No.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Our Chief Executive really sucks at making small talk.

“Though it does look like a little idiot in dinosaur pyjamas.” Shen Xiulin spoke in a soft voice, “I can’t help it that everything reminds me of you.”

Ye Xi, “…”

But our Chief Executive is an expert at making passes.

Shen Xiulin pinched Ye Xi amorously, “I let you out of my sight for half an hour and you’ve managed to conquer another male extra. You’ve made me so jealous that you deserve to be punished, don’t you agree?”

Ye Xi blushed as he reconciled with his fate, “Mhm…”

Shen Xiulin smiled, “I’m going to generate electricity with you tonight.”

“Hmph!” Ye Xi pretended to be upset, but was secretly happy to comply.

The field of carnage had turned into a messy battle. Reluctant to concede, the male extras wanted to compete for the little master’s hand through a final act of violence, but instead, were all crushed by Huangfu’s forces.

Emerging continuously from an unknown location, the Huangfu bodyguards were packed like sardines into every corner of the island, with their combined weight almost sinking the small island.

Ye Xi mused that the supplies being delivered to the island each day clearly could not sustain so many bodyguards. But there was no reason for him to worry, since all the bodyguards mysteriously vanished once they had defeated the male extras. It was as if the system did a ‘Select All’ and ‘Cut’ to store them for future use…

Don’t sweat over the details! Ye Xi tried to comfort himself.

Afterall, according to Young Master Huangfu’s character design, he was the most powerful man in the world. The system’s annoying, fastidious nature would ensure every plot hole was filled, so there was no need to be surprised at all.

While waiting out the rest of the ‘live on the island for seven days’ task, Shen Xiulin used the excuse of ‘you made me jealous, so you need to be punished or I’ll have to release thunderbolts’ to make Ye Xi generate electricity with him several times in various positions. Apart from real sex, they had done just about everything else.

However, Ye Xi still refused to admit that he had been bent into the shape of a mosquito coil. He stubbornly claimed that everything he did was only to appease Shen Xiulin’s anger, plus he argued that they should not take what happened between two brainwaves too seriously. Ye Xi was recalcitrant to the extreme and would not soften his stance no matter how much he was pressured.

Once they had spent exactly seven days on the island, they received system alerts at the same time that both of their Main Quest 17 were complete.

This particular main quest was not all that interesting and only provided 1000 experience points over seven days. But the three male extras that came with the main quest’s storyline were highly lucrative indeed.

I wonder if a new male extra will appear in the next main quest? Ye Xi was fully dressed and ready to leave the island with Shen Xiulin on his helicopter. He cheerfully opened the quest interface to read the next quest.

Main Quest 18: The preparations for the wedding are complete, so Huangfu X leaves the island with Murong X, who had been under house arrest for the past seven days. The wedding is ready to be re-held on the next day.

However, as soon as they arrive at Huangfu X’s residence, they discover a new guest waiting for them – The Little Master from the Nangong family, who has been a close friend of Huangfu X since they were children. The first thing he does after returning from his studies overseas is to visit his old friend Huangfu X. When Murong X sees Little Master Nangong, his heart is suddenly filled with vexation…

Receive Nangong X as Huangfu X’s fiancé. Once Nangong X leaves, become furiously jealous with Huangfu X, but refuse to admit it. (0/1)

Ye Xi was left dumbfounded, “…”

Wait a minute! This male extra doesn’t seem to be for me?!

Once the helicopter was in the air, Shen Xiulin sat shoulder-to-shoulder next to Ye Xi in the helicopter cabin. He also seemed to have finished reading Main Quest 18 and let out a sneer of satisfaction as if he was about to exact his revenge.

What was karma, one might ask? This was it.

Ye Xi turned around like a robot to face Shen Xiulin. He asked, “What does your Main Quest 18 say?”

Shen Xiulin replied cheerfully, “Receive my childhood friend with you. Continuously ask after his welfare during our conversation. Then after he leaves, praise him in front of you to make you jealous.”

Clearly piqued, Ye Xi paused for a moment, then spoke in a stern, frosty voice, “It’s really hard to act jealous. My acting skills are so bad, you should be prepared to fail this quest.”

The chief executive smiled without saying anything, as if he could see straight through Ye Xi’s heart.

Before long, the helicopter landed in front of Young Master Huangfu’s front gate. As soon as Shen Xiulin stepped off the helicopter, before he even had a chance to help Ye Xi down the stairs, a dainty little body flew into his arms like a missile. Meanwhile, a delicate, youthful and slightly haughty voice sulked from Shen Xiulin’s embrace, “Huangfu-gege 4, I’ve missed you so much.”

The voice jolted through Ye Xi’s system. He looked up and saw a semi-transparent character profile box floating next to Shen Xiulin.

Name: Nangong X

Role: The youngest son of the Nangong family.

Character Summary:

He is as beautiful as an angel who has descended from heaven, with a disposition as pure and innocent as a white lotus from a clear pond.

Born into the Nangong family – one of the four families who controlled the fate of the global economy, he is treasured by everyone around him. He is Young Master Huangfu’s childhood friend and closest confidante.

Blessed with stars in his gorgeous eyes, he is referred to as the ‘Young Noble Lord of the Stars’. But due to his congenital heart condition, he has a weak constitution and a dainty, delicate body – like teardrops, he is easily damaged. However, despite being prone to damage, a deep passion burned in his heart…

Note: This male extra cannot be conquered by Murong X.

Ye Xi glowered at the character profile box which radiated a thick green tea5 vibe, “…”

Ha, easily damaged like teardrops? Watch me squeeze you to death with my eyes!


Author’s Note:

The little scumbag is about to implode on the spot.

Shen Xiulin: Why is it that you can dally often, but I can’t even have this one encounter?

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Translator Notes:

  1. Refers to a person of high virtue in Chinese
  2. The original text said pangolin. I changed it so it’s more familiar to a western audience.
  3. See footnote in Chapter 23 about October Golden Week
  4. ’Ge’ means older brother. By doubling up on the ‘ge’, ‘gege’ is an endearment usually used by children to refer to older boys. When it is used by an older girl, its meaning is similar to the Korean ‘oppa’, where the boy could be someone she is close to, attracted to or someone she wants to invoke feelings of protectiveness towards her.
  5. See footnote from Chapter 8 on green tea hussy.
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February 24, 2021 1:46 am

The little scumbag almost called Mr. Chief Executive’s real name, but still refuse to admit he has fall for Shen Xiu lin? He really is deserve a spank in the butt! Well, as he said to Mr. Chief Executive, “I can’t act.”, he’ll be swollen his own words. So curious how this little hedgehog will acts in jealousy. 😁

February 24, 2021 5:05 am

I am even more excited!! Oh my goodness… Help me calm down…

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This is getting interesting 😂😂😂😂

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I bet Shen Xiulin is more than excited to see vinegar pot Ye Xi

May 8, 2021 10:37 pm

Karma has come for our Ye Xi in the form of Nangong X- I can see a switch in the roles of who gets jealous and who causes jealousy. Jiayou!

Sue R
Sue R
May 15, 2021 12:01 pm

What go around, come around. It YeXi turn to drink vinegar. 😂

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