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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Actually, when it came to being pretentious, no one was more pretentious than Ye Xi, who was jealous to the extreme but refused to face up to his feelings. As soon as Ye Xi had spoken, they both received an alert that Ye Xi had completed his Main Quest 18.

The requirement to be furiously jealous after Nangong X leaves, but refuse to admit it…had been completed.

“Oh?” Shen Xiulin arched his brow, then asked with double entendre, “So, you’ve completed your quest?”

For a few seconds, there was an awkward silence in the room. Ye Xi was dazed for a moment, then suddenly cracked up laughing with his arms akimbo. He casually slapped Shen Xiulin on the shoulder as he gloated, “How was it? My acting skills have improved, haven’t they? Didn’t I look really jealous just now?”

Shen Xiulin revealed a cunning smile like that of a wily cat. He paused for a moment before raising his voice, “Nangong is an outstanding person with a great personality, he’s innocent and playful…”

“You call that innocent?! You’re the naïve one for believing him! Let me tell you, he’s the kind of person who is the cheapest and most stereotypical…” Ye Xi retorted with passion and indignation before a sudden alert sounded in his ear, indicating that his teammate had completed his quest.

To signal that he had merely been acting, Ye Xi immediately bit back the rest of what he had to say.

“Oh…umm…let’s look at what the next quest is about.” Ye Xi laboured to keep his expression and tone under control as he strived to project a sense of calm and reason. However, his head of fuzzy curls had betrayed his unabated anger.

So, Shen Xiulin kept his smile hidden as he pulled Ye Xi into his embrace. He kissed Ye Xi’s exploding hair, then in a soft, gentle voice, tried to coax Ye Xi out of his ill humour, “That was all part of the quest, of course I know what kind of person he is.”

Ye Xi remained silent, it seemed his anger had not yet been appeased.

So, Shen Xiulin continued, “You’re ten thousand times better than him… No, I shouldn’t even try to compare the two of you.”

Ye Xi finally came around and his mushroom head turned back into his usual soft, straight hair. He revealed a spurious look of innocence and batted his eyes as he asked, “What do you mean? He’s just an NPC, I don’t mind at all.”

Shen Xiulin’s face darkened, “Ha, okay.”

It was clear that Ye Xi’s stubborn mouth needed to be soaked in vinegar1 for a while longer.

Ye Xi calmly opened the quest interface under Shen Xiulin’s sullen gaze and silently prayed for Nangong to stay out of the next quest. Unfortunately, his prayer went unanswered…

Main Quest 19: The wedding is to be re-held on the next day. Nangong X attends the wedding as per his invitation. However, right before Huangfu X and Murong X exchange their wedding vows, Nangong suddenly has a heart attack and falls unconscious. As his life hangs in the balance, the wedding venue immediately turns into chaos…

Escape from the wedding during the commotion. (0/1)

Ye Xi glared at the quest window with smoke coming out of his ears, “…”

I reckon that bitch is going to fake his own heart attack!

Shen Xiulin spoke languidly, “My quest is to anxiously hold the fainted Nangong in my arms, shout at the butler to immediately summon the special medical task force from the Huangfu family residence, then threaten the doctor that he will be buried with Nangong if he can’t cure him…Is your task to run away from the wedding during the commotion?”

And he has to anxiously hold that tramp in his arms?! Looking piqued, Ye Xi nodded, “Yes, I have to escape during the chaos.”

Shen Xiulin revealed a flawless smile on his handsome face, “Good luck, I’ll come catch you once I’ve dealt with Nangong.”

Why won’t you come catch me straight away?! Ye Xi was so jealous that he wanted to take a bite out of Shen Xiulin’s face. But he controlled his roiling emotions and solemnly replied, “Okay.”

Ye Xi thought he did not have to face that little bitch, Nangong, in open battle until tomorrow. He was surprised to find that at 11PM that same evening, just when Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin laid side-by-side in bed, ready to fall asleep while holding hands, the butler suddenly called outside their bedroom door.

“Young Master, there is an urgent telephone call.” The butler’s polite, serious face appeared on the CCTV monitor next to their bed.

Shen Xiulin could only respond with, “Come in.”

When the bedroom door opened, two attendants scurried in alongside the butler while carrying a small platter between them. The platter was covered in a piece of red silk as a nice ringtone sounded from underneath the cloth. The butler removed the red silk like lifting a bridal veil2, “Young Master, the phone.”

Under the red silk was a 24K golden phone the size of a notebook computer. It was set with numerous diamonds and gemstones, while a vibrant golden dragon ornament wrapped around the entire body of the phone, covering roughly half of the screen.

And this was why they did not use mobile phones in this world…because it was so heavy.

Shen Xiulin pressed the ‘Answer’ button, then cocked his head so he could rest his face on the phone, “Hello?”

Ye Xi almost laughed out loud at the scene before him, but he could only choke back his laughter when he heard the voice on the other side of the telephone.

A soft, feeble voice came from the phone, “Huangfu-gege, have you gone to sleep yet?”

Shen Xiulin shot a sidelong glance at Ye Xi, who looked overly calm, and replied, “Not yet.”

Nangong moaned over the phone, “I can’t sleep, my chest hurts and I’m having trouble breathing. Can you please come see me, Huangfu-gege…?”

This was an obvious attempt to foreshadow his heart attack at the wedding tomorrow.

Shen Xiulin opened his mouth, but just as he was about to speak, Ye Xi suddenly pushed him out of the way and leaned his own face on the phone… Not only was he super angry, his forehead was poked by the horn sticking out from the golden dragon. It could not have been more pitiful.

Seething with rage, Ye Xi took a deep breath as rubbed the small dent on his forehead, then yelled into the phone, “If you can’t sleep, you should go drink some hot water! And if your heart doesn’t feel well then you should go to the hospital! What are you calling him for?”

On the other side of the phone, Nangong jumped from Ye Xi’s sudden assault and exclaimed, “Sob!”

Ye Xi roared like a brute, “Sob, sob, sob! Sob, sob, sob! So-b!!!”

Let’s see who can do more sobs! Bring it on!

Shen Xiulin turned his face away as he held his forehead. With his shoulders shaking, it looked like he had burst into a fit of laughter.

Nangong was speechless for quite a while from Ye Xi’s little act. After a few more seconds, he whimpered in a pitiful snivel, “Murong-gege, are you angry with me?”

Shen Xiulin patted Ye Xi’s exploding hair and spoke in a gentle voice, “Don’t be mad, let me speak to him.”

Nangong sobbed, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault that Murong-gege has misunderstood me. I-I won’t call Huangfu-gege anymore, is that okay…?”

With a stony face, Shen Xiulin replied in the usual commanding, frosty tone that he used at work, “Okay, bye.”

Then he hung up.

Ye Xi felt so avenged that he almost flew up into the air. He almost wanted to hold his hands over Shen Xiulin’s face and kiss him, then remembering that he was still as straight as a steel pipe, Ye Xi suppressed that particular urge. Instead, he stared at Shen Xiulin with a bright, passionate gaze and clapped.

An endless applause sounded in the bedroom.

Shen Xiulin amorously stroked Ye Xi’s face, “Look how happy you are just because I refused him.”

“Of course, I was about to fall asleep when he woke me up with his phone call.” Ye Xi cunningly replied as he slunk back under the covers, to indicate that he was indeed very tired and this was the only reason he was angry in the first place.

People who wake others up in the middle of the night deserve to have no sex life! And the Chief Executive’s refusal was so handsomely done…Ye Xi cheerfully thought to himself as he slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, just like Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin’s previous wedding, under the assistance of over a hundred attendants, they went through various pre-wedding rituals that were tedious to the extreme. Once all the preparations had been completed, they arrived at the wedding venue once more. According to the butler, every single guest from the previous wedding was present. It seemed this would also be the case for the next 97 weddings, as if the guests had no other purpose in life than to attend Huangfu X and Murong X’s wedding. They would spend their time either at the wedding, or on their way to the wedding…

When the wedding march sounded, Ye Xi held onto Master Murong’s arm and was once again led towards the wedding trellis where Shen Xiulin stood.

Shen Xiulin wore the same wedding outfit as last time. His tall figure looked like a fresh bamboo tree that stood tall against the opposing wind. He slightly turned his body and smiled as he watched Ye Xi walk along the red carpet towards him. 

When Shen Xiulin took Ye Xi’s hand from Master Murong, he whispered next to Ye Xi’s ear, “I don’t mind marrying you a few more times like this.”

Ye Xi mumbled a reply as he blushed from ear to ear.

The two of them held hands as they walked under the wedding arch, where purple wisteria vines softly swayed around them and petals danced in the air like rain. To avoid contradicting his character design, Ye Xi deliberately wore a face of disdain. But he had an odd, inexplicable feeling inside, as if his body was so light that he was about to float up into the sky; and though there should have been a hard surface under his feet, it felt like he was stepping on a soft mattress as he walked.

When they arrived before the wedding officiant and got ready to say their vows, unrest broke through the crowd on Shen Xiulin’s left-hand side, followed by shouts and cries for help. It was obvious that Nangong was having his heart attack.

Following the storyline, Shen Xiulin ran to Nangong’s side in swift strides. He got down on one knee and picked up the unconscious Nangong. Shen Xiulin let Nangong rest his head on his leg, but did not really carry him in his arms. Once he had completed this step, the chief executive bellowed ostentatiously, “Butler, call the medical taskforce of the world’s top doctors from the Huangfu family estate! Quick!”

At that, the butler rushed out. Running around like headless chickens, the guests were in a frantic mess. While everyone’s attention was focused on Little Master Nangong and his sudden heart attack, no one was looking at Ye Xi, making it a great opportunity to escape.

Ye Xi’s body began to move before his brain did. He turned and ran for a stretch, then suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked back apprehensively in Shen Xiulin’s direction.

Purple wisteria vines were still swaying above the mossy green grass; and against the vast, ridiculously blue sky, were white doves that flew with bridal flowers in their beaks and balloons that had just been set free. The air was filled with the aroma of delicious food and perfumes from the guests. A soft red carpet laid underneath his shoes, and on the other side of the red carpet, stood the wedding officiant in a stupor, still holding a long sheet of paper that was his speech…

As if seeing the wedding venue for the first time, Ye Xi quickly captured these happy details in his mind. His heart, which flew up into the sky earlier when he held Shen Xiulin’s arm as they walked along the red carpet, was still floating somewhere in the sky. As he watched, he saw Shen Xiulin kneeling on the ground on one knee while holding someone else, and somehow, Shen Xiulin’s elegant figure suddenly merged with the image of him from the dream-like luminescent sea, when he threw a palmful of seawater into the air…

Suddenly, the red carpet seemed to have transformed into the glowing ocean with bioluminescent algae.

Coincidentally, Shen Xiulin chose this moment to look up. He wanted to see if Ye Xi had successfully escaped, but was surprised to find that not only had Ye Xi not run away, he stood in a daze while watching Shen Xiulin hold the superfluous NPC in his arms. Ye Xi’s eyes were turning red, like he was about to cry, but he did not seem upset. If one really had to put a name to it, it was more like he was having an epiphany.

Like he had suddenly realised something.

Puzzled, Shen Xiulin arched his attractive brow at Ye Xi.

“Umm… Shen Xiulin.” Ye Xi scratched his head as he spoke in a soft whisper. There was quite a bit of distance between them and they were surrounded by loud noises. Reason dictated that they should not have been able to hear each other unless they shouted, but it just so happened that Shen Xiulin could hear Ye Xi clearly.

Ye Xi looked rather embarrassed as he looked down and scratched his nose. He spoke quickly, then gave a timid laugh, revealing a mouthful of perfect teeth, looking as shy and awkward as a high school boy falling in love for the first time.

What he said was, “I’ve realised that I love you. At the end of the day, my virtue can’t be saved – I’m bent.”

The sound carried unmistakably into Shen Xiulin’s ears.

Shen Xiulin widened his eyes in disbelief. His pupils reflected Ye Xi’s silhouette, one that suddenly sprinted towards him.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Reference to the Chinese idiom for being jealous
  2. At traditional Chinese weddings, brides cover their faces with a veil of red silk.
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