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“Maybe the dose was too high.” Doctor Xuanyuan licked his lips and calmly insisted, “You shouldn’t have any serious problems. However, if you’re really uncomfortable then you can try taking a cold shower.”

At that, Xuanyuan withdrew his hand from Dugu’s chest, very gentleman-like.

“Okay…I’ll take a shower.” Dugu’s voice wavered somewhat, then he unexpectedly stripped off his pyjamas in front of Xuanyuan without reservation. The assassin’s trained body was lean and powerful, as if every muscle had been carefully chiselled, he was toned but not bulky. Under the medicine’s influence, his pale complexion was fused with a tinge of pink, making him look as enticing as a sweet, aromatic little snack.

Xuanyuan swallowed hard, his darkened eyes firmly fixed on Dugu’s body.

Once Dugu had stripped off his pyjamas, only a small piece of black fabric remained, revealing a clear bulge beneath. Dugu looked down at his crotch as a crack seemingly appeared on his flawless statuesque face. He asked with difficulty, “Is this…because of the medicine…?”

“Yes.” Xuanyuan strained to take a deep breath, his throat suddenly feeling very parched.

“How do I make it go back to the way it was?” Dugu studied the strange object with an odd expression on his face. His gaze was so cold that if Xuanyuan told him it needed to be chopped off, he would not have hesitated with his dagger.

After a momentary pause, Xuanyuan arched his lips in disbelief, “How is it possible that you don’t know?”

Dugu hmphed before replying, “How should I know? It’s never been like this before.”

Due to his severe hypothermia, Dugu had never had an erection even after entering adolescence. Hence, he never imagined Dugu Jr. could get bigger, smaller, wider or longer.

Afterall, the Assassin’s Guild did not hold any sex education workshops for adolescents and youths; and the other assassins at the guild all had a frigid look about them and did not discuss this type of topics amongst themselves. As for Dugu, following his character design, he was neither knowledgeable nor interested in sex, so it was not like he would search for porn on the internet like other men his age.

Thus, it could be said that Dugu was an extremely innocent virgin. Growing up, not even his own two hands had the good fortune of gracing his member.

Xuanyuan immediately thought of this and could not control his devious laughter.

“What are you laughing at…?” Asked Dugu in a cold voice. His stony, frosty expression was gradually being replaced by bashfulness and curiosity, until finally, Dugu could no longer keep his emotions in check. He forcefully wiped his face, as if trying to hold onto the last shred of aloofness in his expression, but failed. The crimson blush on his face became more and more pronounced.

The uninformed little kitten turned around and revealed its bottom to the vet. It had even innocently pointed its little tail up in the air, exposing the x and x which were normally completely hidden by its tail!

If the vet did not take advantage of this opportunity and poke it with a cotton bud, then he could not be considered a male vet!

“Come here, I’ll teach you.” Xuanyuan patted the bed next to him.

Dugu stepped onto the bed without hesitation and sat down next to the doctor with a calm exterior. Keeping his thick lashes down, his obsidian eyes frantically glanced towards Xuanyuan. But as soon they met the doctor’s wry grin, they hastily returned to their original position as if singed by fire.

Xuanyuan raised his hand and pressed Dugu, who was sitting ramrod straight, backwards onto the bed. The doctor laid on his side next to Dugu and comforted in his kind, amicable voice, “Relax, you’ll feel great in a moment.”

Accustomed to obeying orders unconditionally during training sessions, Dugu dutifully began to take deep breaths and relaxed his muscles from head to toe.

Xuanyuan almost chuckled from the sight before him, “You can relax your nerves too.”

Dugu blinked, looking puzzled, “I don’t know how.”

Growing up, Dugu was trained to keep his guard up at all times and did not relax his mind even when he slept.

“That’s alright.” Xuanyuan felt a slight sting in his heart.

Gently pressing his palm on Dugu’s chest, he sensed Dugu’s body temperature was no longer any different from that of a normal person. Under the influence of the medicine, perhaps it felt even hotter than normal. Then, like a gentle breeze that blew across the surface of a lake, Xuanyuan caressed Dugu’s smooth naked skin.

Dugu trembled from his touch. Seeing this, Xuanyuan broke through the final barriers with his fingertips…

“Hmm…” Dugu helplessly bit his lower lip. With his ascetic aloofness under assault from a sudden lustful desire, he felt lost and not knowing what to do. The colours on his cheeks deepened as he exclaimed, “S-Stop…”

Panting quick breaths and apprehensive of the pleasure that ran rampant through his body, Dugu held onto Xuanyuan’s arm, wanting to resist the sensations he felt. However, under Xuanyuan’s gentle coaxing, his hand fell limp and gradually released its hold, while his irrepressible moans, low and seductive, melded with the night…

The small kitten rolled over and showed the vet its little tummy. As the vet gave it a good belly rub, the startled kitten clawed at the vet’s big hand with its fleshy little paw. Then, under the vet’s soothing touch, quickly laid back down and let the vet stroke it however he pleased, purring gently as he did.

As he watched Dugu’s attractive peach-coloured face, Xuanyuan could not help but press a featherlight kiss on his lips. Then, sensing no resistance from Dugu, Xuanyuan kissed him again with passion. With his chest heaving rapidly, Dugu’s back muscles tensed, then arched his whole body out of reflex…

The small kitten was stroked until it spat out the milk in its tummy!

The vet indicated that the act of stroking a cat felt incredible!

Once it was over, Dugu laid face-up on the bed, his gorgeous, lean body soaked with perspiration. His originally inanimate, dull black eyes, suddenly glowed with a brilliant lustre, as if an exquisite antique doll had turned into a real person.

“How did it feel?” Xuanyuan asked quietly.

Dugu blinked, then candidly expressed, “Good. I like it.”

“Do you want to try something even better?” Xuanyuan slightly narrowed his deep eyes and took off the satin belt on his pyjama robe while he spoke. As the soft fabric slipped off from his shoulders, Xuanyuan’s naked body was exposed before Dugu’s gaze. Under the dim light, where shadows seemed more distinct, the chiselled outlines of his muscles became even more pronounced.

Dugu lifted his eyes slightly in surprise, “Hmph…”

Xuanyuan’s appearance was normally neat and refined, with a bookish disposition that did not suggest any athleticism at all. But with his clothes off, he was actually quite buff. Xuanyuan carefully wrapped Dugu into the crook of his arm, then slowly and tenderly explored Dugu’s body.

Dugu’s muscles tensed all over, but not only did he not show any signs of displeasure, during the course of their kissing, he even proactively reached out with the tip of his tongue and gently licked Xuanyuan’s lips like a small kitten.

For Dugu, it was a passionate invitation beyond imagination.

So, the doctor immediately turned into a big bad wolf who thoroughly picked Dugu clean and ravaged him over and over.

Since Dugu had no pain perception, he did not feel any discomfort for his first time. His experiences ranged from pleasant and novel sensations to extreme pleasure that startled him. Since both of them had excellent stamina, they did not stop until late into the night…

The small kitten who exposed its belly on its own accord was thoroughly stroked from head to tail by the vet! It was not until the kitten spat out all of the milk in its tummy and fell asleep in the vet’s lap, did the vet show the kitten any mercy.

Actually, ‘The Vet’1 was just short for Dr. Xuanyuan – The Villainous, Exploitative and Two-faced tamer of naive felines.

Just as Dugu was drifting off to sleep from exhaustion…

“Baby, wait. Don’t fall asleep yet.” Holding up Dugu’s face, Xuanyuan forced him to look into his eyes.

Dugu immediately refused, “I can’t move any more, we can continue when I wake up.”

“That’s not it.” Xuanyuan chuckled as he gazed intently into Dugu’s eyes, “Be with me, let’s make our relationship official.”

Dugu blushed, then quietly hmphed before rolling over on the bed.

Successfully comprehending the language of the Hmph Planet once again, Xuanyuan joyfully held Dugu in a tight embrace as he exclaimed, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

So, the little stray kitten finally followed the vet home and willingly became his house cat.


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Translator Notes:

  1. In Chinese, ’Veterinarian’ is spelt with the characters ‘beast’ and ‘doctor’. The original text basically described ‘vet’ (beast doctor) as the short form of ‘Doctor Xuanyuan – a human with the heart of a beast (villain), beast (wolf) in sheep’s clothing and savage rutting beast.’
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March 12, 2021 1:32 am

Aww…such a sweet development…hope more of the male extra will have thier sweet endings…

March 12, 2021 2:12 am

This was cute. 😍

The references to the kitten spitting out the milk in its tummy gave me an unfortunate mental image of vomiting, however. 😅

March 13, 2021 2:56 pm

hmph planet!? And VET was actually an acronym the whole time?! How does this keep getting better! Thank you so much!

March 14, 2021 1:17 pm

Thank you for the chapter. I was thinking the “good” doctor was being a bit seductive.

March 25, 2021 3:49 am

Aww glad for these two extra male cp! So sweet. Tq

May 10, 2021 8:24 am

Ah yes – the Villainous, Exploitative, and Two-faced tamer of naive felines. wwwww

That was really sweet~

June 12, 2021 8:05 am

This is the second reason why Dugu can’t be with Ye Xi or Young master Murong – Dugu is also a sub. And that thief… i am highly anticipating him. I bet he is also a sub and will be with the admiral… hmmm. Tentacle play~~~

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