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Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis, WagahaiFujoshi


Seeking momentary comfort from reading novels would only incur hellish suffering when facing the test from the day after.

Upon spending the night reading novels until the wee hours of 1 to 2 am, Zhong Yan blacked out, falling into a deep, soundly sleep.

The next morning, his roommate forced him awake by frantically shaking his bed, his shrill cries so loud it could circle the dormitory for three whole days.

“Wake up, Zhong Yan!! Or you can straight-up pay the test retake fees if you don’t!”

Trembling out of fear at the mention of retake fees, Zhong Yan sprung up from the bed.

Due to him just waking up, his brain was as jumbled as his chicken-coop-like, disheveled hair.

After sweeping his eyes around the room blankly, he tossed an utterly sincere question to his roommate.

“Shit, what’s the subject of the test today?”    

At a momentary loss for words, his roommate rose his head towards him, sincerity glistening in his eyes, “Forget it, go back to sleep. just try your best in the make-up test; you still have a chance with that.”

In the end, Zhong Yan did recall the test’s subject— the one reigning supreme of all evil, linear algebra.  

While repenting on his depraved actions last night, he gritted his teeth as he struggled to crawl out of his blankets to prepare for the exam.

Due to the day being a winter solstice, along with the temperature reaching a chilly all-time low, the only motivation forcing him out of his bed was the three hundred and sixty dollars he would have to pay for retaking.

Zhong Yan majored in engineering at a university of technology, where the ratio of male to female students in the entire school was eight to two.

Since his class of thirty-five students merely had five girls, an air of masculinity towered over the classroom whenever the whole class was inside.

The last time the class went out on a field trip, the foggy-eyed elderly by the park entrance even inquired if they were disciples of the martial arts school nearby.      

Nonetheless, despite the class’s humble male to female ratio, once the exam invigilator set foot inside, Zhong Yan still heard the only five golden flowers that were the girls in class letting out soft, completely synchronized gasps, accompanied with indignant cries of ‘what the fuck’ from the guys.

Zhong Yan was making a last-ditch effort to memorize then, just finished securing the Laplace expansion in his mind, when the shock from the commotion whisked half of the formula he remembered away.

Blazing fury flooding his veins, he directed his eyes at the source of his problem.

Standing on the podium was a guy of tall, upright stature. Wearing a black shirt with a pair of glasses, he appeared gentle and dashing.

After sweeping his gaze around the class and noticing all eyes were on him, the guy revealed a smile before lowering his head to unwrap the test papers.    

“My surname is Gu, a first-year postgraduate student in the College of Engineering, so you can consider me your senior. I will be your test invigilator for the day. Please turn off your phones and keep quiet.”  

Zhong Yan and his roommate sat respectively in the second and third rows in the middle of the classroom.

His roommate turned over to look at Zhong Yan, his voice suppressed, “What the hell. When do we even have such a figure in our school? As I thought, I must’ve paid no attention to the outside world as a hermit for far too long.” 

“Is he seriously that handsome…” Still brooding on the formula memorized just moments ago, Zhong Yan shifted his gaze towards the guy counting test papers at the podium, his lips curling in feigned indifference.

Before he could withdraw his expression, the latter lifted his head as he tossed an abrupt glance upwards, his eyes coming into contact with Zhong Yan’s.

Zhong Yan was rendered speechless.

Holy shit, is this person on noclip mode?1Zhong Yan was commenting at how Gu XuanYan can seemingly see at every direction all at once. Noclip mode: (from wiki)a cheat that prevents the first-person player character camera from being obstructed by other objects and permits the camera to move in any direction, allowing it to pass through such things as walls, props, and other players. For more info: 2

Seemingly unconcerned, the guy offered a smile at him before starting to distribute the test papers.    

After letting out a sigh of relief, Zhong Yan utilized the time when test papers were passed down to give a hurried poke at his roommate, “Remember to lend me your aid later.”

“Count on me.”

With his mind set at ease, Zhong Yan began his life and death battle with mathematics.

The class’s tests were lax in terms of the time requirements, so about 40 to 50 minutes later, students started turning in their papers and leaving one after another.

Zhong Yan was an exception, as he got stuck on the last major question.

What a close and dear question to me; it’s you, Laplace’s theorem!       

Tearless grief welling inside, Zhong Yan sneaked his head up, noticing almost every student had left the room.

The invigilator was sitting on the podium, facing down while playing with his mobile phone.

As the chairs in the classroom were too small, one of his legs rested on the edge of the podium, whereas the other simply stretched out over the podium onto the ground.

His legs are quite long, huh.

After dissing in his heart, Zhong Yan poked his roommate’s back with a pen, his voice soft “The last question.”

Getting the message, his roommate drew out a piece of facial tissue from the pack on the table before scribbling down in energetic haste.

A while later, he let out a light cough as he handed the tissue over to the back.

Just as Zhong Yan was about to reach out for it, the guy at the podium smiled all of a sudden while turning the display of his phone off and getting up.

Before Zhong Yan could react, the latter had already strode to his front and took away the tissue.         

Oh shit!!!

“Passing answers with tissue paper? That’s new.”

With a gentle shake, the tissue Gu XuanYan had in his grasp unfolded, laying bare ink-black words that were as densely packed as huckleberries

His smile grew wider, “Quite a lot, I see.”

I’m done for… I’m so dead.

Zhong Yan waged a desperate struggle, “I haven’t seen it yet …”

“I know.”

The person standing turned his head over and patted the roommate, “Turn in the paper if you are done.”         

As though being granted an amnesty, the roommate bolted out of the door once he set his test paper down the table, a clear representation of the phrase ‘rats fleeing a sinking ship’.

The guy turned to Zhong Yan again, “You should hand in your test paper too. Stay till the test ends.”

Since no one would truly stay until the end of The linear algebra exam, which lasted a full hour and a half, in the end, only Zhong Yan and the invigilator were left in the entire examination room.

The bell rang, signalling the start of sorting and counting of test papers.

Zhong Yan scurried over to the podium as if he was being relieved of serious trouble, “Gu… Senior Gu.”          

Instead of looking up at him, The recipient of the calling merely replied with a simple ‘mn’.

Zhong Yan tilted his head to look at Gu XuanYan, piteous cowardice coloring both his tone and expression. “What about me?”

Gu XuanYan lifted his gaze towards Zhong Yan without a word.

A smile only spread on his face a long while later when he felt Zhong Yan almost bending down from the weight of his nervousness, “Since you didn’t actually cheat, just write a self-reflection and hand it in to me.”

Zhong Yan breathed a sigh of relief, gratefulness blooming within him in an instant, “Thank you, Senior Gu! Senior Brother, what is your name? When I’m free, I’ll…”        

Before he could finish his sentence, he caught sight of the name ‘Gu XuanYan’ written on the column for the invigilator’s signature at the test paper carrier.

The shock muted Zhong Yan briefly.

Just escaped from danger, Zhong Yan stuck a foot in his mouth, bewilderment coursing through him as he shifted his eyes to Gu XuanYan.”Senior Gu, you may not believe it, but your name is exactly the same as the villain of the novel that I read last night.”

Gu XuanYan’s hands came to a stop from arranging the test papers as he gave a nod to Zhong Yan with a smile on his face. 

“Making fun of your senior brother, I see. You don’t have to write the self-reflection anymore. Just straight up retake the test.”

Zhong Yan was at a loss for words.

Serves you right for being a bigmouth. Serves you right for talking out of your ass.

Submerged in tearless regret, Zhong Yan hurriedly lowered his head and admitted his mistake: “Senior brother, I’m sorry.” 

The person in front of him was focused on counting the test papers with his head down, turning a deaf ear to the apology.

Zhong Yan began spinning in circles next to him in an attempt to get his attention.       

“Senior brother, senior brother, senior brother…”

A light bulb went on in Zhong Yan’s mind. “Let me treat you to a meal.” 

Noticing Gu XuanYan directing his line of sight up to him, Zhong Yan added in haste, “Today is the winter solstice, so let me treat you to a meal in any cafeteria of your choice within our university. Senior Brother, is your hometown in the south or north? Do you want to get some dumplings or have some mutton soup?”

Gu XuanYan hiked up his eyebrows slightly, “Is this a blatant bribe from a candidate to an invigilator?” 

Self-confidence flared up in Zhong Yan’s tone, “This is a socialization between a junior and a senior.”   

A laugh escaped from Gu XuanYan as he placed the stack of test papers unhurriedly into its carrier before carrying it out of the classroom.

Although Zhong Yan didn’t get a response, he was too ashamed to give chase.

With his spirit as withered as dying embers, he gritted his teeth as he swore to never blabber without thinking. What awaits after being a bigmouth for a brief satisfaction is only hellish suffering!

Before he could even finish vowing, he heard a sudden reply from Gu XuanYan. 

“Let’s go to the second canteen then. I’ll have dumplings.”

As Zhong Yan raised his head, he saw Gu XuanYan leaning on the doorway with a ray of sunlight shining on his face by chance.

Through the gold-rimmed glasses, his slightly squinted eyes had a hint of inexpressible cunningness to them, yet seemingly brimming with tenderness.

“Let’s go, little junior brother.”


Author’s notes

The extra I promised. Wish everyone a happy winter solstice, smooth sailing finals with all subjects passing!


-New Year Extra from Author’s Weibo-

On New Year’s Eve, little Senior Zhong and little Junior Gu went to Mount Jade Dwelling to harass Senior Liang and Junior Ji.

However, Liang Zheng was busy dealing with every single New Year matter of the sect, leaving only Little Ji to entertain the two unexpected guests. (kind of?)

Silence hovered among the three for an hour, during which Zhong Yan nibbled away two plates of melon seeds.

Perhaps finding it wrong to treat guests as such, Ji ChangYun asked Gu XuanYan if he wanted to practice sword together.

Since Zhong Yan tossed out a merciless rejection right after, all of them went back to their own homes.

Final words from TL(Rikko)

Aww this cute little short story is over! Thank you to everyone for reading liking, and commenting! I really appreciate every single comment<3

This novel attracted me so much that when I finished it, I immediately decided this is the next novel I’m going to translate and share with others who might find it interesting!

I just love how funny Zhong Yan was and how accommodating he is to Gu XuanYan~ and his conversation with the system is just hilarious!

Although Gu XuanYan fell for him a little too quickly(probably since this is a short novel) I can’t help but smile at how loving he is to Zhong Yan!

Gu XuanYan piggybacking Zhong Yan is so cute and heart warming~ And how he defends him from the sect leader and those three idiots that try to kill him is just *chef’s kiss*

When I decided to translate this novel, I gave myself an additional goal to draw fanart for all chapters, but due to life and stuff I couldn’t draw for the extras OTL

I kinda regretted setting this goal since at a point I had an artist block and procrastinated =X But in the end, I’m still glad I can draw some fanart for this really sweet story!

Thanks to everyone that noticed and complimented the fanart! My art is subpar so I don’t really expect anyone to say anything about it hahaha!

All in all, thanks for reading and hope this story brings a smile to your face!

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Translator Notes:


Rikko (Translator)

Loves BL and bunny rabbits.


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Ahhhhh, this has been an amazing read. Short but very satisfying!! Thank you for your amazing translation and the art every chapter was so good too!! Thank you for your efforts amd bringing this novel to us 💖

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