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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo 


If he didn’t satisfy Old Man Yan, he wouldn’t have a part-time job? No, that was far from the only problem that gave Luo XiaoLou a headache; the basic classes were too hard because he couldn’t understand the textbooks and so, he had to study the textbooks for middle school and high school students everyday; he had to listen to Teacher Song’s basic mecha lessons every day; and he had three hundred more Grade 1 parts waiting to be learned on the storage tray.

Luo XiaoLou had no intention of giving up on the Grade 1 parts, even though he had a busy schedule at the beginning of the school year. After all, it was his knowledge of these parts that made his major not as miserable as his basic classes. Luo XiaoLou hadn’t experienced the feeling of not knowing what someone was talking about in his entire life before, and he didn’t want to experience it any more.

But after mastering half of the Grade 1 parts, Luo XiaoLou realized a serious problem: he needed practice.

No matter how many theories, principles, and even reactions he had in his head, even if he remembered them well, it didn’t mean he could make them. Mecha Manufacturing Specialty itself was a major with high requirements for practice.

These days, the Mecha Department students were all talking with envy about Yang Ke, the highly talented student who had been chosen by the great family, who was now paying for as many materials as he wanted. With this kind of financial and material support, he would be able to progress faster than other students in his year.

While the manufacturing students struggled to start expressing themselves in search of supporters, Luo XiaoLou, like all the students of Class 10, did nothing.

There was never going to be anyone investing in the students of Class 10 anyway. Luo XiaoLou was a little frustrated at this thought. Now that he had some savings in his account, he had thoughts of buying those Grade 1 parts himself, but six hundred mecha parts would cost him almost his entire savings, and Luo XiaoLou couldn’t make up his mind to buy them yet.

Sighing and writing down all the recent chapters he didn’t understand in his e-book, Luo XiaoLou entered the information building, which was a place for Saint Miro Academy students to check out materials, equivalent to what was formerly known as a library.

Luo XiaoLou swiped his card at the door and walked inside. His reading privileges were currently limited to the first to third floors. It was slightly comforting to know that he hadn’t needed to go up to the second floor so far.

Entering the public access area, Luo XiaoLou chose an unoccupied table and sat down, entering what he was looking for into the screen in front of him. Without much effort, two information cards with numbers appeared in front of Luo XiaoLou. Casually tapping on them, Luo XiaoLou began to read.

In the quiet reading room, with only the occasional sound of someone moving gently around, Luo XiaoLou gradually immersed himself in the formulas and arguments.

After an unknown period of time, the communicator on Luo XiaoLou’s wrist flashed. It was a timed reminder that school was to end, and Luo XiaoLou looked at the materials he hadn’t finished reading.

Frowning, he prepared to go to the administrator’s office to request a copy of the materials.

In the administrator’s office, Luo XiaoLou and the sunny boy with dark hair and blue eyes were startled.

The man stared for a moment and greeted warmly, “Luo XiaoLou? It’s rare to meet you here, I’m Yates, do you remember?”

Luo XiaoLou remembered this person but couldn’t recall his name, so he didn’t say anything for a while. But he definitely wasn’t insensitive enough to tell the truth, and he just smiled, “Of course, we were next to each other during the test. Why are you here?”

Yates looked at Luo XiaoLou with a sad face, “The last time you inspired me to apply for a part-time job, I ended up being assigned to the information building. God knows, I’d love to be in the mecha training room.”

Luo XiaoLou handed over the e-book in his hand, reassuring Yates as he pointed out the information he needed, “The work here is easy.”

“I’d be happy to go to the mecha training room, no matter how tired I am!” Yates stressed with dissatisfaction.

“Okay, I understand your passion for mecha, can you copy the information for me?” Luo XiaoLou didn’t really want to comfort him. Were guys from the Mecha Department so fearless? He had heard that the Mecha Department’s in-class training was very horrible, but Yates was actually willing to face that twenty-four hours a day.

“No, you don’t understand at all. I can learn a lot from Yuan Xi, Luo ShaoTian, Ling Xu and other people training by just watching them.” Yates finally copied the information Luo XiaoLou wanted into the e-book.

“Benenson’s Theorem, Mechanics of Materials, Federal Common Language Grammar, Mecha Maintenance, except for the last one, Luo XiaoLou, you make me feel like you haven’t graduated elementary school —” Yates laughed.

Luo XiaoLou blushed, “Is building my foundation that much of an exaggeration?”

“Believe me, not a bit. Are all of you Class 10 students like this?”

“Ah, I don’t know, maybe some are better than me.” Luo XiaoLou wasn’t so sure, but Tian Le was pretty much the same as him, and every class was painfully unusual.

“Well, then, you can ask me anything you don’t understand about these in the future. It’s pretty boring here when I’m on duty myself anyway.” Yates said enthusiastically.

Luo XiaoLou was pleasantly surprised. It was so nice to have someone willing to help. He hadn’t had the courage to ask Yuan Xi such childish questions.

“Okay then, thanks a lot. Shit, I’ve got to go.”

“Dude enough, take me out to dinner someday — hey, there’s no need to run so fast.” Yates watched in stunned silence as Luo XiaoLou’s figure disappeared down the hallway.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t hear Yates’ last words, or even if he did, he definitely didn’t have the spare time to buy dinner right now.

He clamped his e-book between his hands and quickly tapped on his communicator with one hand: What? Want to eat fish? Don’t you think it’s boring to eat the same thing every day?

‘I’m thinking about today’s menu. Just follow it. What’s the point of doing so much?’ A quick sentence was sent over.

Luo XiaoLou choked, wishing he could squeeze the little man, who appeared in the communicator to represent Yuan Xi, to death.

Since giving Luo XiaoLou a special card for his living expenses, Yuan Xi found that his fridge was finally well-stocked. Secretly proud of the fact that Luo XiaoLou had become dependent on him for support, he also became more and more demanding of dinner.

“There’s also cake, I haven’t had any for days.” Yuan Xi continued to order.

“What are you trying to ask?”

“What’s with that tone you’re using?”


They met up in the parking lot and gamely ignored each other’s glances. When they got to the mall, Luo XiaoLou was still too lazy to talk to the dictator Yuan Xi and pushed the car door open to go shopping.

Yuan Xi ground his teeth under his breath as he sat in the car. If Luo XiaoLou didn’t make some house rules, he was going to go somewhere else! Don’t think that he likes him and he’ll always indulge in putting up with him — he doesn’t have to dwell on it at all, isn’t it right that slaves should like their masters?

When Yuan Xi began to think about the type and intensity of punishment to be implemented next, he suddenly spotted Luo Xiaolou coming out of the shipping mall with a big bag of things and an old man by his side. However, the two were stopped by a strong young man. 

Yuan Xi frowned. What was this situation with Luo XiaoLou now? Was this going to challenge his endurance again by letting him wait hungry in his car, while Luo XiaoLou reminisced with other men?

The old man snapped at the young man and Luo XiaoLou tried to step in between them, but was easily pushed over. Then several men from a car on the side of the road grabbed the old man and Luo XiaoLou, who was on the ground, and were about to walk to the car.


There was a loud bang, and the people who had grabbed the old man and Luo XiaoLou were so shocked that they almost fell off the overhanging highway.

The moment some of them looked back, the strong wind blew in their faces, and the man holding Luo XiaoLou was punched in the face. He collapsed on the ground with blood all over his face.

Yuan Xi, with Luo XiaoLou now in his hands, looked him up and down, and finally met eyes with the obviously unresponsive Luo XiaoLou. He asked with a dark face, “Is there any injury?” Damn it! It’s one thing for Yuan Xi to lecture his slaves, it’s quite another for anyone to lay a finger on him!

“No —” Luo XiaoLou’s words hadn’t even trailed off when Yuan Xi pushed back slightly, leaned against the car behind him, and then raised his foot to kick at the person who jumped at him again.

Both sides heard the sound of bones breaking, and another person fell to the ground. Those men whose muscles looked incredibly strong were so vulnerable in front of Yuan Xi that the tall young man in the lead was trembling and his face was pale. Obviously the message received was that this master had appeared alone at the mall, but there was actually a monster among them!

Even though he was so close to the car, there was no chance of escape, for Yuan Xi had come over and asked coldly, “Say, what do you mean by hijacking my man?”

Under the gaze of those cold eyes, the tall young man did not dare to have the slightest thought of escaping, only shaking and hesitating. What should he say? Saying it would be death, but not saying it, would also be death.

“I– I said, we’re here to pick up Master Yan. We have absolutely no intention of hurting him, I, I guarantee —” The tall young man shivered, not because he was spineless, but because the person in front of him was too ruthless. He could tell it from the injuries this man had inflicted on his men. It was questionable whether he would be able to recover within a year.

“Master Yan…” Yuan Xi’s eyes narrowed. Turning back, he only just noticed the old man that Luo XiaoLou was helping. Since the others weren’t looking for trouble from Luo XiaoLou, it didn’t seem to be any of his business.

At that moment, the old man said faintly, “Let them go.”

Yuan Xi snorted, “Don’t let me see you do anything to my people again, or I’ll be happy to talk to you in more detail.”

The tall young man shuddered violently, immediately shoved the fallen man on the ground back inside the car, and sailed away when he heard that this terrible man was willing to let them go.

Luo XiaoLou let go of the hand that had been holding the old man’s arm. It was not that he didn’t want to hold the old man, the old man was standing upright, a gleam in his eyes, not at all like an old man without the ability to resist. Instead, his hand that had been holding the old man was shaking, it was really strange to lose face.

“Master Yan,” Luo XiaoLou called out respectfully. Thinking about it, and not knowing if this Master Yan wanted him to know what had just happened, he could only politely say, “Where are you planning to go? Do you want us to send you back?” Yuan Xi wouldn’t blame him for taking it upon himself to borrow his car, Luo XiaoLou thought, while glancing apprehensively in Yuan Xi’s direction.

Yuan Xi was glaring at him in annoyance and thought, good, not only does he have the guts to go up to the roof, but he also has the guts to take matters into his own hands!

Master Yan looked coldly at Luo XiaoLou’s cowardly and humiliating appearance for half a day and snorted, “No, my car is coming.”

Luo XiaoLou looked up, and sure enough, three black cars drove silently into the suspended parking lot in front of the mall.

Before the old man left, he glanced at Luo XiaoLou and said, “If you’re afraid of dying, don’t rush ahead with everything.” After saying that, he was flanked by those who were to receive him and left.

Luo XiaoLou stared at the car as it left, feeling extremely frustrated. He didn’t want to be nosy, but he was so close that it was difficult for him to pretend not to see it.

Why does this old man look like Yuan Xi, and why wasn’t there a dogged attempt to recognize his grandson just now?

Oh, forget it. Fortunately, there is no danger. Let’s go home first. There were still two days before he needed to see the old man’s face.

Yuan Xi was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. He looked angrily at Luo XiaoLou, who was still in a state of shock and weakness. Luo XiaoLou had never experienced this before. Now, he was still a little frightened, and his hands and feet were soft, so he conveniently piled the purchased items in Yuan Xi’s arms.

Yuan Xi looked at the fresh fish and vegetables he had named in the bag, and didn’t throw them out in the end. When he looked up, he saw Luo XiaoLou had tripped without looking at where he was going, and before he could even think, his hand had pulled Luo XiaoLou over.

Yuan Xi was at a loss on what to do, as Luo XiaoLou paled when he was pulled into his arms. What a troublesome and weak slave, Yuan Xi glared fiercely at Luo XiaoLou, but his arm gently held him up as he walked to the car.

Well, this atmosphere seemed a bit inappropriate to punish him.

Still, let’s talk about it later…


Early Saturday morning, Luo XiaoLou changed into clothes, prepared loungewear for Yuan Xi and put it beside his bed. He had heard him say last night that he was going out today, so he put breakfast in the warmer and went out.

Taking the hover bus, Luo XiaoLou made it to the Kane Group before eight o’clock. If he was late, the old man would definitely curse. Swiping his card at the robot by the entrance, Luo XiaoLou walked quickly to the elevator.

After waiting for a while, the elevator finally came down from the upper floors and Luo XiaoLou walked in. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw three people walking towards the elevator, and held down the open door button, while saying, “I’ll hold the door.”

After the greeting, Luo XiaoLou realized that the visitors were actually students of Saint Miro Academy, and he knew them all. One was the top student in their department, Yang Ke, then there was a dark-haired, blue-eyed teenager who Luo XiaoLou later remembered had walked him to the mall on his first day, and the other was the Mecha Department’s celebrity, Ling Xu.

Of the three geniuses of the Mecha Department, Luo ShaoTian was flamboyant, Yuan Xi was arrogant and indifferent, and Ling Xu was elegant. No matter which one of them it was, they were all incredibly handsome. Because of this, Luo XiaoLou had no doubt that genes and looks were related.

Ling Xu was fair-skinned and polite, but his bones were cold and distant, a noble temperament that was undoubtedly more attractive.

Luo XiaoLou had only seen Ling Xu a few times from afar, and already knew this kind of person was someone he didn’t want to mess with.

And Yuan Xi? In Luo XiaoLou’s eyes, Yuan Xi was an ancient ferocious beast.

Although it hadn’t shown sharp enough claws because it was young, it was by no means free to provoke its authority. He would get upset and angry when hungry, squint and nap when he wasn’t hungry, and use his tail to carve out territory, and no doubt Luo XiaoLou was unlucky enough to be within the range of his tail.

So he decided to clean, to prepare Yuan Xi’s clothes, to cook, to massage… his face got darker the more he thought about it.

Having one of them in his life was enough for Luo XiaoLou, so he never wanted to cross paths with the other two Mecha Department geniuses, let alone one of them being a Luo family member.


If he met them outside, Luo XiaoLou could also pretend that he didn’t know them. But hadn’t he just said something to them?


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March 15, 2021 2:12 pm

It would be hilarious if the geniuses were there learning LXL new assembly procedures 😏

March 15, 2021 3:19 pm

Who was this Master Yan? I was confused as he looked like YX grandfather???? I liked how YX came in to save LXL, in his eyes no one can touch him but him. I wonder what will happen now with them cross paths at the Kane group? Thank you for another great chapter!

March 15, 2021 7:57 pm

Surprised, the boy who took XiaoLou to the mall is also affiliated to the Kane group? What a coincidence 🤔 and they met again unexpectedly. Curious who he really is.

Interesting.. really getting more and more interesting. 🤓

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Lol… ancient ferocious beast😅haha

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