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Luo XiaoLou looked at the screen with a serious face and a professional eye. The white mecha was obviously much more advanced than the octopus people’s other two mecha types. Just from the way he easily destroyed the red mecha with his hands and feet, he could see that this person’s ability was powerful to a terrifying degree.

Luo XiaoLou stared closely at the arrogant mecha, the corners of his mouth pursed up. Except for the bio-beast, this was indeed the most powerful octopus person he’d ever seen, but he didn’t think Yuan Xi would lose.

While not far from Luo XiaoLou’s side, Tian Li was far from Luo XiaoLou’s calm. His forehead began to sweat, and he looked in Yuan Xi’s eyes with a rare nervousness and anxiety, and from his mouth emerged the sentence, “What can we do?”

Luo XiaoLou was surprised by Tian Li’s timidity. Given Yuan Xi’s strength, Tian Li shouldn’t be so uneasy.

Tian Li hesitated slightly, then came up to Luo XiaoLou’s ear and said, “In order to break out smoothly, Yuan Xi made a full plan. I dare say that plan is perfect to flawless, but this guy is outside the plan. Yuan Xi…it’s not a good time to accept such a challenge.”

Yuan Xi wasn’t available to fight, which meant that if Yuan Xi went up against that white mecha, it might disrupt their plan. But what would Yuan Xi do in front of so many people and soldiers who worshipped their prince?

Moreover, if Yuan Xi didn’t fight, who could subdue someone who, at first glance, was so obviously strong and dangerous?

Luo XiaoLou frowned and mentally asked 125, [125, if we take on that white mecha, how long do you think we can delay it?]

125, who was looking forward to ushering in a summit matchup over his shoulder, froze. His tail stopped wagging behind him, and he stood up straight to look at the big screen. He focused on the white mecha, and a circle of light emerged from his big yellow eyes, as a set of complex formulas slid rapidly across them.

Many people in the command room looked nervously at Yuan Xi. They all knew how important the next plan was.

Yuan Xi looked out coldly. His eyes were chilly but extremely bright. Luo XiaoLou felt how Yuan Xi’s hand, as it held his, was trembling slightly, as Yuan Xi tried to suppress his wariness and excitement.

While everyone was waiting, and before Yuan Xi intended to make a decision, Luo XiaoLou’s voice rang out in the command room. “Yuan Xi, I’ll go.”

Two minutes later, the people on the five battleships all saw the golden mecha. Their prince’s Tier 10 mecha! At that moment, cheers rang out from every part of the ships. All the suppression and fear people had felt all those last days seemed to be vented with their cheers. Everyone was convinced that their proud and perfect prince wouldn’t lose to anyone.

The white mecha locked onto the golden mecha the moment the hatch opened. The octopus leader’s eyes flashed with bloodlust and frenzy. He licked the corners of his mouth, his fingers moved on the operating panel and the white mecha appeared lightning fast in front of the golden mecha.

The Prince of the Empire, the top mecha, a 3S level powerhouse! Let him see whose genes are stronger!

The octopus leader’s white mecha diverted its attention after the golden mecha appeared. The Empire’s mecha battle formation had a bottom again, and slowly stabilized the situation. Both the green octopus mecha, and the mutated dark green octopus mecha were suppressed. From time to time, one or two green mecha would be destroyed.

But everyone’s attention was already fully drawn to the other side of the war, which was a rare and powerful duel.

Two shadows in space, white and gold, flashed rapidly like two entangled and intertwined lights. The speed has exceeded the limit of what people could bear. People soon found that at this level of combat, even if they were just watching, after a long time they began to suffer from dizziness and blurred vision, while their eyes were full of a pins and needles-like pain.

The deputy commander on the ship quickly noticed the problem and immediately adjusted the time and speed of the battle between the two on the big screen. The people finally got a good look at the two mecha, and their eyes widened instantly as they stared at the figures on the screen.

The two mecha were moving fast as they approached and separated, with both long-range and special effects weapons. They attacked each other at breakneck speed during the approach. Even after the viewing speed was slowed down, it was difficult to tell how many times a second the two exchanged blows.

The golden mecha’s light blue blade seemed to cut through time and space with a single swing. The white mecha’s lance carried a trail of residual shadows as its energy was released. They collided incessantly, and a vortex of energy began to appear around the two mecha, which caused little explosions whenever the two would retreat.

People watched in awe. This was the real battle of the strong!

The octopus leader narrowed his eyes, and stared at the golden mecha opposite him. His body kept trembling. Was this the 3S level gene? He could feel that the opponent’s strength was comparable to his. However, he would definitely defeat this person, then take him and the exotic beast back. The moment when he stood in front of the octopus people’s throne with his captives, that would be when he became the first war general.

An eerie green light flashed in the octopus leader’s eyes, and countless tentacles suddenly spread from his wrists. They instantly covered the entire operating board. Apart from the bio-monsters, he was the most successful and strongest among the genetically modified octopus people, and he would soon show them that he was the strongest one!

As the silver lance attacked, the golden mecha instantly appeared twenty meters away.  After it struck back at the lance, the blue blade slashed in the air.

However, this time, the white mecha didn’t dodge like before, but after a tremor, a jade-colored light erupted all over its body.

“It’s an energy flying blade!”

“How, how is it possible?!”

“This, so many…”

Yes, how was it possible! This kind of flying blade was different from ordinary weapons, and could be sent out, at most, three at a time. Therefore, so many flying blades could only be caused by thousands of operations in the white mecha in a short period of time!

But was it possible? How fast could a person’s hand speed reach?

Amidst everyone’s gasps of surprise, the golden mecha moved slightly after a very short pause.

The golden mecha didn’t dodge. Even in space, those flying blades had sealed all the angles of escape. The hearts of the mecha warriors who saw this scene dropped.

In addition this concern, all of them had the thought that except for opening the shield hard resistance, there wasn’t a better defence.

But while ten energy blades or less could be resisted, this many were basically death.

Many mecha warriors couldn’t continue to watch the scene. The cabin of cheering people fell silent. Many people closed their eyes.

In the octopus people’s fortress, the octopus chief who stayed behind laughed out loud. It seemed that their leader would soon be able to end this damn sneak attack.

The moment everyone’s hearts moved, all sounds seemed to cease to exist, and time seemed to stand still. The golden mecha swayed for a moment, then returned to the same place. Even that brief sway seemed to be an illusion.

Then, people were shocked to find, that in the midst of a sky full of energy blades, six golden shadows appeared at the same time, and all silmultaneously wielded a knife in their respective directions.

Light blue shadows instantly linked into a line, and from line to line, around the golden mecha were six blue defense surfaces that completely blocked the flying energy blades in the sky.

After the white energy blades met the blue defense surface, they emitted a blinding light, and then slowly dulled under people’s dumbfounded gazes, until they completely disappeared.

With the disappearance of the energy blades, the blue defense surface also disappeared. The two apparently cancelled each other out. However, no one dared to say that the defensive surface wasn’t strong.

The white mecha stood quietly in space. The octopus leader simply couldn’t accept this outcome. He had predicted that, with Yuan Xi’s toughness, it would be impossible to destroy him directly, but to have him so easily break his strongest attack, the thousand net energy blade, was really unacceptable to him.

He looked down and saw the tentacles spread all over the console. He couldn’t help but smash it hard. That damn man, what makes him fight to this extent?!

People were still staring at the big screen with their mouths wide open. They hadn’t come back to their senses, yet.

Just then, a super huge energy vortex appeared in front of everyone, which woke them all up. The octopus leader, the Empire’s mecha warriors, and the green mecha included.

Almost everyone stopped and looked dumbfounded at the center of the energy vortex, where sky-rushing flames were now rising.

The octopus people’s fortress was blown apart.

The white octopus leader’s eyes snapped wide open. This couldn’t be! The space fortress used the most advanced holographic alert defense technology. No one could evade the holographic scan and sneak into the space fortress. Especially right in front of his eyes, and the eyes of so many of his people!

After a few long seconds, a figure slowly appeared in the place where the fortress was blown open.

It was also a white mecha, but everyone who saw it immediately knew that it was completely different from the octopus leader’s white mecha. The white exterior seemed to have a watery light that flowed through it. Every part of it was perfect and unusual, as if the mecha itself was alive.

And behind the white mecha, another neat line of mecha slowly appeared.

“Oh my god, that, that’s…”

“His Highness Yuan Xi!”

“His Highness Yuan Xi actually managed to blow up that space fortress!”


“But how on earth did he get people there?”

The people on the spaceship were all extremely excited. Every time, His Highness Yuan Xi brought them surprise and hope.

The five-color battle teams and the red mecha battle teams, who were surrounding the octopus people’s mecha, received Yuan Xi’s signal. Their battle formation changed. The attacks became more and more intense, as began to force the octopus people into a group.

Finally, someone realized that something was wrong. If the white mecha was His Highness Yuan Xi, who was in the golden mecha? The white mecha was Cloudy Sky, while the golden mecha, the only Tier 10 mecha in the Empire, was given by His Highness the Prince Consort to His Highness Yuan Xi.

Wasn’t it His Highness Yuan Xi who had just fought the octopus leader’s white mecha with his golden mecha?

At this time, Ling Xu, in the driver’s seat of the golden mecha, was looking at Luo XiaoLou in the passenger seat with a worried face. “Are you okay?”

Luo XiaoLou pushed away Ling Xu’s outstretched hand, and slowly sat up straight. He took a white fruit from 125 hands, and said while he ate, “…Its fine.”

Ling Xu sighed in relief, then looked at Luo XiaoLou’s pale face with a complicated expression. “Just now, that kind of defense. Did you create it yourself?” If that kind of perversely strong defense was made by a mecha maker, how could a mecha warrior still live?

Luo XiaoLou blinked, and smiled bitterly. “No, it’s…someone else taught it to me. It’s one of the applications of Spiritual Power. But I have to say, there’s no second time. My Spiritual Power is already overdrawn. It’s impossible to use it a second time within a short time.” He’d used a combination of spiritual field and duplication. Spiritual field was taught to Luo XiaoLou by Li Mo, and where Luo XiaoLou’s Yuan Power was invincible. Then he duplicated Ling Xu’s defensive stance into six, to directly form six defensive surfaces.

His task, as he sat in the co-pilot’s seat, was to surround the space around the octopus leader’s white mecha with Yuan Power to intercept any information transmission. So that the octopus people in the fortress couldn’t contact the octopus leader in time, before Yuan Xi had infiltrated it with his men.

So when the white mecha unleashed the thousand energy blades net, Luo XiaoLou, in a rush, frantically manipulated the Yuan Power around them and used the spiritual field that he had only recently learned. This was the first time he’d used in actual combat, and it was also the first time he’d expanded it to this extent.

In the white mecha, the octopus leader’s gaze was filled with resentment as he stared at the blasted space fortress. His mission was a complete failure, and the punishment he would face when he returned was definitely not something he wanted to think about. Two seconds later, his tentacles moved, and the white mecha flew towards the golden mecha.

Even if he dies, he will take with him this damn human who has been delaying him and misleading him!

The energy around the octopus leader’s white mecha shifted dramatically, as he turned off all other energy systems and directed them all into the attack. His energy blades with double the power instantly flew out, and the white mecha with its energy blades came at the golden mecha. Clearly he wanted to have the golden mecha to die together with him.

Ling Xu was shocked. He lifted his fingers, which had begun to go numb, and began to input commands, but the battle with the octopus leader had just consumed most of his energy, while Luo XiaoLou was having a hard time creating another mental field. 

Just as Ling Xu was about to move, a white shadow appeared in front of him without warning.

In an instant, its arm raised.

Thousands of energy blades suddenly stopped in the air, then they were forced to change direction, as they all turned towards Cloudy Sky’s raised arm. In the blink of an eye, they became a white energy ball in Cloudy Sky’s hand. It became brighter and brighter, formed by the compression of thousands of energy blades.

The octopus leader looked at the scene in front of him, incredulously. He couldn’t believe that Yuan Xi actually appeared there, almost immediately, from so far away. It was almost an instantaneous movement.

Moreover, Yuan Xi actually intercepted all of his energy blades so easily… 

He had no more time to rage about the impossible. After Cloudy Sky’s arm absorbed all the energy blades, it threw the energy ball directly at him.

The huge white ball of light then exploded, and after the dazzling white light faded, the white mecha had turned into flying ash.

The people were frozen, Yuan Xi wasn’t inside the golden mecha, and the arrogant octopus leader’s white mecha couldn’t take one blow from their prince.

As Yuan Xi struck, the five-color and red battle teams suddenly injected more power, and finally surrounded both the green mecha and dark green mecha. Then, the two battle teams moved quickly. They formed two circles, inside and outside the perimeter, then firing long-range super-powered ion cannons at the group of mecha, all at the same time.

Ten minutes later, five ships opened their hatches to greet their heroes.

The first to come in was Yuan Xi. Then second was the golden mecha that people were dying to see. Two people jumped out of it. Ling Xu and Luo XiaoLou stood in front of the crowd.

After that surprise, the crowd erupted in applause.

Their Prince Consort. He wasn’t to be outdone by anyone.

The informed military leaders had even more admiration and respect for Luo XiaoLou. Yuan Xi’s ability to lead a successful infiltration team was inseparable from Luo XiaoLou’s having added an invisibility effect to their mecha.

When Luo XiaoLou was modifying the mecha for Roland and Forsyth, Yuan Xi deliberately found Luo XiaoLou and asked him to add invisibility to the mecha, which allowed them to evade the holographic scan and directly attack the interior of the space fortress.

Of course, it was also Cloudy Sky’s perverted attack power that made it so easy to break open the door of the fortress.

The five ships resupplied that day from the wrecked fortress, and rested for the night.

Yuan Xi was planning to take Luo XiaoLou back to rest, when Colonel Hatu hurried over and reported to Yuan Xi, “Your Highness, there are quite a number of people captured by the octopus people locked up here. What do you think? What should we do with these people?”

Yuan Xi frowned, “Take them all, and integrate the mecha warriors and soldiers into the army.”

“Yes!” Colonel Hatou left with a happy expression. He couldn’t bear to leave those people behind, but he was also thrilled that his army was growing its ranks, because their safety factor went up with it.

Yuan Xi looked down at Luo XiaoLou, who had completely lost his spirit, and picked him up with one hand.

As he walked along, he said with a black expression, “You promised me that you wouldn’t try to be strong.”

Luo XiaoLou said drowsily, “But I didn’t want to lose.” He and Ling Xu were fighting in Yuan Xi’s name. He couldn’t let Yuan Xi lose to that kind of guy.

Yuan Xi paused for a moment. His fingers stroked Luo XiaoLou’s face, and he scolded in a low voice, “You idiot. If anything happened…” Although he wouldn’t allow it to occur, it was still extremely uncomfortable to think about it. Yuan Xi didn’t notice that his hand, as he held Luo XiaoLou, was trembling. He just sped up the pace back to their room.

It wasn’t until Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou left, that Ling Xu walked out from the far corner. He stared blankly at the backs of the two men, his heart filled with disappointment. As a mecha maker, Luo XiaoLou had shocked him too much today.

The person who had said with a pleasing smile, that he one day hoped to have enough power to stand by his side and accompany him, had already accomplished hopes Ling Xu hadn’t truly meant. But the person he accompanied couldn’t be him any more.

When Ling Xu stopped once again, he was already standing in front of a door.

He looked at the door for a while, then raised his hand to knock on it. Within a short time, the door opened.

Shen Yuan raised his eyebrows, looked at the man in front of the door and said lightly, “You keep emphasizing that I am Kane’s man, so I have already overhauled the mecha for you. What else do you want to do now that you are here? Before you say anything, please allow me to remind you once again that I am not a mecha maker anymore.”

Ling Xu looked at Shen Yuan’s eyebrows for a moment. If he looked closely, they were actually more beautiful than anyone’s he had ever seen, but he had never noticed.

Shen Yuan looked at Ling Xu in surprise, then backed up and tried to close the door. Ling Xu suddenly shot out his hand, pushed the door open, then walked in. He had a gut feeling that if he didn’t get close to the person he had been watching so awkwardly, he would regret it just like last time. No, more than last time. He would lose the most important thing to him.


On the planet, Jiang Yun, several military ships guarded to a large number of civilian ships. These people had just replenished their energy there, and were going to continue their migration. It wasn’t safe there, and they had already suffered from sniping.

Most of the people on Jiang Yun had left early. Now the few remaining people were running towards the ships, and hoped to be taken with them.

The army had sent most of the people into the ship, but there were still dozens of people left on the ground. The ship was already overloaded. If the number of people continued to increase, it would only cause more danger on the trip.

A young man who had helped an old man to the side of the ship was stopped by the military. The young man took out a card, and said quietly, “I am Kane’s middle tier mecha maker. We are to be with the people on this ship. If you don’t believe me, you can go ask Colonel Luo Qing. This is my father. He…he is also a mecha maker. We are all qualified to leave with the ship.”

As he looked at the ship that was about to take off, the old man tremblingly pushed the young man. “Xiao Ke, you go first, I–“

The young man, who was none other than Yang Ke, interrupted the old man, took a deep breath and said to the soldier who stopped him, “No, we all have to go up. I am Ling Xu’s man. Colonel Ling Xu gave me some privileges, within a certain range. My father is a mecha maker. I have to take him away.”

A soldier in a colonel’s uniform quickly stepped off the ship. He looked down with an expressionless face and said to the soldiers, “Let them up.”

The dozens of people left behind were about to accuse the military of preferential treatment, when the colonel nodded to the two deputies behind him, who then stepped off the battleship and went to stand with the remaining dozens of people.

The people who were left behind were beset with despair and sadness, but didn’t say anything else.

The two deputies looked at each other and went a small military ship from the planet. Although the defense and attack power was far less than that of a large ship, it was better than waiting here hopelessly. The last people left behind were taken away by two soldiers.


On the exotic beast planet, dozens of ships far more advanced than those of the Empire were docked at the port. Li Mo waved his hand, “Depart.”

A beauty with long dark purple wavy hair stood next to him. Her rippling eyes glanced at him. She ambiguously came up to Li Mo’s ear, her thin red lips flicked open, and she asked, “King, do we really have to go?”


Li Mo’s cold and handsome face was not moved at all. He looked into the distance and said, “My brother is in trouble, so of course I, as a brother, must go. Besides, he is there.” Li Mo seemed to think of something. His face actually showed a smile. Back then he had chosen to sleep rather than let that person be hurt. Now he couldn’t let go of that person, regardless.


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