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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Inside the command room, the captain mumbled incredulously, “This…How is this possible…? A space fortress! How could a space fortress appear here?”

Not only the captain, but all the people inside the ship were stunned. The huge thing just appeared in front of them, quietly suspended in the universe. The impenetrable outer wall, erected with countless sharp teeth like giant spikes, looked weird and evil. When lights came on, they flickered on the giant spikes, as if a predator had lit up its claws and teeth.

What was more shocking was that, in addition to the fortress, there was a continuous space defense line.

The huge symbol of the octopus people on the fortress made people’s hearts sink, but the people being escorted were far from able to appreciate the shock and panic of the military leaders. They knew very well that a month and a half ago, this star field was clean and completely devoid of damn space fortresses and defenses.

No one could build a space fortress of this size in such a short time. They could hardly believe what they were seeing, but the thing was just a short distance ahead of them. If it wasn’t for Yuan Xi’s orders, they would have been in the bombing zone of the fortress already.

125 crouched on Luo XiaoLou’s shoulder. His eyes glowed as he looked out and his mouth was agape, “Oh! Cool! Can I have this place when it’s done for? I think I’m missing a collection like this–“

The twisted tone with an odd accent; he was imitating the deep voice of the male protagonist from a recent film he had watched. It woke up quite a few people. Luo XiaoLou looked out again and frowned slightly.

Ling Xu, on the other hand, looked up at Yuan Xi, and couldn’t see any panic on his face, just as everyone expected of their prince. Yuan Xi said calmly, “Follow the original plan and break through the defense line.”

The five ships retreated some distance away, and activated their advanced defense systems at the same time.

The octopus people on the other side were apparently aware that the original plan of luring the enemy deeper had failed, because soon the thick doors of the fortress opened and rows of green mecha flew out.

“It’s the primordial octopus person’s mecha,” Ling Xu said as he stared closely at the screen.

Yuan Xi nodded to Colonel Hatu, who gave a solemn military salute, and turned to walk out. Although this should be a disaster, he trusted His Highness the Prince. When he thought of the last three days of emergency training, the Colonel’s heart, which had just gained some confidence, had even more pep.

The hatches of the five warships opened, and five teams of mecha warriors flew out.

Luo XiaoLou only saw brightness in front of his eyes. The five teams of mecha were actually divided into different colors: gray, purple, blue, orange, and cyan.

After the five teams flew out of the hatches, they didn’t converge in space, but remained in their own formations.

It was obvious that the number of mecha warriors in the five teams was far less than that of the octopus people, but in the face of the overwhelming numbers of green mecha, the five teams were not in the least bit rattled. After a short pause, they began to move individually.

Moreover, they moved as if they had rehearsed this long ago. They completely ignored the green mecha that flew at them, and just rushed into the enemy army at surprisingly fast speeds.

Luo XiaoLou released his Yuan Power to observe once he realized that his eyes couldn’t keep up with their speed. He was even more surprised to find that each team of mecha warriors was lined up in three rows, and they all moved in exactly the same formation. Whenever someone was attacked, the mecha warriors in front, behind and on the inside of them came together to help defend, which kept the teams from being damaged during the high speed flight.

Soon, the five teams were like five sharp daggers that thrust into the enemy lines.

Luo XiaoLou watched with rapt attention as he soon discovered that the five teams were not attacking the interior of the place without purpose. He realized that the five teams were closing in on each other until they formed a huge pentagon.

At the moment when the heads and tails of the teams met, a white light suddenly burst from the center of the formation. Then came a huge roar, as countless octopus person mecha in the white curtain of light turned to ashes.

Luo XiaoLou couldn’t help but reveal his surprise and admiration. This was a match. Yuan Xi’s plan was actually a match war! It had to be said that this method of combat was very suitable for the current battle. The octopus people had a large number of mecha, but it was difficult to break the action of the five individual squads. The dazzling curtain of light was the effect caused by the simultaneous firing of countless super-powered particle cannons. In that dark universe, it gave the surprised humans immeasurable hope.

People in the spaceships looked out nervously, their fingers tightly held the hands of their loved ones around them, with worry and excitement. Many began to pray silently. For the warriors who were fighting outside. For the Empire that would never give up.

In the night sky, the five-colored battle group, sped through the air like streams of colors. While the constant eruption of ion cannons with their white light, first separate then combined, and then once again quickly separate, their cooperation and tacit understanding was perfect.

Each outbreak harvested a large number of enemy lives. If the octopus people’s mecha were close to ten thousand, then the number of mecha in the Empire’s teams didn’t exceed two thousand, a five to one disparity ratio. The octopus people worked hard to use every advantage.

In the distance, at the top of the fortress, a tall octopus leader, his face dark and sullen, slowly raised an arm and threw it backward. His hand was aimed in a certain direction behind him, and the purple and black tentacles that wriggled out of his uniform cuff flew like lightning. They slapped hard on the face of an octopus person ten meters away, then the tentacles retracted back to the inside of the man’s wrist, while his white-gloved hand still pointed. The person hit by his action fell to the ground, as the leader said coldly, “Waste, this is your army!”

The octopus man who was slapped to the ground didn’t dare protest in the slightest, just quickly got up and resumed his posture of standing respectfully. In his heart, however, he was unusually depressed. This really shouldn’t be blamed on him. They rarely encountered such a battle group. This time the opponent was much stronger than usual.

The tall leader grunted again, and said to a man closer to him, “Have the second unit move out. These people, I want all of them alive. I want to dispose of them one by one myself.” As he spoke, his alien tongue crossed his lower lip, and his eyes filled with a malicious and bloodthirsty light.

The second octopus man knelt down on one knee, and quickly answered, “Yes.” With that, he turned and walked out.

As the people in the battleship began to rejoice, the doors of the distant fortress opened once again, and more dark green mecha flew neatly out.

The Captain’s eyes, which had been watching the battlefield, snapped over and he quickly said, “Your Highness, the evolved octopus people are coming out!”

Yuan Xi’s face remained calm as he nodded. His gaze turned to Yates. Excitement flashed in Yates’ eyes, and without Yuan Xi having to say anything, he gave a military salute. “Your Highness, the second battle group is ready!”

“Go. The key to this breakout depends on you.”


Luo XiaoLou looked at Yates incredulously. In this extreme situation, Yuan Xi actually chose to let him lead the team. Yates brushed past Luo XiaoLou with a sunny smile on his face, and then walked away sharply.

Luo XiaoLou’s heart was a little more excited for his best friend than worried. He knew that this was exactly what Yates had been seeking. A leader, and to finally accompany him to fight for the people he valued.

The mecha that he respected and loved the most was worthy of the name, Cloud Eagle, of watchful waiting.

With the additional dark green mecha, the actions of the five-color teams began to be disrupted, and their attacks slowed down. There was even a close call after a short period of time. The battle formation was designed to fight fast, but if they themselves slowed down in front of an enemy who was far greater in number, the situation immediately became quite dangerous.

Just then, the hatches of the five battleships also opened once more, and rows of mecha quickly flew out.

Once again, people’s eyes were amazed by the color. All of them were fiery red mecha, and they numbered nearly a thousand. Compared to the two thousand additional dark green mecha sent out by the octopus people, the battle on their side was already small. But to send out a thousand mecha warriors at once, and ones that were significantly higher tier than the five-color battle group just by being bio-mecha, people could see the military was evolving to meet the octopus people.

Luo XiaoLou, on the other hand, gave Yuan Xi another look. Even though he hadn’t read the battle plan Yuan Xi had made, he knew the number of warriors on the ship. There were already three thousand people out in battle, which meant that there were almost no mecha warriors left on the battleships.

The rear was almost unguarded, but as he looked at Yuan Xi’s immovable face, Luo XiaoLou only felt a great deal of peace of mind.

After Yates’ team joined the battlefield, they went straight out to deal with the dark green mecha, and to give the five-color warriors a chance to catch their breath.

While the dark-green mecha had no time to worry, the five-color teams regrouped up and began their spear attack battle formation again.

The red mecha roamed the sky, like red fireworks. They bloomed everywhere in the night sky, and if someone watched carefully, they could see that they also had their own plan of action.

The five color battle formation, and the red battle formation, were specifically designed to work against the mutat octopus people. The red battle formation was even smaller. Just three people could form a squad that would take out a mutant octopus person, then quickly pounce on the next nearest octopus person’s mecha. In the squad, one was responsible for attack, one was responsible for defense, and the last one was responsible for support.

The battle began to fight to a stalemate. The military leaders understood in their hearts that Yuan Xi had formulated the most perfect plan they could think of, but they also hadn’t expected that the octopus people would actually be so strong in battle.

Thankfully, the killing power of the battle arrays was amazing. If there were no accidents, their chances of winning were high. It was just a matter of time.

In the highest level of the fortress, the tall octopus leader’s face became more and more pinched. Just as he was about to adjust his plan, the communication instrument in front of him suddenly rang. He quickly connected, and then listened in silence.

Finally, a weird smile appeared on his face. “He’s actually here? Looks like it was really worth my two days’ wait. No problem. I’ll personally take a shot at catching him, and the one that the top wants.”

After the octopus leader finished speaking, he turned around and walked out. When they saw him actually take out his space button, the face of the fortress chief who had just been beaten changed. Was the man actually going to personally take action? But at the same time, he was completely relaxed in his heart. As long as the leader went to fight, the battle formation over there, even if it was strong, was of little use.

On their side, Yuan Xi looked at the big screen, also got up and patted Ling Xu. “I’ll leave it to you.”

Ling Xu nodded, and was about to say something when the captain quickly spoke in a trembling voice, “Your Highness! White, white mecha!”

The white mecha of the octopus people was something they hadn’t seen much before. The number of times was extremely small, but every time the white mecha appeared, it was accompanied by huge casualties. It could be said that the white mecha was the highest form of the mutated octopus people on the battlefield. It was like the commander versus the rest of the army. A commander with an incalculably powerful fighting force.

As for the biochemical beast, because it has only appeared once, and without any information, it was impossible to analyze. In order to keep the military stable, it was still top secret among the military leaders.

Yuan Xi’s movements altered, he narrowed his eyes, and watched the big screen. The white octopus person mecha had already flown into the battle. In the blink of an eye, it had beaten back three red combat teams with a speed that the holographic screen couldn’t keep up with. Two of the red mechas were even heavily damaged, but the people inside were saved by their teammates.


After the white mecha struck out and easily took out the three red teams, it stopped silently in the air, and then aimed at the five battleships. The ship’s screen quickly showed the figure of the white mecha as it sent over a message: Your Imperial Highness. I know you are on the ship, and I know you are the strongest mecha warrior the humans have ever had. Do you dare to come out and fight with me?


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YX is an amazing battle strategist.
I’m so worried for LXL though and how long the alien in him will rema8n dormant before beginning to harm him.
🤞🤞 for YX whipping that slime ball’s arse! Giving octopus a bad name! 🐙
Thank you for translating and editing.

December 3, 2021 6:53 pm

A somewhat bold strategy, but perfectly done. The white octopus wants to attract YX, what are they up to, just a fight between the strongest or there’s another plan behind it!!! Thanks for the chapter!

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YX…quickly beat the octopus leader so everyone can return home safely😣😣😣

December 4, 2021 3:31 am

This cliff is vicious. I hope they won’t be able to kidnap XiaoLuo because it’s undoubtedly him who ‘the top wants’. Yuan Xi turn this octopus idiot into a puddle of slime! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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