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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“What?! Are you kidding me?!” Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou with a shocked face, then shouted, “Even if you are their other father, don’t think I will agree with you!”

Luo XiaoLou looked at Yuan Xi helplessly. He didn’t want to argue with him at all. “Honey, I don’t want to do this, but without my brother’s help, we can’t get the two children to hatch!”

“That…despicable man!” Yuan Xi was furious. He looked at Luo XiaoLou angrily, and asked viciously, “Is that why you promised a child would follow his surname?” Yuan Xi said as he quickly cradled the small basket of eggs in his arms. As if one second later, their ruthless father Luo XiaoLou would give them to someone else.

Yuan Xi used a soft towel to cover the two white eggs in the basket, his careful action and his now wild look, diametrically opposed.

“So what do you say? Do you want this? Are you not going to let them hatch out?” Luo XiaoLou also became annoyed. He certainly also wanted the child’s surname to be Yuan.

Yuan Yu, who was sitting next to the two of them, coughed and tried to alert the parents who were arguing, that they were surrounded by people.

Li Mo was at the door with a sneer on his lips. He said sarcastically, “I think you seem to have forgotten that my surname is also my brother’s surname, and he is equally responsible for the future of the family. Or do you still resent my brother’s other bloodline?”

“How is that possible, I’m just–” Yuan Xi’s anger instantly dropped. How could Li Mo be so…so shameless! He was blatantly ignoring his and Luo XiaoLou’s feelings, ah!

Yuan Xi didn’t care to accuse Li Mo of eavesdropping, he just turned to Luo XiaoLou and said eagerly and seriously, “Believe me, my dear, I have no such thoughts at all. I’ve said that no matter what, I won’t change for you. We’ll be together. We should all–“

When he saw Luo XiaoLou’s frustrated and hurt expression, Yuan Xi couldn’t continue. He paused for a moment, looked down at the flower basket in his hand and whispered painfully, “Well, then, let the child I didn’t name be named Li!” Yuan Xi felt remorse in his heart. Why did he only give little Yuan Yuan a name!

“Eh?” Luo XiaoLou came back from worrying about how smoothly the children would be born, only to find that everything was already taken care of.

Li Mo smiled faintly. It seemed that his brother’s eye for finding a man was very average. His excitement was successful before he even started using it. It was so unchallenging.

“However, I demand that you and I duel. If I win, the child, even if the surname is Li, will not have anything to do with you. Anything.” Yuan Xi looked at Li Mo with a hostile face. He quietly glanced at Yuan Che beside Li Mo with a pained expression. God knew, he hated Li Mo and Yuan Che being together in a million ways.

If he hadn’t been approached by Yuan Che personally, he would have driven him away from his brother.

Li Mo curled his mouth and moved his white gloved fingers, as he said pleasantly, “I had this in mind.” He had a long history of looking down on the man who had cheated his brother.

The next day, Luo XiaoLou stood outside a white metal door, and walked around restlessly, while a bruised and battered Yuan Xi sat beside him.

Of course, when Li Mo had appeared in front of him with a colored face, he held back his surprised expression under Li Mo’s warning look.

Yuan Che looked at the two anxious fathers, and couldn’t help but comfort them. “Don’t worry, the children will all be born safely.” When he thought of Li Mo inside, Yuan Che’s eyes darkened for a moment. According to the test results from the exotic beast side, it would be difficult for him and Li Mo to have children. That was why Li Mo tried to get one of Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou’s children to have the surname Li.

If there was no mistake, Li Mo wanted to raise that child as his heir.

It wasn’t until evening that the door opened. Several people outside stood up in unison. 125’s tail was shaking with excitement.

The sound of crying babies then came, and Li Mo appeared before them with two children in his arms.

“Everything went well and the children are all right.” Li Mo said. His forehead was misted with fine beads of sweat, and he looked very tired.

Luo XiaoLou pulled hard on Yuan Xi, and stammered, “Yuan Xi..I…our–“

“Oh, my sweet darlings!” With an aria louder than his, a green shadow leapt up Li Mo’s arm.

Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou stepped forward and each received a child. Although they already had Yuan Yu, the two were still excited. After all, this was the first time they had watched a little life being born. At the same time, they also regretted having missed Yuan Yu.

“They are both exactly the same…” Luo XiaoLou whispered.

“Yes. See how much they both look like me? At a glance you can see they are my sons.” Yuan Xi said next to him, enthralled.

The crowd almost couldn’t listen to the newborn children. They really didn’t know how Yuan Xi could see a likeness to him.

“Is the one child crying louder? Is the other with a smaller voice, Yuan Yuan? Has there been a physical examination for him?” Feng JiaLing asked.

“Of course. There’s no problem, he just has a weak body. I think, until he is three years old, he will probably have to be with Gerald on Attius,” Li Mo said regretfully.

Yuan Xi glared at Li Mo again. Compared to Li Mo, Gerald was another one of the people he disliked a million times. However, for the sake of Yuan Yuan’s health, he could do nothing about the child’s departure.

“Also, I named the other child, Li Hua,” Li Mo said.

“It’s so ugly. My son will protest later.” Yuan Xi said critically, but of course, he would have said that no matter what name Li Mo suggested.

“It’s a daughter.”

Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou froze. Apparently, neither of them expected that the twins would actually be a boy and a girl. Even Yuan Lie and Feng JiaLing felt that this was simply another surprise. It was rare for a girl to be born to the royal family.

The most painful part was that the child surnamed Li was a girl, while Yuan Yuan, who was married to Gerald, was a boy.

Yuan Xi hugged the loudly crying child and murmured, “What to do. I’m starting to regret it now. How can my daughter’s surname be Li…”

For the birth of the twin children, the royal palace held a grand celebration ceremony.

Little Yuan Yu deliberately moved the twin babies to his room, so that in his room, in addition to Hachi, there was 125 and his red doll.

The infants in swaddling clothes were completely indistinguishable from men and women, especially when they were lying quietly. Their black grape-like eyes, white cheeks, and even their tiny fingers were very cute.

A few of the big heads surrounding the baby once again sighed. After that a burst of music, 125 turned around to get bottles for the two children, while Hachi was responsible for testing the temperature of the bottles, the nutritional content of the milk powder, the degree of sterilization of the bottles, and so on.

Three days later, although they were very reluctant to do so, Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou had to send Yuan Yuan to Attius.

After they arrived at Attius, Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou only left after Gerald assured them several times that he would take good care of Yuan Yuan.That night, Gerald watched the crib for a long time before re-carving the blood mark for the soft and tender child with his heart’s blood.

The little baby seemed to feel it, and had a comfortable and satisfied expression on its face.

Gerald walked out of the room with his head down, as his little fiancée now weighed on him. God, this was terrible. Although it is the child of his first crush, but…he doesn’t like it at all.

The adjutant could see Gerald’s depression, and couldn’t help but whisper to console him, “Your Highness, the marriage contract of the blood seal is not ineradicable.”

Gerald, who was turning around with his hands behind his back, suddenly paused, “You mean…? Oh, that ancient method is only legendary. Who knows if it works or not. Besides, the consumption is too great.” He couldn’t even imagine his father’s reaction if he heard about that. He would never approve of him breaking off the engagement like that.

The red-haired adjutant shrugged his shoulders. “Then, you can only wait until this young Highness comes of age. Then get married, spend the wedding night, and get a divorce. That way, the blood mark will disappear.”

“…Good idea.”

A month later, Gerald was sitting in a comfortable recliner, while next to him was little Yuan Yuan’s baby carriage. Gerald’s right hand turned over a page of the book, while his left hand wiped away the drool at the corner of little Yuan Yuan’s mouth. He let little Yuan Yuan bite his finger, and whispered, “Look at how good I’ve been to you, so you have to repay me. Always remember. I don’t want to marry you, so support me to break off the engagement later.”

In reply, the little baby giggled.

A month’s time was enough to make little Yuan Yuan even whiter and cuter, enough for all the people in the Attius Palace who sympathized with His Royal Highness’s marriage, to start liking this cute and well-behaved child.

At the same time, it was also enough for Yuan Xi’s anger to build up and explode at once when he saw Gerald.

“Is this how you raised my son? Look, he’s much thinner!” Yuan Xi yelled in total disregard of the truth, then carefully picked up the child. “Poor little Yuan Yuan, it’s all my fault that you had to suffer in such a place. Come. Come to Father.”

The maids of the Attius Palace stood by with contempt. What do you mean by thin? What do you mean by this kind of place? Where exactly is the poor little Yuan Yuan! Yesterday, he peed on the Prince’s bed, and the Prince carried him to change rooms without complaint. Speaking of which, the Prince seems to have forgotten to get a baby room for little Yuan Yuan.

Yuan Xi dragged his family to stay in Attius for several days, and during these days, little Yuan Yuan slept with Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou. Gerald was sort of liberated, and he began to think about his private life.

As an adult healthy dragon, he should have had his own wife. Of course, now it wasn’t possible, but he wasn’t completely unable to solve the problem.

So, Gerald decided to find an ideal lover. If they got along, they could get married after he and little Yuan Yuan dissolved their marriage or something like that. Dragons lived a long life anyway, so twenty years wasn’t a long time to wait.

He was so excited, he had his adjutant make an appointment for him with Miss Mira. Gerald had his exclusive stylist dress him up for a long time before he went out with a bouquet of red roses.

Miss Mira was the wife candidate that Gerald chose before…before he met little Yuan Yuan. Back then, Miss Mira was reserved and shy, and he was still thinking that it might take some time to pursue Miss Mira.

But for some reason, today, Gerald felt that Miss Mira wasn’t meek as usual. When he proposed a lover’s relationship, he thought he would be rejected several times, and then she would finally need to be moved by him before she said yes, but Miss Mira actually agreed in one breath.

Gerald froze for a moment, and then was satisfied. It seemed that his charm was still very big. Although it hadn’t gone according to his script, the ending was just as perfect.

After finishing his date that night, Gerald returned to the palace by car.

The maids removed his scented clothes, put on the bath water and brought the wine and fruit for bedtime. Gerald sat in the bathtub in a daze, and said to the maids who were retiring, “Help Yuan Yuan, and warm up the bottle. I will feed him myself after washing.”

The maid wanted to say something else, but finally said, “Your Highness. His Highness Yuan Yuan is sleeping with his fathers today.”

The dazed Gerald opened his eyes at once, and frowned for a while before he said, “Okay. Okay, I know. Humph! Just a little kid who can pee in bed. Let Yuan Xi die of annoyance!”

The first day Yuan Xi came, Gerald went out on a date.

On the second day of Yuan Xi’s arrival, Gerald worked in his office, and the minister concerned said he was surprisingly efficient that day.

On the third day of Yuan Xi’s arrival, Gerald declined Miss Mira’s invitation and instead strolled through his garden. Yuan Xi was still in his room with his children, so he really had suffered a lot.

On the fourth day of Yuan Xi’s visit, Gerald met Luo XiaoLou again, this time with the baby in his arms since children should get more sunlight. Gerald frowned at the angry little girl, who looked a bit like little Yuan Yuan, but was not as cute as little Yuan Yuan…

On the fifth day, thank goodness, Yuan Xi finally left. Gerald sat comfortably on his bed, looked at the small child with him, and breathed a sigh of relief. Habit, this must be a habit.

After the brief separation, the palace attendants obviously noticed that His Highness Gerald’s tolerance for little Yuan Yuan had increased again. Even if little Yuan Yuan peed on the bed, pulled his hair, or dropped his important personal seal, His Highness only verbally reprimanded him, but never carried little Yuan Yuan away from his room.

The prince’s deputy officers had the biggest headaches when Yuan Xi came to stay for some days every month.

His Highness, who had always been able to hold his temper, simply embodied the fierceness of a golden horned dragon on those days. Although in a way this was a manifestation of His Highness’s majesty, but privately people still felt, a virgin really cannot hurt, ah!

The first thing that made Gerald feel that he had regained the upper hand was the fact that the first words that little Yuan Yuan spoke were after Yuan Xi and family had left, were the words that he had tried so hard to teach, Brother Gerald.

In the sunny afternoon, His Highness was working in his study. In one corner of the spacious study was a small powder blue bed that didn’t match the atmosphere of the study at all.

Little Yuan Yuan, who had just woken up from a nap, crawled two steps on the bed and called out to Gerald.

Gerald immediately got up, and took out a water bottle from the thermos box at his side. After he drank the water, little Yuan Yuan smiled, came over and gave Gerald two kisses on the cheek. Gerald’s face unconsciously eased and warmed up. He picked up little Yuan Yuan, kissed him back, then said, “Little lazy cat. From now on, you are not allowed to kiss others except for your brother, do you understand?”

Little Yuan Yuan’s black and white eyes stared at him for a moment, then he giggled and hummed twice.

“Brother still has to work. I’ll let Sandra take you to take a bath, so you have to be obedient.” Gerald gently pinched little Yuan Yuan’s face. The soft touch made him love it.

He saw Yuan Yuan’s head tilted, as he stared at him with a serious face. His black and innocent eyes were only his. Only after a while did the Prince find his voice, “I can’t help you.”

After he said that, Gerald got up, and carried little Yuan Yuan towards the bathroom. The maid shrugged her shoulders. She had guessed it would be like this.

With a bath towel around his waist, Gerald simply went together into the bathtub with him. Little Yuan Yuan Yuan fluttered the water for a while, and finally leaned on Gerald, like a small animal sniffing around. Finally, his line of sight stopped in front of Gerald’s chest.

After a moment’s hesitation, he suddenly came over and took the small protrusion into his mouth and sucked it, the instinct of all babies.

The non-father of the baby, Gerald, who was dutifully bathing the little brat, instantly froze. He shuddered and instantly stood up, while he held little Yuan Yuan away from himself and roared, “What are you doing?”

Little Yuan Yuan blinked, completely unaware of why Gerald was angry. He smiled ingratiatingly and reached out in Gerald’s direction to grab his hand, except he didn’t grab his hand, but the bath towel around Gerald’s waist.

Gerald’s hands and feet gripped the bath towel that was about to be torn off, put little Yuan Yuan on another big bath towel, then put on his pants with a red face before he picked up little Yuan Yuan again.

The half-day reprimand was held for a while before he said, “No more pranks like this in the future!”

However, when he looked at Yuan Yuan’s innocent eyes, and how he was reaching out to him again, Gerald took a breath and picked him up.

A few years later, in Yuan Yuan’s elementary school essay, there was only one sentence. “The person who raised me was a very gentle, very good-tempered person.”

On Yuan Yuan’s first birthday, Gerald watched with red eyes as little Yuan Yuan, who had been raised so pink and beautiful by himself, was held in Yuan Xi’s arms. As if someone had robbed him of his most beloved object.

Even when Yuan Xi reproached him for raising Yuan Yuan to be thin, he didn’t defend himself. He felt deeply that he might never be able to love a second child like this again, even if it was his own child.

When he saw Yuan Yuan was holding the white doll he had chosen for him in his arms, his heart softened.

At the age of two, Gerald began to teach Yuan Yuan to recognize words and use Yuan Power himself.

By the time he was two years and ten months old, Yuan Yuan could already recognize many words, and could talk to others clearly and fluently. He was also getting more and more beautiful. His personality was very well-behaved, which was what Gerald was sad about. Little Yuan Yuan was looking more and more like Yuan Xi, but his personality was like Luo XiaoLou. To Gerald’s relief, he heard that little Yuan Yuan’s twin sister looked like Luo XiaoLou, but her personality was as domineering as Yuan Xi.

Little Yuan Yuan was loved by almost everyone in the palace, even by Gerald’s father, Saint Ebner. Even though the old man had a few beards pulled off, he loved to come over and tease little Yuan Yuan every day.

This morning, Gerald changed his clothes, brought over Yuan Yuan’s coat, personally put it on him, then asked, “I’m going out. Will you come with me?”

From birth until now, the two of them were almost inseparable. Although it was mainly because Yuan Yuan couldn’t leave and was used to relying on him, it was also the result of Gerald’s deliberate indulgence.

Yuan Yuan thought for a moment and asked, “Is it that aunt from last time? Are you going on a date, Brother?”

Gerald paused for a moment, and said seriously, “Yes, Yuan Yuan. You should know that the marriage contract between Brother and you doesn’t count. Uh, it was just a misunderstanding, and we will cancel it later, so I–“


Gerald stopped, and looked at little Yuan Yuan in shock.

Little Yuan Yuan’s pure black eyes flowed like jewels, and he nodded like a little adult. “Brother, I agree. I will cooperate with you. You will marry whoever you like, and I will too when I grow up.”

Gerald coughed. He was choked, but after a few seconds, he began to worry deeply about what kind of people little Yuan Yuan would meet in the future. Whether they would be cheated of their bodies and hearts…

So, on this routine date with Miss Mira, Gerald was almost always lost in thought, but that hadn’t prevented him from bringing snacks for little Yuan Yuan, feeding him hot drinks, and taking good care of him as had become Gerald’s habit.

Mira’s brown eyes looked fondly at the increasingly handsome and charming man across the table. Over the past two years, His Highness had gained more and more suitors, and she, as His Highness’s girlfriend, has been noticed by many sides.

Mira’s obsessed eyes followed Gerald’s line of sight, and fell on the little Yuan Yuan. There was a quick flash of jealousy in her eyes. Yes, not just in hers, but almost everyone who was infatuated with His Highness was jealous of the little child who had taken away all of His Highness’ attention.

Happily, the child that was being fostered there would leave in two months, and when that child left, His Highness would break off his engagement with him, and that would be the time when she and His Highness would get engaged to be married.

If, even then His Highness didn’t break the engagement for the sake of the alliance between the two sides, by the time he reached the age where he could marry His Highness, she would have been the Princess Consort for many years. A relationship that has been operating for many years is very difficult to replace. At that time, how else could he compete with her?

But what worried Mira was that they had been dating for almost three years, but she didn’t feel a bit of sweetness or passion from the Prince. Gerald liked a strict program, and to carry out orders. What time to share afternoon tea, what time to watch a movie together, what time to take a walk together. But even more, it was also to match that child together with them to go to the zoo, museums, botanical gardens, and even amusement parks.

The most terrible thing was that Mira deeply felt that His Highness was obviously more attentive when playing with the child than with herself.

This wasn’t a good state of affairs, so Mira decided that this time, no matter what, she would change this tragic date.

The three of them had sat in the tea restaurant for a while, when a little girl in a princess dress and led by an adult came over. Mira’s eyes lit up with surprise as she greeted her, “Oh, Anna. My little baby. What brings you here today?”

The four or five year-old little girl first glanced at the three people present. Her eyes quickly fell on Gerald, and a smile suddenly appeared on her little apple-like face, “Aunt Mira, my aunt brought me over to play.” After she said that, a pair of bright eyes looked at Gerald again. She pulled her little skirt and made a lady’s curtsey, as she said, “Our Dear Prince. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Gerald nodded, and couldn’t help but look at Mira twice.

Mira held back her weakness, smiled, took Anna and said, “Since we’ve met, let Anna play with Yuan Yuan. Children should have more contact with friends of the same age. This will also help children’s mental health, especially to cultivate their independence and reduce their dependence on adults.”

Gerald frowned. He wasn’t very comfortable with the arrangement, but he looked at the silent little Yuan Yuan, and didn’t express his opposition. He couldn’t decide if Yuan Yuan needed a playmate of his own age, as he had never had one before. That said, he himself seemed to be filling all the roles in Yuan Yuan’s life.

Having received her aunt’s hint, little Anna gave Yuan Yuan a big smile, then walked around the table and sat with Yuan Yuan. Her little chubby hand wrapped around Yuan Yuan’s, and she announced, “Later, we’ll play a puzzle game together.”

Yuan Yuan didn’t say anything, just reached out to take the glass of water handed over by Gerald.

Gerald moved again, and finally couldn’t resist. He said to the little girl, “He doesn’t play that kind of game at the age of two. I suggest you fly the model car game.”

Mira’s brow jumped. Or let Anna’s aunt buy that flying model car game.

Then, Mira walked gracefully to Gerald’s side, took his arm and said, “So, Gerald, let’s go to the top floor now. The ball should have started.”

Gerald resisted the urge to stay, and play games with Yuan Yuan. He got up and left with Mira, all the while saying to himself in his mind, You are an adult, your life should have been filled with passion, wine, or women…

The two adults got up and walked towards the door, and the two children came together. In fact, Anna herself came together. The young girl observed the annoyingly beautiful child for a few moments before she said, “Is His Highness your elder?”

Yuan Yuan hmmed absentmindedly, as his eyes still followed Gerald. He felt that he had been left behind.

Anna puffed out her small chest and proudly said, “Then I will also be your elder in the future. Aunt Mira said that if I coax you to play, she will be willing to let me become His Highness’ second Royal Concubine.”

With these words, Yuan Yuan’s eyes widened for a few moments, just as Gerald’s figure walked out of the door.

Gerald was being urged by Mira towards the side of the elevator, during which he had turned back several times, with the image of Yuan Yuan watching him in his mind. Even as the door closed, the boy was still looking at him.

Gerald suddenly stopped walking, pulled his arm out of Mira’s arms, and said as he strode back, “Oh, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do today. Let’s make an appointment some other time.”

All he wanted to do was take little Yuan Yuan back to play with him. The thought of little Yuan Yuan looking at him with gloom and doom made Gerald’s heart sour and soft.

Gerald pushed the door open with a bang. He looked at Anna who was sitting alone with an ugly face, and asked in a loud voice, “Where is Yuan Yuan?”

Anna seemed not to have come back to her senses, as she muttered, “He…he was sitting here properly, and suddenly he turned into a white light and ran out–“

“Where did he go?!” Gerald’s eyes turned into distinct vertical pupils, a precursor to his loss of control.

Anna’s finger trembled as she pointed to the window. In a gust of wind, the Prince had jumped out of the window too.

Finally, Gerald found a small melancholy figure crouching by the flower bed. A light breeze came. His white fluffy fur was softly curling to the side, a small clump over there, as if it could be blown away by the wind.

Gerald’s eyes widened. His anger was completely gone, and he felt his heart was beating fast. This was, simply, the encounter of his dreams. It was more exciting to him than when he saw Luo XiaoLou in the lake.

Gerald walked up to Yuan Yuan. The white doughnut-like beast had long since noticed him coming, but the little guy just twitched his ears and turned his back to him. Gerald knelt down on one knee, and gently picked him up with both hands. He carefully avoided his struggles, then lowered his head to kiss the top of that fluffy head and those ears.

Yuan Yuan finally didn’t move. He felt a little embarrassed. Moreover, he was angry with himself because he clearly promised Brother Gerald to break off the engagement, and now he was angry over Anna’s words.

When Yuan Yuan was carried back to the palace in Gerald’s arms, it really scared His Majesty Ebner, who came to confront his son, “When they come to pick him up, what do you plan to do? Just let him be taken away like this?”

Looking at his son’s obviously dumbfounded look, His Majesty Ebner reminded him again, “There are still two months left before Yuan Xi comes to pick up Yuan Yuan. Don’t you think he’s been fussy enough every time? Oh, don’t tell me you forgot about this!”

Seeing his son’s broken face, Ebner couldn’t help but yell.

Gerald snatched Yuan Yuan up, and shouted periodically, “Why? Why must Yuan Yuan be taken away? He…he’s my wife! I…I can raise him!”

“That’s no reason why he can’t grow up with his parents. I’m warning you. Try to help Yuan Yuan learn to change in these two months, and don’t let any more accidents happen, understand?” When he thought of how Yuan Xi complained every time he came, even His Majesty Ebner couldn’t help but have a headache.

The two months had nearly passed, and Yuan Xi and Luo XiaoLou’s family arrived three days early. This time, His Majesty Ebner personally came out to greet them. Only the corners of this Majesty’s eyes and mouth kept twitching unnaturally.

After he pacified the family with the excuse that Gerald had taken Yuan Yuan out for a break, His Majesty Ebner yelled at his lieutenants, “I don’t care what methods we use! We must find that person within three days! If you can’t, put out a wanted order!”

God, he really couldn’t afford to lose this person, Gerald actually did this kind of thing. In order to prevent Yuan Yuan from being taken away, he…he actually secretly took Yuan Yuan away from home!

In a scenic and not easy to find spot within the middle of a valley, was a huge, bubbling, silky white lake. There were few animals that came here to drink.

In the middle of the lake, a small white figure rolled over and slowly opened its eyes. The calm water suddenly moved, and then, like a golden mountain rising from the lake, the one-horned golden dragon emerged from the water.

The white mass rolled down from the top of his head along the golden dragon body, all the way to the tip of the tail. Gerald’s gold vertical pupils flooded with tenderness, as he lowered his head and licked Yuan Yuan’s fluffy fur.

“Brother, when are we going back?” Yuan Yuan rolled over and asked. This month had been so wonderful. Every day he was taken by Gerald to play, however, he was also beginning to miss Father Yuan Xi, Father Luo XiaoLou and Grandpa Ebner.

After a while, Gerald answered, “Tomorrow we’ll go back.” 

When Yuan Yuan was tired of playing and fell asleep, Gerald hung his head. He looked at him like that for a long time before he came close to Yuan Yuan. A white ball of light gradually appeared in Gerald’s mouth, and he carefully fed the light ball into Yuan Yuan’s mouth.

“This way, you will temporarily forget me. But in the future, you will never be able to leave me again. I did a wrong thing. I shouldn’t have said those words, because from the time you were born, I didn’t treat you as a child.”

Yes. From the beginning to the end, he had treated little Yuan Yuan as his future little wife.

The next day, Gerald finally appeared in the royal palace with Yuan Yuan. His Majesty Ebner breathed a fierce sigh of relief and glared at his son before he said, “Why are you so late? Yuan Xi has been waiting for two days.”

Yuan Xi’s anger had also been suppressed for two days, but when he received Yuan Yuan, he was a little bit unable to say critical words.

The dumpling in his arms was round, with an obviously over-nourished look. He was so fat that he could not see his neck…

After a while, Yuan Xi stroked Yuan Yuan’s fluffy fur that was tousled by the wind and said, “Look, you did your best in raising my son, but this…hair color is obviously not right. He is still a child, how can you take him out in the wind and the sun and rain!”

They all looked at Yuan Yuan, who was being held by Yuan Xi. Yuan Xi looked at Gerald even harder. No father would like someone who covets his son! That night, Yuan Xi’s family took Yuan Yuan and left a day early.

The ladies-in-waiting at the Attius Palace had already started discussing whether His Royal Highness had become a wife-watching stone, as he had stayed in that position for a long time.

When Yuan Yuan was eight years old, in his elementary school composition, he surprisingly mentioned someone who wasn’t in his memory. He hesitated for a long time, and only used the word gentle.

Yuan Yuan was ten years old when he went to the amusement park with his brother and sister. When he was tired, and came down to rest by himself, a very tall and handsome man suddenly sat down on the seat beside him. The man’s golden eyes stared at him for a while before he said, “You don’t look well. Are you tired?”

Yuan Yuan shook his head. He wasn’t used to talking to strangers, but it was as if he couldn’t bear to keep the man in front of him waiting, so he said, “No. Just got off the speeder.”

The man handed over a hot drink and said, “It will make you feel better.”

Yuan Yuan was just about to say thank you, when Li Hua and 125 ran over, wrapped their arms around his neck and said, “Hey Brother, why did you only buy yourself a drink?”

Yuan Yuan was about to explain, when he realized that the man beside him had disappeared.

When Yuan Yuan was fifteen years old, he was tall and handsome, and because of his similarity to Yuan Xi’s looks and Luo XiaoLou’s personality, many people had already confessed their love to him or handed him love letters.

Yuan Xi began to guard him closely for a while, but later found that his youngest son was fine. As if he didn’t feel anything at all.

One day, his sister asked him, “Why don’t you ever date anyone?”

Yuan Yuan stiffened for a moment, pushed Li Hua away, and said, “I just…just think, I can’t just like someone else, I seem to…should wait for a message.”

Li Hua looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Do you have a crush?”

Yuan Yuan was so anxious that his face turned red. “How is that possible?”

“Are you sure you’re not hiding it from me? If you do this again I will tell 125. He must have a way to dig out your secret!”

Yuan Yuan was busy looking around. “Never. I’m really not hiding anything from you. I just…have a feeling about it, although I can’t say why. But, are you sure we’re old enough to fall in love? Do you want me to tell Father what you think?”

Li Hua stammered for a moment, and quickly ended the conversation.

Yuan Yuan was sixteen years old when he breezed out of college, and wondered how he would spend his summer vacation. His older brother had to help his father with his affairs, while his older sister was going to Uncle Li Mo’s side.

However, before he could wait for the car that came to pick him up, he was grabbed by the waist and flew upwards. The extreme speed forced him to close his eyes. When he felt slightly out of breath, but able to open them, his mouth opened wide in surprise.

He was actually sitting on a flying golden dragon…

Gerald looked back mildly at the teenager that was sitting on his body. He’d waited for more than ten years, but finally, he came to pick up his wife.


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Sue R
Sue R
December 20, 2021 1:40 pm

💖💖💖💖💖💖 sweet Saint Jerald, he missed the mother but got his good seed.

December 20, 2021 8:24 pm

How beautiful, I loved the story of Gerald and Yuan Yuan! Thanks for one more extra!

December 20, 2021 10:37 pm

So the little girl has XiaoLuo’s looks but Yuan Xi’s personality, while her brother has Yuan Xi’s looks with XiaoLuo’s personality.

This golden dragon is actually very sweet.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 21, 2021 4:28 am

This chapter was so touching. Considering they were betrothed when YY was a mere egg, this could have been an uncomfortable read, but it was beautifully written and amusing. I so like Gerald’s character. These 2 will love even more than YX and LXL, I feel.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 22, 2021 12:03 pm

This is what a gentleman looks like 😤
YX should learn from Lord Gerald 😤
Oh lol but Tsundere YX is good too, after his personality is fixed!
But this story will come to end, i cant accept this 😭 i want more YX and LXL moment 😭
I need their deep storyy more and then the child 🙊
And someone who will marry our Li Hua will have a hard time, YX will make them suffer 🤣

June 28, 2022 8:39 pm

They’re so sweet together 😭❤️

I hope little Yuan Yuan gains his memories in the future qwq

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