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Chapter 2: Spiritual Space

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the yard, Lin Mo sat on a stool and ate one fruit at a time. The juice was sour and sweet, which made him a little happy.

Lin Chen sat next to Lin Mo, and the two children also sat in a circle around the basket with fruit. Mama Lin threw the cut wild herbs and vegetables into the henhouse and pigsty and started to clean up the contents with a bamboo broom.

The sound of chickens and pigs, the smell of rice floating out of the kitchen, the high and low conversation sounds of other people outside the house, all of these made Lin Mo feel like he was in a trance.

Lin Mo didn’t expect that from his dark days of the Research Institute, his unrealistic fantasies were realized today.

“Mom, I caught two big fish and a lot of shrimp!” Lin Xing walked into the yard with two big fish in one hand and a bamboo basket in the other hand. Lin Xing’s trouser legs were pulled to his knees, and some mud was still stuck on his calves, which was obviously not clean.

“Take it to the kitchen and give it to your Elder Brother. Aren’t you wet?” The voice of Mama Lin came from the pigsty.

“No.” Lin Xing looked down at his wet trouser legs and answered decisively. What was wet were his trouser legs, not his clothes. What he said should be right.

“Fifth Elder Brother, your trouser legs are obviously wet.” Lin Chen retorted in a low voice.

“Leave it to me.” Lin Xing stared at his brother, and then quickly brought the things in his hand to the kitchen.

When the sun set completely, it began to get dark. Sister-in-law Lin also brought out the dishes. Mr. Lin, who was making bamboo baskets, also finished his work. Sister-in-law Lin went back to the room and changed her clothes and came out to make the several children wash their hands and prepare for dinner.

“Mo’ger, is your head still dizzy?”

After washing her hands with her granddaughter and grandson, Mama Lin asked Lin Mo, who was squatting aside to wash his hands.

Lin Mo was the only ger in the Lin family, but Lin Mo’s body and bones were inferior from birth to now due to some accidents with his mother at birth, so he couldn’t do any heavy work.

Fortunately, there were many people in the Lin family. Father Lin and Mother Lin were still powerful, and most of the heavy work in the family could be handed over to Lin Cheng, the eldest son of the Lin family.

“I’m okay.” Lin Mo was stunned for a moment, shook his head, and said this, maybe he hadn’t spoken for a long time as his voice was a little hoarse.

Mama Lin reached for his forehead and said, “Your voice is still hoarse. I’ll ask your Eldest Brother to go to the mountain to find some herbal medicine for you to drink.” 

“Grandma, Medicine… Bitter, Fourth Uncle… No drink.” Lin Xiaoya, who was standing by holding Lin Mo’s clothes, wrinkled her face and puckered her lips.

“You don’t know.” Mama Lin lightly tapped her granddaughter’s forehead and said this with a smile.

Lin Xiaonan, who stood awkwardly, shaking off the water in his hand, heard this and his serious face wrinkled, and then he went to Lin Mo and pulled his clothes.

“Fourth Uncle, I still have sugar. Here you are.”

Mama Lin listened to their conversation with a smile, stood up, and walked to the dinner table with her granddaughter in her arms.

Lin Mo stood up. Suddenly, it was dark in front of him. Lin Mo struggled to stand in place and blinked. After a long time, his vision became bright again. He shook his head and walked forward.

After a few steps, he stopped, reached out his hand, and waited for the child to hold his finger to move. He strolled. It seemed that he was accommodating Lin Xiaonan, who had short legs. In fact, Lin Mo had not yet recovered.

In ancient times, people didn’t have a rich nightlife. They basically went to bed after supper, and Lin Mo went back to his room after taking a bath.

Lying on the bed, Lin Mo felt his bulging belly. It seemed that the original’s stomach was really small. He was full before he ate much, but Lin Mo continued to eat even after he was full. He put down the dishes and chopsticks when he was completely full.

This abnormal behavior made Lin Mo get looked at frequently by his original family, but Lin Mo didn’t cover up too much. Although he was happy with his rebirth, he didn’t want to live under his original’s design.

If he was suspected of being a monster… Lin Mo closed his eyes. He also knew that he had gone through all kinds of afterlife. He has no mind and energy to act and disguise himself to live.

It didn’t matter whether it was life or death.

However, it seemed that they were just confused about his behavior. Lin Mo, who put down his guard with all his heart, slowly fell into sleepiness. The moment before he fell asleep, Lin Mo still thought about the future.

His family seemed to be very poor. He had to find a way to make money. He wanted to eat rice.

At night in the countryside, it was not quiet, after all, there were insects outside.

In the middle of the night, Lin Mo, lying in bed, opened his eyes without warning. His chest was heaving violently, and he felt like he was about to stop breathing. There was only despair and numbness in his open eyes. Obviously, he had not recovered from the nightmare. Lin Mo wanted to get up, but he felt overwhelmed.

There was only a heavy gasp in the quiet room, which hit his chest and made his heart pump with pain.

Lin Mo couldn’t hear anything at this time. He couldn’t hear his breathing. He couldn’t hear any sound around him. He could only feel the “bang, bang, bang” movement of his heart.

Slowly, Lin Mo seemed to hear the sound of insects from far and near. He had caught a straw of life. He tried to suppress the roar in his head.

It took a long time for Lin Mo to wake up completely. He lay motionless on the bed, his eyes slightly gathering life to cover his tired and empty look.

Lin Mo, who was awakened by the nightmare, couldn’t sleep again, so he lay on the bed with his eyes open and his head empty until he heard the crowing of chickens outside the room. Lin Mo’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He closed his eyes, and the next second there was no figure in the bed.

When Lin Mo went into the spiritual space, he went to the spring, where there was a stream of water. He found that there were several more plots of land in the space. He was surprised for a few seconds before ignoring them.

After scooping a handful of spring water with both hands and drinking it, Lin Mo only felt refreshed, and the feeling of tiredness from not sleeping all night disappeared. Then Lin Mo left the space without staying too long.

In the spiritual space, there was only one spring that emitted water. It was blocked by white fog all around it. He couldn’t see it clearly or go there. However, Lin Mo looked at the land, but he had no interest in it.

Before the end of the world, Lin Mo was a young master favored by a powerful family. He used to stretch out his clothes and open his mouth. He had never heard of anything like farming, let alone planting.

The medium spiritual space was originally an ancestral jade plate, which Lin Mo had worn since childhood. Before the end of the world, Lin Mo thought it was just a jade plate with only some simplicity. He didn’t expect that after the end of the world came, it would become his life-saving thing, and also a life-killing harm.

When the end of the world came, Lin Mo’s family were all in Y City, near the Imperial City. Lin Mo and his Second Brother were all in the south. One was studying at school, and the other was working in the branch office. After the end of the world came, Lin Mo’s classmates gained abilities, only he didn’t have one. Before the end of the world, his family was in a strong position, and the stars were in full swing.

But when the end of the world came, all kinds of moral constraints and legal systems were abandoned by people, and all the dark things were slowly moved to the stage. As a young master of the Lin family who had no power, the situation was naturally bad.

Later, by chance, Lin Mo found the space in his jade plate, but Lin Mo didn’t treat it like he read in all the novels. With this space, he could get along well in the end.

However, Lin Mo’s space had been discovered. Although there were many spatial powers, the difference in his space had been found by some people.

What happened later was the beginning of Lin Mo’s nightmare. One year after the end of the world, his family died one after another. No matter if it was an accident or a conspiracy, they all died. Lin Mo was also arrested and sent to the Research Institute because of the singularity of his spiritual space, and then his nightmare lasted for two years.

At the beginning of the fourth year of the end of the world, the Research Institute was taken over by a zombie tide, and Lin Mo took advantage of the gap of the people to escape. Then Lin Mo began his escape for more than a year.

On the way to escape, Lin Mo learned that the zombie tide of the Research Institute was led by his elder brother, who had become the zombie emperor, so Lin Mo changed the direction of his escape and wanted to find his elder brother.

Lin Mo had only his eldest brother as family. Although he had become a zombie, and he didn’t know if his brother still remembered him, Lin Mo still had his spiritual space.

During the two years of torture in the Research Institute, Lin Mo didn’t learn anything. As long as his eldest brother drank the spiritual water, he would definitely recover. But before Lin Mo found his elder brother, he heard more news that made him despair. The zombie emperor was killed by five powerful ability users. The crystal nucleus of the zombie emperor was placed in the first base, and the dawn of the end of the world was coming.

Everyone was excited about the news. Only Lin Mo felt totally disillusioned at that moment, and the last straw was falling behind him.

Finally, Lin Mo died in the last zombie wave during the end of the world.

So the first thing Lin Mo hated was the ability user who killed his family and all the people in the Research Institute. The second thing he hated was his spiritual space. But the spiritual space was rooted to his soul from the very beginning and couldn’t be eliminated. That was why the people in the Research Institute tortured him for two years and didn’t get any spiritual space information.

Lying on the bed, Lin Mo put his right arm on his face to cover his eyes and the tears that were about to fall. Half of his face was still expressionless.

Just now, after a sip of spring water, the body’s constitution changed to become more in line with Lin Mo’s soul. He also learned the family’s information from the memory of the original body.

The original body was also called Lin Mo, but this was not the place Lin Mo cared about most. The First Brother and Second Brother of the original body were very similar to Lin Mo’s former eldest brother and second brother.

But his elder brother seemed to be a farmer, so he was a little tan while his second brother was pale. After all, he didn’t need to be tanned all-day staying in the Academy.

He didn’t know how long it was, but, from the yard, gradually, a low noise sounded.

The quiet village of Daling gradually woke up, and the sounds unique to rural areas bloomed.

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