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Chapter 66: Fifth World (7)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In this era, Bai Duan’s body was even weaker than when he was in the ancient world. Even though he had experienced the baptism of holy water, and had been treated by Samuel with the holy light, the weakness in his bones could only be recovered gradually after a long period of care.

After a stiff day on the horse’s back, Bai Duan’s body was unable to avoid problems. His whole face was white, but he insisted on continuing because of his strong endurance and willpower. Even the nearest person, Andre, didn’t notice his difference.

With Andre’s help, Bai Duan got off the horse and stood on the side of the road with his head bowed down. Except for a little shivering, it was the same as usual. The knights were busy with the problem of accommodation and didn’t pay much attention to him. It wasn’t until Samuel got off the chariot, and he turned his eyes to Bai Duan for the first time.

How sensitive was Samuel’s observation? At a glance, he found the tiny tremor. His face slightly changed, he stepped up to Bai Duan and almost lost his usual calm and elegant facade, “What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

Bai Duan was stunned and looked up at Samuel. It was clear that he had been used to patience, and his discomfort was completely within his tolerance. But when he came into contact with Samuel’s blue eyes full of concern, he suddenly felt his heart loosen and his body soften.

Samuel quickly hugged Bai Duan and raised his hand to touch his sweaty forehead. His face was ugly, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Duan, who was in Samuel’s arms, felt the fever and shame on his face, and was unwilling to look up. He couldn’t believe that he would feel at ease when he saw Samuel… and want to be coquettish.

Samuel couldn’t get Bai Duan’s answer or force him to look up and look at his face. He became more anxious. Fortunately, Andre also noticed the situation, and hurriedly walked over to appease his owner who was a little bit out of shape, “Son of God, Bai Duan is okay, but he is tired.”

Samuel lowered his head, and finally saw Bai Duan’s red ears, realizing that he was tired. Quietly relieved, he didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, he took Bai Duan in his arms and said, “If so, I’ll take him to rest first.”

After that, Samuel turned to the chariot with Bai Duan in his arms. Andre was shocked and hurriedly tried to stop him, “Son of God

“No more words.” Samuel’s tone was flat, but there was no doubt that his blue eyes swept towards Andre, with a strong sense of oppression, “He is my Savior.”

Andre was shocked by Samuel’s eyes, and subconsciously retreated to one side to make way for him. Bai Duan was stiff and embarrassed to bear the unbelievable eyes of the knights from all sides. He scolded Samuel a hundred times in his heart if he could, he didn’t want to ‘enjoy’ such treatment at all!

However, in front of outsiders, he had been the timid and tame little servant, and would not resist any decision Samuel made at all. When he was carried into the chariot, he turned his face and didn’t look at anyone. He broke free from Samuel’s arms and sat down on the soft seat, “What good is it to call me your savior?”

“What else should I have done?” With the curtain around the chariot, Samuel immediately regained his casual appearance, and then he went and held Bai Duan in his arms. “Even if you are my Savior, I have spent a lot of money on you.”

Bai Duan was upset by Samuel saying ‘savior’ this and ‘savior’ that. He wanted to complain, but Samuel suddenly held his lips together. Samuel made a ‘be silent’ gesture and then raised his voice and asked, “Andre, what’s the matter?”

As soon as the Templar approached, he heard Samuel’s inquiry. He hurriedly walked two steps. Before he could say anything, Samuel raised his hand and interrupted, “I know what you want to say come on in.”

Andre, a little flattered, did not dare to look up after getting into the chariot, and quickly knelt down on one knee, “Son of God.” He glanced at the interwoven clothes of Bai Duan and Samuel, and roughly judged their posture. He frowned fiercely, and was just as loyal as he said, “I know you are very grateful for Bai Duan’s help, but

But the Son of God was too indulgent towards Bai Duan, which made Andre, who had been strictly following the class gap since childhood, disagree.

“Andre.” Samuel stopped Bai Duan’s attempt to get down from the soft couch. “I have my own discretion in this matter. Perhaps you think I have done my best to take him out of Black Street and keep him nearby, but in my opinion, this is not enough to repay his kindness to me without him, I would have died under the attack. Do you think my life is such a cheap thing?”

Samuel’s tone was not severe, even mild enough to not have too much emotion. But Andre felt his heart pounding, and his forehead sweating, “No, I didn’t mean that…”

Samuel knew about this knight, who died to save his original body in the last life, so he wasn’t going to embarrass him too much. Slightly ticked, Samuel’s tone eased down and he added some temperature, “I have more important things to tell you than to care about such details.”

Andre’s spirit was shocked, “By the command of the Son of God!”

Samuel’s eyelashes drooped, silent for a moment. The orange sunset reflected on his beautiful jade like face through the curtains, which made him bring a kind of desolate and desolate color to the whole person. However, the atmosphere on the chariot was also affected by him, and then it became gloomy and quiet.

After a while, Samuel slowly opened his mouth, “Andre, how do you think I got hurt this time?”

Andre was stunned, and subconsciously looked up, “You…were hurt by a gangster?”

“Then, who is that villain?” Samuel gave a wry smile, “Who is the one who can invade the well guarded Holy Church, find me, hurt me, and leave no trace to escape easily? If I didn’t launch the teleport array in a hurry when I was seriously injured, accidentally teleporting to Black Street, and saved by Bai Duan, I would be a corpse now.”

Andre was shocked by Samuel’s words. He was loyal but dull. He had always followed the dogma, and rarely used his own mind to think about problems. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t understand anything, or that he didn’t know about some of the internal intrigues of the Holy Church compared with the Holy Church’s thorough brainwashing.

Now asked by Samuel, Andre immediately realized that it was wrong, “You mean… someone in the Holy Church did this?”

“Nine out of ten chance.” Samuel gently nodded and impolitely threw this unnecessary black pot on the head of an ‘innocent’. Although his body had been on the verge of collapse due to the impact of time reversal, but he could not explain the problem to others. He simply pushed everything to others, and took this opportunity to disturb the muddy water of the Holy Church, which was not so peaceful.

With Samuel’s affirmation, Andre’s expression was more heavy, and he felt a heavy sense of duty, “Then…do you have a suspect?”

At this time, the Pope was seriously ill, unable to manage the Holy Church, and several Bishops under him began to seize power and suppress opponents, trying to ascend to higher posts after the Pope died. Although the Son of God had never participated in the power struggle, it would inevitably hinder some people’s road, have them be afraid of being targeted, or even cause death because of its impartiality.

“No.” Samuel shook his head and sighed, “I… I don’t want to doubt anyone.”

For a time, there was silence in the chariot. Andre looked at the Son of God, who he was loyal to with all his heart. He felt pity for him, but he didn’t know how to persuade him.

In the end, Samuel was the first to wave for Andre to leave, saying he needed a rest.

Andre was so quiet as he left the chariot and took a few steps to realize what seemed wrong. Didn’t he go to the chariot to persuade the Son of God to get away from Bai Duan? Why…was it so easy to let Bai Duan stay on the chariot?

He raised his hand and clapped his forehead, but Andre did not return to the chariot to continue to admonish him. After all, he had more important things to deal with now. He must immediately start to find the real assassin and explore the recent movements of several bishops, as to avoid another crisis for his loyal master.

As for the Son of God… He was hurt by people close to him and respected. He must be in a very low mood. He was accompanied by Bai Duan, a docile and obedient person who helped him in his most difficult time this…was a good thing, right?

Since Andre had acquiesced to Samuel’s close relationship with Bai Duan, the rest of the Templars would not continue to put their beaks on it and yield to such a situation.

In the chariot, Bai Duan looked back at Samuel, who was melancholy and languid again, and leaned back into the soft couch. His face was complicated, “What you just said… Are they all lies?”

“Why? Are you concerned about me?” Samuel raised his eyebrows and scratched Bai Duan’s chin.

Bai Duan turned away, tried to cover up his worries and anxieties, and said with a cold expression, “I’m just worried that you will be chased and killed, and it’s not safe to be around you. In case I get involved, it will be bad.”

At a glance, Samuel could see Bai Duan’s lies. He thought it was funny, but it was a little sad. His tone was gentle, “Don’t worry, the situation is not so serious. In any case, I will protect you from any harm.”

Bai Duan was stunned. For a while, he couldn’t judge whether Samuel’s words were true or false.

The expression on Samuel’s face was so false, but his tone and eyes were so sincere that it seemed as if it was a reassuring promise.

It was really… he didn’t know what to do.

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Thanks for the chapter! This world is so awkward & all that religious stuff is making me itch to skip until the next world, sigh…

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Reality check. .situations within churches and governments is corrupted all same..

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