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Chapter 20: The Middle of Nowhere and a Good Person

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Do we need to call the Visitors’ Management Center?” Su Nuo asked.

Ouyang Long tried climb up the steep slope but found that he could just barely get up, but if Su Nuo was added to the equation, the chances were zero, so he nodded and pulled his phone out to find that… The black screen showed that it was dead.

“Use mine.” Su Nuo hurriedly reached towards his trouser pocket before saying in bewilderment, “Huh, where’s my phone?!”

Ouyang Long froze for a moment, “Did you lose it?”

Goddammit, he’d actually lost it! Su Nuo went over his whole body multiple times and couldn’t but descend into disbelief! This didn’t make sense! This sort of scenario only usually came up in movies! To hide from the chasing soldiers, the main character would dive into a ditch, then as he called to the sky, the sky didn’t reply and as he called to the earth it didn’t respond*, but the scene couldn’t be as crappy as to ruin the movie! However, if this had really been in a movie, a figure of great importance would step on the clouds and appear out of nowhere! As he would float over with his pure white robes streaming behind him, he’d say, ‘This gentleman, I see that your bones are strong and you harbor an extraordinary potential, you are a martial arts genius that I haven’t seen for a hundred years! Today, fate has brought us together, because of this, I will pass onto you the set of ‘Descending Dragon 18 Fists’, after you learn it you can go and conquer the world, be the last standing figure in the WuLin world! Ha! Ha! Ha!’, only this would fit the storyline’s development, right?

*saying that nothing is going someone’s way.

As unlucky as he was, it couldn’t be to this extent! Su Nuo clenched his fist in defiance. The ditch part was unfolding word for word to the script, but the happy ending wasn’t even within sight yet. This was so terrible!

“What are you thinking now?” Ouyang Long said in a hopeless tone as he reached out and pinched the other’s cheek. How could this guy space out in a situation like this?

“Hng, I was just thinking about how we could get out of here!” Su Nuo seemed to come back to the mortal world and put on an extremely serious face!

“We can only try to go back the way we came.” Ouyang Long said, “I’ll support you from behind, so you do your best to climb out.”

“En.” Su Nuo felt as though he couldn’t become a burden, so he decided to give it a go!

I am a person who has taken underwear promotional pictures in the middle of snow! Su XiaoNuo silently cheered himself on! Back in his day, even the red soldiers were nothing to him, this sort of little steep slope should be a piece of cake! He could climb ten of them in one breath!

After a deep breath, he finally took his first brave step!

“Step into that shallow sip with your left foot.” Ouyang Long supported him by his waist.

Su Nuo timidly did as he was told—he definitely didn’t want to roll off for the second time!

“Use your left foot to propel yourself upwards and see if you can grab that bunch of grass with your right hand,” Ouyang Long said.

Su Nuo followed the instruction but couldn’t muster enough energy and almost slid off.

Ouyang Long could only support the other man’s butt using one hand and push upwards with all he had! But Su Nuo was a hopeless case and as his knee bent, he fell! Unfortunately, due to Ouyang Long’s fast reflexes, he caught Su Nuo and went tumbling down the grass hill once again!

It was as though one was the sand and the other the wind!

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Su Nuo calmly explained as he was pressed into the grassy ground by Ouyang Long.

“Of course I know.” Ouyang Long sat up, helping him to pick off the grass and leaves off his head.

Su Nuo felt like he really was stupid to the extent that he himself couldn’t bear it! So he stated honorably, “You go up first, I’ll wait for you here.”

“Of course I wouldn’t leave you behind.” Ouyang Long took off his jacket and wrapped it around him, “It’s cold at night, be careful not to catch a cold.”

“You’re really a good person.” Su Nuo was moved deeply! Feeling as though he was a flawless and icy flower in the commercial world! Not only treating helping others as a joy but also very gentle!

Ouyang Long couldn’t laugh or cry, he hadn’t even fully started chasing and he’d already received a good-person card.

Seeing that the sky had already darkened, the unfamiliar mountain tracks were dangerous to say the least. Ouyang Long chose a flat area, collected a few pieces of dried up leaves and branches and cleared the surrounding area so that they wouldn’t accidentally start a bushfire.

“We have to stay the night here?” Su Nuo looked around, finding the utter blackness to be quite scary!

“Relax.” Ouyang Long used his lighter and lit the pile on fire, “There’ll definitely be a patrol team, they’ll probably come around within three hours, see the firelight and come get us.”

Su Nuo sighed with relief upon hearing those words, and he took a seat next to the fire as he thought over life decisions and determinedly set the goal of working out after this ordeal! Not only did he have to do pushups on his knees, he would even have to do the torturous activity known as sit-ups!

“Are you cold?” Ouyang Long asked.

“I’m not cold,” Su Nuo shook his head. “You?”

“I’m fine.” Ouyang Long moved closer to Su Nuo. “If you’re tired, you can sleep in my arms for a while.”

“…” He was actually super tired! Su Nuo wanted to take the offer! But it seemed like it would be kind of embarrassing!

Seeing his unsure gaze, Ouyang Long decisively reached over and pulled the man into his arms, “Go to sleep; as long as I’m awake it’s fine.”

“Thank you.” Su Nuo could feel tears heating up the rims of his eyes, how could someone be so very kind? “You’re really such a good…”

“Goodnight.” Ouyang Long hurriedly cut him off, rejecting the second good-person card!

You’re really a good person! Su Nuo couldn’t keep it and complimented in his heart before falling asleep in the other man’s arms—extremely shamelessly!

Ouyang Long patted his back gently without a pattern.

Actually if they spent the night like that, it wouldn’t be bad at all… Mr. Director looked at the beautiful and meek face in his arms, feeling like the world was at peace!

“I won’t train…” Su Nuo murmured unclearly.

“What aren’t you training for?” Ouyang Long laughed as he heard the words.

Su Nuo frowned deeply, obviously extremely unhappy! Because the white-haired old man in his dreams was trying to get him to train to ‘a jade girl’!

“What part of me seems like a jade girl to you?!” Su Nuo furiously roared as he ripped open his clothes, I’m super macho okay! You can pick on my intelligence but you can’t disgrace my abs!

“Brats are unteachable!” The bearded sage let out a long and dramatic sigh, “Did you know that the Little Dragon Girl had only beaten the JinBaFa king after she trained herself in this way of the sword? How many ordinary people are there in the Wu Lin who want this book but can’t get it despite their desires? Now that I am giving it to you for nothing, you still have the guts to be picky! You pig, do you admit to your wrongs?”

After hearing this, Su Nuo could only think that judging by the fact that a single sentence worth of script had managed to combine the New White Woman’s Chronicles and a Journey to The West, this piece had to be directed by the idiot named Zhong LiFengBai!

What sort of rubbish TV series was this?!

“I’m taking a break, you hurry up and go get your meal, if you go too late there won’t be any meat left.” The young hero Su gave some heartfelt advice and turned with his sword in hand, planning to leave; what he didn’t expect was for his foot to step into nothing and to roll down the mountainside unluckily once again!

“Ah!” Su Nuo felt a chill run through his entire body.

“What is it?” Ouyang Long patted his cheek.

Su Nuo’s nerves still hadn’t settled before he opened his eyes, looking at the other man dumbly.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Ouyang Long asked softly.

“… En.” Su Nuo had some cold sweat on his forehead. Dramas set back in time and whatnot where really a downfall, he shouldn’t have been impulsive and promised Zhong LiFengBai that on account of their friendship, he would appear in that ‘The Love of a Bewitching Fox Spirit’! Even the name sounded as though it had the three sins* in it!

T/N: Like porn, alcohol; bad stuff.

“If you don’t want to sleep then just sit for a while.” Ouyang Long helped him into a jacket, “It’s already two something, there’s usually a patrol at about three in the morning.”

“I’m a bit dizzy.” Su Nuo was a bit dizzy, he must have been affected by that Jade Girl!

“Your body’s on the weak side so you probably caught a little cold.” Ouyang Long put an arm around his shoulder. “Once you get back, just drink a dissolvable packet and sleep a bit more, then you should be fine.”

He was really so considerate and mild tempered! Su Nuo really wanted to give him a third good-person card! But before he had even opened his mouth, a sharp and shrill whistle sound started out of nowhere!

There are assassins! The young hero Su thought of this classic line; those black clothed men throwing ninja stars and whatnot were so cool!

“That’s the security team.” Ouyang Long took facemask out of his shirt pocket, “Put it on.”

“… There are fans of mine in the security team?!” Su Nuo felt an extreme sort of glee, he really didn’t care if it was male, female, he ate anything old, young, salty or cheap!

“It would lessen the amount of rumors.” Ouyang Long was very good at taking other’s circumstances into consideration. After all, the man was still a famous model. If he was found in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of the night, nothing good would come out of it.

The security team members followed the firelight and made their way over, helped them out of the mountains and dropped them off at some small motel.

It really was a small! Mo! Tel! It couldn’t be any cruder!

“Why don’t we go to Mu Qiu’s mountain villa?” Ouyang Long asked, “Where we ate during the day.”

“There’s no need for that.” Su Nuo was already tired to the point that he could hardly keep his eyes open and went to shower only half-awake. What he didn’t expect was that half-way through washing up, the hot water ran out! Only a small stream of water was left dripping, it really suited the crudeness of the little motel! Su Nuo could only clench his teeth and take a cold shower, feeling as though he was a revolutionary soldier! Once he had finished showering, he used the half-dry and clumpy San Mian Zheng* toothpaste to brush his teeth before throwing himself onto the bed.

T/N: brand.

He was so tired that he was about to SHI*!

T/N: Author used SHI here, I think it’s like die (shi in Japanese) but said funnily.

Once Ouyang Long had finished washing up, Su Nuo was already sleeping like a log! He only wore boxers while his limbs were spread out as far as they could go, almost taking up the entire bed! Mr Director didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and gently tried to nudge him over a tiny bit.

“Mmm…” Su Nuo was completely unconscious but he still instinctively jumped into the other’s man’s arms!!

“You’ve got to be doing this on purpose, right?” Ouyang Long said exasperatedly.

The reply he received was in the form of a snore!

The two of them both hadn’t worn tops to sleep and their bare skin was stuck together, both of their body temperatures intertwining with the other’s in the most intimate way possible.

Ouyang Long held him tightly, “Goodnight.”

Su Nuo found himself an incredibly comfortable position, sleeping better than he ever thought he could.

The mood was soft and warm and even the acidic smell of the body wash seemed to become fragrant in an instant.

Compared to the beauty happening in the little motel, at the same time, in a luxurious mountain villa, executive Mu was having a terrible time! Although he had successfully convinced Zhong LiFengBai to stay with him, but… There were so many rooms! Why did he just have to pick the one that had a broken roof?! He could put up with it being broken, but why didn’t he sleep even after so long?! It was already four or five in the morning!

Zhong LiFengBai half leaned on the bed, his expression serious beyond measure! He watched the starlight shine through the broken roof; their dots of light were creating crisscrossing patterns on the inside of the room!

In this cool!

Summer’s night!

My eyes saw!

The burial of a star!

The soft wind blowing through the branches of trees!

That is the sound of!

A soul’s release!

Mu Qiu yawned his thirty-fourth yawn.

The world of artistic youths was really impossibly hard to understand.


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