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Chapter 48: Gentle process and They actually kissed!
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Being a gentle, handsome top, even when Mr. Director was talking with Mu Qiu about work, he didn’t forget to message Su Nuo, reminding him to eat his medicine and rest properly.

“Are you done?!” Mr. Mu shouted in protest, he was clearly showing off!

Is it that amazing to have had a taste of them already?!

Although it really is!

But still! Don’t look at me like I’m some LOSER!

It’s very agitating!

“The first floor’s west end is a nice spot,” Mu Qiu attempted to drag the conversation back onto work, so as to prevent himself from punching the other person due to jealousy.

“It’s not for rent.” Director Ouyang was still remembering that look of disdain he got and replied very ungentlemanly.

“… why?” Mu Qiu asked, confused, “Aren’t you looking for investment?”

“We are, but I don’t want to give it to you,” Ouyang Long made himself clear.

Mu Qiu was taken aback then said angrily, “I’m being serious here!”

“I don’t want to talk business with you,” Ouyang Long replied casually.

He’s just asking for it! Director Mu ground his teeth as his anger level went through the roof and exploded!

In such a manly moment, a brawl is a must!

Thus, two men, who, from the outside, seemed like a cool, handsome, boss-like personalities, started punching each other without a care for keeping up appearances. In that moment, smokes flew and it was so childish it was indescribable.

With the sound of something breaking, Mr. Director shouted angrily, “How did my mouse break?!”

Mr. Mu was even more annoyed, “Cause you smashed it on my head!” How dare he bring it up!

Good thing the office space was very soundproof so their final-boss like image was still alive! Such hardship.

After five minutes of brawling it out, the two men who released their tension sat back on the sofa and started their joyful business meeting.

This bro-like relationship was very hentai but also amazing!

Question: How did the black on the inside, gentle on the outside Mr. Director became best bros with the loyal, straightforward yet easily annoyed Mr. Mu?

Answer: It’s because they’re both not right in the head!

Once the topic changed to business, time flew right by and in the blink of an eye, it was 1pm.

“We should eat first,” Ouyang Long said, massaging his temples.

“I still have work to do,” Mu Qiu said, organizing the notes. “I’ll go back and fix up my proposal, we’ll continue next week.”

“… You have a meeting with someone else?” Taking the other day to heart, this time, Mr. Director didn’t ask about the roses in order not to damage his classy image.

But, instead, Mr. Mu smiled like the spring breeze, warm and gentle, “I’m about to go see Director Zhong.” The coffee date was set for 2pm so now was the perfect time to leave.

However, things never go quite as planned. A horrible accident occurred on the highway and the traffic lined up way out of sight. In the sea of cars, Mr. Mu was getting more and more anxious. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was still too far to walk, he would have ditched the car immediately.
It was his long awaited date! AHHHH how sad does it get!

At the same time, Zhongli FengBai was sitting in the cafe, flipping through a magazine with a calm expression. Except! On the inside, he was anxious and impatient! How could he arrive later than him! In two minutes was going to be 2pm but there was not a shadow of a person here! What the hell is going on! There’s no way he’s letting this go!

“I’m stuck on the highway.” Mu Qiu said whilst feeling like his life was just a tragedy.

“You’re stuck on this hour?!” Zhongli FengBai was sort of fine before this, but after hearing his excuse he just got more upset.

“It’s true, there’s a traffic accident.” Mu Qiu really felt as if fate was against him.

“Then I’m going back first!” Zhongli FengBai said—very tsundere-like.

‘Going back’, such angst! Mr. Mu also choked, holding back his tears, but he couldn’t fly over so he could only say with a broken heart, “Drive safely.”

“You’re really letting me go back?!” Zhongli FengBai shouted!

“…” But I won’t be there even in an hour! And you obviously wouldn’t wait for me. Mu Qiu was helpless and panicking but before he could explain, Director Zhong hung up! Not only did he hang up! He also turned it off! Not giving a care to Mr. Mu’s mental state!
Very cruel and cold blooded!

To add insult to injury, Ouyang Long called Mu Qiu, “Since you’re getting coffee, bring me back a few boxes of their house blend. The ones without sugar would be great.”

Sugarless, your ass! Mr. Mu shouted in his head, are you mocking me on purpose?! I’m still stuck on the highway!

Mu Qiu really wanted to just suddenly grow wings or gain the ability to manipulate earth! But clearly he wasn’t amazing enough to control reality with his mental powers so he could only stare at the car ceiling in rage! Also at the same time he was going through every way to apologize to Zhongli FengBai! So loyal, just like a dog. Makes you want to beat him, but it was also very heartwarming.

Compared to Mu Qiu, who felt like he was burning in a pot, Director Zhong was a lot calmer. To the point he even felt a bit…relieved?! He didn’t know what was going on in his head before when he agreed to coffee! Once he returned home, he lay on the sofa and did some self-reflection. How could he become so soft-hearted just because Mu Qiu had gone through a difficult past! There was no way he could agree to a second date! I love a gentlemanly prince character! That way, they’ll have things in common! He’s not wavering on that! Maybe someone like Ye FengWu! He was his ideal!

Zhongli FengBai randomly grabbed a magazine art book from the side and flipped to Ye FengWu’s picture. Being a mix, his features were perfect and added on top was his air of royalty… but it seemed as the normal kind of handsome, and not that much better than Mu Qiu. Director Zhong was confused, why did he think he was otherworldly before?

OMG! It must be the angle of this photo!

“Director Zhong.” Well, what you fear appears. Ye FengWu suddenly called him, “Do you have time tonight? I want to invite you for dinner.”

“Tonight?” Zhongli FengBai was taken aback, “Why did you suddenly want to eat out with me?”

“I want to talk about the new movie,” Ye FengWu replied, “In a few days I’ll be abroad and won’t be back for a month.”

“Okay.” Director Zhong look at the time and said, “Then tonight at six, at the Vinyl western restaurant.”

“No problem, then I’ll see you there.” Ye FengWu hang up as Director Zhong yawned. He was feeling really tired! However, there was a lot of stuff to do recently and a break was clearly just a dream. He could only take this time to nap a little. It was better than nothing.

To prevent himself from oversleeping, he set three alarms., from five to five thirty! It was foolproof! But, reality proved that it was not needed because at four thirty, the door bell started ringing. Director Zhong was forcefully woken by the sound!

“Who is it?!” With a strong just-got-out-of-bed-annoyance, Zhongli FengBai aggressively opened the door!

“… it’s me.” Mu Qiu, who stood outside was shocked. What was this expression, as if he wanted to eat someone.

“What are you doing here?” Zhongli FengBai said coldly and couldn’t be any colder.

“Here to give you medicine, cook dinner and also apologize.” Mu Qiu said carrying groceries.

“I’m not sick!” Zhongli FengBai was enraged, he didn’t need medicine!

“Last time you said you weren’t resting well so I asked some friends for health care product recommendations.” Mu Qiu could never raise his temper against him. Drastically different from his usual aggressive-boss attitude! His love was so deep it could shake the Earth!


Director Zhong, turned around like a tsundere.

I wasn’t moved, okay?!

“There really was a car accident today. Don’t be so angry anymore.” Mu Qiu said while placing the groceries on the table, “I got some chicken from the store. Do you want it as soup or roasted with pickled bamboo shoots?”

“No need, I have stuff to do in the afternoon.” Director Zhong said, with his back towards him.

Mu Qiu was used to his cold attitude and simply placed the medicine on the counter, “Then drink the medicine half an hour before you go to sleep. Don’t forget it, okay?”

Don’t talk as if you’re talking to a lover! I’m not familiar with you, okay?! Director Zhong roared in his mind!

It was so silent they could hear the clock ticking in the living room as Zhongli FengBai was being a tsundere and wouldn’t turn around. He just stared out the window! But his thoughts were a mess! Randomly! Unscientifically!

All Mu Qiu did was quietly watch his back, without a word.

As the sun began to set, a golden hue covered the room. It felt beautiful and divine.

During a moment like this, Director Zhong would usually recite a poem, to show off his artistry!

But today was an exception! Zhongli FengBai’s thoughts were completely tangled up and he couldn’t come up with a single word! Such shame for an artist!

“I’ll go make some soup,” Mu Qiu turned around and headed off to the kitchen—if he stayed any longer, he wouldn’t be able to hold back his urge to hug the other.

“I…” I have dinner plans today! Zhongli FengBai was utterly agitated! This was so annoying!

From the kitchen, there came the sound of a knife cutting food. Mu Qiu was very tall and big, thus the scene just looked weird, but it also couldn’t be denied that it was more moving this way.

Zhongli FengBai opened his mouth multiple times but still couldn’t bring himself to say, ‘I’m about to leave so you should get out’, or a phrase as heartless as this. Due to that, he almost bit his own tongue. Now he was just depressed to the max!

“Director Zhong.” Ye FengWu called, “Do you need me to pick you up?”

“…The thing is… something came up quite suddenly…” Zhongli FengBai took a look at Mu Qiu who was still in the kitchen, “Let’s meet another time, I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t worry.” Ye FengWu said gently, “Then let’s talk another time.”

After he hung up, Zhongli FengBai plunged headfirst onto the sofa.

Maybe he should really take some medicine?! He just rejected a dinner with Ye FengWu for Mu Qiu! It was that Ye FengWu! The graceful-as-a-prince Ye FengWu! The one with millions of fans praising him as god, that Ye FengWu! There was no reason to his madness!

“Do you eat ginger… Are you feeling okay?” The moment Mu Qiu left the kitchen, he saw Zhongli FengBai banging his head on the sofa and was naturally shocked.

“Don’t mind me,” Zhongli FengBai said without any energy as he stuffed his face into a cushion.

“How can I leave you alone.” Mu Qiu pulled him up, ‘What’s wrong?”

Zhongli FengBai sat on the sofa looking at him, not knowing what to feel.

An idiot could see the feelings and care in Mu Qiu’s eyes, speaking volumes for his love.

That kind of a gaze… he really couldn’t handle it. Zhongli FengBai was so confused that he just gave up and closed his eyes!

Anyone who watched a romance novel/drama knows what happens after the main female lead closes their eyes.

Mr. Mu was no exception.

Although he was still confused about the situation, it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass on!

Thus, he lowered his head without hesitation and kissed those tender, soft lips.


FFFFF-UCK! With a boom, a bomb blew up in Zhongli FengBai’s brain. What was this ridiculous turn of events?!

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August 10, 2019 11:15 am

Thank you for the translation 😊

August 10, 2019 1:51 pm

How did so messy relationship turn this cute…

August 11, 2019 12:18 pm

Director Zhong is really a tsundere 😂
I hope we can see a nice progress soon after that “first kiss” 😝

Pandora Knight
Pandora Knight
August 11, 2019 1:44 pm

Omfggggg YES FINALLY I have been waiting for this! That’s right ZhongLi FengBai you fell for him just like I fell from my bed.. HA!

August 14, 2019 12:23 am

Oh my! Someone is finally breaking down. 🎉🤯.

December 16, 2020 3:39 pm

I think I would have cried if he left for dinner…I can’t take how he treats him, really feel for him ☹️😢

November 21, 2021 2:37 pm

Hope Nuo Nuo’s bottom recovers without correctly applied medicine, before it’s back to square one!
OL & MQ have a very weird friendship. I feel like everyone treats MQ poorly.
Is it too soon to celebrate the iceberg melting? ZFB is a pretty inconsistent character 🙄😕
Thanks for translating and editing.

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