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Chapter 61
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Translations

“Are you certain that the person downstairs will treat you well for your entire life?” Unexpectedly Han Wei didn’t scream at Su Nuo angrily.

“…… I’m not certain about something as long as an entire lifetime,” Su Nuo was a little shocked by the question, after some thought, he continued, “But, no matter what, I want to try gambling on this.”

“What if you lost the gamble?” Han Wei rubbed Su Nuo’s hair.

“Then I could only say that I have bad luck,” Su Nuo said as he raised his head to look at his brother. With stern eyes, he said, “Please give me this chance, can you do that?”

“What does he know about you except that you are a famous model?” Han Wei asked in helplessness, “For two people to be together, the most basic thing is to understand each other. Setting how much you know him aside, how much does he know about you? Your family, your background, he knows nothing about you, how could a relationship like that last for an entire lifetime?”

“……Then, I’ll start by telling him that you don’t earn a living by selling Mahjong1,” Su Nuo said with embarrassment.

“You’re already a grown-up, you should think things through yourself,” Han Wei said as he tidied up Su Nuo’s clothes. Then he continued, “You can’t solve anything by throwing tantrums all the time. Do you understand?”

“Hmn,” Su Nuo replied, he felt sourness in his nose as he heard his brother speak, so he extended his arm to hug his brother. Ahhh! This is just too much, being so nice like this all of a sudden.

“Alright, go downstairs now.” Han Wei tabbed Su Nuo’s back and added, “Be more careful, don’t let anyone bully you.”

“I won’t let anyone bully me, and I won’t let anyone bully you either!” Su Xiao Nuo especially guarantee that, we are special bros after all!

Han Wei laughed, he pinched Su Nuo’s cheeks happily.

Before Su Nuo went downstairs to find Mr. director though, he he had to consider things very carefully for five minutes in the restroom. At the end, he came to a conclusion, he definitely could not tell him about his brother’s true identity, because his brother was a really important person to Su Nuo!

Although I really like Mr. Director a lot, these things take time!

After deciding that, Su XiaoNuo walked down the stairs. In his heart, Su Nuo just couldn’t help but praise himself for being such a foreseeing and well-prepared person!

After that, Su Nuo saw Han Wei wearing a complex expression as he stood by the staircase.

“What’s the matter?” Su Nuo walked over and followed his brother’s gaze to look down the hall.

“I like strawberry flavored yogurts the most!” Han XiaoXi said as she sat on Mr. Director’s lap, she was doing her best to sell herself.


Su Nuo’s jaw almost dropped to the floor.

“I can also sing!” Han XiaoXi continued to dig out her own talents.

“Is that so?” OuYang Long gave her a kind smile.

Uncle is so handsome! His charm towards Han XiaoXi continued to rise, finally they all exploded.

Of course, at a time like this, singing was necessary!

The sound of a naïve child was adorable, but the singing quality itself was just……

OuYang Long didn’t know if he should cry or laugh, this person was truly befitting to be that idiot’s niece.

The devilish sounds filled Su Nuo’s ear canal, it was just so horrible! Su Nuo covered his own ears while being in pain.

Han Wei rubbed the bridge of his own nose, feeling exhausted from the current situation.

“I’m done!” Luckily, tones for children are usually short.

“It sounded good,” Mr. Director said as he handed the little girl candy. “What is the name of the song?”

“Flower Fairy!” Han XiaoXi replied full of joy.

OuYang Long was in awe, as expected, her key was all over the place.

“I’ll sing another song, called the Blue Fairy!” Han XiaoXi was completely hooked.

“I think not!” Su Nuo ran down the stairs to pick Han XiaoXi up before she could open her mouth to sing, he said, “Be a good girl. Your father is waiting for you upstairs, he’s going to read you some stories!”

“……” The little girl turned her head back to look at the handsome uncle.

Daddy and Uncle, such a difficult choice to make!

“It’s fine. We can play together again next time,” OuYang Long said as he waved goodbye to the little girl.

“Well, okay then.” Han XiaoXi was still reluctant to leave, she lied on Su Nuo’s chest and blew a bunch of kisses at OuYang Long!

Han Wei’s head hurt as he saw the whole thing from afar.

After giving his niece back to his brother, Su Nuo went back downstairs to complain to OuYang Long, “I have no idea where she inherited that from, her singing ability is especially horrible.”

OuYang Long looked at Su Nuo with mixed feelings.

“You can rest assured, my brother isn’t going to object to us being together anymore.” Su Nuo automatically interpreted OuYang Long’s expression as “Worry for being potentially separated by.” Su Nuo immediately explained, “He just asked me to think things through carefully.”

“And then? Have you thought thing through yet?” OuYang Long asked.

“I want to be with you,” Su Nuo replied sternly.

“Where is your brother now?” Su Nuo’s brother was Su Nuo’s closest person, so naturally, OuYang Long wanted to at least talk to him face-to-face for once.

“He still has other things to do, so maybe next time I will arrange for you two to meet again,” Su Nuo said, then he pulled OuYang Long up from his seat, “Come on, let’s go have dinner.”

“……Are we really not going to invite your brother as well?” OuYang Long picked up his blazer and added, “I should at least give him my greetings.”

“Save that for next time.” Su Nuo kidnapped him out of the door and said, “There’s a Cantonese Cuisine restaurant in town that tastes great, it tastes just like the real thing2!”

OuYang Long couldn’t win against him, so he followed him into the car.

In times such as this, lots of French kisses were in order of course. They had to celebrate about Mr. Director and brother not getting into a fight after all! As such, Su XiaoNuo happily closed the door with anticipation, he enthusiastically jumped onto OuYang Long.

OuYang Long both cried and laughed, he let Su Nuo clung onto his neck and get a fair share of kissing and biting before pulling him off by his shirt collar, he said, “Drive.”

How is he so unenthusiastic?

Of course, I’m not anticipating car sex, Su Nuo thought as he drove the car.

The car moved merrily on the road, OuYang Long received a text message on his phone: 2.30 AM, we need to talk about NuoNuo. Send him home safely after dinner.

The name of the sender was not included in the message, but even without thinking, OuYang Long knew who the sender was. OuYang Long hid his phone screen from Su Nuo’s view and replied: How about we meet at my hotel, room 1002?

“Who are you texting?” Su Nuo asked.

“It’s just company matters,” OuYang Long said, he pinched Su Nuo’s nose and said, “The moment I got your phone call, I rushed over, so there are many things in the company that were left unattended.”

Su Nuo was immediately super-duper moved, also it was an especially sweet kind of moved! Su Nuo just had a feeling that Mr. Director was like an emperor leaving his duties all for him! Such a strong aura! Su Nuo couldn’t even look!

“Then when are you going back?” Su Nuo asked.

“Very soon. It’s really busy in the company recently, so I can’t be gone for too long,” OuYang Long replied.

“Oh.” Su Nuo’s balls were disappointed, he was totally prepared to spend a small-scale honeymoon in Europe with him already.

“And you?” OuYang Long asked.

Of course I’m going to follow you there!Su Nuo almost screamed that out loud, but he stopped himself in time, because he thought that maybe he should show some more restraint from time to time. Moreover, he had to consider about his dear brother as well, he needed his dear brother’s approval! He definitely couldn’t forget about his brother just for sex and a handsome guy!

“Why did you suddenly stop talking?” OuYang Long asked as he gently pinched Su Nuo’s cheeks.

“I need to cooperate with the company’s current advertisement plan, but I will hurry it up,” Su Nuo said. Su Nuo added afterwards, “A little while back, Jason called me to tell me that a director wanted to hire me to star in a martial arts TV series.”

“Director Zhong?” OuYang Long asked.

“Nope.” Su Nuo shook his head, then he said, “It’s another person, but when ZhongLi FengBai heard about that, he immediately called me from overseas. He talked to me angrily for like half-an-hour.”

OuYang Long thought once again about how weird Mu Qiu’s taste was.

“My head hurt,” Su Nuo complained. “Every time he’s mad, he will stop talking like a normal person.”

Mr. Director suddenly wanted to go view the scene of Mu Qiu quarreling.

At the same time, in another country.

“I was the one who invited Su Nuo first!” Director Zhong was currently burning in flames of anger.

“Here, here. Get some rest.” Mu Qiu pulled the man into his embrace and said, “Be good, don’t be angry anymore.”

“I can’t take this anymore!” The more ZhongLi FengBai thought about it the angrier he got, so he struggled off the bed, he said, “I’m going to make a call!”

Mu Qiu was persistent, he was not going to let him go, so he used all of his limbs to press ZhongLi FengBai down.

“Let go!” ZhongLi FengBai screamed and struggled, Mu Qiu had no other choice, he directly turned around and sat on him.

“What are you trying to do now?” ZhongLi FengBai got more alerted now.

Mu Qiu directly leaned down and kissed him!

“Get off of me!” ZhongLi FengBai screamed and kicked his legs hard.



Who are!

Controlled by lust!

Make me!

Really want to cry!

“If you promise me you will be good and sleep, then I’ll let you go,” Mu Qiu said after kissing him.

“……” Director Zhong glared at Mu Qiu with a tsudere look.

“Work is important, but resting is important too.” Mu Qiu sounded a little helpless, “In the last few days, I was busy with company matters, so I didn’t have time to take care of you. It has just been a few days, how come your face got so much thinner?”

Mu Qiu wondered how unorganized ZL’s life must be in the past before he had yet to meet him.

ZhongLi FengBai didn’t say a thing, he curled up into Mu Qiu’s chest.

Then he screamed inside his heart!

These gentle men who excel in using the compassion card!

Are just like those evil, dark forest!

Binding firmly!

Every strong heart that enters!

With firm tree vines that had thorns!

Making everything soaked with blood!

Until that person could no longer leave!

How unfair!

How dirty!

“Have a good night’s rest, I will wake up early tomorrow and make you some food. You can bring it to the shooting site,” Mu Qiu said as he meticulously helped him cover the blanket, he even pulled the corner straight to make it extra comfortable.

ZhongLi FengBai extended his own hand, he grabbed Mu Qiu’s waist, and he… he… he blushedddddd!

This is just so unscientific!

After ensuring that the person in his embrace was asleep, Mu Qiu climbed off the bed carefully. He went and called OuYang Long.

“Why are you still not sleeping?” Mr. Director was having dinner with Su Nuo.

“You are with Su Nuo right now, right?” Mu Qiu proceeded to ask, “Can you help me ask him, which of our martial arts programme is he more willing to star in?”

“Whose martial arts film do you want to star in?” OuYang Long asked.

Su XiaoNuo was using all his might in eating the roasted pig, his mouth was stuffed full with food, the rim of his lips were also all oily, he replied, “I don’t want to star in anything!” After taking such a long vacation, he had zero motivation to work!

“He doesn’t want to work.” OuYang Long told Mu Qiu.

“How can he be so lazy?” Mu Qiu got mad after hearing OuYang Long’s reply, Su Nuo had zero professionalism towards his job.

“He’s mine, what’s it to you,” Mr. Director replied sharply, then he straight up hung up the phone and continued to blow the corn, shrimp soup for Su Nuo.

“Whose phone call was that?” Su Nuo asked.

“Mu Qiu, director Zhong is probably still mad about you willing to star in someone else’s program.” Mr. Director fed Su Nuo the corn soup with a spoon.

“Actually, ZhongLi FengBai mentioned about the program to Jason a very long time ago, but even before I got to read the script, my managing company directly refused it,” Su Nuo said as he swallowed the soup.

“Why?” OuYang Long didn’t understand, ZhongLi FengBai was quite famous recently.

“Because he wanted me to be…… a hentai,” Su Nuo found that really difficult to say.

Mr. Director had no compassion and directly laughed at Su Nuo.

“This is totally not funny!” Su Nuo was angry.

“I didn’t laugh.” OuYang Long turned back to his stern expression.

“Do I look that much like a hentai!?” Su Nuo was puzzled.

“No way!” OuYang Long rejected the idea immediately and said, “You look like a great leader of all the martial artists!”

“The leader of the martial artists is exactly the hentai in the program!” Su Nuo got even angrier hearing that.

“…… Let’s order another plate of roasted duck, what do you say?” Mr. Director calmly changed the subject.

Su XiaoNuo thought for a while then said, “How about CharSiu, I’m a bit fed up with roasted duck already.”

That is why foodies are the easiest to deal with!

After dinner, Su Nuo originally wanted to have some more fun with his handsome boyfriend first, but OuYang Long unexpectedly refused, he even asked Su Nuo to go home early.

“Why?” Su Nuo was confused, he asked, “It’s still so early right now, shouldn’t we be partying under the moon or something?”

“If you go home too late, your brother will get angry.” OuYang Long helped Su Nuo buckle his seatbelt, and said, “Be good.”

“……okay.” Su XiaoNuo found that regrettable, so he could only soothe himself by thinking about how they still had a long life ahead of them.

At home, Han Wei was reading a newspaper.

“I’m home.” Su Nuo sat beside his brother, he was abnormally obedient and good.

“And him?” Han Wei asked.

“He went back to the hotel.” Su Nuo reported truthfully.

“Go play with XiaoXi upstairs, then get some rest early.” Han Wei didn’t ask further.

“Brother,” Su Nuo said as he hugged Han Wei.

“What now?” Han Wei pinched the nape of Su Nuo’s neck.

“No matter who I fall in love with, you are still the most important person to me!” Su Nuo could swear that.

“Idiot.” Han Wei laughed.

“No matter who did things to hurt you, I’ll never forgive them.” Su Nuo said in a smaller voice.

“You still haven’t told him about my occupation, have you?” Han Wei guessed it.

“Hmn.” Su Nuo nodded.

“Are you afraid that he’d get scared?” Han Wei asked.

“No.” Su Nuo hugged his brother tightly, “I’m worried about you, so I will only tell him when I’m 100% certain that it’s going to be fine.”

Han Wei frowned as he felt wetness on his own shoulder, “How old are you, don’t cry so much. You can’t even compare to XiaoXi.”

“Who can compare to XiaoXi?” Su Nuo pulled out a piece of tissue paper to wipe his eyes and nose, he said, “She dares to scream at a huge dog already when she was just three!” Though the dog was on a leash, its blood red mouth was still really frightening!

She was just so brave!

“Alright. Go to bed.” Han Wei was amused, he said, “Good night.”

“Hmn. You should sleep early too.” Su XiaoNuo walked up the stairs, he opened the door to the bedroom and inside, he saw Han XiaoXi drawing on the floor.

“why are you still not asleep yet?” Su Nuo picked her up from the floor.

“I’m not sleepy.” Han XiaoXi complained, “Mom is pregnant, so she can’t play with me.”

“Okay, then what do you want to play?” Su Nuo asked.

“Where is that handsome uncle from today?” Han XiaoXi used all her might to extend her neck, trying to look around.

“He went home.” Su Nuo was speechless.

Han XiaoXi gave a deep sigh, what are huge shame.

“How long have you known him?” Su Nuo didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

“Handsome!” Han XiaoXi’s gaze was extremely firm.

“You can’t judge a person by his cover, you need to look at his insides.” Su Nuo felt like the responsibility to educate his niece falls onto him, so he said, “Do you want to listen to the merchant who bought a box of pearl, only to keep the box and return the pearl?”

Han XiaoXi yawned, “We should go to bed.”


Su Nuo helped her prepare her pajamas, then he began to worry.

Was it okay for her to have such a lopsided view on the world at such a young age? How worrying is this!

The sky went dark, Su Nuo and Han XiaoXi were under their blankets, sleeping so very soundly!

Han Wei put on his coat, with his keys, he left the house.

Inside the hotel, in room 1002, OuYang Long was standing in front of the window.

To be honest, he had no idea what Han Wei wanted to talk about with him, he had also sensed long ago that Han Wei was no simple merchant. However, that person was still Su Nuo’s most important person, that fact would never change.

As such, the only thing he could do was to face him.

The clock on the wall pointed to 2.30 AM. Han Wei was very punctual.

“Do you want to have some tea?” OuYang Long led him into the living room.

“I’m not here to have tea.” Han Wei sounded very blunt and void of emotion.

“I’m only trying to make the atmosphere less heavy.” OuYang Long leaned down to place the teacup back on the table, when he raised his head up, he was faced with the barrel of a gun.


Just as I thought, he doesn’t sell MahJong.

“So, this is your solution to everything?” OuYang Long seemed to be very calm.

“If it isn’t for NuoNuo, I really do want to just kill you.” After a standoff of about five seconds, Han Wei put the gun back into the holster. His expression was still as cold as ever though.

“Do you still want tea?” OuYang Long looked the same as before, but in his heart he took a deep sigh of relief.

Han Wei looked at OuYang Long’s sweat covered right hand, he scoffed, “You’re only brave on the outside.”

“I’m only a merchant.” OuYang Long said honestly, “It’s natural for me to be scared when pointed at with a gun.”

“So do you regret being together with him now?” Han Wei asked.

“Why would I regret that.” OuYang Long sat across from Han Wei, he continued, “You didn’t fire just now.”

“That doesn’t mean I won’t in the future.” Han Wei’s expression turned even colder.

“Things in the future must wait till then.” OuYang Long didn’t avoid Han Wei’s gaze.

“I’m giving you the final chance to regret.” Han Wei’s gaze was full of threat, “Just as you said, as a normal merchant, there’s no need for you to get mixed up with darkness.”

“I truly love him.” Speaking up to this point, OuYang Long was able to surmise some things, but he still didn’t want to let go.

He’s someone so stupid, except for me, who could take care of him?

“If in the future, you…”

“I won’t hurt NuoNuo.” OuYang Long cut him off, “If you’re willing to place him with me, I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to provide him with the best life possible.”

“I have zero intention of giving him to you!” But I also couldn’t stop how he wants to follow you even if it costed his life. Han Wei decided not to say the second sentence out loud.

“Tomorrow morning…… can I go find him?” OuYang Long asked very carefully.

“Tomorrow he needs to see the dentist.” Han Wei stood up and walked out the door, “If you see his ugly crying face, I’m sure you will regret not walking away.”

“Which hospital?” OuYang Long couldn’t hold in his laughter.

“……15th San Diego Street.” Han Wei pressed on the elevator button.

“Thank you for your willingness to place your trust in me.” OuYang Long extended his right arm sincerely.

“If you dare hurt NuoNuo, I’m very willing to kill you as well.” Han Wei slapped OuYang Long’s hand away and walked straight into the elevator.

OuYang Long smiled, “Goodbye3.”

Han Wei completely ignored him.

A merchant who is good at lying, my little brother is such a poor judge of character!

Su XiaoNuo scratched his own nose while he was still in his dreams, for some reason, he just found his nose to be very itchy.

Someone must be bad mouthing me!

Such a horrible deed must has been done by one very evil person, and that person must be Qiu ZiYan!

I still hate muscles a lot!

When Han Wei got back home, he opened the door to the bedroom, he looked at the two with the light from the moon.

Although he didn’t want them to……they would still eventually grow up.

“Big brother!” Han XiaoXi suddenly sat up straight, “There are aliens!”

“Where?” Su Nuo raised his pillow up while still being half-asleep, he screamed, “Quickly, call headquarters!”

“We’ve been abandoned by headquarters!” Han XiaoXi said and planted back onto the pillow.


Han Wei laughed.

How did he even raise these two into such idiotic darlings?

The next morning, the sun was up and shining brightly.

“Brother, let’s go downstairs for breakfast!!” Han XiaoXi stood at the door and screamed.

“I’m your little uncle!!” Su Nuo hid himself inside the blanket and shouted.

“You will be late for your dental appointment at this rate!” Han XiaoXi threw the blanket to the floor.

“……You are just a little girl, why are you so arrogant!” Su Nuo sat up with a horrible bedhead, he was very dissatisfied.

She lacks education!

In the restaurant below, Han Wei was having breakfast with his wife.

“Brother, sister-in-law, morning,” Su Nuo greeted them.

“I’ll be going to the Chinese market later today, I’ll buy some pig bones to make you soup,” Han Wei’s wife was especially nice to Su XiaoNuo. She said caringly, “After your dental appointment, you probably couldn’t have solid food, right?”

“I can just eat some porridge.” Su Nuo was embarrassed and said, “You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t overwork yourself.”

“It will be fine. I will drive her over to the market,” Han Wei said.

“You aren’t going to the hospital together with me?” Su Nuo was a little disappointed, Han Wei said he would go with him yesterday.

“I have some sudden business to attend to, go to the dentist by yourself.” Han Wei added, “Don’t run away half-way. If you don’t deal with that teeth of yours now, you will have to pull it out, that will be even scarier!”

“I know,” Su Nuo said depressingly, if he had known this would happen, he would never had eaten so many candy.

Dentist was the scariest thing in the world! Even scarier than Godzilla!

After having breakfast, Su Nuo drove himself to the hospital. He obediently finished his appointment by himself and then went home to have soup?

Of course not! Before his car even drove into the hospital’s parking lot, he saw his handsome man standing at the front gate of the hospital.

Oh my!

Su XiaoNuo’s skinny body shook!

This must be an illusion!

It must be because he was thinking about him too much!

“NuoNuo,” OuYang Long said and knocked on his car’s window.

It was actually real…… Su XiaoNuo almost burst into tears as he rolled down the car’s window, “Why are you here?”

“Your brother was afraid that you’d repeat what you did last time. You know, running away before you even got to see the dentist, just because you were scared of the sound of the drills.” OuYang Long swivelled his mobile phone around and said, “So, he called me to wait for you here.”

“When did you two get on such good terms?” Su Nuo was completely shocked.

“To be honest, we aren’t really on great terms.” OuYang Long rubbed Su Nuo’s cheeks and said, “But, if it’s for you, then forming a temporary alliance isn’t an impossible thing either.”

“……” Su XiaoNuo was having a lot of complex emotions.

After giving the booking ID to the nurse, Su Nuo began fidgeting as he sat on the chair. The sounds of the drills were really scary, it was almost as if they were in a horror film! It was totally possible that there was a hentai serial murderer doctor here!

“You’re just here to fix your teeth, do you need to be this scared?” OuYang Long almost laughed.

“Will that drill break half-way as it is drilling into my teeth, would it, like explode?” Su Nuo’s face was completely pale.

“You are too imaginative.” OuYang Long pinched Su Nuo’s nose.

“The doctor said something about sucking my teeth nerves away.” Su Nuo really wanted to cry, he screamed, “You know, amongst so many ancient torture methods, I remember there was one about sucking people’s organs away or something!”

“I’m sure no one will give you anaesthetic if it’s for torture.” OuYang Long laughed.

At just the right time, a sharp cry came out from inside the room.

“We should go back.” Su Nuo’s face was completely white.

That’s why people say that crystal-like beauties must be an especially delicate being!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Mahjong is a Chinese board game with 144 tiles, the tiles are usually mostly white but green on one side, there are different symbols on the tiles.
  2. As in it tastes just like the Cantonese dishes made in the regions they are from. Didn’t specify which region he meant though.
  3. and good riddance, that’s prob what he’s thinking lol


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